Ranking the Yankees’ starting pitchers 16 games into the regular season

nestor cortes jr., yankees

The Yankees are coming off a series sweep against the Cleveland Guardians on Sunday, thanks to a stellar performance from Gerrit Cole after starting the regular season on a bad note. The Bombers now sit with a 10–6 record, boasting phenomenal pitching but inconsistent offensive play.

For the first time all season, the Yankees scored seven or more runs, thanks to a poor pitching performance from Aaron Civale, who gave up six runs over just three innings.

The Yankees have had trouble at times driving in runners in scoring position, but their pitching has picked up the slack tremendously. Cole recently called them out, indicating the need for support to help transfer the game over the bullpen.

“From a starting pitcher’s perspective, we want to keep going as long as we can,” Cole said. “We want to try to push our pitch count and our games as deep as we can go to keep [the relievers] as fresh as we can so they can continue to perform at their level. At the same time, from a team aspect, I think it’s important to get on the board early so that we can turn a lead over to those guys.”

Ranking the Yankees’ starting pitchers 16 games into the regular season:

1.) Nestor Cortes

The Bombers started the year with Nestor Cortes as their No. 5 starter of the rotation, but he has been far and away their most lethal arm. Cortes hosts a 1.15 ERA over just three games, a sample size of 15.2 innings. He’s only given up seven hits, whereas the other four starters have given up at least 10 hits. In fact, he gave up his first two runs of the entire season on Saturday after Josh Naylor belted a two-run shot in the 6th inning.

Cortes has been extremely effective at just 27 years old, and the Yankees might have themselves a long-term starter if he continues to play at this level.

So far this season, Cortes is allowing an 86.5 exit velocity and just a 3.6% barrel rate, two impressive numbers. His 1.29 SIERA and 1.46 xFIP are the best on the team. Interestingly, he’s changed his pitch usage a bit, utilizing his fastball and slider predominantly, seeing decreases with his curveball and change-up.

2.) Luis Severino

Luis Severino is the next on the list, who features a 2.08 ERA over 13 innings. Severino has given up three runs, most of which came in his first start against the Boston Red Sox.

Severino currently hosts a 90.9% left on base rate and 54.1% ground ball rate, two phenomenal numbers. In terms of velocity, he’s averaging out at 97.2 with his fastball, up significantly compared to a small sample sizes over the past two seasons. Severino is also utilizing a cutter this season, throwing it 16.1% of the time. He’s dipped into his slider usage, throwing it just 7.2% and re-allocating it significantly. With great velocity on his fastball and a solid repertoire of pitches, Severino is quickly regaining his 2018 form.

3.) Gerrit Cole

After three questionable outings for Gerrit Cole, he finally enjoyed his best performance of the season on Sunday in a win over Cleveland. Cole lasted 6.2 innings, giving up four hits and striking out nine batters. He tossed 92 pitches, lowering his ERA to 4.00. Cole was dotting the corners and utilizing a lethal slider to bait batters. He also began incorporating a cutter into the mix, something he hasn’t used since college. There’s no downward trend for his velocity, so he simply wasn’t getting the location he was looking for.

Thankfully, Cole seems to be back on track, and the starting rotation for the Yankees appears above average over the first three weeks of the campaign.

4.) Jordan Montgomery

Fourth on the list is Jordan Montgomery, who hosts a 2.51 ERA over 14.1 innings. Montgomery has given up 10 hits, and four earned runs but has otherwise looked great this season. Montgomery allowed one earned run over six innings in his most recent outing, striking out five batters. In fact, he’s pitched 11 innings over his last two games, giving up six hits and just one run, striking out seven batters combined.

If Montgomery continues to pitch at this level, he will be a dangerous mid-rotation arm for the Bombers.

5.) Jameson Taillon

It is great news that the last ranked pitcher in the Yankee starting rotation hosts a 3.07 ERA over 14.2 innings. Jameson Taillon has given up 15 hits and five earned runs, including three homers in that sample size. He’s been the worst of the bunch but has still been very effective for the most part.

Coming off of a 2021 season where he suffered several injuries, including torn ligaments in his ankle, Taillon has gotten off to a solid start. With his velocity hovering around 94.1 mph regarding his fastball, Taillon seems to be on par with his career averages. His pitch usage seems rather consistent compared to the past, so he hasn’t done anything significant to change up his game. The biggest factor for Taillon is simply health and building momentum.

Yankees Injury Report: Jordan Montgomery escapes serious injury by skin of his teeth

New York Yankees, Jordan Montgomery

After five games of regular season play, the New York Yankees sit with a 3–2 record in the AL East. Just one game behind the Tampa Bay Rays, the Bombers will look to pick up another win after blanking the Toronto Blue Jays 4–0 on Tuesday, thanks to a stellar starting performance from Nestor Cortes.

The Yankees starting pitching has been inconsistent to start the year, but Cortes provided the first great performance of the season. However, the expectation is the starters will continue to gain momentum barring injury. Lefty starter Jordan Montgomery escaped a potentially significant issue by the skin of his teeth during his start against the Boston Red Sox on Monday.

Montgomery was hit by a 103 mph comebacker in the leg, sending him sprawling to the ground. Monty remained on the ground screaming for a few seconds but managed to shake the injury off and pick himself up.

“Obviously to see him rolling around like that in pain was certainly concerning,” Boone said. “Pretty gutsy effort to kind of walk it off.”

Luckily, Montgomery’s scans came back clean, with swelling concentrated around his left knee dissipating since the incident. The starting pitcher seems to believe he will be ready for his next opportunity to take the mound, but management may take a more cautious approach given it is so early in the season, and they would prefer for his mechanics to be perfect.

Yankees facing big pitching issue after first series of the 2022 regular season

New York Yankees, Jordan Montgomery

The New York Yankees are facing a significant pitching problem after the first series of the regular season against the Boston Red Sox. While it has been just three games, the starting pitching rotation was expected to be a weakness given the lack of capital general manager Brian Cashman invested in the position.

All three of the Yankees starters against Boston had relatively poor performances, with Jordan Montgomery capping it off on Sunday night in the team’s first loss of the year.

The Yankees’ starting rotation:

1.) Gerrit Cole

2.) Luis Severino

3.) Jordan Montgomery

4.) Jameson Taillon

5.) Nestor Cortes

In Gerrit Cole’s first outing, he gave up two runs over four innings, stamped by a Rafael Devers two-run homer in the first inning after a four-minute delay to opening day. While Cole will get back into shape and stifle any concerns, he’s being paid big money to do just that. The other starting pitchers on the roster can’t be relied on in that same way, budding concern in the mid-rotation.

Looking at Luis Severino, he enjoyed his first start in nearly 3 years, pitching three innings and giving up a two-run blast to Alex Verdugo in the second inning. While Severino touched triple digits with his fastball and showed solid break, there is obvious concern regarding his consistency and reliability moving forward.

The bullpen has picked up the Yankee starting pitching significantly, enjoying six no-hit innings on Saturday before running into a tiny bit of trouble against Boston on Sunday. Clarke Schmidt, who came in after Montgomery gave up four hits and three runs over 3.1 innings, allowed an earned run, one of the few times the bullpen has given up any production. Given it was a singular run, it’s nothing to write home about. The bullpen has been mostly effective to start the year.

In fact, the starters have given up eight runs in the first three games, whereas the bullpen has allowed three runs. Based on the lack of investment, the rotation could end up being the team’s weak spot, which is why most begged Cashman to trade for Athletics starter Sean Manaea or at least sign a free agent. Instead, he remained optimistic about the players on the roster and looked ahead to Aaron Judge’s big extension, which he failed to finalize before opening day.

Of course, the team has plenty of time to work out any kinks, but there’s plenty of reason to be cautiously optimistic about the starters.

Yankees’ projected opening day starting pitching rotation released

yankees, gerrit cole, jordan montgomery, jameson taillon, luis severino

There are concerns regarding the New York Yankees’ starting pitching rotation as opening day nears on April 7. General manager Brian Cashman has done very little to inject more talent into the rotation via regency or trade this off-season. While the team has been connected to the Oakland Athletics, who were shopping Sean Manaea and Frankie Montas, nothing has materialized up to this point.

It seems as if Cashman will leave the rotation alone for now, hoping several injury-prone players prove their consistency this year, which is an extremely risky approach.

According to MLB Network’s Meredith Marakovits, the Yankees’ projected 2022 starting rotation come the regular season is:

1.) Gerrit Cole

Cole is the team’s ace without question, recording a 3.23 ERA last season over 30 games and 181.1 innings. This was his worst campaign since 2017 with the Pittsburgh Pirates, but he was still dominant and is gearing up for another stellar year.

2.) Luis Severino

Severino has only pitched 18 innings in the past three years, making him a serious liability. Severino hosts a 17.18 ERA this spring over two games, giving up eight hits and one homer in 3.2 innings pitched.

Considering Severino is projected to be the team’s No. 2 starter, it is a clear indication of management’s optimism he can return to his previous self. The last time Severino hosted a dominant campaign was back in 2018, but that was a long time ago, and the once-promising starting pitcher has been dealt a number of serious injury blows.

While Severino has shown flashes of good velocity and pitch efficiency, his execution has been poor this spring, meaning he needs a bit more time to find his rhythm. Unfortunately, he suffered a bit of soreness after his last start, so the Yankees will err on the side of caution and have him throw a bullpen session instead of starting against the Blue Jays.

3.) Jordan Montgomery

In the No. 3 slot, the Yankees have Jordan Montgomery, who posted a 3.83 ERA last season over 157.1 innings. Montgomery is the team’s lone left-handed starter, and at 29 years old, he could be gearing up for his best year yet. Last season, Montgomery averaged a 92.7 mph fastball, the best of his career. He mixed in a cutter 13.8% of the time, up from 5.4% in 2020.

4.) Jameson Taillon

When the Yankees acquired Jamison Taillon from the Pirates, they imagined he would be a perfect one-two punch behind Cole.

Cole and Taillon are good friends, but the latter of the two struggled to find his groove wearing pinstripes. Last year, Taillon battled a number of injuries, ranging from shoulder inflammation to torn ligaments in his ankle. He still managed a 4.30 ERA over 144.1 innings, but the Yankees need more from him as he prepares to hit free agency after the 2022 campaign.

Projecting the New York Yankees’ pitching rotation for the 2022 season

New York Yankees, Nestor Cortes Jr.

Although reaching the Wild Card game last season, the New York Yankees had a really rough year with a struggling lineup that could do nearly nothing to win games. The only two in the lineup that performed as expected, was slugger Aaron Judge and Giancarlo Stanton. Other than those two, for the most part, the rest of the lineup was impotent.

It was the Yankees’ sketchy pitching rotation that carried them through the season to the Wild Card game, in which they fell to the Red Sox, again ending their dream of another postseason appearance.

The 2021 season started with Gerrit Cole, the Yankee ace leading the rotation, followed by two other pitchers that hadn’t pitched in the majors for a few years due to various injuries and surgeries. Following Cole were Corey Kluber and Jameson Taillon. In the four-slot, five-year veteran Jordan Montgomery. The fifth spot was supposed to be Domingo German, but he quickly failed, and no less than six other pitchers filled that fifth spot during the season.

As one might have projected that both Kluber and Taillon would be injured during the season, leading to Kluber to pitch only 80 innings. Kluber did pitch the first Yankee no-hitter in twenty-two years, but even he didn’t have much of an impact on the season. With both Kluber and Taillon injured, the Yankees were about to observe the biggest surprise of the season, the emergence of Nestor Cortes Jr.

Cortes Jr. burst onto the scene from the bullpen to be one of the Yankees’ most dependable starters.

Looking ahead at the quickly approaching 2022 season, as of this point, it looks like most of those familiar faces will again attempt to get the Yankees to the postseason and a chance for a 28th World Championship. The Yankees, when the lockout is over, still have a chance to hire a free agent, like, Carlos Rodon, or trade for another legitimate number two starter (Chris Bassitt). Without that knowledge of what the Yankees will do, after calling their present rotation all they need, we will have to assume they will go with what they have.

If that is the case, we will, of course, see Gerrit Cole leading a rotation that General Manager Brian Cashman has had plenty of time to think about. The tall Cole battled his way through the ‘spider tack’ scandal to end up 16-8 with a 3.23 ERA for the Yankees. Although he had a sub-par two innings on the mound in the AL Wild Card game, he nevertheless finished the season second in the AL Cy Young voting.

Following Cole will likely be Jameson Taillon. He pitched above average in the Bronx last season. When nobody in the Yankees rotation was healthy, Taillon was out there game after game. The former Pirate logged a 4.30 ERA, pitching 144.1 innings. In 18 games, he posted an 8.73 strikeout per nine rate but a career-low 33.2% ground ball rate. An injury late in the season led to an offseason surgery to repair the partially torn tendon in his right ankle. He should be good to go by Spring Training, according to many reports. To make him a true number two starter, he will need to induce more ground balls and be the best version of himself in the coming season.

Next up should be Luis Severino. This might be a stretch as he has hardly pitched at all since his 19-8 2018 season. The twenty-seven-year-old coming back from Tommy John surgery and hamstring injuries in rehab last season is loaded with talent. However, with the lack of pitching for so long in major league games, the Yankees can only guess how he will fare this season. But now, being fully healthy, the Yankees will look for the righty to have a productive season.

The annual solid Jordan Montgomery will be stepping onto the mound next in the rotation. The 6’6″ lefty started 30 games for the Yankees last season with a 6-7 record and an ERA of 3.83. He pitched much better than his stats would suggest, as he got nearly no run support from the Yankees’ lackluster lineup. Montgomery may well be the key to a successful Yankee season. They need him to be solid in the middle of the rotation.

The starter to anchor the rotation creates the most intrigue. It will most likely be Nestor Cortes Jr, but also don’t be surprised if the Yankees choose Luis Gil, who was also successful for the Yankees in the second half of the season. Nevertheless, Cortes Jr., who made his major league starting debut last season, has deserved a place in the starting rotation. Gil is the likely backup if Cortes Jr. can’t replicate his last season’s success.

Outside of the pitchers mentioned, one thing that makes the Yankee rotation so formidable is the pitchers they have in the wings, should any of the starters become injured. There is Domingo German, who was the Yankee ace in 2019 with an 18-4 record. German was suspended for all of 2020 for his involvement in a domestic incident. Upon his return, he was 4-5 in 18 starts last season. The question with German is that he can be inconsistent. When he is on, he is lights out.

The Yankees also have Clarke Schmidt, Deivi Garcia, Luis Gil, and a bevy of relief pitchers that are more than competent to start games. Should the Yankee starters fail in any of their starts, the Yankees, even without Zack Britton, out for most of the season, still have some of the most effective relievers in the game. Chad Green, Jonathan Loaisiga, Wandy Peralta, Lucas Luetge, and Clay Holmes all could be Impactful. The Yankees hope that closer Aroldis Chapman can return to form this season. If he stumbles, Jonathan Loaisiga has risen to the next logical choice. He was 9-4 last season with a tiny 2.17 ERA and five saves to his credit.

New York Yankees: Takeaways from a terrible day in the Bronx

There really is no other way to put it; the New York Yankees were a mess yesterday in one of the most embarrassing losses of the season at one of the most convenient times. They didn’t pitch well, didn’t hit, and in one of the most visible gaffs, Gleyber Torres only jogged to first base when he should have run for his life. At the end of the day, the Tampa Bay Rays scored 12 runs off the boys from the Bronx that only scored two.

Montgomery gets booed off the field

One of the New York Yankees’ most dependable pitchers this season couldn’t escape the scorn of Yankee fans as he was booed off the field after he gave up seven earned runs. Manager Boone should have been likewise booed for leaving Montgomery on the mound when it was apparent he didn’t have it. He knew the pitches he should throw, but by his own admission after the game, he couldn’t execute them. To add insult to injury, the bullpen wasn’t any better.

Big guys again forgot to load the bullets

Superstars Aaron Judge and Giancarlo Stanton that have won so many games for the Yankees, were missing in action for the second night in a row. The Yankees lost their game on Friday night and again yesterday afternoon. A big part of the reason. The dynamic duo just couldn’t hit the ball. Judge got one hit yesterday, and Stanton got none. The rest of the team accounted for just three more hits compared to the Rays 19 off of Yankee pitching.

Bullpen fails miserably

If Jordan Montgomery’s performance wasn’t bad enough, the bullpen was even worse. The trio of Lucas Luetge, Michael King, and Joely Rodriguez combined for giving up thirteen hits and five more runs. It was the most hits given up by the Yankees all season long. The bullpen is obviously tired from being overused most of the season. Although the Yankees looked for length from Montgomery yesterday, the bullpen had to be used to get the last 21 outs of the game.

Wild card standings

As of this morning, the New York Yankees are still in the wild card game, but with the second loss in a row yesterday, they no longer have the home-field advantage. If the season ended with this writing, the Yankees would have to play the wild card game at Fenway Park. At the start of the week, the Yankees looked to have a lock on home-field advantage, but that is now gone. But it could get even worse.

Should the New York Yankees and the Red Sox lose today, the Toronto Blue Jays and Seattle Mariners. win, there will be a four-way tie causing complete chaos at the end of the season. That is unlikely, but it is possible. The bottom line is that the Yankees are in control and must win today’s game. They have no control of the other scores today. By seven o’clock tonight, the picture will be much more apparent. If playoff games are required on both Monday and Tuesday, the whole postseason schedule will be pushed back.

Should there be a 4-way tie, here’s how it would break down. The clubs involved would receive designations based on winning percentage and assigned A, B, and C. Should clubs have identical winning percentages, then the head-to-head season records would come into play. Club A would host Club B, and Club C would host Club D. The winners of each game would be declared the Wild Card Clubs.

Note: Today’s New York Yankee game will be the season’s finale against the Tampa Bay Rays at Yankees Stadium at 3:05 pm EDT. As of late last night, Jameson Taillon will be taking the mound for the Yankees against the Rays Michael Wacha. With such a critical game at stake, if the Yankees don’t win today, the big question will be why manager Boone didn’t use his best pitcher to avoid a playoff. But it won’t be surprising as Boone has worried about the future over winning today’s game all season long.

New York Yankee Recap: Tampa Bay Rays crushed the Yankees in embarrassing loss

New York Yankees, Jordan Montgomery

The New York Yankees entered today’s matinee hoping for a win to secure home-field advantage in the wild card game. The Yankees lost a squeaker last night in the ninth inning when the Rays outscored them 3-2 in a hard-fought match. Today the Yankees sent Jordan Montgomery to the mound to face a Ray’s newbie in 22-year-old Shane Baz. Baz was called up on September 20th and had won both of his games. The Yankees were totally embarrassed by the Rays in a 12-2 loss when anything that could go wrong for the Yankees, did go wrong.

At the top of the first inning, “Monty” faced Randy Arozarena, who walked. Wander Franco singled to left, moving Arozarena to second. Nelson Cruz popped out to a rushing Aaron Judge. Yandy Diaz flew out to a diving Joey Gallo. Brandon Lowe homered into the short porch for a three-run long ball. Mike Zunino struck out to end the half. At the bottom, Gleyber Torres led off for the Yankees against the 22-year-old Shane Baz in his 3rd major league game and struck out on eleven pitches. Anthony Rizzo had a solo blast to right to shorten the Rays lead. Aaron Judge walked. Giancarlo Stanton popped out to short. Joey Gallo struck out to end the inning. Tampa 3 New York 1.

The second inning was led off by Manuel Margot, who ground out to Gallo in left. Austin Meadows followed with another flyout to Gallo. Francisco Mejia playing first base for the first time today walked. Arozarena struck out. Gio Urshela led off the bottom of the second by grounding out to short. Brett Gardner tapped out slowly to second. Gary Sanchez struck out to end the inning. Rays 3 Yankees 1.

Wander Franco led off the third inning by singled in front of Joey Gallo in left. Cruz went down swinging on a Montgomery curveball. Diaz walked. Lowe that homered in the first inning, homered again to extend the Rays lead to five. Zunino homered to left. Margot doubled. The impatient Yankee boo birds came out in full force, loudly booing Montgomery.  Meadows flew out to Gardner, and that was the day as Montgomery was booed off the field. Mejia faced the new Yankee pitcher Lucas Luetge and struck out to finally end the half.

At the bottom, Andrew Velazquez, being called up last night, went down looking. Torres ground out to short. Rizzo walked. Judge faced the new Rays pitcher J.P. Feyereisen and gave it a ride, but Arozarena jumped and prevented it from leaving the park. Tampa Bay Rays 7 New York Yankees 1.

Randy Arozarena doubled to lead off the fourth. Franco lined out. Cruz singled. Diaz hit into a double play to end the half. At the bottom, Stanton struck out swinging. Gallo singled to left. Urshela got a long one that rattled around the right-field corner as Ushela tripled and Gallo scored. Gardner popped out to the infield. Sanchez popped out to third. Rays 7 Yankees 2.

Brandon Lowe, who had homered twice, faced Luetge and went down on strikes. Zunino struck out looking. Margot flew out to a running Gardner in center to end the half. At the bottom, Andrew Velaquez led off by giving one a ride that was caught at the wall by Margot. Torres went down swinging. Rizzo singled beyond first. Judge ground out to third. Rays 7 Yankees 2.

The sixth inning was led off by Austin Meadows, who struck out swinging. Mejia flew out to Gardner. Arozarena singled up the middle and stole second. He then stole third. Franco singled driving in Arozarena. Nelson Cruz faced the new Yankee pitcher Michael King and, with one on and two outs, reached on a booted ball by Torres, with Franco advancing to second. Diaz struck out swinging, but the Rays picked up another run. At the bottom, Stanton struck out swinging. Gallo ground out to first. Urshela struck out on a foul tip. Rays 8 Yankees 2

Brandon Lowe led off the seventh inning with his third home run of the game. Zunino singled. Margot singled. Meadows faced the new Yankee pitcher Joely Rodriguez with two on and no outs and got a three-run homer to the right-field stands. Mejia singled. Arozarena singled. Franco hit into a double play. Cruz, with a runner on third and two outs, struck out to end the half. At the bottom, Gardner flew out to center. Sanchez walked. Velazquez foul tipped. Torres missed a single when the ball got away by only jogging to first. Rays 12 Yankees 2.

Diaz led off the eighth inning lined out to Gardner. Lowe, who had three home runs in the game, ground out. Zunino picked up a third hit on a slow roller to third. Margot ground out to end the half. Anthony Rizzo led off the bottom by flying out to the warning track in right-center. Judge singled to center. Stanton struck out. Gallo struck out. Rays 12 Yankees 2.

Austin Meadows led off the ninth inning by striking out. Mejia singled. Arozarena hit into a double play to end the half. With last licks on the line for the New York Yankees, Gio Urshela came to bat and ground out to second. Brett Gardner hustled and reached on a passed ball. Gary Sanchez ground into a double play to end a very embarrassing game. The final score was the Tampa Bay Rays 12 and the New York Yankees 2. The winning pitcher was Luis Patino, and the loser was Jordan Montgomery.



New Yankees Preview of the final regular season series with the Rays

Suppose the last few series weren’t urgent enough or exciting enough for New York Yankee fans. In that case this weekend it will be upfront and in your face, over the top exciting at Yankee Stadium in the Bronx as the Yankees play their final regular-season series with their rival Tampa Bay Rays. The Rays have already clinched the AL East, so basically, they have nothing to lose, but believe it, they won’t let the Yankees off the hook.

The Tampa Bay Rays hate the New York Yankees for a variety of reasons. The tensions between these two teams have been building for years. So if you think for one moment that the Rays will roll over and let the Yankees win, think again. They will do anything to shame the Yankees or knock them out of a home-field advantage in the wild card. They may realign their pitching for the postseason, but you can be sure the Rays’ hitters will not let up on Yankee pitching.

Much of this series will depend on the powerful New York Yankees remaining powerful. Hitting will be all-important. The Yankees hit 8 long balls in the Toronto Blue Jays series. Three by Aaron Judge.

Tonight, October 1, 7:05 pm EDT

Tonight the Yankees will send Nasty Nestor Cortes Jr. to the mound. You can be sure that “Bronxie,” the turtle that he bought for the team, won’t be on the mound with him, but don’t be surprised after the game if he says he rubbed his little back for luck before taking the field. “Bronxie” has been a winning charm for the Yankees since his purchase and has become the unofficial mascot of the Yankees.

Cortes is a lefty that is 2-2 with an ERA of 2.85 and 98 strikeouts. Please pay more attention to his ERA than his record. The reliever turned starter is a much better pitcher than his stats would indicate. His range of pitches and different arm angles mystify hitters. Since becoming a starter late in July, the Yankees have won eight of his eleven starts.  Brandon Lowe and Ji-Man Choi have been quite successful off him.

Shane McClanahan has been one of the best Rays pitchers this season. The lefty is 10-6 with an ERA of 3.44 and 138 strikeouts. This game will probably be the most challenging of the three pitting these two pitchers together. McClanahan is coming off his 10th win of the season against the Miami Marlins. If anything has plagued him this season, it is winning several, followed by losing several. Before the win, he is coming off losses in his previous three starts. Other than DJ LeMahieu, the top of the Yankee line-up has not been successful off on him; the bottom is a different story. Gleyber Torres and Gio Urshela both have .600 batting averages off him in 5 at-bats.

Saturday, October 2, 1:05 pm EDT

Saturday’s matinee will feature the matchup of veteran Jordan Montgomery against the young Shane Baz. Montgomery is a lefty that is 6-6 with an ERA of 3.49 and 159 strikeouts. “Monty” is the Yankee poster boy for getting little run support in his games. He is coming off two wins against the Texas Rangers and the Boston Red Sox. He has had only one bad outing this season. It was on September 10th when he gave up seven earned runs in just 3.1 innings of work. The Rays hitters have not been particularly successful of him, but he will have to watch out for Manuel Margot, who in 14 at-bats has a .357 batting average.

Shane Baz will be a mystery to Yankee hitters as they have not seen him pitch except on video. He made his major league debut on September 20th and has won both of his games against the Toronto Blue jays and the Miami Marlins. He has pitched a total of 10.2 innings. In his Toronto game, he gave up two home runs. In his Marlins start, he allowed three hits in his scoreless 5.2 innings.

Sunday, October 3, 3:05 pm EDT

As a note, all games on the last day of the season will start at 3:05. The New York Yankees want to see how the first two games go before deciding on a starter for game three of the series. They would like to save Gerrit Cole for the wild card game, but he will be available on short rest if the need arises.

Whoever the Yankees send to the mound, he will face the Rays’ Michael Wacha, a righty that is 3-5 with an elevated ERA of 5.26 and 119 strikeouts. Wacha has already met the Yankees three times this season, winning two of those games. However, he has not pitched well lately. The Rays have lost eight of his last eleven starts and are coming off four losses in a row. Anthony Rizzo and DJ LeMahieu have been big trouble for Wacha.

All three of these games will be televised on the YES Network and Bally Sports Sun. Tonight’s game and the game on Saturday will also be on MLBN out of market.

New York Yankees: 4 takeaways from “Who’s your daddy” sweep of the Red Sox

New York Yankees' Aaron Judge and Giancarlo Stanton.

The New York Yankees, entered last night’s game at Fenway Park, looking to sweep the rival Red Sox as they looked for the home-field advantage in the wild-card race. The age-old rivalry was in full force as they looked to shame their rivals with a sweep this late in the season and knock them out of the number one spot in the wild card. In that effort, they sent Jordan Montgomery to the mound at Fenway to face the supposed ace, Eduardo Rodriguez. At the end of the night, the Yankees had achieved their goal. The Yankees won 6-3.

“Monty’ did what he needed to do

Yankee pitcher Jordan Montgomery who has suffered from a lack of run support all season, continued that trend last night. He didn’t have the luxury that Cortes Jr. had Thursday night when the Yankees scored three runs in the first inning. He got no run support through his first four innings of work. Finally, he got some in the fifth. Nevertheless, Montgomery did his job holding the Red Sox to just one run.

Following Montgomery, the amazing Clay Holmes came in and pitched a clean sixth, striking out the side in order. Joely Rodriguez fumbled in his outing, being completely wild and giving up two runs. Chad Green pitched 1.2 scoreless innings. Aroldis Chapman closed out the game with this not-so-familiar dominance.

Stanton/Judge led the Yankees to sweep

Last night in the top of the eighth inning Aaron Judge hit a double that put the Yankees ahead of the Red Sox. After the Yankees’ best defenders dropped two balls and Tyler Wade was caught stealing, LeMahieu walked. Anthony Rizzo doubled for the Yankees extra-base hit, with LeMahieu moving to third. Aaron Judge faced the new Red Sox pitcher Adam Ottavino with two on and one out and doubled, scoring two runs for the Yankees, taking the lead once again.

Giancarlo Stanton crushed another home run over the green monster in the eighth, driving in Judge for another two runs in another highlight of the night. Stanton joined Babe Ruth, Lou Gehrig, Joe DiMaggio, and Micky Mantle as the only Yankees to hit 3 home runs in one three-game series at Fenway Park. For Stanton, that was joining baseball Royalty. Stanton has been white-hot since August 3rd with a .289 average and hitting 18 home runs.

Red Sox shamed by Yankees late-season run

The Boston Red Sox must have been scratching their heads at the end of last night’s shame game outcome. The Yankees shamed the Red Sox in their last meeting at their own home field. The Yankees pulled out an eighth-inning win in the final game of the series for the sweep. However, the Red Sox still has the bragging rights for taking the season from the Yankees.

To add to the humiliation, In this three-game series, Giancarlo Stanton acted like a one-person team as he drove in 11 Yankee runs all by himself. The Red Sox in the three-game series only scored 9 runs total.

Yankees own the #1 wild card berth

With the win, last night the New York Yankees now own the number one berth in the wild card race knocking the Red Sox out by one run in the loss column. But the fact of the matter is that the Yankees can’t over celebrate that feat; they have a lot of work to do to hold on to it. The Red Sox and the Toronto Blue Jays, who are just one game behind, have an elementary schedule in the last week of the season; the Yankee have the most challenging schedule.

The Red Sox play the Baltimore Orioles and the Toronto Blue Jays. Then, the Blue Jays play the Red Sox and the Orioles. Then, the Yankees have to play the Toronto Blue Jays at Roger’s Center starting tomorrow and finally the Tampa Bay Rays to close out the season at Yankee Stadium. The bottom line is that the Yankees will have to play their hearts out, win almost every game if they have any hope of reaching the AL Championship series, and even more to obtain their long-awaited 28th World Championship.


New York Yankees Recap: Super hot Stanton powered the Yankees to sweep of the Red Sox

New York Yankees, Giancarlo Stanton

The New York Yankees, greedy as ever, entered tonight’s game at Fenway Park looking to sweep the rival Red Sox as they looked for the home-field advantage in the wild-card race. The age-old rivalry was in full force as they looked to shame their rivals with a sweep this late in the season and knock them out of the number one spot in the wild card. In that effort, they sent Jordan Montgomery to the mound at Fenway to face the supposed ace, Eduardo Rodriguez.

In a highly entertaining and three-hour and 42 minutes long game, the Yankees came away with the 6-3 win and the sweep of the Red Sox.

In the first inning, Rodriguez faced DJ LeMahieu, who singled up the middle. Anthony Rizzo ground out into a double play for the most in the American League this season. Aaron Judge struck out for a 1-2-3 inning for Rodriguez. At the bottom, Kiki Rodriguez led off against Montgomery and singles to center. Hunter Renfroe flew out to Judge in right field. Rafael Devers flew out to Gallo in left. Xander Bogaerts struck out to end the scoreless inning.

The second inning was led off by the hot Giancarlo Stanton, who struck out. Joey Gallo popped out to second. Gleyber Torres popped out to the infield. At the bottom of the second, JD Martinez struck out. Bobby Dalbec went down on strikes. Christian Arroyo tapped back to Montgomery, who could not make the out. Alex Verdugo flew out to Judge in right to end the scoreless inning.

The third inning was led off by Gary Sanchez, who struck out looking. Brett Gardner was called out on strikes. Gio Urshela singles to left field. LeMahieu struck out on a bad call to end the Yankee’s half. At the bottom, Christian Vazquez flew out to left. Hernandez ground out to Gio Urshela at short. Renfroe ground out to third to end another scoreless inning.

Anthony Rizzo led off the fourth inning and ground out to first. Judge waved at one for the second out of the half. Stanton singled past second. Gallo struck out to end the Yankees fourth. In the bottom of the inning, the Red Sox got on the board, scoring a run. Red Sox 1 Yankees 0.

In the bottom of the fifth inning, the Yankees took the lead, scoring two runs. With the bases loaded, the Yankees hit into a double play, but Torres scored from third. Then, LeMahieu singled, scoring Gary Sanchez, and it was the New York Yankees 2 and the Red Sox 1.

The Yankees were scoreless in the top of the sixth. At the bottom of the inning, Yankee reliever Clay Holmes came in in relief of Montgomery and struck out the Red Sox side using only eleven pitches. In the top of the seventh, the Yankees were again scoreless.

In the bottom of the seventh, With Joely Rodriguez pitching the Red Sox took the lead in the game a wild pitch and on a bizarre play when LeMahieu drops a ball in left. Chad Green came in to pitch and the Red Sox scored when the second dropped ball by the Yankees let the Sox score, this one by Gallo in left field. Boston Red Sox 3 New York Yankees 2

At the top of the eight, Urshela walked, leading off. Tyler Wade was brought in to pinch-run for Urshela. Wade tried to steal second and was called out. The third Yankee mental error in just fifteen minutes. LeMahieu walked. Anthony Rizzo doubled for the Yankees extra-base hit, with LeMahieu moving to third. Aaron Judge faced the New Red Sox pitcher Adam Ottavino with two on and one out and doubled, scoring two runs for the Yankees, taking the lead once again. Judge appeared to injury his hand on the slide into second, delaying the game as he was checked out. Yankees 4 Red Sox 3.

Stanton followed with a home run over the green monster. Joey Gallo was hit by a pitch and advanced to first as the Yankee medical staff took to the field for the second time in the half. Torres faced new Red Sox pitcher Ryan Brasier and may have injured himself as the medical staff was called in again to check him out. However, he continued his at-bat, flying out to right. Sanchez chopped out to second base to end the go-ahead inning for the Yankees. New York Yankees 6 Red Sox 3.

The bottom of the eighth inning finally started after a half-hour beginning of the inning with Rafael Devers leading off against Chad Green and got a ground-rule double that bounced into the stands in right.  Bogaerts flew out to Judge in right. Martinez singled, moving Devers to third base. Dalbec struck out. Jose Iglesias ground out to Torres to end the inning New York Yankees 6 Boston Red Sox 3.

The top of the ninth inning saw Brett Gardner leading off and grounding out into the shift. Tyler Wade was called out stealing for the second time in as many innings. LeMahieu ground out to end the half. At the bottom, with last licks on the line for the Red Sox Verdugo against Yankee, closer Aroldis Chapman and popped out to Wade at short. Hernandez grounded out to second. Hernandez walked and took second on indifference, ash he did third. Kyle Schwarber pinch-hitting struck out looking to end the game as the Yankees took the outright lead in the wild-card race and the sweep of the Rox Sox.

The final score was the New York Yankees 6 and the Boston Red Sox 3. The winning pitcher was Chad Green, and the loser was Garrett Richards. The save went to Aroldis Chapman for his 30th of the season.