New York Yankees ghost-linked to Kris Bryant in blockbuster trade

New York Yankees, Chicago Cubs, Kris Bryant

The midst of offseason baseball is littered with falsified trade rumors and ideas, and the latest is a New York Yankees/Cubs trade for star third-baseman, Kris Bryant.

If GM Brian Cashman has any ounce of monetary respect left, he will walk into the sunset with his $324 million-dollar pitcher and enjoy the 2020 season fro his box-seat. Manager Aaron Boone clawed his way to a 103-win season on the backs of reserve options like Gio Urshela, Brett Gardner, and Cameron Maybin. Adding a healthy Giancarlo Stanton and Miguel Andujar to the lineup should provide ample offensive production for the Bombers in the season ahead.

However, Bryant is a special player, offering 31 homers and a .282 batting average in 2019. While Urshela hit .314 with 21 homers in his best season to date, he’s a one-year wonder up this point. Boone is confident he can remain the starting option, but there’s no guarantee he can replicate that type of production.

Alternatively, they have Andujar, who’s an offensive threat but lacks the defensive acumen to hold down the fort on the hot corner.

As per, the New York Yankees could be interested in Bryant for several reasons:

-The Yankees don’t have a true, no-doubt-about-it long-term answer at third base. That, in part, is why a possible deal for Colorado Rockies star Nolan Arenado seems so appealing.

-The 2020 season is all about winning it all, not simply sustainability.

Bryant is an upgrade over Gio Urshela at third base. Bryant’s addition would allow Urshela to thrive in a utility bench role. Maybe as part of the package the Cubs take Miguel Andujar and hope he’s more 2018 than 2019. Regardless, the Yankees haven’t done much aside from the monster Gerrit Cole deal and maybe they don’t need to do more, but it never hurts to pile on. There’s a fit here. Why not make it a full go “eff you” offseason, Mr. Cashman?

While Bryant has struggled defensively a bit over the last two seasons, he’s 28-years-old and holds plenty of potential moving forward. The Yankees would be pushing well-beyond the third-tier of the luxury tax threshold, but it would make the probability of winning the World Series in 2020 that much higher.