Report: Knicks could be landing spot for veteran sharpshooter JJ Redick

J.J. Redick, New York Knicks

The New York Knicks added a bevy of quality shooters this offseason, ranging from Evan Fournier to Quentin Grimes, but you can never have enough 3-PT specialists. With that idea in mind, it’s entirely possible veteran shooter JJ Redick ends up playing at MSG this upcoming season if the timing and situation present itself.

Redick stated on his podcast, The Old Man and The Three , that he’s in no rush to join a team during training camp, preferring to find a landing spot at the right time in a few months.

“​​My focus right now is just hanging with my family and enjoying the offseason. And we’ll make a decision on next season—what team, what city, etc.—probably sometime in the next two or three months. But, you know, I would say, pretty much definitively, like, I won’t be in a training camp to start the season. That’s not gonna happen. So, you know, I’ll join a team at some point this season and finish the year and try to go get a chip.”

According to Jake Fischer of Bleacher Report, Redick could be targeting either the Knicks or Nets at some point in the season, depending on what team is in a better spot to compete for the postseason. With injuries playing a major part in Brooklyn’s demise last season, it’s entirely possible the Knicks are in a similar spot, considering they landed the 4th seed in the Eastern Conference last year with major holes on the roster.

With Redick residing in Brooklyn with family, staying in New York is a guarantee. Having suffered through a heel injury last season, being cleared before returning to basketball activity will likely be a priority if he elects to make a return. If Brooklyn or the Knicks are in need of a quality shooter, despite Redick being 37-years-old, he will be on their doorstep waiting for a contract.

Last season, Redick avered 7.4 points over just 16.4 minutes of play with the Pelicans and Mavericks. However, during the 2019-20 season, Redick contributed 15.3 points on 45.3% shooting from 3-PT range. He’s more than capable of offering instant offense and getting into space, but at this point in his career, expecting quality defense would be optimistic.

Ultimately, Redick would be a last resort for the Knicks — relying on their youngsters, Immanuel Quickley and Quentin Grimes is likely more of a preference.

Knicks News, 6/25: Reggie Miller details what Knicks need to be contenders, JJ Redick interest

J.J. Redick, New York Knicks

The New York Knicks blew everybody’s minds last season with their rise to playoff contention, courtesy of head coach Tom Thibodeau and Julius Randle. Randle took a notable leap forward in his development, averaging 24.1 points, 6.0 assists, and shot .456 from the field. He also connected on a career-high .411% from 3-PT, a noticeable difference from his .277 mark in 2019.

The Knicks already have a star player, now they just need a superstar to take them to the next level and provide the firepower necessary to compete during the postseason. If you look over to the Brooklyn Nets, losing Kyrie Irving and deploying an injured James Harden simply wasn’t enough, despite having arguably the best scorer of all time in Kevin Durant carrying the load. Teams ultimately need more than one star to make a run in the postseason, and the Knicks have the available funds to do so this August.

18-year veteran Reggie Miller detailed what the Knicks need to take that next step, and it starts with acquiring a superstar this off-season.

“To me, I think they need a superstar,” Miller said Thursday afternoon. “For instance, I’m just saying, if they would’ve had a Damian Lillard along with a Julius Randle, that’s something where you can really say, OK, the Knicks are loaded and ready.

Hypothetically placing Damian Lillard on the Knicks is easier said than done, as President Leon Rose would have to part ways with significant draft capital and player personnel to even tease the Portland trailblazers into considering a deal.

“They are a superstar away from really taking it to the next level.”

While acquiring Lillard would require the Knicks to sell the farm, they do have a few alternative options they can target in free agency. For example, veteran Chris Paul will be available this summer, and Kyle Lowry is also expected to hit the open market.

Lowry signed a one-year, $30.5 million deal last season, and averaged 17.2 points, 7.3 assists, and shot .436 from the field over 46 games. At 35 years old, he’s undoubtedly getting up there in age but has earned six All-Star appearances over his last seven seasons. While the Knicks will likely go younger at point guard, Lowry might be intrigued by a one-year deal in the $25 million range, which could offer a solid stopgap for the Knicks, allowing them to draft a PG and develop him behind Lowry (possibly Tre Mann).

“I’m saying this year, what they did and how they played, how hard they played, they made the Knicks more attractive for a superstar,” Miller said, “ ’cause the last few years, nobody wanted to come to New York and play there. It’s a little bit more attractive now if you’re a superstar. There’s a little bit of a building block now. And it’s New York.”

What do you think about the idea of signing Kyle Lowry or trading for Lillard? Comment here!


Knicks have potential interest in sharpshooter JJ Redick?

Another rumor that has bubbled to the surface is the Knicks’ potential interest in JJ Redick. With family in Brooklyn, Redick taking his talents to New York makes sense, but at 37 years old, he doesn’t offer much aside from a sharpshooter off the bench. This past season, he only averaged 7.4 points over 44 games. The season prior, Redick averaged 15.3 points, shooting .453 from 3-PT, attempting 6.6 shots per game from range.

Redick would likely be a cheap shooter off the bench for New York, offering instantaneous scoring prowess and more efficiency from beyond the arc. While I would prefer the Knicks to go younger and sign a shooter on a multi-year deal, Redick could be a cheap, one-year player.


John Hollinger suggests how Knicks can land Lonzo Ball, Victor Oladipo

The New York Knicks point guard woes is nearing the red alert level with Immanuel Quickley (sore ankle) joining Elfrid Payton (hamstring) and Derrick Rose (health and safety protocols) at the sidelines entering Thursday’s game against the visiting Orlando Magic.

The Knicks are left with Frank Ntilikina and two-way player Jared Harper as the only point guards. New York coach Tom Thibodeau would only break the emergency glass and reach for Harper when push comes to shove. But against the Magic, who are also without their top two point guards, Thibodeau can survive with Ntilikina in the starting lineup. RJ Barrett and point-forward Julius Randle will be helping in playmaking. Alec Burks will again be the Knicks’ part-time point guard.

But this band-aid solution won’t get the Knicks over the hump in their playoff push.

John Hollinger, the former Memphis Grizzlies vice president of basketball operations and now a front office insider for The Athletic, suggested two trades that could help the Knicks immediately and set them up for the future.

Solving Knicks PG woes

In a trade deadline talk with William Guillory, The Athletic’s New Orleans Pelicans beat writer, Hollinger threw a wild trade scenario that would land Lonzo Ball in New York.

Hollinger’s trade proposal:

Knicks will acquire

  • Lonzo Ball
  • JJ Redick
  • Jaxson Hayes

Pelicans will acquire

  • Mitchell Robinson
  • Elfrid Payton
  • Austin Rivers
  • Ignas Brazdeikis
  • Dallas’ 2021 first-round pick
  • lightly protected 2021 Knicks first-round pick

Hollinger noted that it’s an overpay, but it’s the only way the Pelicans should be tempted to part ways with Ball, who has turned the corner after a slow start to this season.

Ball is coming off a career-high 17 assists and 11 points in the Pelican’s one-point loss to Portland Trail Blazers the other night. His shooting, which has been his game’s perceived weakness, is coming along well this year. He’s a reliable 39 percent three-point shooter on 7.7 attempts this season. More importantly, he’s shooting 47 percent of his corner 3s, per Cleaning the Glass.

This trade, according to Hollinger, will help the Knicks’ playoff push with Ball and Redick. It would also be easier for the Knicks to retain Ball’s services in the offseason as they could match any offer sheet he can get in the market.

It should be noted that the Mavericks have now entered the Western Conference’s playoff picture after a slow start. They have now won seven of their last 10 games. If the Mavericks continue their upward trend, the 2021 first-round pick they owe to the Knicks in the Kristaps Porzingis trade will land outside the lottery.

Firepower help

The other deal Hollinger proposed in his column today is for Houston Rockets’ Victor Oladipo.

Hollinger’s trade proposal:

Knicks will acquire

  • Victor Oladipo
  • Sterling Brown

Rockets will acquire

  • Frank Ntilikina
  • Kevin Knox
  • Detroit’s 2021 second-round pick
  • Minnesota’s 2021 second-round pick
  • $5.2 million cash

Hollinger noted that Oladipo’s Bird Rights would give the Knicks some wiggle room in roster construction next season as they could retain him without using the cap room.

Oladipo is coming off his best game in Houston uniform against his former coach Nate McMillan and the soaring Atlanta Hawks. Oladipo played like an All-Star in that 109-117 loss last Tuesday, leading the Rockets with a season-high 34 points on 13-for-20 shooting, including 4-of-6 from 3. He also handed out five assists and grabbed three rebounds in 41 minutes.

Before the game, McMillan provided clues as to why he believes Oladipo could soon return to the elite level he once was.

“I was with him last season,” McMillan said. “I know what he has done to commit to getting his body back to as close to what he was before the injury. He has invested in making sure he has everything he needs as far as trainers and doctors and putting in the work to get to that point.”

Oladipo proved McMillan right on the court that night.

Now, it’s up to the Knicks whether they believe that Oladipo can get back to that level consistently under Thibodeau.

If yes, cashing in on the Mavericks’ pick, as Hollinger suggested, could do the trick.

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Knicks could be targeting 3-point specialist in ‘smaller’ trade

J.J. Redick, New York Knicks

While head coach Tom Thibodeau of the New York Knicks refused to commit to the idea that they could target a superstar prior to the March 25 trade deadline, that doesn’t mean they’re completely out of the market. The Knicks have been connected to players like Bradley Beal, Zach LaVine, and Victor Oladipo the past few weeks, but making a smaller, less impactful trade could still be on their mind.

Two players the New York have kept her eyes on are three-point specialist JJ Redick of the New Orleans Pelicans and guard Lonzo Ball. Adding a point guard might be beneficial for a team that is currently without Elfrid Payton and Derrick Rose. The moment Rose left the team for personal reasons, they completely imploded against the Milwaukee Bucks. However, second-year guard RJ Barrett has looked phenomenal over the past three games, averaging 25 points, 3.3 assists, and 4.6 rebounds. The Knicks are happily watching Barrett develop into a star at a significant rate, so adding a complementary piece might be in their best interest.

According to Ian Begley of SNY, the Knicks are intrigued by JJ Redick:

Thibodeau said earlier this week that the Knicks were “looking at all the possibilities.” They are probably keeping an eye on dozens of potential trade targets across the league. Prior to the All-Star break, New Orleans’ JJ Redick was among the players the Knicks were keeping an eye on.

Redick is currently in the middle of a down year, averaging just 8.7 points over 18.6 minutes played. While his minutes are down significantly compared to recent years, he’s putting forth his lowest point totals since 2008, when he averaged just 17.4 minutes per game.

His three-point percentage is hovering around .364, the lowest it’s been since 2012, so clearly, either age is getting the better of Redick or simply not playing with confidence in New Orleans.

With family in Brooklyn, making a move to New York would likely be a positive twist for him, and the Knicks might get a revitalized player in the process. He would likely be a cheap add, and utilizing his primary strength from behind the arc should inject a bit more offensive efficiency into the team. I like this move at the right price, but the Knicks need to be careful with their asset allocations.

New York Knicks could trade for deadly 3-point shooter

J.J. Redick, New York Knicks

The New York Knicks struggle in one major category, and that is three-point percentage. The team is currently hitting 35.5% of their three balls through 26 games. They currently sit fifth in the Atlantic division and could use a boost to help them climb the ladder.

They did recently trade for veteran point guard Derrick Rose, but his influence is limited as the Knicks begin to utilize Immanuel Quickley more frequently. The expectation is that Elfrid Payton could be a trade candidate, and considering he’s on a one year deal, maximizing his value in acquiring a player or draft picks could be beneficial.

However, there is one more player that could make sense for New York, as I try to bolster their shooting from outside the perimeter.

According to Marc Berman of the NY Post, the Knicks could be a trade destination for JJ Redick:

Sources confirm Redick would prefer a trade to either the Nets or Knicks, as his family still lives in the Dumbo section of Brooklyn.

Reddick would be a solid addition for the Knicks, but at 36 years old, he doesn’t have much more juice left in his tank. He currently has the worst three-point percentage of his entire career at .347, but he’s disgruntled and desires a move away from New Orleans. With family in Brooklyn, he would feel right at home with NY and likely boost his morale back to normal levels. He’s only averaging 7.9 points per game, an anomaly considering he hasn’t dipped below 15 since 2012.

With a career .415 three-point percentage average, Redick is a more than capable shooter and would offer the team an improved presence in the category. In fact, it might give them that extra boost they need to squeak out wins, especially in close games. The Knicks recently lost to the Miami Heat in a tough contest, but injecting a couple of three-pointers into the mix would put them over the hump.

The Knicks continue to scour the market for potential trade opportunities, as good upper management does. Let’s see if they actually bite and try to acquire another player to help their cause.

“I think Leon and Wes and Scott, they’re in constant communication with all the teams in the league,” Thibodeau said. “That’s all part of this business. You talk about a number of possibilities, you look at it, the pros and cons, what it could add, but there’s a number of players that were discussed.”

New York Knicks could look at these 3 second-tier free agents

New York Knicks interested in free agent, Khris Middleton.

The New York Knicks survived the Anthony Davis trade unscathed, meaning they didn’t part with their young talent in favor of bringing in a superstar with one-year left on his contract. Reports indicated the Knicks were willing to give up the #3 overall pick, a future first-rounder and a young player of the Pelicans’ choice.

Clearly, they favored the Los Angeles Lakers’ deal far more, considering they added the 4th overall pick and a slew of young talent. The fact of the matter is, the Knicks saved themselves some trouble by not giving away the farm, but it also rules another big-time player out.

With Kevin Durant and Klay Thompson both suffering significant injuries, the Knicks have to make a difficult decision – do they pursue injured talent in hopes of them making an impact upon their return, or do they save their money for another day and continue building around their youth.

There’s a reason to believe the Knicks will certainly go after Durant despite his torn Achilles, but it’s only fair we look into the second-tier market and who fits the bill for David Fizdale.

1.) PG – D’Angelo Russell

Russell might not fit the “second-tier” model, but with Kyrie Irving and Kemba Walker headlining the point guard market, the Brooklyn star lands in the 3rd spot in terms of quality.

The Knicks would be smart to pursue D’Angelo if they cannot convince Irving to bring his talents to the Mecca. Russell averaged 21.1 points-per-game in his first All-Star caliber season. He’s a young talent that the Knicks can build around and utilize for the extended future. They will have plenty of money to sign another max-contract player if need be.

2.) F – Khris Middleton

The Knicks wouldn’t need to unload a max-contract for Middleton, who acted as swingman for the Bucks last season. Despite not being considered a superstar, he’s about as close as it gets. Averaging 18.3 points-per-game last season, Middleton is a proven scorer that can add offensive efficiency to the Knicks.

If the Knicks do manage to lure Durant to the big apple and miss out on a point guard, Khris could be a perfect compliment.

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3.) G – JJ Redick

At 34-years-old, Redick is surely on the back-end of his career, but there’s plenty of value to be extracted from the elite shooter. Having a trustworthy shooter that’s a .413 career three-point shooter, only benefits the offense and clutchness of the team.

Redick averaged 18.1 points-per-game in 2018 with the 76ers, proving he’s still capable. The last two seasons have seen his assist numbers increase as well, meaning he’s moving the ball around better as well. He signed a one-year, $12.25 million contract last season, which is far less than a max deal. Bringing him in on a one/two-year deal for $11-12 million per year would be good for the Knicks and the development of their youth.