New York Giants: Eli Apple the team’s worst draft pick since 2006?

The New York Giants, like every NFL team, have made some slipups in the draft during the past 15 years. The Giants have perhaps made more of these mistakes than other teams, as they’ve had several high draft picks end up making little impact in the grand scheme of things. While other teams during the same period are known for drafting well and converting their first round picks into longer term starters, the Giants have partly stayed in the rebuilding phase for as long as they have because of their drafting.

But out of the players they’ve missed on during the past fifteen years, which of them is the worst? This question was asked not just about the Giants, but about every team in the league by Pro Football Focus.

In the case of the Giants, the pick that was named the worst was Eli Apple. That might surprise some, not because of any feeling that Apple was a good draft pick but rather because the name chosen wasn’t ninth overall pick Ereck Flowers.

NEW YORK GIANTS: CB Eli Apple, Ohio State (No. 10 overall in 2016)

Apple lasted only two and a half years in the Big Apple before he was dealt midseason to New Orleans for a fourth- and seventh-round pick. His tenure with the Giants was marred by reported maturity issues. He allowed a passer rating over 100 in both seasons as a starter.

Is Apple really the Giants’ worst pick in 15 years?

Apple did have plenty of issues which brought him criticism, ranging from his on the field play to getting into locker room disputes with teammates to his mother’s overbearing presence rubbing some the wrong way.

But it’s hard to argue that Apple, at any point, had the same kind of dislike directed towards him that Ereck Flowers received for his awful performances at tackle. It’s also hard to argue that he had as big of a negative impact on the team’s overall performance.

Furthermore, many of the same narratives about Apple ended up applying to DeAndre Baker, who the Giants would select in the first round years later at the same position. While these narratives were never as dramatic as Baker compared to the ones around Apple, they do make Apple’s case less distinct.

What do you think? Is Eli Apple really the worst pick the Giants have made in the past 15 years, or is another under the radar player more deserving of the title? And can Apple really be called the worst when DeAndre Baker spent less time with the Giants after being drafted in the first round to play the same position?

Should the New York Giants have claimed Vernon Hargreaves off waivers?

Will the New York Giants claim Vernon Hargreaves off waivers?

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers seem to have a more disciplined approach to the game of football than the New York Giants, and their releasing of a former first-round pick, Vernon Hargreaves, tells the story.

Hargreaves, who was released after failing to hustle on a specific play, hit waivers on Monday morning but has yet to be claimed. The Giants, on the other hand, have seen multiple players lack effort, one of whom has been DeAndre Baker on several occasions.

The New York Giants continue to make simple mistakes:

The Giants aren’t going to cut the first-round pick from 2019, but benching him and teaching him a valuable lesson would have done the trick. However, the Giants aren’t a disciplined team, and making examples of players doesn’t seem to be head coach Pat Shurmur’s preferred way of doing things.

In a locker room of grown men, Shurmur must have the confidence to do what’s necessary if he’s keen on keeping his job for the long-haul. That brings us to our question — should Big Blue have taken a flier on Vernon Hargreaves?

My answer, no. Aside from Hargreaves undoubtedly wanting to stay far away from New York, considering they’re 2-8 on the season, the Giants couldn’t trust him to remain active for the remainder of the season. Tack on his $9 million cap hit this season, and he becomes an afterthought.

While Hargreaves was a talented corner in college, being drafted one slot after the infamous Eli Apple, who has become a starter for the New Orleans Saints, he’s not in a position of leverage. His quality has dropped off significantly at the NFL level, and taking his talents to a worse team won’t motivate him to reach his potential.

Alternatively, if he were to land on a competitive team, that might give him the incentive to fight for a future contract. Overall, the Giants didn’t need his overpriced services at this point. Hargreaves was claimed by the Houston Texans.

New York Giants Confirmed To Have 10 Draft Picks In 2019 Draft

New York Giants. Dave Gettleman, Pat Shurmur

The 2019 NFL Draft will begin on April 25th and carry through to the 27th. This will be a crucial draft for the New York Giants’ future. Having plenty of draft picks will be beneficial for them as they try to find talent to add to a 5-11 roster.

It was originally predicted that the Giants were going to have 11 draft picks. However, it is now confirmed they will only have 10. The Giants have been awarded a compensatory pick in the 2019 NFL Draft. Many thought the Giants would receive more than one pick, but that is unfortunately not the case.

Where Are The Giants Picking?

The compensatory pick that the Giants have received is a 5th round pick. It is pick 172. The Giants now have 3 draft picks in the fifth round. The other pick was acquired by trading Damon Harrison to the Detroit Lions.

In the fifth round, the Giants will be picking back to back. They have the 143rd pick and the 144th pick. Then again, of course with the 172nd pick. This is not the only round the Giants have multiple picks in.

In the fourth round, the Giants own two picks. They have their own pick (109) and they have a pick acquired via trade (133). The Giants have the Saints’ fourth round pick that they gained by trading away cornerback Eli Apple. In the sixth round the Giants have just one pick. It is pick 181 and it is their own.

In the 7th round, the Giants have two picks. neither of these picks are the Giants’ own. They own the Vikings’ pick (234) from trading away center Brett Jones. They also have the Rams’ seventh round pick (247) that they received in a trade in which they also received Alec Ogletree.

The Giants do not own a third round pick in 2019. They forfeited their pick when they selected Sam Beal in the third round of the Supplemental Draft. However, they do own their second round pick.

The Giants’ second round pick is the 37th overall pick in the draft. Being that it is near the top of the round, the Giants could end up getting a first-round prospect who falls with the 37th pick.

As all Giants fans know, the Giants own the 6th overall pick in the 2019 NFL Draft. It is their third time picking in the top 10 in the last four years. This will be a crucial draft pick for the franchise’s future. The Giants will need to decide wether or not the 6th pick will be used to select their next franchise quarterback or if it will be used elsewhere.

What Can The Giants Do With So Many Draft Picks?

Having 10 picks in the draft gives the Giants a lot of flexibility. Of course, they could stay put and take 10 players with their 10 picks. However, the Giants could trade up in the draft with so many picks. The more picks, the more trade value.

If the Giants love a prospect in the third round, they could potentially trade both of their fourth round picks to move back into the third round and take their guy.

These picks could even be traded outside of the draft. The Giants might feel it is best to have a veteran free safety going into 2019. Trading a late-round pick for a veteran could be of great value to the Giants. Last offseason they traded a mid-round pick to acquire Alec Ogletree. Dave Gettleman could look to make a similar move in 2019.

New York Giants Expected To Have 11 Picks In 2019 NFL Draft

New York Giants. Dave Gettleman, Pat Shurmur

The New York Giants are heading into the offseason with a disappointing 5-11 record. That record awarded them the 6th overall pick in the 2019 NFL Draft. In this draft, the Giants are expected to have eleven total draft picks. With that kind of draft capital, the Giants should be expected to make some big moves this offseason.

Where Are The Extra Picks Coming From?

Typically, NFL teams have one pick per round, in each of the seven rounds. The Giants own their first round, second round, fourth round, and sixth round picks. That totals to four picks of their own and no pick in the third round. The Giants used their third round pick in the 2018 Supplemental Draft to take cornerback Sam Beal.

In addition to those picks, the Giants have acquired several picks via trades. The Giants received the Saints’ fourth round pick in the Eli Apple trade. They Also received the Lions’ fifth round pick in the Damon “Snacks” Harrison trade. Their two seventh round picks come via trade also. The first pick comes from the Vikings via the Brett Jones trade. The second seventh round pick was received from the Rams in the Alec Ogletree trade.

The Giants will receive two more picks in the fourth and fifth rounds. These are compensatory picks. The fourth round pick comes from the Giants losing Justin Pugh in free agency in 2018. The fifth round pick will be granted to the Giants due to Geno Smith signing with the Chargers in 2018 and Devon Kennard signing with the Lions in 2018.

With so many picks in the upcoming draft, the Giants will have many options. They could hold onto their picks and select multiple impact players, or they could trade their picks. They could trade these picks for veterans or for more draft picks. If the Giants like a specific prospect, they now have the draft capital to trade up and select him.

New York Giants Cornerback B.W. Webb Quietly Having A Good Season

At the beginning of the season, New York Giants’ B.W. Webb was just the guy with the wild hair on the SNL player introductions. He quickly became a miniature meme on Giants Twitter for his outlandish appearance. But since then, B.W. Webb has proved himself to be a solid starter for the men in blue.

The New York Giants’ corner came up clutch against Chicago:

During Sunday’s overtime victory against the Chicago Bears, B.W. Webb made a game changing play. Up by seven with just over two minutes remaining in the game, Chase Daniels made a quick throw to Taylor Gabriel with Webb in coverage. Gabriel secured the catch, turned to go up field, and was met instantly by Webb. Webb punched the football out and wrapped Gabriel up.

This forced fumble lead to the Giants scoring a field goal to increase the lead by ten and ultimately allow the Giants to compete in overtime. To add to this clutch fumble, Webb had a pass defended and tallied a team-high nine tackles. In addition to his clutch performance against the Bears, B.W. Webb also caught the game-sealing interception against the Buccaneers a couple weeks ago.

Defending The Slot:

As of November 3, Webb was allowing 0.63 yards per slot coverage snap, which was the fourth best among cornerbacks with a minimum of 80 slot coverage snaps so far this season (according to PFF). So far this season, B.W. Webb has recorded a total of 46 combined tackles, two tackles for loss, two QB hits, one sack, one interception, and five passes defended. He hasn’t been perfect by any means, but this is a solid season from a rarely talked about player on a bad defense, and he deserves more credit than he is given. Not only has he stepped up since Eli Apple was traded, it could be debated that he is outperforming the former Giant. Giants fans should find pride in B.W. Webb’s competitive spirit and good under the radar play.

New York Giants Rebuild Begins With Trade Of Eli Apple

Despite players, coaches, and management claiming otherwise, the New York Giants are throwing in the towel. Eli Apple is one of their starting cornerbacks, and a former top ten draft pick, and he’s being traded away to the New Orleans Saints. There’s no other way to explain it. The Giants are now a rebuilding team, and they’re signalling that to everyone else in the league by getting rid of Apple in the middle of the season.

Let’s take a look back at Apple’s career up until this point. Coming out of Ohio State, Apple was a starter on a national championship team and looked like a pick that would shore up the Giants’ secondary after he was selected at number ten overall in the 2015 draft.

An alright rookie season would give the fanbase some confidence in Apple, but things would go downhill in 2017, which was when the decline started for the rest of the team after a playoff appearance in 2016. This was the year when Apple gained the reputation of a player who had trouble with his teammates, and those troubles culminated with the cornerback being called a cancer by defensive captain Landon Collins. Additionally, Apple was suspended by the team for the last game of the year.

At that low point, most assumed that Apple would be traded. It seemed like the point of no return had been reached, but a new regime would give the player another chance. After all, the big changes in the coaching department meant that there was still a chance to get some value out of the first round pick.

Apple did bounce back from the disaster that was 2017, and no more teammate problems seemed to happen outside of one scuffle in training camp. He would keep his starting status and, while Apple was never the best corner on the team, he did his job to an okay level in a secondary that isn’t exactly deep at corner. His play, though, wasn’t good enough to keep him off the trading block following the team’s 1-6 start.

The Giants will receive two draft picks after Apple was sent to the Saints. It’s not the immediate help that the team needs, but there’s some value in the 2019 fourth round pick that they’ll get, and a 2020 seventh round pick was also thrown in. The return is perhaps disappointing for a starting corner that was drafted in the top ten fairly recently, but with Apple’s share of problems, it’s somewhat expected that the trade doesn’t match where he was picked.

New York Giants: Vernon, Apple, and Engram To Miss Carolina Game

The New York Giants will lack any extra help in their game tomorrow, against the Carolina Panthers. Injuries ave already piled up this season and the team is missing top players across multiple positions, with Olivier Vernon, Eli Apple, and Evan Engram all recovering from injuries at this point.

Now, we know that none of those players will feature against Carolina, in week five of the season. In fact, Vernon will have not played in the regular season for five straight games, after picking up a high ankle sprain before the preseason could end. It’s been a point of contention with some fans, and will likely result in some more debates as Vernon approaches a fifth straight missed game.

Both he and Eli Apple practiced with the rest of the players earlier this week, however, and it should be a signal that their returns are not as far off as some may think. The Giants head coach, however, has different ideas about what Vernon’s progress is like.

“He was involved in team activities. Typically, a lot of these guys get cranked up in individuals. He probably looked better than you saw,” Pat Shurmur said about Vernon’s current state. Vernon isn’t the only player that’s out, however.

When Evan Engram was injured in the Houston game, we didn’t know if there would be a quick recovery time or if he would be out for a prolonged period of time. But with Engram missing his second straight game, it’s now clear that his injury is more than a minor one. No update has been given about when Engram is expected to come back.

Eli Apple is nearing a return but is being held back for now. “Gotta get back to my normal speed and I’m not there yet,” he said. It’s probably for the better. No team wants to play with a cornerback that is still somewhat injured, and unable to eep up with the other team’s receivers.

The absence of all three players won’t help the Giants’ chances against Carolina, though. Especially with two defensive starters gone, in a game where the pass rush should be one of the keys to the game for New York. However, even if progress is slow, there is progress being made for the top injured players on the team, and that’s encouraging.

Because if the Giants want to take a shot at turning things around, it will have to be at closer to full strength.

New York Giants: OLB Olivier Vernon, CB Eli Apple Injury Update

With the New York Giants preparing to face off against a high-octane New Orleans Saints offense, several influential defensive players are nursing injuries. Outside linebacker Olivier Vernon has yet to play in a regular season game and Eli Apple missed week 3 with a groin injury.

Vernon has been taking his high ankle-sprain day-by-day, but there has been minimal progress in his eventual return. This week, he was able to practice in limited fashion, partaking in a few individual drills, but not much more. On Thursday, his work load thinned out even more, which would indicate that he may have aggrevated the injury or is just taking a precautionary measure.

When asked about his injury, Vernon stated:

“Honestly you have to ask Coach Shurmur for that one,” Vernon said. “But all I could do is be out there (for practice) and when I’m out there healthy and just go from there.”

How has CB Eli Apple looked?

Apple returned to practice on Thursday, albeit in a limited fashion as well. The main priority here is that he participated, which could indicate that he might be able to give it a go on Sunday against the Saints. If Apple were to start, he would likely match up against Tedd Ginn Jr., the Saints’ speedster receiver. Additionally, he would be a big help for the linebackers and safeties trying to contain RB Alvin Kamra.

Other injury news:

DT Damon Harrison (knee), WR Cody Latimer (knee), RB Jonathan Stewart (foot) all sat out practice. According to Pat Shurmur, the absent players were taking a few days off due to wear and tear.

TE Evan Engram is expected to miss 3-4 weeks with a sprained MCL in his right knee.


Eli Apple Fighting To Reach His Potential With The New York Giants

Anger, confusion, and distress plagued the New York Giants in 2017, and cornerback Eli Apple played an integral part in the demise of the locker room. His lack of effort on the field and his immaturity caused several conflicts with teammates and anonymously ripped the coaching staff.

Apple has returned under new management in 2018, and this time around his superiors are watching over him closely. They know he’s a wild card with erratic tendencies, but his potential is still present. The former Ohio State corner entered the league with big expectations in which he failed to live up to, but the Giants gave him a second chance at life in the NFL. After-all, he was just 21 years-old and dealing with a mother that needed brain surgery.

Right when they told me, I was just like, you know what, just the way stuff ended (last season), I didn’t want it to ever get to that,” Apple said in a report by Dan Salomone of the Giants. “So every day I’ve just been thinking about just being better, being more positive.”

“I’m just trying to grow with the defense and get the techniques down that the coaches are teaching,” said Apple. “Just keep a positive mindset because the whole team, the defensive guys, we know it’s going to be a grinding season. So we’re just trying to take it a day at a time.”

Manifesting positive thoughts and actions will ultimately be the only way for Apple to become the mature player he needs to be. The starting corner finished with similar numbers last season as his rookie year. That can be depicted as a downward trend when considering development.

Eli Apple managed just 41 total tackles in 2017, failing to record a single interception and defending eight passes over the course of 11 games.

With Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie departing this offseason, Apple will play an integral role in the secondary this season. He must show signs of improvement if he wants to remain a Giants for the foreseeable future, but time is running out.

New York Giants Minicamp: Hopeful Corner Has Terrible Day

As day one of mandatory minicamp comes to an end for the New York Giants, third-year corner Eli apple struggled mightily throughout the practice.

For the first loss of the day, Apple was beat on a route from Amba Etta-Towa… Yeah, that guy. It could have just been an off day for the corner, but losing to a no-name receiver should be troublesome for coaches and fans alike.

Despite my confidence in a rebound year for Apple, he still needs a lot of work in locating the ball and making a play before the receiver can make a move first.

Apple struggled with holding penalties and pass interference in his first two seasons. One of the biggest digs on him was his hand usage and placement. Often times, Apple would revert back to grabbing the opposing receiver or holding on to them if he was in danger of getting beat. We saw a small flashback of that today, which could have been a fluke, but again, is something to watch out for.

He was beat badly three times during the first minicamp practice, making his day a less than adequate one. He will look to rebound in day two. Apple was having a nice summer before this goose-egg, showing off his refined coverage skills and ability to turn his head and locate the ball.

Oddly enough, Apple managed to have a better season in 2017 than his rookie year, and started four games fewer. In both seasons, he managed 41 tackles and eight assists. He recorded one more pass defense (8) last season than in ’17. This doesn’t look good for the young corner, as you expect to see incremental development after being drafted. Hopefully, this year will bring a sense of excitement for a player that is trying to turn his career around after a destructive campaign.