New York Yankees: Takeaways from Yankees 4th loss to the Rays and preview of today’s game

The New York Yankees again lost a game to the Tampa Bay Rays yesterday, making them 1 for 5 this season. The Yankees have lost 16 of 22 games against the Rays in the last two seasons, including the postseason. With the two teams with almost identical season records against all teams, the Yankee must win against the Rays in head-to-head matches to succeed in the season.

Yankees pitching still not good enough

If you’re a pitcher and your name is not Gerrit Cole, you have not performed to your abilities, and it has cost the Yankees wins and overuse of the bullpen. Yesterday the Yankees lost to the Rays 6-3. Jordan Montgomery took the loss but managed to save the bullpen somewhat by getting into the seven-inning. A walk facing his first batter in the 7th  ended his night.

Overall, Monty was charged for 4 earned runs driving his ERA up to 4.24. However, Jordan pitched considerably better than the numbers would indicate. His control was good, but just a couple of bad pitches was his demise.  The real difference in yesterday’s game was that the Rays took advantage of his mistakes, whereas the Yankees didn’t do the same with the Rays’ mistakes.

Is there some hope for the Yankee lineup?

To put it as nicely as I can, the New York Yankees hitting has been lackluster, to say the least, right from the beginning of the season, except for two or three games. Manager Aaron Boone has been making every excuse in the books during interviews about the lineup deficiencies. Apparently, after Friday’s game, Boone had had it and called for a team meeting. According to Giancarlo Stanton, the usually positive Boone was angry.

Apparently, the talking to was somewhat successful as the Yankees showed a bit more spark in yesterday’s game, but it still wasn’t enough because they again could not pull out a win. In my preview yesterday, I said that the Yankees would have their hands full against Tyler Glasnow, one of the best pitchers in the league. But as it turned out, the Yankees gave him a hard time causing him to throw over 30 pitches in the first inning. The Yankees had their chances against him even loading the bases, But the lack of situational hitting that has dogged them this season again reared its head, and they couldn’t get the job done.

The Yankees, in the game, could only muster up 5 hits against 13 strikeouts. The Rays between Friday and Saturday have stuck out 27 Yankees.

Rougie Odor could be the real deal

Yesterday in the Tampa Bay Rays game, Rougned Odor hit his first home run as a New York Yankee. It was a no-doubter lofted several rows into the second tier of the bleachers.

On April 6, 2021, the New York Yankees traded with the Texas Rangers for Rougned Odor (O-door), but in a game on April 11, in Tampa, Florida, he became a Yankee. In the 10th inning against the Tampa Bay Rays, he became a hero, hitting the game’s winning hit. The game went into the 10th inning, tied at 4 apiece. Odor was a breath of fresh air after the Yankees lost the first two games of the set.

Yesterday had the rest of the lineup done their Job; Odor again could have been the hero and be called the Rays killer. In his seven years with the Texas Ranger, Odor hit an average of 21 home runs annually. During four of those years, he hit 30 or more long balls. Now in just six games with a disappointing .143 batting average, he has hit his first home run as a Yankee. If he continues at this pace, he could hit 27 or more home runs this season.


Today the New York Yankees will have their best chance of winning a game against the Tampa Bay Rays and avoid a sweep by the Rays. The Yankee ace Gerrit Cole will be on the mound against the Ray’s Andrew Kittredge. Both pitchers have a 2-0 record with ERA’s in the mid 1’s., so Kittredge is no slouch. But he is not the strikeout pitcher that Cole is; Cole has 29 strikeouts to Kittredge’s 4.

The 1:05 matchup will not be nationally televised or on the YES Network; it will be broadcast on Bally Sports Sun in Tampa and the New York area on WPIX. It can also be viewed free to Amazon Prime members in CT, NY, NJ, and eastern PA. Connecticut viewers can also watch the game on CW20. With the Yankees digging themselves into a hole, they really need to pull out a win today with Cole on the mound; if they don’t, it does not bode well for the season.


New York Yankees Recap: Yankees lose yet again to the Rays

New York Yankees, Jordan Montgomery

The New York Yankees met up with the Tampa Bay Rays for game two of a three-game set at Yankee Stadium. The Rays took game one and three of the four games the two teams have played this season. Today the Yankees put Jordan Montgomery on the mound to face the Ray’s Tyler Glasnow, one of the best pitchers in this young season. It was a cloudy day but somewhat warmer than last night’s game.

Yandy Diaz led off against Montgomery and ground out to Odor. Randy Arozarena struck out, and Austin Meadows also struck out for a 1-2-3 inning for Monty. At the bottom, Tyler Glasnow was on the mound for the Rays facing DJ LeMahieu, who struck out. Aaron Judge flew out to left field. Aaron Hicks singled to center.  Giancarlo Stanton singled, moving Hicks to third base. Gleyber Torres walked to load the bases with Yankees. Brett Gardner, with two outs and the bases, loaded, ground out to first, leaving 3 on base. No score.

Mike Brosseau led off the second and ground out to short. Manuel Margot struck out. Francisco Mejia homered just over the right-field wall. Joey Wendle struck out, but the Rays picked up a run. At the bottom, Gary Sanchez was patient and walked. Gio Urshela walked. Rougie Odor popped out behind the plate. LaMahieu had an RBI single driving in Sanchez to tie the game. Aaron Judge struck out for the second out. A wild pitch allowed the runners to move up. Aaron Hicks line drove to Brosseau, but the Yankees tied up the game at one apiece.

Willie Adames led off for the Rays at the top of the third inning and ground out to third. Brett Phillips tapped back to Monty for another 1-2-3 inning. Giancarlo Stanton led off the bottom by striking out swinging. Torres flew out to right field. Gardner struck out to give Glasnow his first one, two-three inning. Yankees 1 Rays 1.

At the top of the fourth, Arozarena struck out. Meadows walked for Monty’s first walk allowed in the game. Mike Brosseau flew out to Judge. Magot hit a two-run home run for the Rays 3 to 1 lead. Mejia flew out to Judge. At the New York Yankee bottom, Gary Sanchez led off by popping out to center. Urshela struck out. Odor flew out to right. New York Yankees 1 Rays 1.

At the top of the fifth, Gary Sanchez came out of the game from being hit in the hand in the fourth. Wendle lined out directly to Urshela. Adames flew out to Gardner. Phillips struck out for Monty’s third 1-2-3 inning. Back to the top of the Yankee lineup at the bottom. LeMahieu faced Glasnow, who had 85 pitches. Before he got to throw to DJ, Glasnow’s hand cramped up that halted the game for about 8 minutes, but he stayed in the game and walked LeMahieu. Judge went down looking. Hicks made it to first on a dropped ball in the infield, but LeMahieu got forced out at second. Stanton struck out on Glasnow’s 105th pitch. Rays 3 Yankees 1.

At the top of the sixth Diaz, line drove to Judge for the first out. Arozarena bunt out, and Meadow popped out to Torres. At the bottom, Jeff Springs took over for Glasnow. Torres struck out. Gardner ground out to first. Kyle Higashioka replacing Gary Sanchez, popped out to short for the quickest inning of the game. Rays 3 Yankees 1.

Mike Brosseau led off the seventh with Monty on the mound, still with 84  pitches his longest outing of the season. Brosseau walked on four pitches. Jonathan Loaisiga replaced Montgomery. Margot hit into a double play that was overturned. Mejia at the plate Margot stole second on Torres not being able to catch Higgies on-target throw. Mejia flew out to Judge, but Margot went to third. Joey Wendle got a turn run homer over Judge’s head, and the Rays pick up another two runs. Adames struck out. Urshela led off the bottom by striking out. Odor hit a homer 447′ into the bleachers of center field, closing the gap with the Rays. LeMahieu faced McHugh and went up the middle for a base hit. Aaron Judge doubled driving in DJ. Hicks struck out swinging. Stanton struck out, leaving Judge at second. Rays 5 New York Yankees 3.

Loaisiga back out to pitch the eighth for the Yankees and ground out Phillips. Diaz got a base hit in the gap. Arozarena went down on strikes. Meadows also went down on strikes for a quick inning for Loaisiga. Gleyber Torres led off the bottom by flying out to left field. Gardner flew out, and Higashio ground out. Rays 5 Yankees 3.

Justin Wilson came out for the top of the ninth. Brosseau singled into no man’s land in short centerfield. A passed ball allowed Brosseau to go to second. Margot struck out swinging. Mejia doubled on a ball that just got past the diving Urshela scoring Brosseau.  Wendle ground out, but Mejia went to third. Adames went down on strikes. With last licks on the line for the Yankees, Gio Urshela led off the bottom of the ninth with Castillo on the mound. Urshela went down swinging. Odor ground out. DJ LeMahieu struck out to end the game.

The final score was Tampa Bay Rays 6 and the Yankees 3. The winning pitcher was Tyler Glasnow; the loser was Jordan Montgomery. The Yankees managed only 5 hits, and they, for the most part, were not situational when the Yankees had opportunities.


New York Yankees: Jordan Montgomery on the hill in an important series finale with the Tampa Bay Rays

New York Yankees, Jordan Montgomery

After losing the first two contests with the Tampa Bay Rays 10-5 and 4-0, the New York Yankees look to salvage the series on Sunday at Tropicana Field. The Yankees plan to start Jordan Montgomery in the finale after coming off one of his best career starts as the team looks to build some early season momentum.

On Monday against the Orioles, Montgomery pitched six scoreless innings, allowing just four hits and striking out seven. With exception to Gerrit Cole’s start against the Orioles, Montgomery’s outing was the best of all pitchers through the Yankees’ first eight games.

New York could very much use another strong outing from Montgomery on Sunday. The Yankees have used their bullpen for 9.2 innings through two games against the Rays, and could use a lengthy start from their lefty to rest relievers for the impending Blue Jays series.

Another good start from Montgomery could be what gets the Yankees finally firing on all cylinders. The team looks lost through eight games as they’ve struggled to get consistent hitting and timely pitching. A win could build momentum for the Yankees in the midst of their six game road trip.

However, a loss for New York would put the team at 3-6 on the season. It’s certainly very early in the season and the team will have plenty of time to recover, but you never want to fall into an early hole. Also, a win on Sunday turns the rotation over to Gerrit Cole for Monday’s opener against the Blue Jays. Pitching to a win the day before your ace pitches is often a big booster for team morale.

With a sweep looming, Sunday’s game is an important one for the Yankees. The team could use a strong start from Montgomery to gain momentum and turn their early season misfortunes around.

New York Yankees: 3 major takeaways from the Yankees second loss to the Rays

The New York Yankees met up with the Tampa Bay Rays for game 2 of a three-game set at Tropicana Field last night. They entered the game 1-9 at Tropicana Field and left the game 1-10 after losing another game to the nemesis Rays. The fact that starter Domingo German didn’t help the situation is a minor story because the Yankees hitting has been awol at the beginning of this season. The Yankees are now scoring 2.1 runs per game early in the season.

This game has led the Yankees to dig out of a hole that has them 1.5 games behind the lowly Boston Red Sox and losing two games to the 2020 East winner Tampa Bay Rays. As close as the season is supposed to be between the Yankees, Jays, and Rays, these early games are important, and the Yankees are losing them. Meanwhile, Yankee manager Aaron Boone continues to paint a rosy picture of how the Yankees are doing early this season.

Yankee hitting is awol again

As a New York Yankee writer and fan, I would like to write about Yankees hitting, pitching, and winning; instead, I have to write about how most industry professionals have previously said the Yankee lineup is one of the best in baseball, but so far in the first eight games on the 2021 season is anything but.

In the past two years, the Yankee has suffered greatly with a multitude of injuries. This year the team, for the most part, is healthy and should be operating on all cylinders, but it’s not. Hitting for 6 out of 8 games has been silent. To win games, you need to have successful back-to-back hitting to win games. So far in this season, the Yankees don’t have enough hitting to think about back-to-back hitting. In yesterdays game against the Rays, they could only muster up 5 hits in nine innings of play. The result, they were shut out by their East rivals.

The bottom line here is that if they can not win against the Tampa Bay Rays, they will not win the East division, as they also have to contend with the Toronto Blue Jays that they are also behind. The New York Yankees and the Tampa Bay Rays will meet up 19 times in this 162 game season. They must win the majority of those games. To do that, they are now going to have to dig themselves out of a hole.

Domingo German bombs again

The Yankees’ best pitcher in spring training, Domingo German, has now bombed out in two starts in a row. In German’s first game in the second inning, he allowed a home run to Baltimore’s Vlad Guerrero Jr., then Grichuk hit another homer off German and had to be replaced by Michael King. Yesterday German in the first inning, gave up a homer to Austin Meadows. Home runs, even when he is pitching well, have always dogged German. In his second inning, he allowed a single and another two runs scored. In the third inning, he allowed a home run to Randy Arozarena, ending his day on the mound. The New York Yankees were shut out in the game, losing 4-0.

The silver lining

If there is a silver lining to this game and the season in general, it’s that the Yankee bullpen has been outstanding. In Yesterday’s game after German, the bullpen did not allow a run. Justin Wilson, Jonathan Loaisiga, and Luis Cessa combined for 5 innings of scoreless baseball. The problem with this is that the starters are not going deep into games, thus overusing the bullpen. If this continues, the bullpen will burn out. It’s a 162 game season. The Yankee rotation must step up and pitch more innings, or there will be a burned-out bullpen should they reach the postseason.

Game preview

The New York Yankees will meet the Tampa Bay Rays again today for the final game of a three-game set at Tropicana Field. With Jordan Montgomery on the mound, the Yankees will hope to at least win one game of the series. Montgomery was totally dominant in his first start of the season. He will face Brent Honeywell Jr. making his major league debut after not pitching for 3 and a half years due to multiple surgeries. The New York Yankees should be able to win this game if the Yankee hitters cooperate. The 1:10 pm game will be televised on Bally Sports Sun in Florida and the New York area on the YES Network.




New York Yankees: 3 major takeaways from “Monty’s” win over the O’s

New York Yankees, Jordan Montgomery

The word of the day is shutout. Last night the New York Yankees shut out the Baltimore Orioles 7-0. Starter Jordan Montgomery was brilliant, Aaron Judge and Giancarlo Stanton were powerful, and the New York Yankees went 3 for 6 with men in scoring position. Although everyone didn’t take part in the party, the Yankee bats came to life.

Jordan Montgomery has the best start of the season

Last night against the Baltimore Orioles, Jordan Montgomery was totally dominant. He had command of all of his pitches and put down Oriole after Oriole. He went six innings striking out seven O’s, without issuing a walk. And, of course, he did not allow an Oriole run. In tandem, Luis Cessa replaced him in the seventh inning and continued where Montgomery left off pitching two clean innings while striking out 3. To complete the excellent night, Aroldis Chapman closed out the ninth inning striking out three.

It probably shouldn’t be a surprise that Montgomery pitched so well; in his 3 spring training starts, he had a tiny ERA of 0.90 across 10 innings of work. Last year Monty didn’t have the best of seasons, going 2-3 with an ERA of 5.11 but rebound nicely in the postseason with an ERA of 2.25. His career average ERA is 4.14. “Monty” is very positive this year, two years out from his Tommy John surgery, and is poised to become an important part of the rotation, if last night’s performance is any indication he seems headed for success.

471′ Grand Slam for Giancarlo Stanton

Few baseball players hit the ball as hard as Giancarlo Stanton. Last night against the Baltimore Orioles, he showed off with the New York Yankees’ first Grand Slam of the young season. The night started with Aaron Judge hitting a cheap 340′ home run off Jorge Lopez, just over the short right-field wall. But with the bases loaded in the fifth inning and with two outs, Giancarlo Stanton walked up to the plate and slammed a homer 471′ far into the stands for the Yankees 6-0 lead.

It was reported by Michael Kay of the YES Network that the homer was off a pitch that was thrown at 92 mph by Orioles pitcher Shawn Armstrong but exited Stanton’s bat at 115.1 mph. After playing in only 18 games during the 2020 regular season, Stanton came alive in the postseason, hitting 6 home runs in just seven postseason games. Last night he had the first of many home runs to come.

Part of the secret to the New York Yankees’ success in 2021 is to keep both Judge and Stanton healthy. If they can stay on the field together, there will be no stopping the Yankees. In games that both Judge and Stanton have hit home runs, the Yankees have a record of 8-0.

The Yankees hit with men in scoring position

Yesterday I wrote an article critical of the Yankee’s ability to hit the ball. Over the last 12 games of spring training, the Yankees scored only 3.1 runs per game. In the first 3 games of the new season, they scored just 2.1 runs per game. Anyone that knows anything about baseball knows that thy kind of run production doesn’t win games.

I pointed out that this was not a new problem for the Yankees, pointing out that it happened for periods last season and in past postseasons when the championship was on the line. Last night the Yankees showed what they could do hitting, and hitting with men in scoring position. Now they have to find a way to be consistent with their hitting.

The Yankee ace Gerrit Cole will face the Baltimore Oriole’s Dean Kremer in a 6:35 pm game at Yankee Stadium tonight. Cole in his first start struck out 8 in a no-decision game. Tonight he will get his chance to get his first win of the season, hopefully, the Yankee bats will cooperate. The game will be broadcast in Baltimore and in the New York area on the YES Network.



New York Yankees Recap: Jordan Montgomery shined, Stanton Grand Slams in Yankees win over the O’s

New York Yankees, Giancarlo Stanton

The New York Yankees met the Baltimore Orioles tonight in the first game of a three-game set at Yankee Stadium. The Yankees were 1-2 on the young season, and the Orioles were 3-0. Jordan Mongomery made his regular-season debut for the Yankees, and Jorge Lopez was on the mound for the O’s.

Cedric Mullins led off against Montgomery; he flew out to left. Mancini flew out to Gleyber Torres. Ryan Mountcastle flew out to left for an easy inning for “Monty.” At the bottom of the first, DJ LeMahieu against Lopez, and he ground out to the second base. Aaron Judge hit sharply up the middle for a single. Aaron Hicks flew out to far left. Giancarlo Stanton struck out swinging to end the inning. No score.

Facing Montgomery in the second inning was Maikal Franco, who ground out to Urshela. Pedro Severino struck out. Pat Valaika ground out to end the half for another easy inning for Montgomery. Gleyber Torres was first up against Lopez in the second; he struck out. Gary Sanchez struck out for Lopez’s third strikeout. Jay Bruce ground out to first. The Yankees went down in order. No score.

Freddie Galvis led off the third inning by lining into center for the O’s first runner of the game. Ramon Urais went down on strikes, and it went seven up and seven down for Monty. Ryan McKenna struck out. Mullins led the majors last year in bunts with 9. Galvis stole second base. Mullins struck out, leaving a guy on base. At the bottom against Lopez, Urshela flew out to right field. Clint Frazier, who was batting .444, lined to second. LeMahieu struck out to end the inning in was what turned out to be a pitching duel. No score.

Trey Mancini led off the fourth inning by striking out for Monty’s 5th strikeout. Mountcastle popped right back to Monty for the second out. Franco had a high popout to Urshela to end the half. Aaron Judge led off the bottom with his first home run of the season. Hicks stuck out. Stanton hit back to Lopez for the second out of the half. Gleyber Torres singled to short. Gary Sanchez stuck out, but the Yankees took the lead with Aaron Judge’s 340′ home run over the right-field wall. Yankees 1 O’s 0.

Severino led off against Monty in the fifth with a base hit. Valaika ground out. At this point in the fifth inning, Monty only had 58 pitches in the game. Galvis flew out to Frazier on the warning track. Urias singled past Judge, and Valaika went to third. With men on the corner and two outs, McKenna ground out to Torres to leave two Orioles on the bases. At the bottom of the fifth, Jay Bruce led off by walking. Gio Urshela had a roller to short; they got the force out at second. Clint Frazier ground out, Urshela to second. LeMahieu walked, with Aaron Judge coming up. Judge with two outs walked to load the bases with Yankees. That walk knocked Lopez out of the game in favor of Shawn Armstong.  Aaron Hicks went full count and then walked, bringing Urshela home for the two-run lead. Giancarlo Stanton got the Yankee’s first grand slam of the season; a 471′ shot putting the Yankees 6 runs up. Torres ended the inning by striking out. New York Yankees 6 O’s 0.

Mullins led off the sixth against Montgomery. He singled. Mancini went down on strikes. Mountcastle struck out, and Franco flew out to Hicks in center. Monty was great through 6 innings. At the bottom, Sanchez faced O’s reliever Fry and ground out to second. Bruce worked his second walk of the night. Urshela singled. With a man on first and second and one out, Frazier singled to load the bases again for the Yankees. LeMahieu singled with an RBI, putting the Yankees up 7 runs. That run knocked Fry out of the game in favor of Mac Sceroler in his major league debut facing Aaron Judge, who went down looking. Aaron Hicks flew out to end the inning, but the Yankees picked up another run. Yankees 7 O’s 0.

After an excellent start, by Montgomery, a shut out over 6 innings for the New York Yankees, Luis Cessa took over the mound for the Yankees in the seventh. Severino went down swinging. Valaika flew out to Judge. Galvis ground out for a perfect inning for Cessa. At the bottom, Giancarlo Stanton led off; he flew out sharply. Torres flew out to right field. Sanchez went down on strikes for his 0 for 4 night. Yankees 7 O’s 0.

At the top of the eighth, Mike Tauchman took over of Frazier in left, and Frazier moved to right field to take over for Aaron Judge. With Cessa out for a second inning, Urias struck out. McKenna walked. Mullins hit into the force out. Mancini stuck out for another good inning for Cessa. Jay Bruce led off the bottom by striking out. Urshela had a long fly out to the center field. Frazier walked. LeMahieu got a wild pitch moving Frazier to second base. DJ walked to put two on base. Mike Tauchman got his first at-bat went down on strikes. Yankees 7 O’s 0.

Aroldis Chapman came out in the ninth inning to close it out for New York Yankees. Mountcastle struck out. Franco struck out, and Severino walked. Valaika struck out to end the game. The final score was 7-0; the winning pitcher was Jordan Montgomery and the loser Jorge Lopez. The Yankees are 8-0 in games that Judge and Stanton both hit home runs. Montgomery allowed no runs walking none while striking out 7 O’s.




New York Yankee Player Profiles: Jordan Montgomery poised to have a breakout season

New York Yankees, Jordan Montgomery

Tonight the New York Yankees will face the Baltimore Orioles in game 4 of the season. The Yankees are 1-2, and the Orioles are 3-0. Starting for the Yankees will be Jordan Montgomery, who, two years out from this Tommy John surgery, is poised to become an important part of the Yankee’s rotation. Tonight he will face Jorge Lopez for the Orioles. Lopez, in six games during the spring, pitched to an ERA of 2.75. Montgomery’s spring ERA was .090. Let’s get to know him better.

The New York Yankees Jordan Montgomery is another Yankee player who has kept private life private. The 28-year-old was born in Sumter, South Carolina. Monty is tall, 6’6′, and weighs 225 pounds. He played baseball as a boy. When in Sumter High School, he played baseball and, in his senior year, was named the state’s player of the year.

After high school, he enrolled in the University of South Carolina. He played for the South Carolina Gamecocks, where he again received awards, this time Freshman of the week and Freshman All-American. He played well enough in college to warrant the attention of major league baseball scouts.

In the 2014 major league baseball draft, Jordon Montgomery was selected in the fourth round by our Yankees. After his college year, the New York Yankees limited his pitching to 19 innings as he went 1-1 with an ERA of 3.79. In 2015 Jordan was promoted to the Charleston River Dogs, but shortly thereafter, he was promoted again to the Florida State League for the advanced A Tampa Yankees. Montgomery’s pitching continued to impress the Yankees, and in 2016, he began the season with the Trenton Thunder but was soon promoted to the AAA Scranton Wilkes/Barre Rail Riders. While there, he pitched the triple-A National Championship game in which he won for the Rail Riders.

On April 12, 2017, Monty was promoted to the major leagues, where he made his New York Yankees debut against the Tampa Bay Rays in a no-decision outing. In his second game, he earned his first major league win against the Chicago White Sox. On June 9th, he pitched a career-high seven innings while striking out eight against the Orioles. Before the All-Star Break, Montgomery pitched to a 3.65 ERA, striking out 87 batters in 91 and third innings. On July 25, he took a no-hitter into the sixth inning against the Reds. In 29 starts in 2017, Montgomery finished with a 9-7 record and a 3.88 ERA.

After six starts when he was 2-0 with an ERA of 3.86. on May 1, he left a game against the Astros with elbow tightness. He was put on the IL, and it was discovered that he had a flexor strain and that he would be out 6-8 weeks. But in June, other problems arose, and he was scheduled to have Tommy John surgery which typically takes a year to a year and a half to recover from. In 2019 he started the season on the 60 days IL and had been recovering from the surgery. His recovery accelerated with him pitching in rehab games. Boone let it go slow with him, so he could gain full pitching strength as well as extending him in innings.

Montgomery has two nicknames, “Gumby” that he got in college and “Monty,” used by many of his fellow players. He has two older Brothers. He has received many awards in his short career: Other than the awards mentioned earlier, he has received the Pitcher of the Week twice, once for the Dogs and once for Trenton, Baseball America double-A All-Star [1], and Postseason All-Star while at Trenton, among others.

Last year Monty didn’t have the best of seasons, going 2-3 with an ERA of 5.11 but rebound nicely in the postseason with an ERA of 2.25. His career average ERA is 4.14. Any MLB pitcher that can keep his ERA around four can have a successful career in baseball. During spring training earlier this year, he had a near-perfect ERA of 0.90 in  3 games, allowing only 3 hits and no home runs while walking four batters.

New York Yankees Preview: The Yankees that haven’t hit face perfect Baltimore tonight

New York Yankees, Jordan Montgomery

The New York Yankees and starter Jordan Montgomery have a daunting task this evening; they face the Baltimore Orioles that won all three of its opening weekend games. This article will cause me to get a lot of emails as it will irritate many Yankee fans, (I won’t be able to answer most of them) but at the same time, it highlights a problem that the Yankees are experiencing, they can’ hit the ball.

You may say it’s only three games, but how will you feel at the end of the season and the Yankees lose the division by only three games? It’s a tiny sample, I understand that, but it’s not just these three games. The silent bats have spanned over the last 12 games of spring training. In the last twelve games of the spring, the New York Yankees had 3.1 runs per game. In these first three games of the season, the Yankees scored only 2.6 runs per game. To put that into perspective, the Orioles hit an average of 6 runs per game over the same span.

To be fair, the Baltimore Orioles faced the lowly Boston Red Sox, who lost all three of their games over the weekend. The Yankees, on the other hand, faced the Toronto Blue Jays, which has a young and hard-hitting lineup. For the most part, the Yankee pitching over the three games was good to satisfactory, but the hitting is the story here; there was none.

Looking at the Yankee series and the Baltimore series, there are glowing differences. The Orioles had 18 runs, and they did it without a single home run, meaning they are playing really good small ball. The Yankees’ 8 runs were accomplished with the help of 2 home runs, which means their small ball produced only 6 runs. When you don’t hit consistently, you leave many on base. The Yankees left  27 men on base in the series, going 4 or 24 with runners in scoring position.

I have no idea how to solve this, it is far above my pay grade, but I know that the lack of hitting must be solved; you don’t win games scoring 2.6 runs per game. Here’s a brief look at some of the hitting problems that are apparent. The biggest one is that the two power hitters, Aaron Judge, and Giancarlo Stanton, have no home runs and are hitting on average .107. Next up is the controversial number three-hitter, Aaron Hicks; he is hitting .083. Usually, the most patient hitter that walks a lot leads the team with 7 strikeouts. Other than Clint Frazier and Brett Gardner, the rest of the players aren’t hitting either. The Yankees ranked 18th in batting average (.218) for the spring. The Orioles ranked number 4 (.304).

Again, you’re going to say, hey, this is only one series. But the point is that it is not just one series. The problem not only existed this weekend but in the last 12 games of the spring as well. In the 2019 ALCS, the New York Yankees only scored 3.5 runs per game in their loss to the Houston Astros. Last season the Yankees fell seven games behind the Tampa Bay Rays due to a combination of not great pitching and long stretches of not hitting. They did somewhat better in the postseason against the Rays scoring 4.8 runs per game. Most industry sources say you need 5 runs per game to win consistently.

I don’t know if it’s hitting coach Marcus Thames, the players themselves, manager Boone or who it is, but this has got to change if the Yankees will reach their full potential. I am not being critical for the sake of being critical. I want the Yankees to improve so that I can see them win that elusive 28th World Championship before I die. If I have to wait another 11 years, I will be 86. I am a lifelong lover of the Yankees and will remain so, even if they don’t win.

Tonight at 6:35 pm, the New York Yankees will meet the Baltimore Orioles at Yankee Stadium. Jordan Montgomery (ERA 0.90) will face the Orioles Jorge Lopez. Montgomery making his season debut tonight is two years out from his Tommy John surgery, and believes he is poised to become one of the best Yankee pitchers this season. Lopez had a 2.75 ERA over 6 spring training games. Montgomery will have to be very careful with Cedric Mullins, who hit .692 over the weekend. The game will be televised in Baltimore and in the New York area on the YES Network.

One pitcher that could end up being the Yankees’ number two by the end of the season

New York Yankees, Jordan Montgomery

The New York Yankees have a lot of options in their rotation this year. The recent signing of Corey Kluber and the acquisition of Jameson Taillon have added needed depth for New York. Germán will be making his return after serving his suspension, and Severino is expected back sometime this summer. There are going to be a lot of options for New York come playoff time. However, no one knows for sure what it’s going to look like. All we do know is that as long as he’s healthy, Gerrit Cole will be the game one starter. But the number two is still very unknown.

So who could it be?

Anybody in the Yankees rotation is good enough to be the number two guy. However, one name that doesn’t come up often is Jordan Montgomery. Montgomery is the only lefty option in the Yankees’ rotation. He has a great mix of pitches and has even started a playoff game. In 2017, Montgomery was in the rookie of the year race and posted a 3.88 ERA. He had a fantastic rookie showing. However, the injuries he’s dealt with since have caused many people to tune him out. 

Jordan Montgomery is still a very impressive player. Many look at his 5.11 ERA that he posted last year and immediately didn’t consider him a top option. That’s not unfair considering the numbers that Kluber, Taillon, and Germán are capable of. Yet, that doesn’t mean we should disregard him. 

Montgomery had one of the best pitching performances this spring and has shown many signs of improvement throughout. For example, in his three starts this spring, you can tell he was more accurate among breaking pitches. StatCast shows that a good amount of breaking balls he threw last year ended up being hung over the plate, which caused major inflation in Montgomery’s ERA. A game against the Rays in September of last year was a prime example of that. He wasn’t able to complete an inning. His lack of control caused him to allow four runs on five hits in just two-thirds of an inning. The improvement in spring training is very encouraging. 

If Montgomery is able to establish control among those pitches, he will be a very good option for New York. As the only lefty in the rotation, his success would be huge for the Yankees. They haven’t had a good lefty presence in October since CC Sabathia retired. It would be awesome to see Montgomery fill that role.

New York Yankees: Aaron Boone sets starting rotation for first six games

New York Yankees, Corey Kluber

Prior to Sunday’s penultimate Spring Training game, New York Yankees‘ manager Aaron Boone set the starting rotation for the team’s first six games of 2021.

As announced previously, Gerrit Cole will take the ball on Opening Day against Toronto. He’ll take on the newly added Hyun-Jin Ryu of the Blue Jays in a matinee game featured on ESPN along with YES Network. Cole pitched last on Friday and will go into Opening Day on six days rest.

For game two against the Blue Jays, Corey Kluber will get the ball for his Yankee debut. Kluber pitched on Sunday in Spring Training, giving up two earned runs in 3.1 innings. Saturday’s game with the Blue Jays is scheduled for a 1:05 pm first pitch.

In Sunday’s series finale with Toronto, the Yankees will send out Domingo German for his first start in nearly a year and a half. Due to domestic allegations, German missed the entire 2020 season under a suspension and will look to pick up where he left off in 2019. German has pitched nine scoreless innings this spring and will have one final tune-up on Monday for his start against the Blue Jays.

Beginning the series with the Baltimore Orioles, it’ll be Jordan Montgomery getting his first start of the 2021 season. Montgomery pitched to a 5.11 ERA last season in 10 starts but has looked sharp this spring with a 0.90 ERA in 10 innings. He’ll be the only lefty in the rotation, as he won the final rotation spot over Deivi Garcia, who’s headed to AAA.

In Tuesday’s game versus the Orioles, the ball lands back in Gerrit Cole’s hands. Because Opening Day is scheduled for Thursday, Cole will have full rest prior to his start against Baltimore. However, if Opening Day were to be postponed, the rotation would need adjusting.

Pitching in the finale against the Orioles will be Jameson Taillon. Being that he’s coming back from Tommy John surgery, Boone wanted to give Taillon a little bit more conditioning before sending him out for his first start. Taillon pitched to a 1.08 ERA this spring.

Starters past the series with the Orioles haven’t been announced, but it’s expected it’ll be Corey Kluber opening on the road against the Tampa Bay Rays.