New York Jets are getting a ‘grinder’ and ‘worker’ in Denzel Mims

New York Jets, Denzel Mims

When the New York Jets drafted Denzel Mims out of Baylor with the 59th overall pick, they were looking for a potential No. 1 wide receiver who can help Sam Darnold in the passing game. After losing Robbie Anderson in free agency, supplementing his departure was essential, and Mims fits the bill perfectly.

On the “The Last Stand Podcast” with Brian Cluster, Mims’s former coach Matt Rhule advocated for the Baylor standout. Rhule previously was the head coach for Baylor, having plenty of experience with Deznel on offense and seeing first-hand what he is capable of at the NFL level.

“I grew up in that area, and I know one thing about Jets’ fans: They want toughness,” Rhule said on the podcast. “They want someone who’s going to compete. They want grinders and workers, and that’s what Denzel is… He’s not going to be some guy who’s all about the headlines. He’s a worker.”

It takes a special player to excel in New York, considering the media attention and negativity that is constantly swirling in the air. The media will always try and find a way to slander players and put them down after a bad performance. One bad game can significantly hurt a player’s state of mine, but Mims is in a great position to take advantage of developmental time and a solid young quarterback in Darnold.

Mims is bringing speed, consistency, and toughness at the wide receiver position. His 4.38 40-yard dash at the NFL combine was solic, and at 6-foot-2 and 207 pounds, he has the ideal size to contest balls in the air and remain physical at the line of scrimmage.

His ability as a route runner is exciting and promotes an uptick in efficiency for the Jets on offense. In addition, he is a willing blocker in the run game and puts his body on the line to help expand the field. Le’Veon Bell will undoubtedly benefit from his proactive approach. While dropped passes were a big issue for Mims at Baylor, he cut his total down significantly in 2019.

His issue of dropped passes is way overblown, as he posted an 11.4% drop rate in his career, but cut down that number to 4.3% in 2019, dropping just five passes. In comparison to players like Ceedee Lamb and Jerry Jeudy, he ranked better than both in the category.

New York Jets: Rookie Denzel Mims brings an underrate factor to the offense

New York Jets, Denzel Mims

The New York Jets drafted Baylor stand-out wide receiver Denzel Mims for one primary reason, and that is to bolster the offense and increase Sam Darnold’s production. Over 13 games in 2019, Mims posted 1020 yards, averaging 15.5 yards per reception, and logged 12 touchdowns. He’s clearly entering the NFL as a productive wide receiver and can take the Jets’ offense to the next level, but he brings one underrated factor that could be significantly beneficial.

One of the Jets’ major issues in 2019 was their ability to run the football at a high-level. Le’Veon Bell, who is in the first year of his contract with Gang Green, posted a career-low 3.2 yards per attempt. Not to mention his 52.6 yards rushing per game, which was also career low for him.

At 28 years old in 2020, Bell needs to see a significant production increase if he is going to stay on the Jets long-term. However, Mims can help in the run game as a blocker, as he exerted incredible energy and motivation to utilize that skill set in his senior year with Baylor.

“I can say the strongest part of my game is really my blocking,” Mims said in an interview with Jets team reporters. “I am a guy that really loves to block and I take pride in that. You got to block for your running backs and your quarterback because if I want the ball and I want them to be able to trust me, I feel like I need to think the game when it comes to blocking first. Then, I will be able to catch the balls.”

It is expected that had Coach Adam Gase will utilize more of an outside-zone run scheme next season, which will clear the box and give Bell more time to make decisions in the backfield. Unfortunately, the Jets had a poor offensive line in 2019, contributing heavily to the limitations of Bell in the run game. Signing Greg Van Roten, Connor McGovern, George Fant, and drafting Mekhi Becton should significantly improve the unit as a whole.

With Mims posting a 4.38 40-yard dash, he is a high ceiling player that can contest footballs in the air but also block downfield at an elevated level. That will be a major benefit for the Jets and a reason why they drafted him in the second round.

ESM’s Experts Grade the New York Jets’ Draft

New York Jets

ESM’s New York Jets experts look back on an eventful three days for Gang Green and pass their opening judgment.

Three days, nine picks, and seemingly infinite transactions later, the New York Jets’ 2020 draft proceedings are complete. 

How did they make out? ESM’s experts weigh in…

Geoff Magliocchetti: B

The concept of immediately grading drafts was tired and unfair before live sports were put on hiatus, but we’ve got nothing better to do, so here it goes…

It’s safe to say that, after Joe Douglas’ first draft at the helm, the Jets improved on all three sides of the ball. The draftings of Mekhi Becton and Denzel Mims are moves that are going to define the most hopeful era the Jets’ perpetual rebuild has seen in a long, long time. No long must their backfield saviors Sam Darnold and Le’Veon Bell conjure miracles to single-handedly win ball games. Defensively, the team strengthened their depth in both the pass rush (Jabari Zuniga) and the secondary (Bryce Hall). Even special teams enjoyed a must-needed boost. Third-round pick Ashtyn Davis can bolster a return game that sorely missed Andre Roberts (and later hypothetically fill in at safety if Jamal Adams or Marcus Maye depart) while Braden Mann is a great brand of insurance for an offense that struggles to reach the end zone consistently. Further strengthening their secondary depth with veteran Quincy Wilson was also a fine finishing touch.

The three-pick cluster on day three prevents this from being a perfect grade. Expected reliance on James Morgan to be Sam Darnold’s backup is iffy at best after last season’s understudy misadventures. Veteran backups/mentors for Darnold were there for the taking, so picking the young Morgan creates controversy where there is none. Additionally, while a spell option for Bell was necessary, it seemed a bit early to take Perine, especially with choices at need positions like guard Logan Stenberg or cornerback Reggie Robinson still on the board. They managed to salvage the session with another blocker, Charlotte’s Cameron Clark.

Dylan Price: B+

Build the Joe Douglas statue! Okay, not yet, but Joe Douglas had an excellent draft on paper. Douglas started the draft off with the high upside selection of the mountain of a man, Mekhi Becton. He followed that up with a savvy trade down to net an extra third-rounder and still grabbed Denzel Mims. Mims has high upside potential and could be a difference-maker immediately. Douglas grabbed Ashtyn Davis, the freak athlete from Cal. Davis could be the successor to Maye but will be a Swiss Army knife immediately.

La’Mical Perine, Cameron Clark, and Jabari Zuniga were two picks who can slot in as rotational players, but both have high upside. James Morgan was a questionable pick, but the Jets struggled to mount any offensive presence without Darnold. Morgan can at least be a developmental prospect at backup QB. Bryce Hall is a talented corner who may be their best steal because of a sketchy medical history. Braden Mann can be the punter for the long term future because he has a cannon for a leg. Joe Douglas had a B+ draft with significant upside.

Alex Wilson: A

The New York Jets did exactly what they needed to do in the 2020 NFL Draft: protect and support Sam Darnold. Having been sacked over 60 times over the past two seasons, Darnold needed to be prioritized and GM Joe Douglas did exactly that. Drafting Mekhi Becton instantly improves the line and opens up holes for Le’Veon Bell in the run game. If Darnold wasn’t satisfied with Becton in the first round, Douglas added a talented wideout in Denzel Mims in the second. A big, fast pass-catcher who can replicate Robby Anderson’s production and then some. If I were Darnold, I would be one happy camper.

Brendan Carpenter: B

Joe Douglas had a successful draft this past weekend. Taking Mekhi Becton at pick 11 gives them a mammoth of a lineman on the left side. He has some room to grow but could become a great tackle. The best move on Douglas’ part was trading down, though. Originally supposed to be at pick 48, he traded down to pick 59 and still got his receiver in Denzel Mims, someone Sam Darnold needed. Also, rather than picking a “possibility player” to end his night, he traded the pick for up-and-down veteran CB Quincy Wilson.


The New York Jets’ top draft picks are already a major part of team history

Mekhi Becton and Denzel Mims haven’t played a down with the New York Jets yet, but they’re set to play a major role on the team timeline.

Ah, the NFL Draft…host of the most inconsequential grade you’ll receive since your final semester of high school’s report card. At least back then, your bout of “Senioritis” would’ve featured activity that could be analyzed and calculated well enough to place a lettered grade upon it.

Even before live sports were put on hold, we have the sports-loving public have been fascinated by the concept of draft grades. These awards are bestowed months before the draftees will play a down, even weeks before they don the helmet of their choosers. That’s of no consequence to thoughtpieces across the nation, as prospects have their entire career decided for them in a blink of an eye (heck, this site is no exception). By this logic, Jalen Hurts should probably retire immediately.

But, in our world of endless, instant content demands, and draft grade pieces are certainly coming in more clutch than ever, whetting the appetite of we, the sports-loving people, famished of live content for tough but understandable reasons.

Of course, it’s hard to truly complain about immediate draft grades when high marks are attached to your team’s ledger. The jeers of Jets fans are a bigger part of draft lore than Mr. Irrelevant and hand-size comparisons combined. Even downsizing things to a virtual setting couldn’t silence the boobirds. But Joe Douglas’ first draft the general manager helm has earned positive reviews, particularly his choices at the top. Louisville blocker Mekhi Becton (chosen 11th overall) will provide protection for Sam Darnold and Le’Veon Bell. A surprise draft night tumbler, Baylor receiver Denzel Mims (picked 59th after a deal with Seattle) appears to be one of the biggest steals.

Time will tell if they, along with the rest of the sizable class, can live up to the rave reviews. But, for better or worse, Becton and Mims are already crucial landmarks on the Jets’ timeline.

It seems hypocritical, especially so after lampooning the concept of draft grades, to place such a judgment on this current crop of prospects, particularly the top two. Alas, it’s a weight placed on these top rookies by a demon that makes itself far too prevalent on draft day: forces beyond the rookies’ control.

The fates of these top picks have been written by the Jets’ latest fortunes. It is they who will be judged and relied upon to end the team’s postseason drought, which will reach a decade if they miss out this year.

Douglas’ opening stanzas have provided what feels like the most legitimate sense of hope in a long time. Jamal Adams’ future is uncertain, but, for now, he’s the face of the franchise. A duo of backfield saviors has emerged in Sam Darnold and Le’Veon Bell. To protect them, Douglas went on a shopping spree of offensive linemen, an area long neglected on his predecessor Mike Maccagnan’s watch.

Somehow, the ultimate judgment on what Douglas is trying to build is going to come down to how Becton and Mims perform.

Douglas’ free agency deals have come with a common theme: prove it. The Jets’ have inked 13 free agency contracts this season. Only one (Connor McGovern’s three-year, $27 million contract) features no potential out prior to 2022. Greg Van Roten and George Fant, for example, each got multi-year deals, but there are out clauses after the upcoming season.

Becton and Mims, however, are likely destined for four-year rookie deals. Not only will they have these lengthy contracts, but they’re both in a position to contribute immediately. Becton is going to be viewed as an anchor on the offensive line, especially if he’s set to shield Darnold’s blindside. Mims will be asked to contribute immediately with Robby Anderson gone.

A young New York resident was once told: with great power comes great responsibility. Such a resident was fictional, but the advice is all too real.

The depth of the receiver and blocking classes this season was potentially both a blessing and a curse for the Jets. They were able to get the men they wanted, but there’s major potential for second guessing. Did Mims fall for a reason? Will the Jets regret taking Becton instead of a receiver like Jerry Jeudy or CeeDee Lamb?

It’s these picks that can set the pace for the Darnold/Bell era. A Super Bowl is probably still out of reach in the immediate future, but these moves can build the team that makes the Jets attractive to championship talent. Hit these picks, and it’s the start of something big. Miss, and you’re right back where you started, albeit with all new faces filling the crucial positions.

Douglas went out this offseason and made plans for the team’s future. He, at least began, to make up for Maccagnan’s lost time on the line. With Anderson gone, he made the most out of a weak free agent class in Perriman once Amari Cooper re-upped with Dallas. But Becton and Mims, for better or worse, are going to be looked upon as the ultimate deciding factors. Some could even view them as finishing touches, depending on how optimistic the viewer is about the Jets’ either ending New England’s AFC East monopoly or nabbing the extra wild card spot.

It’s not entirely fair on either end. But that’s life in the NFL. The new semester has begun.

Geoff Magliocchetti is on Twitter @GeoffJMags

Did the New York Jets get a steal in Baylor wideout Denzel Mims?

New York Jets, Denzel Mims

Taking a look at New York Jets WR Denzel Mims who was selected in the second round of the 2020 NFL Draft:

The Jets made the right decision in selecting Mekhi Becton with the 11th overall pick in the 2020 NFL draft. Gang Green immediately found themselves a starting left tackle for Sam Darnold, who has been sacked over 60 times the past two seasons in just 26 games.

However, the third-year passer lost receiver Robby Anderson in free agency to the Seattle Seahawks, leaving a void on offense. While general manager Joe Douglas did allocate some cap space toward the wide receiver position in Breshad Perriman, he did not hesitate to take another receiver in the NFL draft. He selected Denzel Mims out of Baylor with their second-round pick.

Mims is a quality pass catcher who has the potential to develop very quickly and become a top target for Darnold in 2020. His size/speed pairing makes him one of the best receivers in the draft class, and he stood out during the Senior Bowl. Falling to the bottom of the second round allowed the Jets to snag him — he was the 13th receiver to come off the board, but the 48th pick was the lowest he would fall.

At 6-foot-3, Mims has solid height, making him an excellent red-zone target, and is blazing fast with a 4.38 40-yard dash. His 6.66 second three-cone time was the best in the wide receiver class, but drops have been a significant concern for the Baylor product in the past. However, the hope is that Darnold will receive a true ace at the wideout position.

Should we be concerned about his dropped passes?

Recording an 11.4% drop rate in his career, he cut that percentage down to 4.3 in his senior season. That number was lower than CeeDee Lamb and Jerry Jeudy, two of the best pass-catchers this year.

Over four seasons with Baylor, Mims logged 186 receptions, 2,925 yards, and 28 touchdowns. With those numbers, he can surely translate to the professional level and offer the Jets a premium target for Darnold moving forward.

Did the New York Jets land a steal of a WR in Denzel Mims?

New York Jets, Denzel Mims

Taking a look at New York Jets new wide receiver Denzel Mims:

Many believe that Baylor wide receiver Denzel Mims is a first-round talent, but he subsequently fell to the Jets later on in the second round, marking him as a steal. Mims is an exceptional talent with quality red zone traits and abilities.

In 2019, he logged 1020 receiving yards and 12 overall touchdowns. His 15.5 yards per catch was astounding and really extends the field for Jets quarterback Sam Darnold.

Mims can be a downfield threat for the Jets, similar to Robbie Anderson, who left in free agency to the Seattle Seahawks. projects him as a starter within the first two seasons of NFL play. His long strides and excellent height and physical traits open up a door of possibilities on a Jets offense that already consists of Jamison Crowder, Breshad Perriman, and star running back Le’Veon Bell.

Some of the positive strengths he brings to the NFL is speed, great instincts when the ball is in the air, the ability to get to the ball at its highest point, and is a smooth route runner with room to grow.

He can be jammed at the line of scrimmage and is a little slow off his break, but these are things that the Jets will work on with him as he develops in the coming months. He does have a history of dropping contested balls, but frequently this comes down to fundamentals and body control, things the Jets can refine.

One weakness that Lance Zeirlien hits on is a lack of competitiveness, which can be a significant factor in a player succeeding at the next level. Hopefully, falling to the second round places a chip on his shoulder that allows him to break out and reach his potential. Mims is essentially a high-upside duplicate of Anderson.

NFL Draft: New York Jets select Baylor WR Denzel Mims with No. 59 pick

New York Jets, Denzel Mims

With their first Friday night selection, the New York Jets took Baylor receiver Denzel Mimis with a pick obtained from Seattle.

The New York Jets used the 59th overall selection in the 2020 NFL Draft to take Baylor receiver Denzel Mims.

Mims departs Waco ranked third in touchdown receptions (28), fifth in overall receptions (186), and sixth in yardage (2,925). He set career-bests in his senior season with 66 receptions and 12 touchdowns, while also putting up 1,020 receiving yards. His college career was capped off with seven touchdowns over his final six games, including one last score in Baylor’s Sugar Bowl tilt with Georgia.

The Jets were in desperate need of receiving help after the departure of Robby Anderson to Carolina. Mims has the playmaking ability the Jets could desperately use to make Sam Darnold more comfortable. He appeared in the Big 12’s top ten in average receptions twice, including a career-best 17.8 during his sophomore season (seventh in the conference).

Mims is the first Baylor Bear drafted by the Jets since they took quarterback Bryce Petty in 2015’s fourth round.

The Jets will next choose in the 68th slot, in a pick obtained from the New York Giants in a fall trade.

Geoff Magliocchetti is on Twitter @GeoffJMags

NFL Draft Top 5 Wide Reciever Rankings

New York Giants, DeAndre Baker

With the NFL Draft rapidly approaching, over the next few days I plan on breaking down the best and brightest talents in this years class. This Wide Receiver class is INCREDIBLE. This top 5 could’ve been a top 15. There are 15 guys in this class who are game changers in any draft. I’m very excited to see where they all land, here are my top guys and who I compare them too.

1. Jerry Jeudy, Alabama

Pro Comparison: Amari Cooper

Jeudy is the most complete receiver in this draft class in my opinion. Jeudy has really good speed and is one of the best route runners I’ve seen in recent memory. Jeudy is an ideal #1 receiver for the future. Jeudy has the potential to be a game changing receiver and he can open up the field for other players. Jeudy is very similar to Cooper in the backgrounds both men have and the way they give other players opportunities.

2. CeeDee Lamb, Oklahoma

Pro Comparison: DeAndre Hopkins

Lamb is the 1B of this class. Jeudy is a better route runner, but Lamb is better at running deep routes and snagging the 50/50 balls. Lamb is the kind of guy that can kill you over the top or be a short threat and get some yards after the catch. Lamb has high potential and if he develops further as a route runner, he has All Pro level potential. Lamb has the potential to be as good as Hopkins.

3. Henry Ruggs, Alabama

Pro Comparison: John Ross

I’ve heard a lot of comps for Ruggs to Tyreek Hill or Sammy Watkins. Quite frankly, I think Ruggs is tougher than Ross and more durable, but he’s not much better. Ruggs has game breaking ability and an undeniable play making potential. Ruggs just doesn’t strike me as a #1 guy. Ruggs is such a good played, but he seems to be slightly over projected in where he really SHOULD be picked. I like Ruggs, a lot, but the potential to be a bust is prominent, but the potential to be what John Ross could’ve been is there.

4. Justin Jefferson, LSU

Pro Comparison: Greg Jennings

I saw Lance Zierlien make the comp to Jennings here and I love it. Jennings was a very good, high IQ player. He was better in the slot and talented in the red zone. He also excelled when his QB excelled, not the other way around. Jefferson needs to prove he isn’t just a flash in the pan because of Burrow’s incredible play. If Jefferson can do what he did at LSU and put up video game numbers, he’ll be the next great wide out. If he falls somewhere in between Jennings and elite wideout territory, that’d be a great pick for any team and the fulfillment of Jefferson’s peak potential.

5. Denzel Mims, Baylor

Pro Comparison: Brandon Marshall

At the Senior Bowl, Mims caught a lot of people’s eyes. He was unbeatable in one on one match ups. Mims is a unique blend of size and speed. Mims has a really good catch range and is very lengthy. Mims has some risk, but I think he could be a very good outside receiver at the next level. The catch radius he has and his size is similar to Marshall.

Honorable Mention: Laviska Shenault Jr.

I was tempted to stick Shenault over some of the other guys on this list. Early on I would’ve had him as the third best wideout in this class. He’s a game breaker. He’s dynamic, and he’s an absolute beast. Durability concerns have plagued Shenault and dropped his stock. If Shenault impressed in interviews and in medical testing, he could be a surprise high day 2 pick. Shenault is a really good talent and if he stays healthy, could be an incredible steal.

Other talented players who’ve caught my eye include Michael Pittman Jr., Jalen Reagor, Chase Claypool and Brandon Aiyuk.

New York Jets: What WRs Could Jets Draft?

The New York Jets lost their best receiver this week to Carolina. With Anderson gone, the Jets brought in Breshard Perriman on a one year deal. With him on a prove-it deal, Quincy Enunwa with injury question marks galore and Jamison Crowder best suited in the slot, the Jets need to add to their receiving corps in the draft.

Day 1

The Jets have pick 11. I’m a firm believer that they should take and offensive lineman with that pick. If they went receiver though, it’s between 3 guys. Jerry Jeudy, CeeDee Lamb, and Henry Ruggs are the top 3 guys in this LOADED class.

Jeudy stands out to me above the other two. Jeudy is versatile and can play in a lot or on the outside. Jeudy is one of the crispest route runners I’ve ever seen and he’s a future number 1 receiver.

Lamb is a deep threat who can high point the ball like nobody’s business he’d fit Sam Darnold’s play style the best of the three and would give him that deep threat he had in Anderson and then some.

Ruggs is the most electric of the 3. He lit up the 40-yard dash and has flashed his in-game speed as well. If he developed as a route runner he’d have the most upside of the 3. They’re all phenomenal talents and would immediately bolster the Jets receiving corps now and in the future.

Day 2 & 3

This receiving class is loaded. That’s why I’d prefer the Jets to wait till day 2 & 3 to pick a weapon or two for the same. Rather than go through all the incredible talent I highlighted 4 guys I think would be the best fits or are my favorite receivers.

Justin Jefferson is one of my favorite prospects in this draft. He’s a receiver’s best friend and if he slips to day 2 and the Jets pick, the New York Jets should take him. He’s got a great mix of size and speed and would immediately become Darnold’s favorite target.

Chase Claypool is a unique guy. He’s a lot like Evan Engram. Engram is a good tight end but sometimes he’s more like a receiver. Claypool is a good receiver but sometimes he’s more like a tight end. He’s a unique hybrid that is faster than most tight ends and could be both a great threat in space and a beast in the red zone.

Michael Pittman is a former teammate of Sam Darnold. His catch radius is off the charts. He’s dynamic and he’s got that connection to Sam. Pittman would become a great piece of this offense and he’s a good personality on and off the field.

Antonio Gandy Golden is a guy who’s going to be available later in this draft. Golden reminds me of a slightly shorter and at this timeless talented Megatron He’s physical, lengthy and can make plays happen. Golden can develop and become a key piece of any offense.

Other guys like Denzel Mims, Tee Higgins, Donovan Peoples-Jones, Brandon Aiyuk, and KJ Hamler are all beasts and guys I like as well. The point is with all this talent, the Jets have no excuse not to upgrade their receiving corps.

NY Jets Mock Draft 1.0 Rounds 4-7

Welcome back to my 1st mock draft attempt of 2020. The goal is to improve the Jets and give them pieces that hopefully lead them to an improvement from 7-9 next year and success in the foreseeable future. In the first 3 rounds of this mock, the Jets added a star wideout, a beast of an offensive lineman, a linebacker with big potential and a potential replacement for Lev Bell. Using The Draft Network Mock Draft Simulator and taking the best players at each position based on needs, potential, and more here is an early projection of what the Jets draft could look like.

Round 4 Pick 110: Trajan Brady CB Miami

The Jets will have some big cornerback decisions in this upcoming offseason. Trumaine Johnson will likely be on his way out. They have other free agents like Brian Poole as well. Poole should be brought back. Arthur Maulet and Bless Austin have shown flashes but the Jets need another corner. Trajan Brady would be an excellent slot corner or rotational cornerback in the future. Brady is FAST and can keep up with a lot of receivers in coverage and support blown coverages. Brady is very undersized but if he can figure out ways to use it to his advantage in the future then he can be a very solid NFL player.

Round 5 Pick 140: Yasir Durant OL Missouri

The Jets need to not only upgrade the offensive line in free agency and with an early-round pick but also in the late rounds as well. Yasir Durant is a raw prospect but one who could easily become a top offensive lineman for this squad. In 2018, Durant allowed fewer QB pressures then both Jawaan Taylor and Jonah Williams, two top linemen from last year’s draft. Durant is the kind of player that with development from a solid offensive line coach, could be a very good NFL Starter. Durant could be a very good value pick in the 5th round and a good piece for the future.

Round 6 Pick 171: Denzel Mims WR Baylor

One of my favorite picks in this draft is Denzel Mims. Mims is a 6’3 receiver with electric speed. Mims can be a monster in the red zone and also be a significant deep threat. He has the makeup of a superstar receiver and his only flaw is some minor technical issues. If Mims can iron some of those issues out with help from offensive assistant Hines Ward and WR Coach Shawn Jefferson then Mims has the potential to contribute early and in a big way. Mims has the potential to be one of the best wide receivers in this class and adding him could immediately help the offense, both now and in the future.

Round 7 Pick 202: Big Kat Bryant EDGE Auburn

Big Cat Bryant is a really good athlete. He has not played a lot at Auburn and only has 6.5 sacks in the three seasons he spent there, but the way he’s utilized at Auburn significantly drops his stock. Although Bryant is athletic enough to drop into coverage, has sideline to sideline speed and has solid pass rushing abilities, they play him at defensive end. If Bryant was switched to outside linebacker, his production would immediately increase. That type of athlete in a Gregg Williams defense would be fun to watch. Bryant would fit well in this defense as a rotational linebacker but if he’s a defensive end I don’t know how long he’ll stay on an NFL roster. This would be a potential based pick that the Jets should make.


The Jets added a speedy cornerback with the potential to be a solid slot corner. They added an offensive lineman with the potential to become a very good start with some technical refinement. They grabbed one of the best wideouts in college football from this past year who could immediately contribute. Lastly, they added an edge rusher with solid potential as a rotational pass rusher. Their Day 3 picks matter just as much as their Day 1 picks. Joe Douglas often has a lot of success in identifying talented Day 3 picks as seen with some of the Eagle’s previous pickups. These are 4 additions that could help the roster significantly and the whole draft class would be one to be proud of for the Jets.