UFC 303 Recap: Ian Garry leans on his grappling to win a close decision over Michael “Venom” Page

MMA: UFC 292 - Magny vs Garry

Kicking off the main card of UFC 303 tonight was an incredibly intriguing matchup in the welterweight division. Undefeated top contender Ian Garry (14-0) looked to take another step towards title contention as he took on the incredibly entertaining Michael “Venom” Page (22-2).

Ian Garry entered tonight the 7th ranked welterweight and he wanted to fight someone higher in the rankings. However, he also really wanted to be on the Conor McGregor card which is why he took this fight against MVP. McGregor fell out but Garry stayed in and was looking to go to 8-0 inside the octagon tonight.

MVP made his long-awaited UFC debut back in March when he took on Kevin Holland. Page showed just how dynamic and special he was that night. At this stage in his career, he knows he needs to climb the rankings in a hurry and this was the fight he really wanted after his octagon-debut.

UFC 303 Recap

Round 1

The UFC 303 main card opener starts with MVP taking the center with a lot of pressure. Garry throws a body kick to start his striking. Page very light on his feet like we typically see. Side kick lands for MVP. Front kick just misses for Page and Garry is remaining patient on the outside. Big right over the top lands for Page as Garry comes in.

Garry catches a kick and uses it to take MVP down. Page is trying to use the fence to get back up to his feet but Garry is holding him down right now. Garry is desperately trying to keep Page down here two minutes into the first round. As MVP tries getting to his feet, Garry takes the back and he gets a body triangle. Garry slips the arm under the neck and he locks in a rear naked choke.

Page breaks the grip and somehow slips out but Garry still has his back with a body triangle. One minute left and MVP is in all kinds of trouble here. It’s all about survival here for the talented strike. All Ian Garry right now in the first round at UFC 303. First round comes to a close and MVP did a great job surviving, but it’s a clear round for Garry.

Round 2

Entering the second and MVP has to keep this fight standing if he wants to have a chance. Page takes the center again to start things out. Page cracks him with a huge right and Garry stiffens up. Garry is okay but that one landed flush. Lots of pressure now from Page and he lands a kick. Right over the top just misses the chin for Page.

Massive 1-2 for MVP and Garry looks bewildered on the feet. Garry just misses with a right straight counter. Jab from MVP lands and Garry gets a body lock. Garry pushes him against the fence and he’s trying desperately for a takedown. Halfway through the round and Garry is trying to keep Page against the fence. The crowd is not loving this from Garry.

Garry trying desperately for a takedown but MVP is holding up okay here. Lots of boos raining down here at UFC 303. Garry drops down for a leg lock but MVP is staying calm here. He slips his leg out and they’re back to striking. Big combination from Page and Garry got hurt there. Flying knee from MVP and Garry just misses a right counter. The round ends and it’s a round for MVP in my book.

Round 3

Entering the third round at UFC 303 and Garry needs to get this fight down and MVP needs to keep it standing. Page immediately takes the center again and lands a jab. Garry lands a jab of his own and now a leg kick. Front kick lands for MVP and now Garry takes the center. Body kick from Garry is blocked by Page.

MVP upping the pressure here and they end up in a scramble. Page lands on top and Garry gets to full guard. 90 seconds into the round and Page is controlling the position here. Short elbows here from MVP and now Garry lands a couple of elbows from the bottom. Both men are trading elbows.

MVP backs away and they’re back to striking. Massive right just misses from Page and now a jab. Garry upping the pressure here but he eats a jab from MVP. Garry desperately goes for a takedown and he gets to the back. 90 seconds left in the round and Garry is hanging on the back of MVP here.

Garry is landing short shots and MVP is just surviving here. The round is going to end in this position and these scores are going to be interesting. I’m thinking the round goes to Garry and he’s going to win a decision at UFC 303.

Ian Garry def. Michael “Venom” Page by Unanimous Decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)

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