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Didn’t think this New York Knicks season would be worse than the last


The New York Knicks season is going like no fan thought it would.  The Knicks are 4-16 and have the second worst record in the entire league.

Coming into this season the Knicks were suppose to be a lot better than expected.  They have a good mix of youth and veteran players to make something happen in the East.  However, this season has been more painful than the last.

Last season the Knicks won 17 games.  This season they might even struggle to do that.

There’s so much wrong with this seasons team it’s a shame.  They do have a lot more talent this season but it’s a struggle to find their stride.  10 new players on the roster and the offensive scheme is none existent.  The Knicks don’t have one despite what David Fizdale and the players say.

However, there are times, mainly against good teams, where the Knicks look like a contending team.  They’ll go up double digits and make fans feel good.  But the real one’s know that the collapse is always lurking and you can’t get too excited.

The New York Knicks give fans hope that maybe this could be the turn around when they’re up 17 on the 76ers or 8 on the Celtics.  The Knicks then let their guard down or have a lineup change that ultimately ruins the flow of the game and the game is lost.

Tonight’s game won’t be any different.  Knicks twitter have optimism about the game against the Buck in Milwaukee.  The line is Bucks -17 and the Knicks are without their best defender Frank Ntilikina.  Not a good start to this contest.

The Knicks will do what they always do and get our hopes up then collapse.  Or maybe, they won’t give us hope and it’ll be a Bucks route from the tip.  That’s Knicks basketball the past two seasons.

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