Didn’t think this New York Knicks season would be worse than the last

The New York Knicks season is going like no fan thought it would.  The Knicks are 4-16 and have the second worst record in the entire league.

Coming into this season the Knicks were suppose to be a lot better than expected.  They have a good mix of youth and veteran players to make something happen in the East.  However, this season has been more painful than the last.

Last season the Knicks won 17 games.  This season they might even struggle to do that.

There’s so much wrong with this seasons team it’s a shame.  They do have a lot more talent this season but it’s a struggle to find their stride.  10 new players on the roster and the offensive scheme is none existent.  The Knicks don’t have one despite what David Fizdale and the players say.

However, there are times, mainly against good teams, where the Knicks look like a contending team.  They’ll go up double digits and make fans feel good.  But the real one’s know that the collapse is always lurking and you can’t get too excited.

The New York Knicks give fans hope that maybe this could be the turn around when they’re up 17 on the 76ers or 8 on the Celtics.  The Knicks then let their guard down or have a lineup change that ultimately ruins the flow of the game and the game is lost.

Tonight’s game won’t be any different.  Knicks twitter have optimism about the game against the Buck in Milwaukee.  The line is Bucks -17 and the Knicks are without their best defender Frank Ntilikina.  Not a good start to this contest.

The Knicks will do what they always do and get our hopes up then collapse.  Or maybe, they won’t give us hope and it’ll be a Bucks route from the tip.  That’s Knicks basketball the past two seasons.

Changing Randle can help make the New York Knicks less miserable

New York Knicks, David Fizdale, Julius Randle

The New York Knicks made it obvious that head coach David Fizdale is on the hot seat.  Something has to change quickly if he wants to retain his job despite having 2 and a half years left on his contract.

For starters, Fizdale needs to figure out how to utilize Julius Randle the proper way.  Steve Mills and Scott Perry are not going to trade Randle so this is all on Fizdale.  If he can’t find out how to get the best out of him then Fizdale is gone.

However, firing the coach isn’t going to solve the problem.  It abut execution as well.

Randle is an above average starter.  He thrives in the pick and roll, not isolation.  He may think that iso is the way to go but it hasn’t been working thus far since the Knicks are nine games under .500.  Randle mentioned something about working more with the offense prior to the second Mavericks game.  Whatever that talk was, it lasted for one game.

Besides pick and rolls, Fizdale needs to have Randle attacking the basket off of cuts.  He’s big and quick enough to take his man then.  Backing on his opponent and going one-on-one isn’t working so it’s time for a change.  It’s up to Fizdale to get Randle and the Knicks going.

The New York Knicks roster is a lot better then what the team looked like last season.  The talent is there it’s on Fizdale to get the best out of his players and it begins with Randle.  If he is able to get Randle in check, others will follow.

Look at what Marcus Morris has done with Frank Ntilikina.  That new ‘fk it’ attitude Ntilikina has developed has raised his game, especially defensively.  Maybe the entire team should take on this ‘fk it’ attitude to make this losing season less miserable.

Is it almost time to root for a New York Knicks tank?

New York Knicks

New York Knicks fans might be getting to their breaking point, if they haven’t already.  The Knicks are 4-13 and currently dead last in the Eastern Conference.

Any regular basketball team wouldn’t even begin to think about next year’s draft or tanking 17 games into the season, but the Knicks are.  After all the talk players did this off-season, their play hasn’t backed it up.  All the optimism the players and fans had for this season has quickly vanished.

Is it time to root for a tank?

Last season, the Knicks did their best to tank to Zion Williamson without saying they were actually tanking.  Look how that turned out.  However, RJ Barrett has been a great consolation prize and shows that he could be someone special.

Knicks players will say that they’re going to continue to battle and there will be no talk about a tank.  Coach David Fizdale addressed the tanking last season and should be ready for those questions again as the season is getting to that point already.

Wayne Ellington and Taj Gibson also spoke on trying to turn the season around.  Players will say all the necessary stuff to please the media but let’s be realistic.  This team seems like they get down on themselves too much.  The idea of ‘tanking’ will be in the back of some players mind.  It will definitely be in the minds of Knicks fans.

Yes, it’s way-too-early to talk about tanking.  But with the New York Knicks, it’s constantly brought up each season.  This feels like it was brought up extremely early as compared to last season.  The Knicks aren’t a team that can turn around despite what the players say.  They’re a team that will give fans a few exciting victories in front of the Garden faithful to appease them and that’s about it.  The way it’s looking currently, the Knicks might lose 60+ games again.

This is the Frank Ntilikina the New York Knicks have waited for

New York Knicks, Frank Ntilikina

The New York Knicks have waited since the 2017 draft to see this young man progress.  Frank Ntilikina has finally begun to take the leap to becoming an important part of the Knicks future.

Over the past few games, Ntilikina has begun to play differently.  Maybe it’s because of this new ‘f**k it’ attitude that he has?  That is what coach David Fizdale says is different about him.

Ntilikina isn’t looking or reading to much into what others might be saying about his game and just playing.  He has a ‘clear head’ which can be seen in his new approach to the game.  The Knicks have seen a progression in Ntilikina that can very well put him into the plans for the future.

The Knicks saw what could be during the FIBA World Cup with Ntilikina contributing valuable minutes.  He was excellent in defending and his offensive game took a tiny step forward.

Now, Ntilikina has taken that even further with his play.

It all began when the Knicks got their third win of the season against the Dallas Mavericks.  Ntilikina only played 18 minutes but they were crucial.  In the fourth quarter, Ntilikina keyed in on Luka Doncic defensively and had the Garden rocking.  He was driving on the floor and making timely steals in crunch time.

Since that huge defensive performance, Ntilikina has been playing substantially well for the Knicks.  His defense could be in the discussion to be called ‘elite’ and his offensive game is coming.

Ntilikina had, by far, his best shooting performance for the New York Knicks this last game.  He had 17 points on 6-8 from the field against the Sixers.  You can see a progression in his offensive game and his confidence.  But you can especially see it in this play here.  There was a different feeling to that play where you can tell that Ntilikina’s offensive game is greatly improving.

Despite only being 2-2 in the their last four games, the Knicks have greatly benefited from Ntilikina’s defense.  He is not in conversation, or even remotely close, for defensive player of the year but his name should be brought up for the third team, at least.  That could be a major stretch but he deserves some type of recognition.  Ntilikina set the tone for the Knicks defensively and they have responded.  Along with some help from Taj Gibson.

Hopefully, Ntilikina can continue to blossom with this new ‘f**k it’ attitude.  It seems to be working and it was what Knicks fans have been waiting for.  Ntilikina’s playing himself into a role with the Knicks for the foreseeable future.

New York Knicks: Overall Effort Level Shows That Fizdale Is a Beloved Coach

The New York Knicks are still learning each other as the young season progresses. However, there’s no real identity and the lack of a penetrating point guard hasn’t helped the squad during certain moments.

Dennis Smith Jr. is a penetrating point-guard and so is Elfrid Payton. However, Dennis Smith Jr is progressing and working himself into NBA shape and Elfrid Payton is slowly rehabbing what seems to be a significant hamstring injury. Frank Ntilikina is improving his driving skills, however, Ntilikina still isn’t a prototypical penetrating guard. However, if Ntilikina’s jumper is falling, the Knicks automatically becomes a dangerous deep team.

Mitchell Robinson missed time with a concussion and Deadly sharp-shooting Reggie Bullock is getting closer to practicing with his new team. The Knicks’ struggles are related to both injuries and lack of cohesion due to new unfamiliar players and a new head coach for some. The learning curve is steep but time waits for no man.

Knicks look like they’re becoming use to each other’s styles and it’s becoming fun to watch. The bully ball works to a certain extent. But, ball movement and player movement is crucial. Opportunities are definitely what the NBA is about and the Knicks are sharing those opportunities amongst each other.

Overall, there’s some improvement to be made but the Knicks are slowly making progress in the messy Eastern Conference. The guys in the Knick locker room love playing for Fizdale and it showed. Therefore, they’re going to play the very hard night out and night in. Playing less hero ball and obtaining headier high basketball IQ is priceless. Improved basketball IQ leads to more confidence and wins.

New York Knicks need a win tonight before brutal stretch

New York Knicks, David Fizdale, Julius Randle

The New York Knicks desperately need a win tonight as they host the Cleveland Cavaliers at the Garden.  Their schedule for the rest of November is not in their favor.

The Knicks have 2 games against the Sixers then ones versus Spurs, Nets and Raptors.  They would be lucky if they were to get a victory in any of those games.  The Cavaliers game tonight could be the only other win they have in the month of November.

However, last time the Knicks hosted the Cavaliers, they had their doors blown off on their home court.  That game was coming off their 2nd victory against the Dallas Mavericks.  The Knicks are always good for a stinker of a game after a victory, that’s just who they are.

The Knicks should’ve had a victory Saturday against the Hornets but it appears that smaller guards are their kryptonite.  First it was Trae Young then De’Aaron Fox, Terry Rozier, Kemba Walker, Coby White, now Collin Sexton and Darius Garland again.

Sexton torched the Knicks for 31 points in their first meeting leaving the Garden no choice but to boo.  After that, the press conference happened where head coach David Fizdale was officially put on the hot seat.  He’s possibly one blowout lose away from looking for a new job.

Even if they were to get a win tonight, their schedule upcoming is so brutal a blowout lose is inevitable.

If Fizdale was able to get the team up for a game like he did for the Dallas Mavericks, the Knicks could be 4-9, trying to get their 5th win tonight.  However, the play of Julius Randle in Hornets game hurt the Knicks from doing that.

Fizdale needs to stick to ball movement and not so much isolation because that is how they got 2 victories against the Mavericks.  Their defense was above-average in those games then go away when they play a lesser opponent.

The defense needs to have a chip on their shoulder after the embarrassing performance last time the Cavaliers were in town.  Keying on their guards will be the main focal point for the Knicks are to get a win.  Adjustments need to be made quickly for Fizdale to remain employed.

New York Knicks sweep Mavs season series; should play them more often

New York Knicks, Frank Ntilikina

The former New York Knicks superstar Kristaps Porzingis made his anticipated return to the Garden last night.  The fans welcomed Porzingis back with a lot of trash talk, chants and boos all game.

Porzingis said that he “understands” why Knicks fans would be upset with him but that’s besides the fact anymore.  Moving on.  The Knicks won the final game of the 2 game series against the Dallas Mavericks and you would have thought it was a playoff game, 106-103.

The New York Knicks came out with a lot of fire but the crowd even more on one.  The defense was fiery and the Knicks were hitting the shots.  The tone was set by Frank Ntilikina.  Porzingis drove down Broadway and tried to dunk but Ntilikina was not letting that happen.  It was a blocking foul on Ntilikina but it was a clean block.

After the Mavs timeout, the Knicks were up 8-2 and you’d think they were on the verge of winning the NBA title.

The Knicks defense were energetic and all over-the-place throughout the entire game.  There was a few times were boxing out was a major issue but the Knicks out-rebounded the Mavs 62-48.  The Knicks also switched into a zone defense that, at times, was not that bad.  The Mavs found the holes but it could have been a lot worse.

The offense was cooking especially from beyond the arc.  The Knicks were 13-30, 44.7%.  They weren’t shying away and why not.  It there were hitting them then have at it.  Whenever the Knicks needed a big three it was always Marcus Morris, Bobby Portis or Dennis Smith Jr.

Yes, Smith Jr.  He had his best performance of the season in his second back back.  Smith was able to create for the Knicks and even make shots.  He defense wasn’t too shabby either.

The Mavs stayed in game thanks for Porzingis and Luka Doncic, who had a triple-double, but it wasn’t enough them.  The Knicks hit big shots and didn’t fold.  Fans could see the collapse coming but not this time.

It was partially thanks for the defense provided by Ntilikina in crunch time in the fourth.  His defense at the end of the game is exactly why he needs to play because when they need there was Ntilikina.  Also, the big shot hit by Morris sealed the game for the Knicks and the Garden erupted.

This was the best Knicks team performance of the season.  Not going to say that this could be the start of a turn around but the Knicks played like the team we all thought they could be this season.  Can it continue as they have two winnable games coming up against the Hornets and Cavaliers?  We shall see but this win was very enjoyable.

New York Knicks: Mills, Not Fizdale Should Be The First Gone

New York Knicks, Julius Randle

Losses have been one of two constants throughout the decade for the New York Knicks. Aside from one good year In the 2010’s, the Knicks have been stuck in the bottom of the NBA. Think of all the high draft picks they have had in just the last five years, Kristaps Porzinigs, Kevin Knox, Frank Ntilikina, and now RJ Barrett.

Coach’s have come and gone. Mike D’Antoni, Mike Woodson, Derek Fisher, Kurt Rambis, Jeff Hornacek, and now David Fizdale. Switching through coaches has not helped the Knicks at all this decade.
The players have come and gone too. It feels as though every year the Knicks have a brand new roster, and are just turning over player after player. The majority of the guys on the team this year, will not be on the team next year. All the veterans from last year’s team, are gone and dispersed through the NBA and the unemployment line.
Changing the coach’s have not worked, changing the players have not worked, maybe James Dolan should try changing something else. The Front Office. The one constant through all the change and losses has been Steve Mills. I like Scott Perry, and I like what he has done, but this season has been brutal, even though this was somewhat expected. This is not Fizdale’s fault. While his rotations have not been the best, Fizdale is a good coach who is respected around the NBA. People around the NBA believe in Fizdale, and if he were to be fired today, he would land another job, unlike Fisher and Rambis. Fizdale can be good with the Knicks, he is a quality basketball coach, and is not the problem.
While I may have been in the minority and didn’t mind the Knicks moves, somebody has to fall if this season continues. It is time for that to be Steve Mills. Mills has been the only constant(besides Dolan) in this decade of losing. If somebody is getting fired for this season it should be Mills, not Fizdale.

Is it too early to start talking about the draft for the New York Knicks?

New York Knicks

The New York Knicks are 11 games into the 2019-20 NBA season and it’s good as over.  The Knicks are 2-9 and on the verge of moving on from Head Coach David Fizdale.

Not even 20 games in and Knicks fan are finding this season laughable and hard to watch.  Some of that falls on the coach for the inability to get his players up for games and develop offensive and defensive schemes.  More can fall on the players for being unable to execute.  Either way you look at it, it’s bad.

Therefore, since the season is lost, the Knicks can start to look towards the upcoming NBA draft.  Yes, it is way-too early to do so but what else is there to talk about.  There’s only so many things to talk about when it comes to this squad.  They repeat themselves almost every game with their play.

For next year’s draft, the Knicks need a point guard with their first pick.  It’s going to be a high pick so they have to hit a home-run.

The Knicks have several power forwards so that should be off the board.  Unless, James Wiseman’s there when they pick.  The Knicks still do not have a ‘true’ point guard running the offense.

RJ Barrett and Frank Ntilikina have been splitting the point guard duties and with Dennis Smith Jr. back, that’ll split into thirds.  Just wait until Elfrid Payton comes back too.

But the Knicks need a point guard that will run the offense day-in and day-out.  No more flip-flopping because the Knicks point guard carousel is such a headache.

The point guards the Knicks need to look at are Cole Anthony, Cassius Stanley and Nico Mannion.  Any of these three ‘true’ point guards would be exciting to pair with RJ Barrett.  Barrett can’t be running the point off-and-on, he’s too valuable.

Cole Anthony, UNC, has the ability to run the offense, shoot the deep ball and get his teammates involved.  He is must-see TV when he’s on and the early favorite for player of the year.  Him and Barrett could be a lethal back-court for years.  Some fans have even started the ‘tank foe Cole Anthony’ bandwagon.

Cassius Stanley, out of Duke, is 6-foot-6 guard with the ability to stretch the floor. He’s very athletic and provides elite dunks in transition.  Smith Jr. was suppose to be that guy for the Knicks but he’s under-performing.

Nico Mannion, Arizona, is shooting 52% from the field and creates his own shot with ease.  Besides, the ability to score he does an excellent job at distributing the ball to his teammates.  Knicks all of the above.

All three players should be high on the Knicks big board.  The Knicks need a ‘true’ point guard to pair with Barrett for the future.  One of these three players would be another effort of trying to turn around the organization.

Coby White’s rookie 3-point record hands New York Knicks 9th loss

New York Knicks, David Fizdale

The New York Knicks season is starting to become a comedy show.  The Knicks got their ninth defeat of the season by the hands of the Chicago Bulls, 120-102.  The games are laughable and that’s really all fans can do at this point.

Knicks head coach David Fizdale is on hot seat from GM Steve Mills and President Steve Mills.  Fans would think that Fizdale would have the team fired up for this game.  For the initial beginning of the game, the Knicks were more energetic then previous contests.

The defense was playing up to a decent standard.  The offense was getting to the rim easily and utilizing the pick-and-roll nicely.  However, when they got to the rim, getting the ball in the hoop was a challenge.  But it was good to see them attacking.  RJ Barrett was man leading the Knicks charge to the rim.

However, as all Knicks fans should know, a blowout is always coming.  It was just a matter of time before the Knicks let their guard down and the Bulls go on a run.  The Bulls went on a 20-2 run in the first half and, of course, the Knicks had to scratch and claw there was back.

Unfortunately, this time was not like the previous meeting, where the Knicks came back for the win.

The Knicks had a lot of issues in this game that were infuriating.  It begins with Julius Randle and Marcus Morris.  Both players are gunners.  They can’t be on the floor at the time same.

Morris couldn’t hit water from a boat last night but he continued to chuck them.  He was 6-17 from the field with 22 points.  Similarly, Randle can’t shoot from beyond the arc, 1-5 on the night, but he doesn’t shy away from bombing them.

Those two ruin the flow of the game for the Knicks and only want to play one-on-one basketball.  That is not going to win you games.  However, besides Barrett, no one else is scoring so they have to take more shots?  The offense continue to have no real scheme.  Utilizing the pick-and-roll is what makes the team look competent, why go away from that?

The game was tied up at 89 in the 4th then Coby White took over.  He set the Bulls rookie record for 3’s in a quarter with 7.  After White shot the lights out of the gym, the Knicks were so down on themselves there was no coming back.  The New York Knicks fall to 2-9 on the season and look like winning over 10 games will be a struggle.