OBJ Thinks Jets Would Be “Ideal Landing Spot” if Traded

New York Giants, Odell Beckham Jr.

Odell Beckham, Jr. back in The Big Apple? Sure, he’d love to come back but the New York Giants aren’t about to go down that road again. They’ve been there, done that with the talented, but distracting, wideout.

But, how about the Jets? They could use a a weapon or two to pair with their young signal caller, Sam Darnold. OBJ’s current team, the Cleveland Browns may have had enough of the Beckham experiment and could explore dealing the star receiver away after just one season.

From Kristian Dyer of SI.com:

Amid speculation and rumor that the game’s most talented wide receiver might be the center of an offseason trade from the Cleveland Browns, it might be the New York Jets and not the New York Giants that could be a destination for Beckham . An NFL source told SportsIllustrated.com that if Beckham is traded, he would view the Jets as an ideal landing spot.


The league source, speaking on the condition of anonymity, also said that if Beckham is moved by the Browns after just a single season in Cleveland, that the Jets could be a possible team for him. The source said that it is his understanding that Beckham isn’t actively seeking a move from Cleveland, just simply that a return to New York could be welcomed by the star.

The Cleveland media apparently isn’t enough to satisfy OBJ. He needs a bigger audience. He can only get that by being traded back into a huge media market. Neither L.A. team seems interested, nor do Dallas, Philly or New England. Since the Giants are out, that leaves the Jets.

The Jets are currently wrestling with the prospect of re-signing Robby Anderson, who could demand close to the same money it would cost them to play Beckham. Anderson is reportedly asking for $13-15 million per year. Should the Jets trade for Beckham, who is under contract until 2024 with an average cap hit of around $15 million per.

The Jets have approximately $56 million in open cap space to deal with this offseason and they will be looking to add to their offensive arsenal. All that is left to is to find out what it would take to pry OBJ away from the Browns.


New York Jets: Monday Night Predictions VS Cleveland Browns

New York Jets, LeVeon Bell

The New York Jets play the Cleveland Browns on primetime television Monday night. It’ll be the second time in two seasons the Jets face off against the former No. 1 overall pick, Baker Mayfield. The Jets are off to a rough start this season as they are dealing with injuries to key players.

The Browns are off to slow start as well after losing 43-13 against the Titans. This matchup will end with one of these teams getting their first win of the season.

Cleveland Browns:

On paper the Cleveland Browns have one of the best rosters in the league, boasting talent like Baker Mayfield, OBJ, Jarvis Landry and more. The Cleveland Browns are entering this game with a chip on their shoulder after getting embarrassed at home last week. If the Browns plan on winning against the New York Jets, they better be prepared to air it out against a weak Jets secondary.

New York Jets:

The Jets have been dealt a rough hand this season suffering injuries to key players like Sam Darnold and C.J Mosely. The Jets will have to trot out Trevor Siemian against Cleveland which might not be such a bad thing. The last time Trevor Siemian started a game was back in 2017 when he was still on the Broncos. The Jets can use the lack of new tape on Siemian to their advantage. If the Jets want to win, they must be aggressive and play to win. If the Jets come out airing out the football, it might catch Cleveland by surprise.


This game shouldn’t be close I believe the Cleveland Browns will come away with a comfortable win if they’re prepared for anything to happen. Unfortunately for Jets fans winning this game became a fantasy after losing Darnold earlier in the week to Mono. This game will end in a Browns win 33-10.

New York Jets: Trevor Siemian To Start In Wake Of Darnold’s Absence

New York Jets, Sam Darnold

Mono, is a tough illness. It makes you heavily contagious and it’s a butt-kicker. It now has taken out the franchise quarterback, Sam Darnold. Darnold was reportedly very sick and dropping weight excessively, this resulted in him being sent home on Wednesday with “strep throat”. Symptoms progressed and Donald was diagnosed with mono. This will take him out of action for at least a few weeks. So now, in the week of his absence with a stretch of huge games coming up, Trevor Siemian must be trusted to step up and fill in for Darnold.

Trevor Siemian Has Experience

This is not Trevor Siemian’s first rodeo as a starting quarterback. When Peyton Manning retired and Brock Osweiler left Siemian became the QB 1 in Denver. Siemian inherited a defending super bowl championship squad and put up really solid first starting season numbers. Siemian finished the season with 3,401 yards, 18 TDs, and 10 INTs. Then with the job his to lose he started 10/16 games and finished his year with 2,285 yards, 12 TDs, and 14 INTs. Siemian struggled and ultimately lost his starting job because of it. Siemian went to Minnesota briefly but found a home for this season with the New York Jets as the backup to Sam Darnold. Coach Gase reportedly felt Siemian could be a capable short term starter. Now, Siemian will have to prove his coach right.

Trevor Siemian Could See Success

Unlike other analysts I’m not writing off the games Siemian starts. As I dove deeper into it, Siemian is very good at allowing the ball to be put into playmakers hands. He also will have a bunch of big playmakers who are perfect for check-downs and screen passes in Robby Anderson, Ty Montgomery, Le’Veon Bell, and Jamison Crowder. If those 4 are used to be his security blankets and allow him to dump it off to them, it could really help. The most familiar weapon he will have is new WR Demaryius Thomas. Thomas played some of his best ball with Adam Gase as his coordinator and if Gase can take advantage of his skill set in the absence of Enunwa it could look like a really good trade for the Jets. Thomas will be able to be eased in especially because his QB for the next few games already has a rhythm with him. Siemian and Thomas have been teammates since Siemian came into the league. They built a solid connection and Gase would be wise to use that to their advantage. The only major concern is the setup of the offense around Siemian. Darnold is mobile and with an offensive line that is still not cohesive, that is essential. Siemian is a pure pocket passer who may struggle in this situation. If he can utilize the Jets playmakers as I previously mentioned in check down situations that could ease the pressure slightly.

In The End, It’s Only Temporary

Sam Darnold will be back soon. However, the Jets face a huge stretch of games with some being must win. The New York Jets need to pull off a win against a few of these squads while Darnold is absent or the Jets can kiss their hopes goodbye. If they walk into the Bye Week at 0-3 they already will be in deep trouble. Quite frankly the pressure is on Siemian and if he can’t deliver the Jets are screwed.

The New York Jets Lose A Heart Breaker To Buffalo

I’m not going to lie this one hurts, real bad. This game and this season were things Jets fans went into with loft expectations. Just like they always do, the Jets can’t be perfect. There was a lot of good and bad in this game. Ultimately though, the New York Jets blew many opportunities to win this game and the Bills walked away with a 17-16 win.

Le’Veon Bell Is The Focal Point Of The Offense

Everything went through Le’Veon Bell, the questions about rust were dispelled. The Jets gave him reps early and often. He had 17 carries for 60 yards and 6 receptions for 32 yards and a score. He showed off his patience and big-play ability that made him a superstar in the first place and he showed that he wasn’t missing a beat. The problem was, it was almost as though Adam Gase was too reliant on Bell. He didn’t mix match Ty Montgomery in there which is something that can throw defenses off. The ball was not spread around it was just continuously fed to Bell. Bell is a superstar but Gase needs to spread the ball around to see some more offensive success.

Jamison Crowder Was A Safety Net

Jamison Crowder was a slightly underrated acquisition by the Jets. He never really has fulfilled his potential due in part to injuries. Crowder and Sam Darnold have built up really good timing and seem to be working well. Crowder was able to bail Darnold out and be a scapegoat of sorts. However he was almost fed the ball to much, he had 14 receptions for 99 yards. Crowder played great but the Jets really need to spread the ball around more.

Kicking Woes Continue For Gang Green

Kaare Vedvik was a mess right from warm-ups. He was inconsistent and as the game began it was apparent. After a big pick 6 by C.J. Mosley, Vedvik missed the extra point then despite a bad hold, Vedvik missed a field goal by a country mile. Vedvik isn’t the answer and the Jets will continue to search because the kicking heavily contributed to this loss.

Mosley Shines, Hewitt Impresses

C.J. Mosley finished today’s game with 5 tackles, 2 PDs, 1 FR, 1 INT, and a TD. He lit it up and began to prove the New York Jets made a really wise investment. Then when he was out with his groin issue (something to watch), the team seemingly fell apart. Mosley was a huge part of the success today and shined big time. Neville Hewitt, in replacement of Avery Willamson, shined as well. Hewitt had an INT, 8 tackles, 1 TFL, and a PD. He had a solid day and raised some eyebrows of many.

Missed Opportunities

This section will be short. Any time a team has 4 forced turnovers and a 16-0 lead. It should be bigger and at the very least have been a win. The football Gods seemingly gave the Jets every shot to win and they couldn’t.

Browns Are Next

This one stung, I’ll dive more in-depth throughout the week but now it’s Cleveland Browns week. The Browns played even worse than the New York Jets and both sides have a lot to prove. It’s gonna be a hell of a battle and the Jets will need to bounce back.

Draft Trade Rumors: Why a Trade Between the Browns, Giants, and Bills Makes Sense

New York Giants, Dave Gettleman

The NFL draft is nine days away. So naturally, Twitter has all the answers. But what if in all the weeds there’s truth to be found? Recently, there was rumored trade talk between the Cleveland Browns, New York Giants and Buffalo Bills—who own the No. 1 and 4, No. 2, and No. 12 overall picks respectively. The details aren’t clear. But after looking at all available picks for the teams and how the trade would benefit all three teams, it makes sense.

As far as who gets what, I’m going to cut to the chase.

There would be two separate trades, the first contingent on the second–which is where the three-team trade comes into play. The Bills swap with the Browns from No. 12 to No. 1, and the Browns swap their No. 4 pick with the Giants’ No. 2 pick. (I’ll explain the trade in further detail later)

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Why would the Bills do this?

First, the Bills have made no secret about their plans to move up and try to grab a franchise quarterback in this draft. In the past year, their new GM Brandon Beane (who worked closely with Giants GM Dave Gettleman in Carolina), has been stockpiling draft picks and could do just that. If Beane manages to climb all the way up to the No. 1 overall pick to choose their QB of the future, consider it mission accomplished from their perspective.

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So why would the Browns voluntarily give up the No. 1 overall pick and move down to the No. 12 pick when they need a franchise quarterback too? Even though they have the No. 4 overall pick, it’s unlikely the Browns have the top four QBs in this draft ranked all the same—simply taking whichever QB is left at No. 4 overall. This is where the Giants come in, and everything is contingent on the Giants giving up their No. 2 overall pick to the Browns for the Browns’ No. 4 overall pick.

The rumors of the Browns liking Josh Allen probably have some truth. It’s plausible that the Browns are more than happy with either Sam Darnold or Josh Allen as their future quarterback; and would be satisfied with taking the QB that the Bills don’t. Or perhaps both teams confer and want different guys.

Either way, if the Browns couldn’t secure this No. 2 overall pick guarantee by the Giants, it would likely be a deal-breaker. So, the Browns still pick up their future franchise QB that they’re happy with, simply drop their second first-rounder from No. 4 to No. 12, while picking up a haul. (More on that later)

The NFL draft is approaching and the New York Giants can go several different directions. You don’t want to miss out on any BREAKING news! Sign up for FREE here.

In this scenario, Gettleman forgoes the QB and looks to the elite position players that can make an instant impact. It’s been rumored the Giants are extremely fond of Saquon Barkley, Bradley Chubb, and Quenton Nelson—the three elite, blue chip position players in the draft. With the Jets not hiding the fact they’re seeking a quarterback, the Giants still get their position player pick of the litter, while picking up extra draft picks. Dave Gettleman and the Giants fan base are happy. Or… they should be anyway.

I won’t get into the exact point value, but the trades would break down like this:

Buffalo Bills:     1st overall pick     via CLE
Cleveland Browns:     1st (12), 1st (22), 6th (187), & 2019 1st     via BUF

New York Giants:     1st (4), 2nd (35), 2nd (64)     via CLE
Cleveland Browns:     1st (2), & 2019 6th     via NYG

The mutual benefit is clear. Brandon Beane delivers, getting the Bills their franchise QB. New GM John Dorsey achieves the impossible, and delivers on what he was brought in for–getting the Browns their franchise QB. They also keep their second first-rounder in the top 12, gain an extra first-rounder, and another first-rounder next year for Dorsey to continue roster building with top tier draft picks. The Giants get their franchise blue chip player, and add an early and a late second-rounder.

Although it may appear the Giants get the better end of the Browns trade, the Browns make up for it with the Bills trade getting two additional first-rounders spread out over this draft and next year’s draft. The Browns need the Giants trade to make the Bills trade happen, and the Browns have picks to spare.

After the trade, here are what the 2018 draft picks look like for all three teams:

Buffalo Bills: 1st (1), 2nd (53), 2nd (56), 3rd (65), 3rd (96), 4th (121), 5th (166)
Cleveland Browns: 1st (2), 1st (12), 1st (22), 2nd (33), 4th (114), 5th (150), 6th (175), 6th (187), 6th (188)
New York Giants: 1st (4), 2nd (34), 2nd (35), 2nd (64), 3rd (66), 3rd (69), 4th (108), 5th (139)

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All three teams achieve the main goal of what they initially wanted heading into the draft, while still retaining draft picks. The Bills have four picks on Day Two to work with. The Browns have three first-round picks, still have the first overall pick on Day Two, and several Day Three picks. The Giants have five picks in the first 70, including the second and third overall picks on Day Two.

There’s no telling if this is really happening. But if it does go down, the pieces could be put in place before the draft. Rumor or not, this is a trade that does in fact make sense for the teams involved. It’s also a scenario that has QBs as the first three picks—which ultimately would make sense. As a Giants fan, if Gettleman could pull this off in his first season as GM, parlaying the No. 2 overall pick into two additional second-rounders, while still getting the top position player in the draft…I would consider that a major victory. As fans all we can do is wait and see what happens.

What’re The Chances The Cleveland Browns Take Saquon Barkley At No. 1?

Lately, I’ve seen a lot of worried New York Giants fans expressing their belief that the Cleveland Browns may start off the 2018 NFL Draft with a Saquon Barkley selection.

Taking the star Penn State running back would immediately improve any offense willing to take a shot at the polarizing athlete. But the question here is: How likely are the Browns to take Barkley with the No. 1 overall pick?

The Browns need a quarterback, and they could potential take Barkley at No. 1 and move on to take a QB at No. 4, but how risky would that be? There’s no doubt that a running back holds less value than a top-flight quarterback, so why would the Browns pass up on ensuring they can acquire their first-choice at QB to go RB? It makes no logical sense…

Additionally, people might say, “well, why would the Giants pass on a quarterback if they hold more value than a running back?” Davis Webb, that’s why. I’m a believer that Webb has the necessary skills to succeed with an offense headlined by Odell Beckham Jr., Evan Engram, Sterling Shepard and Saquon Barkley. If you want proof of Webb’s improvements, follow this link.

The fact of the matter here is that Cleveland would be foolish to risk losing out on their quarterback by waiting until the fourth overall pick. Reports have the Browns interested in Rosen and Darnold, who could both be off the board before the Browns reach their second selection.

This puts the Giants in a very good position, as it allows them to game-plan for Barkley, Rosen, Nelson, and/or a potential trade-back. Depending on what the Browns do, New York had a multitude of directions they could go with the pick.