UFC 276 Preview: Ian Garry – Gabe Green

Ian Garry

Saturday night on the prelims at UFC 276, one of the brightest prospects in the promotion will be making the walk to the octagon for the third time. “The Future” Ian Garry (9-0) will be making the walk as he takes on fellow young contender “Gifted” Gabe Green (11-3).

While a lot of the shine is going to be on Garry, Green is going to look to derail the hype train on Saturday night. Green will be making his fourth appearance with the UFC and he’s going to be looking for his third straight win. After losing his UFC debut to Daniel Rodriguez, Green has really turned things around.

He had a solid win over Phillip Rowe and then got a TKO win over Yohan Lainesse in his last bout. He’s going to look to ride that momentum into UFC 276 while derailing Ireland’s next hype train in Ian Garry.

Ian Garry fancies himself to be a one of the biggest Conor McGregor fans in the world. Garry is looking to follow in the footsteps of his idol and become Ireland’s second UFC champion. He’s started out strong with two wins and he has the charisma to be a star. Saturday night is a big test and it’s the toughest fight he’s had to date.

UFC 276 Prediction

A lot of this fight is going to come down to the distance management of Ian Garry. Throughout his first two UFC fights, we’ve seen Garry do a really good job of fighting from range. Despite leaving his chin in the air and being hittable here and there, Garry has been really effective.

He has the height and reach advantage on Green. His technique is sharper than Green so for him, he’s going to need to manage distance and keep things tight. For Green, he needs to make this a dirty fight on the inside. Green is good against the fence and he should look to use that at UFC 276.

However, he needs to watch out for the judo of Garry which could be used in this fight. Green is going to make this a close fight and I think Garry is going to really get tested. That said, I really like his distance control and I think his judo is going to keep Green honest. Both men will have their moments, but “The Future” gets the win at UFC 276.

Prediction: Ian Garry by Decision 

Ian Garry returns at UFC 276 against Gabe Green

Ian Garry

Over the weekend at UFC 275, a fight was announced for next month’s PPV and one of the biggest prospects in the promotion will be returning. It was announced that “The Future” Ian Garry (9-0) will make his return and will look to remain unbeaten as he takes on Gabe Green (11-3).

The fight will take place at UFC 276 on July 2nd. For Green, this will be a massive opportunity to derail the Garry hype train on the biggest stage possible. Green will be making his fourth appearance inside the octagon when he makes the walk next month.

He’s won back-to-back fights inside the octagon. The last time we saw Green was back at a Fight Night in April when he took on Yohan Lainesse. That night, Green was able to score a second round knockout. Green was first signed to the UFC in 2020 after an extended layoff.

He made his debut against Daniel Rodriguez and ultimately came up short. However, he’s come on strong recently and now he gets a golden opportunity to face off against Garry.

UFC’s Future?

Ian Garry will be making the walk for the third time in his young UFC career. Most recently, we saw him at UFC 273 when he took on Darian Weeks in a featured prelim. It wasn’t the most exciting fight in the world, but Garry kept his “0” and won by decision.

It was just the third time in Garry’s career that he had to go to a decision. Prior to that, he made his octagon debut back in November at UFC 268. He took on Jordan Williams that night and he was tested. Garry won by first round knockout, but he was clipped a few times.

Gabe Green is a good step up for Garry. It’s going to be a tough test and this will truly tell us a lot about Garry’s development. If he can walk through Green and pick up an easy win at UFC 276, he might not be far away from challenging ranked opponents.

Examining Ian Garry’s UFC 273 performance and what’s next?

Ian Garry

This past Saturday in the featured prelim at UFC 273, we saw two welterweight prospects go head-to-head. Ireland’s Ian Garry (9-0) was making the walk for the second time as he took on Darian Weeks (5-2).

Heading into this fight, there’s been a ton of hype behind Ian Garry. The Irishman is trying to follow in the footsteps of Conor McGregor, but admittedly, he’s trying to do things a little different. That’s why he refers to his rise to the top as “The Takeover Part 2”.

Garry made his UFC debut back in November at UFC 268. In front of a sold out Madison Square Garden, Garry got a first round knockout over Jordan Williams. After the win, Garry was itching to get back in there.

The promotion has shown no signs of wanting to rush Garry and that was proven with his second fight. Darian Weeks is solid, but he’s no where near being a ranked welterweight. Honestly, it’s a good thing that Garry didn’t fight someone near the rankings.

The 24 year old didn’t look nearly as polished in this one. Weeks was able to take his power shots and was able to make the fight a little dirty. Now, Garry did a good job of showing off his full arsenal, but I don’t think anyone walked away blown away from his decision win at UFC 273.

What’s next after UFC 273?

This was a very solid win for Garry and it was good to see him get his second win in the UFC. That being said, I think he needs to pump the breaks on the comparisons between himself and Conor McGregor given the performances.

No disrespect to Darian Weeks, but Weeks is not Max Holloway. Holloway was McGregor’s second fight in the UFC. However, it’s important to remember Holloway wasn’t the same guy when he fought McGregor the first time. He only had 9 professional fights.

Garry is a very solid prospect, but he doesn’t have the same shine that McGregor did. Maybe it’s because some view it as imitation? Not entirely sure, but it’s going to take him more leg work to move up the ranks than it did Conor or Khamzat Chimaev.

Granted, Khamzat Chimaev walked through competition to rise through the ranks quickly. I firmly believe Ian Garry will be a top UFC welterweight one day, but it’s going to take some time with incremental steps up in competition.

With that in mind, who should be next? Well in looking at the roster, I think a fight with Philip Rowe makes a ton of sense. Rowe has won back-to-back fights and I think he’d give Garry another solid test. If he can win that one, then we can talk about another jump up in competition.

Takeover Part 2: Can Ian Garry take out Darian Weeks at UFC 273?

Ian Garry

This Saturday night in the featured prelim of UFC 273, we will see one of the more hyped prospects in the promotion return. Ireland’s Ian Garry (8-0) will be making his second appearance inside the octagon when he takes on Darian Weeks (5-1).

Garry had a ton of hype behind him when he entered the octagon for the first time. The 24 year old is a massive welterweight, has sensational skills, and he trains at one of the best gyms in the world in Sanford MMA.

That being said, he faced adversity when he fought at UFC 268. He was cracked a few times by Jordan Williams but ultimately scored a first round knockout. He’s going to get tested again on Saturday night.

While all the talk is about Ian Garry, so many people are sleeping on Darian Weeks. Weeks made his UFC debut on extremely short-notice when he took on Bryan Barberena and lost a decision. However, he showed some solid skills and before that, he was 5-0 with five finishes.

UFC 273 Prediction

People who just focus on names and hype probably think this is going to be a layup for Ian Garry. However, this UFC 273 featured prelim is going to be a very competitive fight. I think many are going to be impressed with Darian Weeks.

Weeks has very crisp boxing and I think he’s going to attack the body early on. For Garry, he’s going to need to use his range and straight punches on this one. He needs to be more slick with his defense because Weeks can crack and he will find his chin.

We didn’t see the grappling of Ian Garry at UFC 268 and I think we might see him mix that in on Saturday. He’s got very good grappling and I could see him mixing that in which ultimately could open up more things with his hands.

I’m expecting a close battle that goes to the cards. Ian Garry will have the bigger moments and ultimately, The Takeover Part 2 will pick up his second straight win in the UFC.

Prediction: Ian Garry by Decision

2022 UFC Prospect Preview: Ian Garry

Ian Garry

If you’re looking for UFC prospects that have the ‘It’ factor, look no further than Ian Garry (8-0). Garry is another Irishman who is cut from a very similar cloth as his hero, Conor McGregor. With Garry, ‘The Future’ is looking bright for Irish MMA.

Garry is a long and athletic welterweight who stands 6’3 and made his professional MMA debut back in 2019. He has a striking background and his striking skill has been on full display throughout the early part of his career.

He got his start with Cage Warriors and rose to the top of the promotion. He became the welterweight champion back in June. Once he became champion, the UFC decided it was time to bring him into the Big Show.

He made his debut back in November at UFC 268 against Jordan Williams. Garry had the bright lights of Madison Square Garden on him as he made his debut. In the same building where his hero became the first two-division UFC champion, Garry shined.

2022 UFC Preview

Now, it wasn’t a completely flawless debut at UFC 268. Garry was bloodied and he did take some good shots against Williams. However, he needed to be tested and Williams did just that. Garry admitted to being the victim of the moment just a bit.

Near the very end of the first round, Garry landed a big step-back right hand that put Williams down for good. A flawless shot that Conor McGregor was proud of and with that, Garry’s UFC career got off to a great start.

It’ll be really interesting to see how the UFC brings him along this year. I would expect him to get a step up in competition for his next fight, but I wouldn’t expect it to be a drastic one. Perhaps, someone who can test his grappling skills.

In looking at the welterweight division, Mickey Gall (7-4) could be someone of interest for Garry’s next UFC appearance. Dhiego Lima (15-9) could also be a choice. Someone of that nature should and is expected to be next for Garry.

If he’s able to win in another standout way, expect another step up. I wouldn’t expect Garry to be in title contention at the end of 2022. Keep in mind, this is the same division as UFC star prospect Khamzat Chiamev. Garry is no where close to Chimaev at this time.

However, he can get there with time. Let’s watch how this year plays out and if it plays out the way the UFC wants, they have a budding new star from Ireland.

Top Male UFC prospects entering 2022

Paddy Pimblett

The UFC is gearing up for another massive year in 2022. There are already big time title fights on the books for next year and one already features a man who was considered a top prospect to start 2021.

That man is UFC interim heavyweight champion Ciryl Gane. Entering 2021, Gane was 7-0 and he had just defeated Junior Dos Santos. Given his lack of experience, many still considered him to be a prospect.

Well, he went 3-0 this year and captured the interim heavyweight title. He will be fighting for the undisputed title next month. The other top prospect entering 2021 was Khamzat Chimaev.

Now, Chimaev was kept out of action most of the year due to covid. However, he didn’t disappoint in his lone appearance. He fought Li Jingliang at UFC 267 and completely dismantled him.

That win shot Chimeav up into the UFC’s welterweight rankings. He’s likely going to get a top opponent next and he could very well fight for the welterweight title this year.

With that in mind, who are the top male prospects in the UFC entering 2022? While there’s a ton of options out there, I wanted to focus on two fighters from across the pond.

UFC Prospects to Watch

Paddy Pimblett

The first fighter that I want to focus on is Paddy “The Baddy” Pimblett (17-3). Paddy The Baddy made his highly anticipated UFC debut back in September when he took on Luigi Vendramini.

It wasn’t a flawless performance as Pimblett took a few good shots. However, he stormed back and knocked Vendramini out and showed the world why there are so many people high on him.

I’m expecting some big things from Pimblett this year. There’s already talks about the UFC booking him against Donald Cerrone. A win over Cowboy would be big in terms of building up the Pimblett name.

Ian Garry

The next fighter I’m focusing in on has a little Conor McGregor vibe to him. That would be Ireland’s Ian Garry (8-0). Garry is already saying he’s the takeover part two after his UFC debut.

Garry made his debut at UFC 268 when he took on Jordan Williams. In the arena where Conor McGregor became a two-division world champion, Garry knocked Williams out with a step back shot that McGregor would be proud of.

I definitely see the competition level increasing for Garry this year. However, I think the UFC will bring him along gradually. He’s a massive welterweight that will remind you of McGregor at featherweight.