Changing Randle can help make the New York Knicks less miserable

New York Knicks, David Fizdale, Julius Randle
Oct 30, 2019; Orlando, FL, USA; New York Knicks head coach David Fizdale talks with center Julius Randle (30) against the Orlando Magic during the second half at Amway Center. Mandatory Credit: Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

The New York Knicks made it obvious that head coach David Fizdale is on the hot seat.  Something has to change quickly if he wants to retain his job despite having 2 and a half years left on his contract.

For starters, Fizdale needs to figure out how to utilize Julius Randle the proper way.  Steve Mills and Scott Perry are not going to trade Randle so this is all on Fizdale.  If he can’t find out how to get the best out of him then Fizdale is gone.

However, firing the coach isn’t going to solve the problem.  It abut execution as well.

Randle is an above average starter.  He thrives in the pick and roll, not isolation.  He may think that iso is the way to go but it hasn’t been working thus far since the Knicks are nine games under .500.  Randle mentioned something about working more with the offense prior to the second Mavericks game.  Whatever that talk was, it lasted for one game.

Besides pick and rolls, Fizdale needs to have Randle attacking the basket off of cuts.  He’s big and quick enough to take his man then.  Backing on his opponent and going one-on-one isn’t working so it’s time for a change.  It’s up to Fizdale to get Randle and the Knicks going.

The New York Knicks roster is a lot better then what the team looked like last season.  The talent is there it’s on Fizdale to get the best out of his players and it begins with Randle.  If he is able to get Randle in check, others will follow.

Look at what Marcus Morris has done with Frank Ntilikina.  That new ‘fk it’ attitude Ntilikina has developed has raised his game, especially defensively.  Maybe the entire team should take on this ‘fk it’ attitude to make this losing season less miserable.