The New York Jets Lose A Heart Breaker To Buffalo

I’m not going to lie this one hurts, real bad. This game and this season were things Jets fans went into with loft expectations. Just like they always do, the Jets can’t be perfect. There was a lot of good and bad in this game. Ultimately though, the New York Jets blew many opportunities to win this game and the Bills walked away with a 17-16 win.

Le’Veon Bell Is The Focal Point Of The Offense

Everything went through Le’Veon Bell, the questions about rust were dispelled. The Jets gave him reps early and often. He had 17 carries for 60 yards and 6 receptions for 32 yards and a score. He showed off his patience and big-play ability that made him a superstar in the first place and he showed that he wasn’t missing a beat. The problem was, it was almost as though Adam Gase was too reliant on Bell. He didn’t mix match Ty Montgomery in there which is something that can throw defenses off. The ball was not spread around it was just continuously fed to Bell. Bell is a superstar but Gase needs to spread the ball around to see some more offensive success.

Jamison Crowder Was A Safety Net

Jamison Crowder was a slightly underrated acquisition by the Jets. He never really has fulfilled his potential due in part to injuries. Crowder and Sam Darnold have built up really good timing and seem to be working well. Crowder was able to bail Darnold out and be a scapegoat of sorts. However he was almost fed the ball to much, he had 14 receptions for 99 yards. Crowder played great but the Jets really need to spread the ball around more.

Kicking Woes Continue For Gang Green

Kaare Vedvik was a mess right from warm-ups. He was inconsistent and as the game began it was apparent. After a big pick 6 by C.J. Mosley, Vedvik missed the extra point then despite a bad hold, Vedvik missed a field goal by a country mile. Vedvik isn’t the answer and the Jets will continue to search because the kicking heavily contributed to this loss.

Mosley Shines, Hewitt Impresses

C.J. Mosley finished today’s game with 5 tackles, 2 PDs, 1 FR, 1 INT, and a TD. He lit it up and began to prove the New York Jets made a really wise investment. Then when he was out with his groin issue (something to watch), the team seemingly fell apart. Mosley was a huge part of the success today and shined big time. Neville Hewitt, in replacement of Avery Willamson, shined as well. Hewitt had an INT, 8 tackles, 1 TFL, and a PD. He had a solid day and raised some eyebrows of many.

Missed Opportunities

This section will be short. Any time a team has 4 forced turnovers and a 16-0 lead. It should be bigger and at the very least have been a win. The football Gods seemingly gave the Jets every shot to win and they couldn’t.

Browns Are Next

This one stung, I’ll dive more in-depth throughout the week but now it’s Cleveland Browns week. The Browns played even worse than the New York Jets and both sides have a lot to prove. It’s gonna be a hell of a battle and the Jets will need to bounce back.

The New York Jets Success Hinges On Sam Darnold

New York Jets, Sam Darnold

Sophomore season is something I often talk about in my articles as often time a “slump” or a “breakout” year for players. The New York Jets now rest their hopes of a successful season on the shoulders of a talented QB heading into his sophomore season. That QB is Sam Darnold.

What’s Different For The Jets

Maybe the most loaded question one could ponder. The Jets improved on quite frankly every aspect. The Jets brought in an offensive-minded head coach with a solid track record in Adam Gase. He worked with Peyton Manning and plans to emulate some of that coaching style with Darnold. They then brought in superstar running back Le’Veon Bell who immediately takes the pressure off Darnold and adds a unique dynamic to the Jets offense. The Jets added speedy slot receiver Jamison Crowder who has already built up a good relationship with Darnold and the two click well already. The Jets brought in Ty Montgomery as well to be a dynamic weapon among others.

The New York Jets added new pieces to the offensive line like Kelechi Osemele and Ryan Kalil and will hope to give Darnold stability. The Jets then added the big piece to the front office with Joe Douglas being brought in to take the reigns of the franchise. The Jets brought in, as Jamal Adams calls them, “Dogs” and truly added guys who fit that mold. They’ve built a good group behind Darnold and are going to be able to take some pressure off of him by adding them.

Why Sam Darnold Is Special

Mobility: Darnold is able to change the plays with his feet. When the play breaks down he has the ability to continue to make plays by either running it or keeping calm and finding a spot for the ball. Darnold is deadly accurate on the move and is able to hit his guys and extend the play. It’s a special trait to have and it was something that became more apparent towards the end of the season.

Poise: If you listen to him speak or watch him play you can just see how special he is. He is able to be so calm and keep his poise despite all the obstacles in his way on and off the field. That trait sets him apart from a lot of QBs.

Arm: Darnold is not only accurate but throws a beautiful deep ball. Darnold has a special arm but it’s not his best trait. The fact is his arm is just second to everything else he can do so phenomenally.

Sam Darnold Is Special

What we’ve known all along is Sam is special. Those traits are just some of the many that set him apart. He was special towards the end of the season and now he has a chance to continue his momentum with even more talent around him. The season hinges on the success of Sam. So, Sam the balls in your court and the teams in your hands. What happens next is up to you.

New York Jets: Wide receiver position battle taking shape

New York Jets, Greg Dortch

With the New York Jets progressing through the preseason, the position battles are starting to take shape and weed out the rotten eggs. Here are several battles that you should keep an eye on:

The Biggest Battle for the New York Jets:

The Jets will likely carry six players with Josh Bellamy likely being on the roster as a WR and key special teamer. That lowers the field down to Tim White, Greg Dortch, Deontay Burnett, and Deonte Thompson. Thompson has had a quiet camp and not flashed anything spectacular on or off the field.

Tim White has a noteworthy motor and is extremely motivated to work diligently for his place on the team. He consistently works after practice to better each aspect of his game. He never stops grinding, and although he deserves a spot somewhere, Gang Green doesn’t seem like his destination.

Deontay Burnett has a connection to the QB 1, Sam Darnold; he’s got excellent hands and overall phenomenal talent that gets consistently overshadowed. He deserves the WR 5 spot and deserves to earn a place to demonstrate his capabilities truly.

The WR 4 seems like Greg Dortch all the way. Dortch is a special teams weapon and also happens to be a dynamic playmaker who can help the offense in many different ways. Dortch and Burnett both deserve to stick around and see prime opportunities.

Who Fills In For Herndon?

Ryan Griffin and Trevon Wesco have been the two guys most likely to step in for Herndon during his suspension. Wesco has looked solid, and Griffin has been quiet. Wesco deserves to get a fair shot to prove himself. Right now I’d say although Wesco has had success and could still see the field, this seems to be the veterans job to lose. 

New York Jets: Checking In On Key Position Battles Part 1

New York Jets, Luke Falk

With two weeks until the preseason comes to a close for the New York Jets, cut day is looming. With crucial multiple position battles beginning to get intense, it’s time to check in on who will be on the 53 man roster. 

Luke Falk Deserves It?

The battle is between Luke Falk and Davis Webb. Davis Webb was supposed to be the guy who ultimately took over for Eli Manning in some people’s eyes. He works hard and prepares to be the starter even with Trevor Siemian in front of him. He has dedication, but I hate to say it, Luke Falk beats him in the talent department. I was a big fan of Luke Falk coming out of college.

He was one of my under the radar guys who could end up as a suitable backup or average starter. He faced a lot of hardship at Washington State seeing the death of one of his best friends and his backup QB. Now he finally gets rewarded for his talent and is primed to be the third-string QB for the New York Jets.

Veteran or Experiment?

Bilal Powell was a veteran of this squad for a few years. He’s a leader and a good role model for guys like Le’Veon Bell and Ty Montgomery. Talent-wise he might not have it all like he used to, but he might still be a productive piece to have around especially for his off the field contributions. Elijah McGuire has had his shots to run away with the lead back job even last season. He never did anything to ‘wow’ anyone and has had a lackluster training camp.

Trenton Cannon will likely get kept as a specialist so McGuire could be on his way out and Bilal Powell looks like the guy who will be holding down the fort at RB 3.

Can Anyone Kick A Football for the New York Jets?

The battle is genuinely Taylor Bertolet vs. himself. The young kicker played pretty poor against Atlanta and further reiterated the sentiment that the Jets need a new kicker after the old regime let their pro-bowler walk out the door. The Jets week one kicker needs to join the team soon, or Taylor Bertolet could still be the guy costing the Jets valuable points.

Proven Choice or Inconsistent Competitor?

Punter seemed to be a spot that didn’t need to raise any eyebrows. Lachlan Edwards is a phenomenal punter and in my opinion, one of the best holders in the game. Lachlan makes kickers better and is an excellent punter. He’s a safe option and would be my option. He has Brant Boyer (Special Teams Coordinator) in his corner. However, Matt Darr received the bulk of the punts vs. the Falcons and has the head coach in his corner. He had a rocky few years in Miami, and he saw great success and utter failures. Now the Jets are at a crossroads with their punting situation. Right now I’d say it’s anyone’s race, but I’d give Lachlan a slight edge.

The WR spots and more will be highlighted in part two.

The New York Jets desperately needed Kelechi Osemele

New York Jets, Jets, Kelechi Osemele

Most guys in the NFL are labeled as talented but Kelechi Osemele is an absolute monster.  Kelechi was acquired by the New York Jets this past offseason and at that moment some overlooked his acquisition. From the start of his career, he’s been extremely productive and now as he starts a new chapter, he’s already turning heads.

After being a second-rounder in the 2012 Draft, Osemele was tasked with a huge assignment as a rookie. He had to be a stable and reliable piece of a championship football team. By rotating across the line and being versatile, he heavily contributed to the Ravens Super Bowl win and his high football IQ shined through early on. 

Then in 2013 he suffered an injury and only played 7 games of the season for the Ravens. In 2014, he played well and continued to turn heads. Then, he took a shot on himself and walked and became a free agent in 2016. Osemele was rewarded when be signed a big-money deal that would pay him a five-year $60 million dollar deal. Osemele was a pro bowler and all-pro in his first year in Oakland. He followed that up with a second consecutive pro bowl appearance in 2017.

After battling injuries and having struggles, Osemele was traded to the Jets this offseason. 

Now he joins the team to be a key piece of the offensive line tasked with protecting the future of the franchise, Sam Darnold and a superstar running back, Le’Veon Bell. Osemele brings a veteran presence determined to bring success to this roster.

He demonstrated his high IQ and insane physical ability with just one play when he dumped his block off to absolutely truck the Giants defender. Osemele is a rare mix of inane physical and mental abilities. His addition could easily be looked at as the most vital one of the past offseason for good reason.

New York Giants Terminate Contract Of Receiver/Kick Returner

The New York Giants have terminated the contract of receiver and kick returner Dwayne Harris.

This move saves the Giants $2.4 million in cap-space, bringing their cap to around $8.5 million.

Harris missed a majority of the season in 2018 with a foot injury. He has struggled to maintain the success he had early on in his contract, and was an obvious cut candidate heading into free agency.

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Harris had breakout years in 2013 and ’14. He recorded 857 and 472 yards respectively in those years and had one touchdown (kick return) in 2015. He was signed by the Giants from Dallas to be a premier level kick returner, but a string of injuries derailed his effectiveness. He did make the Pro-Bowl in 2016 as a special teams player.

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New York Mets 40-Man Roster Overview: Jacob Rhame

New York Mets‘ Jacob Rhame was originally drafted by the Dodgers in the 6th round of the 2013 MLB Draft. He spent the rest of the year with the Ogden Raptors where he had eight saves in the 20 games he pitched that season.

The next year he played with the Great Lakes Loons and had a 2.00 ERA in 51 games and was established himself number 23 prospect in the Dodgers organization.

Moving Up The Ranks and Facing Speed Bumps

In 2015, he played five games with the Tulsa Drillers and finished the game with the Rancho Cucamonga Quakes where he continued his success with a 2.68 ERA and struck out 70 batters.

He moved up to the number 18 spot on the Dodgers prospect list heading into 2016. With the Oklahoma City Dodgers he saw his ERA rise to 3.29 as most pitchers do in the Pacific Coast League.

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His struggles continued in 2017 where he had a 4.31 ERA and dropped off the Dodgers prospects list before he was traded. Upon his arrival to the Mets he pitched six innings with the Las Vegas 51s and only allowed one run.

When he was brought up to the Mets as part of the September roster expansion he struggled giving up nine runs in nine innings and had an alarming 2.11 WHIP.

Rhame barely makes the Mets top prospects list at number 30. He is very reliant on his fastball which sits at 95-96 mph and can hit the upper-90s. His secondary pitches are mediocre but his slider show some bite on it every once in a while and his change-up still needs work. He walked too many batters in his short MLB stint but he usually has had decent control.

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Decent has summarized his Spring Training allowing four runs in the nine innings he has pitched. Seven of his nine outings this spring has been scoreless.

The Mets see potential in Rhame since they have kept him with the team while most of the minor league guys have been sent down already. If he makes the team he likely will not see too many high leverage situations until Mickey Callaway feels he is ready for them.