New York Jets: Thoughts on week three loss to Patriots

New York Jets
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For some reason, this one inspired me. This wasn’t a deflating loss this was almost inspiring. The New York Jets put up a fight at the end with nothing in their corner except a few guys who wanted to fight. There are TONS of issues but a bye week to get healthy could be a great reset for this team after an 0-3 start. So I’m gonna examine the good and the bad from this one as the Jets head into a much needed week off.

The Offensive Line Continues To Stink

The Jets haven’t had a good offensive line in the last 2 or 3 years. Now they have the QB and the RB that they didn’t have when they had a good offensive line. So Joe Douglas set out to improve the offensive line by adding Ryan Kalil. Kalil has looked like he should’ve stayed in retirement. Kelvin Beachum is a guy I personally am a fan of but on a game level he has sucked. Brandon Shell is below average as is Brian Winters. Kelechi Osemele has been the only one actually holding his blocks and playing offensive line. The Jets aren’t going to be able to accomplish anything until the offensive line learns how to do their jobs.

Jamal Adams Deserves Better

Jamal is the heart and soul of this football team. Quite frankly, he deserves better. He gives everything to this team and yet they don’t give it back. The fans were mad at him because he caused a little stir up this week and then today he balled out and got a pick 6. Adams deserves to be in a situation to succeed and I hope it’s with the Jets. The Jets need to do better by him.

The Offensive Play Calling Has Been Horrible

Adam Gase is supposed to be an innovative offensive genius. Those kinds of guys don’t usually run the ball on 3rd & Long situations consistently. Gase needed to be creative today without some key pieces. He failed to do that and quite frankly he’s failed to do that entirely so far. He’s gotta get it together because aside from getting Maccaganan booted and hiring Gregg Williams he’s been good for nothing so far.

Leonard Williams And Trumaine Johnson Need Fo Go

This is a bold statement. I stand by it though. Leonard Williams has been lazy and unproductive for the New York Jets this season. Aside from early success he’s been unproductive for a bulk of his career. Trumaine Johnson was given a boatload of money to come here and he’s been horrible. He got replaced and played 2 snaps today. Both guys won’t change the culture and should just be flipped for whatever value they’ve got left before it’s to late. Leonard Williams still has value but has been a large disappointment, Johnson has minimal value left and has been an even bigger disappointment. Hopefully the Jets can get them on the right track which might just be out of New York.

Heading Into the Bye Week

Now the New York Jets get a much needed rest. They can get healthy and come back with a little momentum and hopefully go on a tear. An 0-3 start doesn’t bode well for success but it’s early and the Jets have time to fix this.

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