After loss at UFC Vegas 25, what’s next for Cody Stamann?

This past Saturday at UFC Vegas 25, Cody Stamann (19-4-1) was tasked with trying to stop Merab Dvalishvili (13-4). Dvalishvili had won five fights in a row leading into Saturday and The Spartan was trying to stop that winning streak.

These two men were scheduled to fight a couple of times over the last year. However, the fight always fell through. But, at UFC Vegas 25, we finally got to see these two talented bantamweights go to war.

Stamann was looking to bounce back after a loss in his last outing. On the UFC‘s first trip to Fight Island, Stamann took on Jimmie Rivera. It was a huge fight for Stamann, but he came up just a bit short.

Stamann started out his UFC career going 3-0. However, since then he was 2-2-1 heading into Saturday night. Well, unfortunately for Stamann, he wasn’t able to turn away the storm that is Merab Dvalishvili.

While Stamann was the one stepping forward throughout the fight, there was just nonstop action from Dvalishvili on Saturday night. Stamann had moments including getting the better of the grappling a few times, but ultimately, Dvalishvili controlled the fight. Ultimately, Stamann dropped a unanimous decision which brings him to just 2-3-1 in his last six fights.

What’s next after UFC Vegas 25?

Despite the loss, Cody Stamann remains in the UFC’s top fifteen at bantamweight. With the updated rankings coming out today, Stamann clocks in at the thirteenth position which is where he was before Saturday night.

With Stamann still inside the top fifteen, what should the UFC do with him next? There is one fight that I love for Stamann and the bantamweight division. That is a matchup with Casey Kenney (16-3-1).

Kenney is coming off of a loss to Dominick Cruz back at UFC 259. That loss snapped a three-fight win streak. Since making his octagon debut back in 2019, the only two men to have defeated Kenney inside the octagon are Cruz and Dvalishvili.

Kenney and Stamann find themselves in a very similar position. I think the best move would be the pair them up against each other to see who the better prospect is. Given the way their last fights went, I think the UFC could make this fight sooner than later.

After another win at UFC Vegas 25, what’s next for Merab Dvalishvili?

This past Saturday at UFC Vegas 25, a good bantamweight contest kicked off the main card. Merab Dvalishvili (13-4) took on Cody Stamann (19-4-1). These two were paired up twice before, but the fight fell through both times.

Finally, at UFC Vegas 25 we saw the two of them go head-to-head. Stamann was looking to bounce back after just his second loss in the octagon. Dvalishvili on the other hand was looking to pick up his sixth straight win in the UFC.

When Dvalishvili made his octagon debut a few years ago, it didn’t start well. Dvalishvili lost his first two fights inside the octagon. However, since that second loss, Dvalishvili has completely turned things around.

Dvalishvili pushes a pace that very few can match and he’s showing that he can be a handful in the UFC‘s bantamweight division. I was so intrigued by the grappling of these two considering how good of wrestlers they both are.

Throughout the fight, we saw the wrestling of each man cancel the other out at times. However, Dvalishvili was still able to get Stamann down several times. He had issues keeping him on the ground, but he was relentless with his attacks.

The activity, the pressure, and the pace that Dvalishvili is a problem for all UFC bantamweights. In the end, Dvalishvili walked away with the unanimous decision victory and now he’s won six straight.

What’s next after UFC Vegas 25?

The UFC rankings just updated and Dvalishvili moved up to the eleventh spot in the rankings. Having won six in a row, it’s a tad surprising he didn’t crack the top ten, but he’s right there.

So, what should the UFC do with him next? Well, I really like a potential matchup between Dvalishvili and Pedro Munhoz (19-5, 1 NC). Munhoz just defeated Jimmie Rivera back in February which snapped a two-fight losing streak.

He’s currently ranked eighth in the UFC’s bantamweight division and he needs a quality next opponent. A matchup between Dvalishvili and Munhoz would really tell you a lot about both men.

Considering their spots, whoever would win a potential matchup between the two would be in a great position at 135. Perhaps a top five opponent would be waiting the winner. Dvalishvili needs a step up in competition, and I think Pedro Munhoz is it.

UFC Vegas 25 Results: Merab Dvalishvili defeats Cody Stamann by decision

One of the more highly anticipated matchups at UFC Vegas 25 was the bantamweight showdown between Cody Stamann (19-3-1) and Merab Dvalishvili (12-4). These two top bantamweights have been paired up before, but this is the first time that the fight actually went down.

Stamann was looking to bounce back after he suffered defeat in his last fight. He took on Jimmie Rivera during the UFC‘s first trip to Fight Island. Since that loss, we haven’t seen Stamann inside the octagon.

Stamann made his octagon debut back in 2017. Since joining the UFC a few years ago the only two men to have defeated Stamann are Rivera and the current bantamweight champion Aljamain Sterling.

Sterling is one of the lead training partners of Merab Dvalishvili. Dvalishvili got off to a rough start in the UFC losing his first two. However, a switch has been flipped with the native of Georgia.

Dvalishvili has now won his last five fights in the UFC. If he could pick up a win over Stamann tonight, it would likely net him someone in the top ten for his next matchup. There was a lot on the line for both men tonight.

UFC Vegas 25 Recap

Round 1

The UFC Vegas 25 main card opener started off with a quick touch of the gloves and immediate pressure from Stamann. A beautiful head kick lands for Stamann to start the striking.

Dvalishvili opens his striking with a big 1-2 and then he connects big with an uppercut. Stamann throws another kick, but Dvalishvili catches it and takes Stamann down. Dvalishvili was heavy on the pressure, but Stamann was able to get back to his feet.

More pressure for Stamann who shoots in for his first takedown. Dvalishvili just shrugs him off, but Stamann goes right back in for a takedown. Again, Dvalishvili defends well and Stamann throws some shots on the break.

Dvalishvili lands a brief takedown, but Stamann pops right back up. A nice jab lands for Dvalishvili, but Stamann staggers him with a big straight right hand. A beautiful 1-2 lands for Merab Dvalishvili.

Straight right hand lands for Dvalishvili and then again. Stamann was heavy on the pressure and Dvalishvili lands a brief takedown. A nice scramble to end the right has Stamann on top. Good round but it’s 1-0 Dvalishvili at UFC Vegas 25.

Round 2

The second round at UFC Vegas 25 started with more pressure from Cody Stamann. Stamann opens the striking with a body kick and he pushes forward. Cody Stamann lands his first takedown and is able to keep Dvalishvili down for about thirty seconds.

Dvalishvili gets back to his feet but eats a clean left on the break. A nice jab lands for Stamann, but Dvalishvili pushes forward and lands a takedown of his own. A scramble gets the fight back to the feet and both men exchange shots.

Dvalishvili times a jab beautifully and takes down Stamann. Stamann reverses the position, but Dvalishvili locks in a deep guillotine choke. Dvalishvili cranks it, but Stamann pops his head out. Another scramble has the fight back to the feet.

Big combination lands for Dvalishvili and he’s turning up the pressure. Stamann pops the jab, but Dvalishvili gets in deep on a takedown and slams Stamann down. Stamann defends well and gets back up.

Dvalishvili has his back up against fence and he’s winging his shots. Stamann is very heavy on the pressure, but he’s not landing. The two come together and Dvalishvili lands a hip toss. The round closes and it’s 2-0 Dvalishvili at UFC Vegas 25 on my scorecard.

Round 3

Heading into the final round at UFC Vegas 25 and I think Cody Stamann needs a finish. The final round opens with a touch of the gloves and Stamann is right back on the pressure of Dvalishvili.

Solid 1-2 lands for Merab Dvalishvili. Dvalishvili pushes forward and both men exchange big shots. Another big combination lands for Dvalishvili and Stamann was starting to look a little tired here in the third.

However, he was still pressing forward looking for big shots. Dvalishvili bounces off the cage and comes forward with a nice right hand. There is just so much activity from Merab Dvalishvili here in the final round. A nice left seems to stagger Stamann.

Stamann throws a flying knee which seems to land, but Dvalishvili just smiles at him. Uppercut and left hook lands for Dvalishvili. Dvalishvili follows it with two straight crisp jabs and it’s all Dvalishvili here in the third.

Dvalishvili goes for a takedown, but Stamann defends extremely well. Stamann is able to get top position and both men start trading shots on the ground. A nice scramble sees the two men in a neutral position. The round closes and despite the top control, I give the third at UFC Vegas 25 to Merab Dvalishvili.

Merab Dvalishvili def. Cody Stamann by Unanimous Decision (30-27, 29-28, 29-28)

UFC Vegas 25 Preview: Cody Stamann – Merab Dvalishvili

Tomorrow night on the main card of UFC Vegas 25, we will see a showdown between two bantamweights in the top fifteen. Thirteenth ranked Cody Stamann (19-3-1) takes on the surging contender, Merab Dvalishvili (12-4).

For Stamann, he will be looking to bounce back after suffering a loss in his last outing. In his last fight, Stamann took on Jimmie Rivera on one of the UFC‘s first cards on Fight Island. It was a competitive fight, but Rivera definitely got the best of Stamann.

That was just the second loss since Stamann joined the UFC back in 2017. His only other loss came against the current bantamweight champion Aljamain Sterling. Sterling is also one of the main teammates of Merab Dvalishvili.

Dvalishvili didn’t get off to a hot start in the UFC. The native of Georgia lost his first two fights inside the octagon against Frankie Saenz and Ricky Simon. However, since those two losses, Dvalishvili has been nothing short of dominant.

Coming into UFC Vegas 25, Dvalishvili has won five fights in a row. Not too mention, he also set the bantamweight record for takedowns in his fight against Gustavo Lopez.

UFC Vegas 25 Prediction

I’m so intrigued by this matchup at UFC Vegas 25 because both guys are so similar. They both have tremendous wrestling and they both have ever-improving striking. It makes for such an interesting matchup.

For Stamann, he’s got to be able to withstand the pressure from Dvalishvili. Dvalishvili is going to come forward right away with a lot of pressure. The game plan for Dvalishvili is going to be to get Stamann tired with activity and pressure.

Usually with two grapplers, the fight ends up being a standup fight. If it is purely striking, I think Stamann has looked a tad more polished. However, Dvalishvili throws a lot and he’s always heavy on the activity.

I think this UFC Vegas 25 matchup is going to be decided early. There is going to be some grappling sprinkled in with this fight and whoever gets the better of it should win a decision. I don’t see a finish in this one, but I have to say, I like Merab Dvalishvili to pick up his sixth straight win in the octagon.

Prediction: Merab Dvalishvili by Unanimous Decision

UFC books Cody Stamann – Merab Dvalishvili

The UFC is finalizing a fun matchup in the bantamweight division for the third time. MMA Junkie was first to report this afternoon that the promotion has verbal agreements in place for a bantamweight matchup between Cody Stamann (19-3-1) and Merab Dvalishvili (12-4).

The matchup will take place at the UFC‘s Fight Night on May 1st. As mentioned, this is the third time that the promotion has tried to pair Dvalishvili up with Stamann. However, the previous two matchups fell through.

Now, the UFC is hoping to finally put these two top fifteen bantamweights against each other. For Cody Stamann, he’s going to be trying to get back on the winning side of things. Stamann last fought on Fight Island against Jimmie Rivera.

That night, Stamann lost a decision. That loss put Stamann at 6-2-1 in his nine fights in the UFC. The only two men who have gotten the better of him have been Rivera and the current bantamweight champion, Aljamain Sterling.

Dvalishvili looks to continue UFC winning streak

Speaking of Aljamain Sterling, he’s one of the lead training partners for Merab Dvalishvili. Dvalishvili got off to a really rocky start in the UFC. The bantamweight from Georgia lost his first matchups inside the octagon.

However, that is when his career started turning around. Since September of 2018, Dvalishvili has won five consecutive fights including wins over Casey Kenney and former UFC title challenger and Ultimate Fighter winner, John Dodson.

Dvalishvili’s wrestling has made him a problem for all of the opponents that have stood in his way. He’s also been showing some improved striking in his last couple of matchups which make him even more dangerous.

This is going to be a fun matchup of grapplers. Usually when you see these kind of matchups in the UFC, you’ll see more striking because the grappling will cancel each other out. These guys are ranked 12th and 13th and I’m excited to finally see them square off inside the octagon.

Cody Stamann gets a new opponent for UFC Vegas 18

UFC Vegas 18 has seen a switch up for this Saturday night. Originally, Cody Stamann (19-3-1) was set to take on Andre Ewell (17-6) this Saturday, however, that fight has been called off after Ewell tested positive for COVID-19.

The UFC worked quickly and found Stamann a replacement. Stamann will take on UFC newcomer, Askar Askar (11-1) this Saturday night. The news was first reported by Bloody Canvas. Askar last competed at LFA 92 back in October where he won a decision.

For Askar, he’s taking his shot, but it’s a steep mountain to climb on Saturday night. Stamann is one of the best in the promotion and that’s a lot to take on with just under a week’s notice. However, taking this fight will do nothing but earn him praise with the promotion.

Entering 2020, Askar Askar was undefeated. However, back in February he suffered his first career loss when he was knocked out by Saidyokub Kakhramonov in the first round. As mentioned, he bounced back to defeat Kevin Wirth in October.

UFC newcomer takes on top bantamweight

Cody Stamann will make the walk on Saturday as the thirteenth ranked bantamweight in the UFC. Since making his debut with the promotion back in 2017, the only men to have defeated him are near the top of the division.

Stamann has a 5-2-1 record in the UFC after eight fights. However, the two losses came against Aljamain Sterling and Jimmie Rivera while the draw came against Song Yadong. All ranked bantamweights in the UFC.

The last we saw Stamann was when he took on Jimmie Rivera on Fight Island. Stamann had just fought a month prior to that and defeated Brian Kelleher. He was looking to capitalize on the momentum, but ultimately dropped a decision to Rivera.

Now, Stamann will look to get back on track with a win over Askar. It’s a risky fight to take for Stamann considering it’s such short notice against someone who’s never been in the UFC. I would expect a heavy dose of wrestling on Saturday night from The Spartan.

What’s next for Chito Vera after UFC Vegas 17?

This past Saturday in the co-main event of the evening at UFC Vegas 17, Chito Vera (16-7-1) got the biggest fight of his career. Vera got the opportunity to face former featherweight champion, Jose Aldo (29-7).

Aldo was coming off of a loss in a title fight against the UFC bantamweight champion, Petr Yan. A win for Vera over Aldo would vault him into title contention. This was a big step up for him in competition.

Chito was coming off of a win over Sean O’Malley that took place at UFC 252. O’Malley was arguably the most hyped prospect in the UFC. However, Chito was able to use effective leg kicks to chop down the Suga Show.

There were a few things that worried me about Chito’s win over O’Malley leading up to UFC Vegas 17. In his win back in August, Chito was really biting on the feints of Sean O’Malley. Every time O’Malley would feint, Vera’s reaction was clear and obvious.

During the first round of their fight, O’Malley was getting the better of it before Vera’s leg kicks debilitated him. Going into a fight against a guy like Aldo, I thought Chito would have a lot of problems if he fought the same.

Unfortunately for Chito, he did in the first round. Aldo dominated the striking in the first round ripping to the body and kicking his legs. Chito did much better in the second round putting pressure on Aldo and stole the round with his pressure.

In the third round, Chito found himself taken down and had Aldo on his back for virtually the entire round. What resulted was a clear victory for the former UFC featherweight champion.

What’s next after UFC Vegas 17?

So the question becomes, what’s next for Chito Vera? I think this was a really good learning experience for Chito at UFC Vegas 17. He learned a lesson in the first and the third round.

In the first round, he was keeping his guard way too high which allowed Aldo to rip to the body and kick his legs. In the third round, his over aggressiveness got himself taken down and he couldn’t get Aldo off of his back.

Those two rounds will get Chito plenty of footage to go back and improve on. So what should the UFC do with Chito? I think a really good fight for Chito could by Cody Stamann (19-3-1).

Stamann is currently 13th in the UFC’s bantamweight division. He’s also coming off of a loss so the fight makes sense from a situation and rankings perspective.

The UFC could always run the fight back with Sean O’Malley. There’s a big portion of the MMA population that wasn’t satisfied with that win for Chito. Perhaps, Chito could put an exclamation point on another fight with the Suga Show.

UFC on ESPN 13 Recap: Calvin Kattar outpoints Dan Ige over five rounds


Round two went off on the UFC‘s Fight Island this evening. The main event of the evening featured a featherweight contest between Calvin Kattar (22-4) and Dan Ige (14-3). The second card on Fight Island didn’t disappoint.

Kattar out strikes Ige over five rounds

The main event of the evening featured two top ten UFC featherweights going to war in Kattar and Ige. A win for either man in this contest would likely mean a crack at someone inside the top five.

Both men started out the fight just feeling the other out, not throwing a ton. Ige rushed in a couple of times with shots, but Kattar evaded the shots easily. Kattar seemed really patient right out of the gate while Ige seemed more aggressive.

About two minutes in, Kattar started to press forward throwing his jab. After Ige landed a decent body shot, Kattar ripped a right hook and left uppercut. Kattar landed a couple of good shots before Ige shot for a takedown.

Kattar defended the takedown well and both men returned to their feet. Ige was throwing hard, but Kattar just seemed a little smoother on the feet. Ige had his moments in round one, but the first goes to Kattar.

Both men started slow in round two not throwing much in the opening minute. Ige got the action started with a good body shot, but as soon as it landed, Kattar started moving forward. Kattar did a fantastic job early of catching Ige.

About halfway through the round, Ige landed a massive shot to Kattar’s nose which got the blood flowing. Kattar had his nose broken in his previous fight and it clearly started bothering him.

Ige really started to get comfortable and confident in the latter half of the second round. With about thirty seconds left in the round, Kattar got more aggressive throwing some combinations. Good bounce back round for Ige who takes this one evening up the fight 1-1.

Ige started round three moving forward right away. Kattar seemed a bit more aggressive to round three throwing a bit more early. Ige did a pretty good job of landing calf kicks early in the third.

Kattar was pushing forward a lot more in round three, but Ige was doing a really good job of exploding forward landing shots. With about two minutes left in the round, Kattar landed some clean shots that caused Ige to shoot for a takedown.

To me, it was evident that Kattar had the better hands, but he was just waiting too much. With about a minute left, Kattar got a bit more aggressive which allowed him to land some good shots. Close round, but I go with Kattar in round three.

Kattar opened the main event rounds trying to work off the job. Ige shot in for a deep takedown, but he was not able to get Kattar down. Kattar backed Ige back towards the fence and started throwing some heat.

Ige tried for another takedown, but again was not able to get Kattar down. Kattar seemed to be upping the pressure to start the fourth. Ige would shoot forward with shots, but they were coming a little slower than they were in previous rounds.

Kattar started landing more and more leg kicks in the fourth which caused constant stance switches for Ige. Ige was still game, but he just didn’t seem as fresh as Kattar. Good fourth round for Kattar who’s up 3-1 on my scorecard.

Entering the final round, Kattar looked very confident on his feet. Every time that Ige rushed in early, Kattar would land a smooth counter shot. Kattar did a really good job through the first half of the round of fighting from a distance.

Both men exchanged with big shots about halfway through the round. Ige tried again for a takedown, but Kattar again defended. Ige was officially 0-7 on takedowns at this point. With ten seconds left, Kattar threw some massive shots which forced another Ige takedown attempt. Kattar reversed and landed some bombs as the fight ended.

Entertaining fight, and I give the final round as well as the fight to Calvin Kattar 49-46. The judges agreed giving the fight to Kattar on all scorecards (49-46, 49-46, 48-47).

Tim Elliott edges Ryan Benoit in an entertaining scrap

The co-main event of the evening featured a flyweight contest between former UFC title challenger, Tim Elliott (16-11-1) and the powerful, Ryan Benoit (10-7). Elliot came into tonight with his back against a wall after going 1-4 in his last five fights.

Elliott immediately came out looking to put pressure on Benoit. Both men appeared to just be gauging the range early on. After about two minutes, the two men started opening up and Benoit landed some big shots.

Elliott tried to get the fight to the ground, but Benoit defended nicely. Elliott continued to keep Benoit on his back foot with his awkward movement and pressure. Benoit seemed to be waiting a little too much in the first round.

Elliott tried for a couple of more takedowns but couldn’t land one. Benoit landed a massive body shot which caused Elliott to shoot again. Elliott was able to land two quick takedowns in the last minute. Very close round, but because of the constant forward pressure and late takedowns, I’ll give it to Elliott.

Elliott danced his way in to start round two, but Benoit landed some decent shots to start. Benoit landed another big kick, but Elliott was able to counter with a few good shots of his own. Elliott was doing a really good job at constantly moving forward.

However, about two minutes in, Benoit started to land some really big shots as Elliott was coming in. Elliott’s pressure was forcing the shots and Benoit landed a takedown, but shot right into a guillotine. Elliott had the choke tight, but couldn’t finish it.

After a scramble, Benoit caught Elliott in a deep knee bar that caused Elliott to wince in pain. Somehow, Elliott didn’t tap despite the obvious pain. Both men ended up back on their feet with a minute left.

Benoit landed some really good shots again as Elliott plotted forward. Very entertaining round that I’ll give to Benoit. I had it even going into the final round.

Both men got right back after it to start the third round. Elliott continued moving forward putting pressure on Benoit. After a takedown attempt, Elliott landed some really good knees and elbows.

It appeared early in the third that Benoit looked a little tired. Elliott flashed a really good jab that was touching Benoit. Elliott appeared to have hurt his right hand in one of the grappling exchanges. Despite that, Elliott was getting the better of the striking exchanges.

Elliott continued to pepper Benoit with good jabs late in the round. Benoit threw some massive shots and landed some good ones. Nothing seemed to hurt Elliott significantly. In the last ten seconds, Benoit tried to go all out for a finish, but couldn’t land the big shot.

This was a very entertaining fight in the UFC‘s flyweight division. I gave the third round to Elliott which would give him the fight 29-28 in my opinion. In the end, all three judges agreed giving Elliott the unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28).

Jimmie Rivera decisions Cody Stamann

The third fight of the main card could have honestly been a main event between UFC bantamweights Jimmie Rivera (23-4) and Cody Stamann (19-3-1).

Because the fight came together on short notice, the two bantamweights met at the featherweight limit of 145 pounds.

Both men opened the fight with power shots with Stamann throwing a hook and Rivera a leg kick. After gauging the distance, Rivera landed a massive hook to the body then a hook to the head. After Rivera slipped from a kick, Stamann stormed forward landing some nice shots.

Rivera then caught a leg kick from Stamann and countered with a shot that put Stamann down momentarily. Stamann got back to his feet, but Rivera tried to take him down. Stamann pulled off a nice reversal before taking Rivera down momentarily.

The referee separated the two men despite Stamann having control of Rivera’s back. Once they were back to striking, Rivera was getting the better of the striking exchanges. Close round one, but that separation really hurt Stamann. 10-9 for Rivera after one.

The second round started with Stamann immediately shooting in for a takedown. After briefly being taken down, Rivera popped right back up. After being controlled from the back, Rivera reversed the position and took Stamann down.

Stamann popped right back up following the takedown. The two men broke from grappling with about two minutes left in the round. Rivera pressed forward cutting off the cage from Stamann. Rivera landed some decent shots in the last couple of minutes, but Stamann held his own. Close round, but I lean Rivera again.

Early on in the final round, Stamann shot in for another takedown. Prior to the shot, Rivera did land a couple of clean shots. Rivera defended the takedown nicely before reversing the position.

Rivera landed some nice shots against the cage before the two men separated. Stamann would land shots here and there, but Rivera was consistently landing a little more in the third. With two minutes left, Stamann shot in for another takedown, but again Rivera defended.

Rivera briefly locked in a guillotine, but Stamann defended nicely. The two men separated again with about a minute left. Both men started trading shots in the final minute. An entertaining end to a pretty decent fight.

I gave the third round to Rivera giving him the fight 30-27. The judges agreed giving the fight to Rivera by unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 29-28).

Talia Santos dominant over Molly McCann

The second fight on the main card tonight featured a women’s flyweight contest between Molly McCann (10-3) and Talia Santos (16-1).

McCann came into tonight trying to win her fourth consecutive fight while Santos was looking to bounce back from her first career loss.

McCann sprinted across the octagon to start the fight. Santos backed her up with a couple of clean straight shots using her reach advantage. McCann landed some pretty decent hooks as Santos tried to come in. Both women landed some really good shots in the early exchanges.

McCann was hitting Santos with some clean shots which cut the Brazilian. Santos seemed to be kick heavy early landed some nice ones to the body. With about 90 seconds left in the round, Santos landed a big takedown. McCann got back to her feet, but was hit with some nasty knees to the body. Entertaining round one that I gave to Santos.

McCann came right out with urgency in round two. Santos seemed pretty composed trying to fight from distance. McCann pushed Santos against the fence looking for a takedown early in the second.

After a couple of failed attempts, the two ladies separated. Santos landed some nice body kicks before securing another takedown, and immediately transitioned to the mount. Santos came close to securing a choke as McCann tried to work her way back up.

McCann used the cage to get up but Santos dragged her right back to the ground. McCann kept working off of her back to get up, but Santos did a fantastic job of controlling her. Two straight rounds for Santos.

McCann stormed forward again to start the third throwing big shots. However, Santos did a fantastic job at keeping the fight at distance landing some clean shots. McCann was wearing the damage early in the third round.

Clearly no quit in McCann as she continued to storm forward throwing everything, but nothing significant was landing. Two minutes into the final round, Santos secured a takedown after McCann landed a couple of good shots.

The rest of the round consisted of McCann trying to get back to her feet just to have Santos drag her right back down. Santos controlled the round as she did the fight.

I gave the third round and the fight to Santos 30-27. The judges unanimously agreed giving the decision to Talia Santos (30-27, 30-27, 30-27). This was the first win in the UFC.

Lazzez defeats Alhassan in impressive UFC debut

Opening up the main card this evening was the fight I had been looking forward to between UFC welterweights, Abdul Razak Alhassan (10-2) and Mounir Lazzez (10-1).

Many were looking forward to this one due to the fact that the two men had a combined 18 knockouts between 19 wins.

Lazzez stormed right to the center but he was met immediately by Alhassan early in the first. Alhassan backed Lazzez up against the fence early and started landing bombs on Lazzez. For a second Lazzez seemed rocked, but he survived the storm. Alhassan seemed to be very tired after the initial exchanges.

Lazzez started to find his rhythm about halfway through the round. He started landing some nasty leg kicks and knees to the body. The Sniper looked insanely loose near the end of the round landing clean shots. Lazzez also landed a takedown at the end of the round to seal the round for the UFC newcomer.

Alhassan looked extremely tired to start the second round. Lazzez looked fresh coming out for the second landing good kicks and jabs. Alhassan continued to plot forward, but he was getting touched up coming in. Lazzez stormed forward after landing a few really clean shots.

Alhassan appeared rocked against the cage as Lazzez flooded him with shots. Alhassan ripped back with a few hooks, but nothing damaging landed. Lazzez shot in for another takedown halfway through the round taking Alhassan down.

The referee stood up the two men after less than a minute on the ground. Once back on the feet, Lazzez landed some nasty shots against the fence before taking Alhassan down again. After only seconds on the ground, the referee stood up the two men once again in an odd officiating call just before the round ended. Another round for Lazzez.

Both men came out for the third round and exchanged leg kicks. The pace had slowed significantly from both men in the third. Lazzez landed a massive knee on Alhassan as Alhassan shot in for the takedown. Alhassan got two quick takedowns, but Lazzez bounced right back up.

Lazzez reversed position against the cage before taking Alhassan down with about two minutes left in the round. Lazzez landed some massive elbows from side control. With 10 seconds left Alhassan got back up and threw some haymakers before the final bell. I lean Lazzez in that final round and give him the fight 30-27.

The judges agreed giving the fight unanimously to the UFC newcomer Lazzez (30-27, 30-27, 29-28).

Final Takeaways from UFC on ESPN 13

If you wanted to see finished, UFC on ESPN 13’s main card didn’t deliver, but the night was filled with some entertaining fights. The prelims had some great contests as well. A solid night of fights which served as a great appetizer for Saturday’s round three from Fight Island.

UFC on ESPN 13 Preview: Calvin Kattar and Dan Ige try to inch closer to a title shot


The UFC has round two on Fight Island tomorrow night. In the headliner, Calvin Kattar (21-4) takes on Dan Ige (14-2) in a battle of two top ten UFC featherweights. A win for either man could inch them closer to the title. Should be a solid night of fights so lets dive into the main card.

Calvin Kattar vs Dan Ige

The main event is a fight that I’m really looking forward to. Calvin Kattar is definitely one of the best featherweights in the world.

He’s coming off of a knockout victory over Jeremy Stephens back at UFC 249. Prior to that he lost a decision to Zabit Magomedsharipov, but Kattar was really coming on in that fight. He’s been tested by some of the best guys in the world.

When any fight is on the feet, Kattar is a tough challenge for anyone. He has very smooth boxing, but he also has a variety of clean striking techniques like the knockout elbow he landed against Stephens.

Ige comes into this fight on an impressive six fight winning streak. He’s slowly taken on better and better competition as the winning streak has occurred with his most impressive win coming in his last contest.

Ige has decent striking, and he does a really good job of transitioning striking to takedowns. I think he will have to try to get Kattar to the ground in this one if he wants to have a chance to win. Both of his last two wins were split decisions, but he’s going to have to do more to win this one.

Ige is really good, but I’m not sure he’s on Kattar’s level. When the fight’s on the feet, Ige is going to have his hands full. Expect Ige to have some moments, but I expect Kattar to get his second finish in the last couple of months in this one.

Prediction: Calvin Kattar by TKO – Round 3

Tim Elliot vs Ryan Benoit

The co-main event of the evening features a flyweight contest between Tim Elliot (15-11-1) and Ryan Benoit (10-6).

For Elliot, this is a massive fight for him. The former title challenger is just 1-4 in his last five fights including losing three in a row. A loss tomorrow night could spell the end for Elliot in the UFC.

Elliot is extremely active and does a lot of things well. He’s got a very unique style, but he’s always busy. He’s good on the ground, and his awkward stand-up allows him to land some decent shots. He’s also got a very good chin.

Benoit has some of the best power in the division, and it’s effortless power. If Benoit lands clean, he’s going to hurt you. Benoit fought for the first time back in December after a two year layoff and he lost a split decision.

Benoit is going to want to keep this standing and he’s going to be looking for the knockout. Elliot’s activity and frantic pace will give the judges a lot to look at. To me the fight comes down to how it’s one. If there’s a finish, Benoit is taking it. If it goes to the cards, I think Elliot will take this one due to his fighting style.

Prediction: Tim Elliot by Unanimous Decision

Jimmie Rivera vs Cody Stamann

The third fight of the evening is a fight that was recently added between Jimmie Rivera (22-4) and Cody Stamann (19-2-1). This fight is between two bantamweights, but due to the short notice, it’s taking place at featherweight.

This is a fight that was originally targeted for August, but after both men volunteered to replace Pedro Munhoz, the UFC decided to add this fight to the card. Rivera comes into this fight 1-3 in his last four fights.

Rivera has always been one of the better bantamweights in the world, but he’s not at the elite level. His three losses were all against the top three guys currently in the division. Rivera has a very solid overall game. Good grappling, good boxing, and really good muy thai.

Stamann comes into this fight after winning the most emotional fight of his career last month at UFC 250. Stamann had just lost his little brother, but put on one of his best performance on his way to victory against Brian Kelleher.

Stamann has shown improved striking, but he uses that to try to setup takedowns or opportunities to grapple. To me, this is Stamann’s second crack at really top tier competition after losing to Aljamain Sterling at UFC 228.

I really like Stamann, but I think I’m leaning towards Rivera in this one. I think Rivera is going to keep the fight standing, and I think his more polished striking will allow him to land at a higher rate giving him the decision in this one.

Prediction: Jimmie Rivera by Unanimous Decision

Molly McCann vs Talia Santos

The second fight on the main card of UFC on ESPN 13 is a women’s flyweight contest between Molly McCann (10-2) and Talia Santos (15-1).

McCann comes into this fight on a three fight winning streak. She’s as tough as they come and she loves to brawl. The English flyweight does extremely well at closing the distance despite her height disadvantage in the division.

She has really good hooks that she’s able to land up top or dig to the body. She’s also the type of fighter who is going to close the distance and move forward the entire time.

Santos is coming into this fight after losing the first fight of her pro career in February of 2019. The Brazilian has 10 knockouts on her record, and she’s a very good striker.Santos is solid all around, but she’s extremely unproven.

Despite having more fights than McCann, Santos hasn’t faced the same level of competition. You could say that her record was a little padded coming into the UFC. In this matchup, I think it’s a lot to ask of Santos to get passed someone as tough as McCann. I think Santos will have her moments, but expect McCann to close the distance well and land enough to score a decision.

Prediction: Molly McCann by Unanimous Decision

Abdul Razak Alhassan vs Mounir Lazzez

This might be the fight I’m looking forward to the most out of the entire card. Welterweight knockout artist, Abdul Razak Alhassan (10-1) will be taking on UFC newcomer Mounir Lazzez (9-1).

If you’re a fan of striking, this is not a fight you’re going to want to miss. These two men have 19 wins between the two of them, and 18 of those wins came by knockout. These two men are going to stand and trade.

Alhassan might be one of the scariest UFC welterweights in the world. All ten of his professional wins have come via first round knockout. In his last fight, he starched Niko Price in the first. Alhassan comes forward extremely aggressive, but he’s got good technique as well.

Lazzez was given a really rough draw in his first UFC contest. However, Lazzez does have a skillset that can help him. His nickname is “The Sniper” and that’s how he fights. He does a really good job at connecting from distance.

With these two prolific knockout artists, I do not see this fight lasting long. I really like Lazzez in this division, but this is just too much for his first fight. I think Alhassan is going to see a second round for the first time in his career, but it doesn’t last long after that.

Prediction: Abdul Razak Alhassan by TKO – Round 2

UFC on ESPN 13 Outlook

UFC on ESPN 13 is a card that doesn’t have a lot of big names, but it’s a card that the hard core MMA fans should love. From the opening fight of the main card to the main event, there are some serious fights that should entertain. Expect a lot of fireworks tomorrow from Fight Island.

UFC: Cody Stamann – Jimmie Rivera added to July 15th card

The UFC is adding a big-time matchup on very short notice to their second Fight Island card. MMA Junkie is reporting that UFC bantamweight contenders, Cody Stamann (19-2-1) and Jimmie Rivera (22-4) will be clashing on Fight Island.

It was reported last night that the UFC had lost it’s co-main event of their July 15th card as Pedro Munhoz tested positive for COVID-19. The UFC started exploring options for Frankie Edgar with the Munhoz fight being scrapped. One of the fighters that spoke up about taking the fight against Edgar on short notice was Cody Stamann.

UFC’s July 15th card added a good one

Once Stamann volunteered to fight Edgar, the wheels started spinning for the UFC. There became increasing interest in getting Stamann on the card. The Edgar fight didn’t materialize, but the UFC had another opponent for Stamann.

Jimmie Rivera hasn’t fought in over a year, but he’s still considered one of the better bantamweights in the world. Yes, he’s 1-3 in his last four fights, but those three losses came against the top three bantamweights in the UFC rankings. There is no doubting that Rivera is one of the best in the world at 135 pounds.

From a rankings perspective, this fight is perfect for the UFC. Stamann is currently ranked 10th while Rivera is ranked 9th. Stamann is coming off of a very emotional win last month after losing his little brother tragically. He never looked better in that fight, and he’s looking to capitalize on the momentum. With both men being bigger bantamweights, they have agreed to fight at 145 pounds due to the short notice.