New York Jets: Adam Gase sounds reinvigorated and ready to change the narrative in 2020

New York Jets, Adam Gase

New York Jets‘ head coach Adam Gase has had a rough offseason. After finishing the season 6-2, the Jets went into the offseason with high hopes for the future. With Sam Darnold getting another year playing in Gase’s system, the return of two defensive leaders in C.J. Mosley and Avery Willamson, and the entire coaching staff returning, continuity was a big theme.

That continuity took a big hit when Robby Anderson and Quincy Enunwa, two of Darnold’s best weapons, ended up leaving (for two different reasons) New York. That was just the tip of the iceberg.

Then, Jamal Adams went on his campaign against the Jets organization with multiple public outcries and an exclusive with the Daily News that shined a light on the organizational instability and internal hypocrisy. The hypocrisy was directed towards Gase, who Adams said openly, never would talk to the team, or make adjustments. He delegated that to assistant coaches. Being able to admit when you’re wrong and make adjustments is what makes a good coach. When you fail to do that or fail to even address your team on your level, you not only lose the respect of the players, but you also build a culture of incompetence. That’s exactly what he’s done.

So, Gase’s reputation took a massive hit with the Adams saga, but then he was traded, and brighter days seemed to loom large. Then, the perspective captain of the defense in the wake of the Adams’ trade, Mosley, opted out for the safety of his family and himself. Now, the Jets defense will play this season without presumably, their two biggest stars.

The New York Jets might have a different version of Adam Gase this year:

When Adam Gase took the podium this week, one thing struck out to me that signaled a potential change of heart… accountability. Rumors swirled this offseason about tension between the Jets and one of their biggest offensive stars, Le’Veon Bell. Gase did something that has been a rarity in his career, take accountability for the way last season went, as he said:

“‘You’ve got make sure you’re using him the right way and making sure that we’re getting him to 16-plus games and not grinding him out, Last year, I feel like I did a bad job at the beginning of the season. I was really trying to get him going, and at the same time, teams kind of knew what we were doing and they were loading up the box and he was taking some shots. I’m sure that wore on him as the season went on.’”

This was a real big issue last season, as Bell was supposed to be the focal point of their offense. It was evident last season that Bell was struggling for a few reasons, poor blocking, fatigue as the season wore on, and poor game planning. If Gase is serious about working to make sure Bell takes more effective rushes, that can change the offense.

The offensive line is presumed to be improved with the overhaul, and Bell has been a gym rat and will hopefully be more physically ready for this season than last year, so those areas should improve. If Gase steps up like he says he plans to, that can not only change the rushing attack but rather the whole offense, and this was an offense that ranked in the bottom half of the league. Change is needed, and that change could be accountability by Gase. Still, actions speak louder than words, and if Gase can’t truly improve this season, then that needed change could be a new head coach of the New York Jets.

Report: New York Jets land ILB Patrick Onwuasor

New York Jets, Patrick Onwuasor

The New York Jets have signed ILB Patrick Onwuasor. Onwuasor has started 31 games in the past three years for the Baltimore Ravens. Onwuasor was seemingly the man who would take over for C.J. Mosley when he joined us last offseason. After playing 14 games and only starting 6, it was apparent that Onwuasor is better suited as a situational linebacker. Now he joins the New York Jets and will fit right into Gregg Williams’s defense.

How does he fit?

Onwuasor is a unique inside linebacker. He’s good against the run but a very below average coverage guy. He shines when he blitzes. Last season he had 3.0 sacks, 5 TFLs, and 6 QB Hits. He is a very good situational guy. Where Hewitt, Burgess, and Cashman can be depth pieces to fill in for Willamson and Mosley if they go down again, Onwuasor can be used in a multitude of scenarios.

Onwuasor can provide an inside pass rush, and that ability is something the Jets could use. Jordan Jenkins and Jamal Adams were their lead pass rushers last year. Jamal is a phenomenal player, so he often takes up double teams when he blitzes. Now Onwuasor can come in, in those situations, and capitalize off those double teams with a stable inside pass rush that could see him produce solid numbers. He is definitely a unique signing, but he will likely be a guy Gregg Williams has a lot of fun with this upcoming season.

What’s Next For Defense?

The Jets still need to improve their edge rush. Although they resigned Jordan Jenkins and will likely pick at least one edge rusher, the spot still could use a few more guys. Vinny Curry is a guy the Jets have targeted to bring a situational edge presence. The Jets could also still target Jadeveon Clowney, but it seems unlikely.

As for inside linebacker, the Jets are now loaded with talent. Mosley is the number one guy, Willamson is a talented number two. Burgess and Hewitt showed flashes of real production last year, and Cashman was a solid special teamer. With that said, Williamson would save the Jets some money if he was cut or traded, although he’s a fan favorite, with so much depth at inside linebacker, you have to wonder if his days are numbered. 

What the New York Jets need to do to piece together an elite defense

New York Jets, Jamal Adams

The New York Jets’ defense ranked among the top half of the league and was ranked as one of the top rushing defenses in all of football last season. The defense was good but not great. With the defensive line figured out and filled with depth, C.J. Mosley returning, Avery Williamson potentially returning if he is not cut, the defense can be great. They just need to fill 2 vital holes.


Main Options

The Jets ideal route for filling the holes at corner would be to resign Brian Poole so the slot role is filled and then go about grabbing a lead corner in free agency. The biggest issue for the Jets is avoiding tying themselves to a contract resembling the headache they just freed themselves of in Trumaine Johnson.

The free agency class is top-heavy at corner but there is depth within the lower levels. James Bradberry and Byron Jones are reportedly being targeted by the Jets. Both guys would immediately become the Jets lead corner and fill a huge hole.

Bradberry is very underrated and has been Carolina’s top corner for the past few years. The Jets reportedly believe he is the better of the two and are willing to splurge on him. I believe Bradberry would be great but he wants to be a part of resetting the cornerback market and his contract may be too pricey.

Other Options

If the Jets miss out on the top two guys, Ronald Darby, Prince Amukamara, Jalen Mills, Chris Harris Jr., and Trae Waynes are among the guys the Jets could target. Even if the Jets get one of these guys to be their lead corner, the Jets need to grab a corner in the draft as well. By doing that the Jets would have two veteran CBs and two younger options, a draft pick and Bless Austin. This would drastically change the Jets secondary and potentially make it elite depending on the additions.

Pass Rush

John Abraham was the last elite pass rusher the Jets had. Mo Wilkerson and Sheldon Richardson were both great defensive linemen but not capable of being pass rushers. The Jets drafted Jordan Jenkins a few years ago and he’s developed into a consistently good pass rusher, but he should be re-signed and used as a complementary pass rusher to a better pass rusher.

The Jets can go about filling that hole in a few ways. Free agency is an option, Dante Fowler Jr. and Markus Golden are two guys the Jets have been tied to and both would be great additions. In the draft, there are a few guys I have grown fond of in the pre-draft process. Bradlee Anae, Josh Uche, Kenny Wilekes, Curtis Weaver and Jonathan Greenard are all very talented pass rushers who could be available for the Jets on Days 2 and 3. Any of those guys would be great additions to the Jets and could be capable of becoming elite pass rushers. The Jets need to form an elite pass-rushing tandem, maybe even a trio. The overall goal needs to be an establishment of pass rush and finally getting playmakers at the edge.

The Jets need to get a few more “dawgs” and if they do that then the Jets will have an elite defense that can help lead this team to playoff contention.

The Philadelphia Eagles Rise Above the New York Jets

New York Jets, Avery Williamson

The New York Jets lost another one. They now have started the season 0-4. A team with so much hope has had a very tough start to their season. There’s a lot to dive into from this game so here goes nothing.

Offensive Line Needs An Overhaul

The Jets offensive line has been horrific to watch this season. Like, historically bad. The Jets allowed 10 sacks in Sunday’s game against Philly. Yes, their defensive line is good but not THAT good. The Jets shouldn’t have played as poorly as they did at offensive line. The ”changes” that Adam Gase made really didn’t do very much. The offensive line still couldn’t guard a pee wee football edge rush. Quite frankly they’ve got to get it together. It’s hard to watch. It’s scary that our franchise guy will come back from a dangerous illness and end up behind that terrible offensive line. They’ve got to get it together and at the very least make it through the season without Belk or Darnold getting destroyed.

The Defense Has Played Really Well

The offense has been absolutely pitiful. Obviously injuries, offensive line play, and poor coaching made that happen. However, the defense, on the other hand, has been really good. The main issue with them is that they either have to play defense when the opposing offense has amazing field position or they are exhausted because they’re constantly on the field. Gregg Williams and that defense have dealt with just as many issues as the Jets offense and yet, the defense has been really damn good. That might just be a reflection of coaching but I mean what do I know.

The Play Calling Is An Issue

Unlike some New York Jets fans, I won’t call for Adam Gase’s dismissal. However, he does deserve a lot of blame for the poor start and poor take yesterday. The fact is, Adam Gase doesn’t have a good situation. His star QB is out, his blockers stink and he can’t revolve the offense around key guys if the QB can’t get the ball to them. Luke Falk has performed pretty bad but in his defense, he’s played the last two Super Bowl champs and had little preparation. With that said, an ”innovator”, ”offensive genius” and a ”guy who knows where the game is heading” should be able to produce something on offense. Those were all words labeled to Gase by Chris Johnson. If you’re all those things then you don’t have the defense with as many touchdowns as your offense through 4 games. Gase needs to prove why he’s here and not why he shouldn’t be.

Brighter Days Ahead

Brandon Copeland and Chris Herndon are guaranteed to return to the team this week. Jordan Jenkins, C.J. Mosley, and Sam Darnold could possibly return as well. This team has a much brighter outlook with those 5 on it. Hopefully, this squad comes back to normal with their returns but it all starts at the top and Gase needs to get their act together.

New York Jets: Thoughts on week three loss to Patriots

New York Jets

For some reason, this one inspired me. This wasn’t a deflating loss this was almost inspiring. The New York Jets put up a fight at the end with nothing in their corner except a few guys who wanted to fight. There are TONS of issues but a bye week to get healthy could be a great reset for this team after an 0-3 start. So I’m gonna examine the good and the bad from this one as the Jets head into a much needed week off.

The Offensive Line Continues To Stink

The Jets haven’t had a good offensive line in the last 2 or 3 years. Now they have the QB and the RB that they didn’t have when they had a good offensive line. So Joe Douglas set out to improve the offensive line by adding Ryan Kalil. Kalil has looked like he should’ve stayed in retirement. Kelvin Beachum is a guy I personally am a fan of but on a game level he has sucked. Brandon Shell is below average as is Brian Winters. Kelechi Osemele has been the only one actually holding his blocks and playing offensive line. The Jets aren’t going to be able to accomplish anything until the offensive line learns how to do their jobs.

Jamal Adams Deserves Better

Jamal is the heart and soul of this football team. Quite frankly, he deserves better. He gives everything to this team and yet they don’t give it back. The fans were mad at him because he caused a little stir up this week and then today he balled out and got a pick 6. Adams deserves to be in a situation to succeed and I hope it’s with the Jets. The Jets need to do better by him.

The Offensive Play Calling Has Been Horrible

Adam Gase is supposed to be an innovative offensive genius. Those kinds of guys don’t usually run the ball on 3rd & Long situations consistently. Gase needed to be creative today without some key pieces. He failed to do that and quite frankly he’s failed to do that entirely so far. He’s gotta get it together because aside from getting Maccaganan booted and hiring Gregg Williams he’s been good for nothing so far.

Leonard Williams And Trumaine Johnson Need Fo Go

This is a bold statement. I stand by it though. Leonard Williams has been lazy and unproductive for the New York Jets this season. Aside from early success he’s been unproductive for a bulk of his career. Trumaine Johnson was given a boatload of money to come here and he’s been horrible. He got replaced and played 2 snaps today. Both guys won’t change the culture and should just be flipped for whatever value they’ve got left before it’s to late. Leonard Williams still has value but has been a large disappointment, Johnson has minimal value left and has been an even bigger disappointment. Hopefully the Jets can get them on the right track which might just be out of New York.

Heading Into the Bye Week

Now the New York Jets get a much needed rest. They can get healthy and come back with a little momentum and hopefully go on a tear. An 0-3 start doesn’t bode well for success but it’s early and the Jets have time to fix this.

The New York Jets Lose A Heart Breaker To Buffalo

I’m not going to lie this one hurts, real bad. This game and this season were things Jets fans went into with loft expectations. Just like they always do, the Jets can’t be perfect. There was a lot of good and bad in this game. Ultimately though, the New York Jets blew many opportunities to win this game and the Bills walked away with a 17-16 win.

Le’Veon Bell Is The Focal Point Of The Offense

Everything went through Le’Veon Bell, the questions about rust were dispelled. The Jets gave him reps early and often. He had 17 carries for 60 yards and 6 receptions for 32 yards and a score. He showed off his patience and big-play ability that made him a superstar in the first place and he showed that he wasn’t missing a beat. The problem was, it was almost as though Adam Gase was too reliant on Bell. He didn’t mix match Ty Montgomery in there which is something that can throw defenses off. The ball was not spread around it was just continuously fed to Bell. Bell is a superstar but Gase needs to spread the ball around to see some more offensive success.

Jamison Crowder Was A Safety Net

Jamison Crowder was a slightly underrated acquisition by the Jets. He never really has fulfilled his potential due in part to injuries. Crowder and Sam Darnold have built up really good timing and seem to be working well. Crowder was able to bail Darnold out and be a scapegoat of sorts. However he was almost fed the ball to much, he had 14 receptions for 99 yards. Crowder played great but the Jets really need to spread the ball around more.

Kicking Woes Continue For Gang Green

Kaare Vedvik was a mess right from warm-ups. He was inconsistent and as the game began it was apparent. After a big pick 6 by C.J. Mosley, Vedvik missed the extra point then despite a bad hold, Vedvik missed a field goal by a country mile. Vedvik isn’t the answer and the Jets will continue to search because the kicking heavily contributed to this loss.

Mosley Shines, Hewitt Impresses

C.J. Mosley finished today’s game with 5 tackles, 2 PDs, 1 FR, 1 INT, and a TD. He lit it up and began to prove the New York Jets made a really wise investment. Then when he was out with his groin issue (something to watch), the team seemingly fell apart. Mosley was a huge part of the success today and shined big time. Neville Hewitt, in replacement of Avery Willamson, shined as well. Hewitt had an INT, 8 tackles, 1 TFL, and a PD. He had a solid day and raised some eyebrows of many.

Missed Opportunities

This section will be short. Any time a team has 4 forced turnovers and a 16-0 lead. It should be bigger and at the very least have been a win. The football Gods seemingly gave the Jets every shot to win and they couldn’t.

Browns Are Next

This one stung, I’ll dive more in-depth throughout the week but now it’s Cleveland Browns week. The Browns played even worse than the New York Jets and both sides have a lot to prove. It’s gonna be a hell of a battle and the Jets will need to bounce back.

New York Jets: Examining C.J. Mosley’s Role This Season

New York Jets, CJ Mosley

How will C.J. Mosely influence the New York Jets defense in 2019?

C.J. Mosley was always a guy I admired from afar. Then even this past offseason when the Ravens let him walk it seemed destined he would be back in a Raven uniform but ultimately he made the best long term decision and joined the Jets. Mosley has consistently been a top 5 linebacker in the NFL over the past few years.

Now, how will he fit in with Gang Green?

The 4-time pro bowler has been a dominant and reliable leader for the Baltimore Ravens defense since being drafted in 2014. Since then, Mosley has only missed 3 games and has had 4 out of 5 years with over 100+ tackles.

Mosley can be a threat in coverage as well but overall can be the kind of player to cover sideline to sideline and be a tackling machine. He’s ideally going to join Jamal Adams and work as the two captains of the Jets defense. 

As for the linebacking core as a whole, some questioned the addition of Mosley initially having seen the success of Darron Lee and Avery Willamson, but when Lee was suspended for the remainder of the season for PEDs it became apparent that his lackluster performance in the past wouldn’t cut it anymore so the Jets added Mosley and traded Lee.

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The Jets now have a phenomenal duo up the middle in Mosley and Willamson. They have some edge-rushing and outside linebacker depth in Jordan Jenkins, Brandon Copeland and Jachai Polite.

They have undrafted standout Frankie Luvu, veteran Neville Hewitt and rookie Blake Cashman. The Jets have good depth with high potential and with Mosley leading the charge, not only did the Jets upgrade with him as their new lead linebacker they also gained a leader who will be essential to the Jets success. 

New York Jets: Can rookie linebacker Blake Cashman be a late round gem?

New York Jets, Blake Cashman

The New York Jets elected to draft linebacker Blake Cashman with the 157th overall pick in the fifth round. Can he provide value in his rookie season?

The Minnesota product enters his first NFL offseason with a tall mountain to climb. The New York Jets have a solid group of players at the linebacker position and Cashman will surely be the underdog to make the active roster. He’s likely a practice squad candidate, but we can’t rule out his emergence just yet.

The 6-1, 237-pound defender is undersized for the position. He lacks athleticism but he makes up for it with a tenacious mentality and great hustle. He’s a solid option lined up on tight ends in coverage and has great recognition from short zone.

Being a tough, gritty competitor will help him succeed at the next level in some capacity, the question is — where will he make an impact on 2019?

The former walk-on may be the best fit for special teams duties in his first season. His toughness and lack of athleticism will likely lead him in that direction, which isn’t a bad thing. Earning a starting roster spot is his goal right now, and being a special teams stud is the most a team can ask out of their fifth round pick.

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What are New York Jets getting out of Blake Cashman:

Leading Minnesota in tackles last year (104), there’s hope for the WILL linebacker. He also tallied 15 tackles for a loss and 2.5 sacks. Earning second-team All-Big Ten squad honors, Cashman is a capable player, but he won’t dazzle you with elite athleticism. The Jets brought in CJ Mosely to be their top linebacker this year, and he’s prepared to light up the defense with his physicality.

Having a player like Mosely to learn from will help Cashman reach his potential. Best case scenario, though, Cashman emerges as a decent backup option, not much of a gem in my books.