Charles Oakley continues to go at a New York Knicks legend for no reason

Charles Oakley continues to make the New York Knicks look bad.  He‘s still going at Patrick Ewing for absolutely no reason.

On Barstool radio, Oakley talked about the stats Ewing should’ve had since he was giving him the ball.  He continued to slander Ewing, trying to make something out of nothing. Listen Oak, you were a great Knick.  Now, you’re ruining everything you had with the Knicks organization.

Oakley is probably diverting all of his anger from the Dolan situation onto Ewing.  This is ridiculous and completely uncalled for.  The Knicks wouldn’t have been where they were to compete in the 90s if it wasn’t for Ewing.  Yes, Oakley played a giant roll, as an enforcer, which was great.  But these days he’s tarnishing everything he once stood for.

Oakley as all Knicks fans wishing that he would just ‘shut the (beep) up’.  Like seriously, the attention that he wants is sickening.  What does Oakley think he was going to do? Be the main guy scoring?  In his best season with the Knicks, 1989-90, he averaged 14.6 points per.  That ain’t cutting it to be the main guy.  He was the rebounder and enforcer.

Some may believe that Oakley might have a point and Ewing did need him.  However, Ewing was the driving force of the Knicks.  He’s a New York legend.  And Oakley had a great reputation with the team, key word had.  If Oakley thought he was more as a player then he should’ve stepped up at the time.  Why bring up your thoughts about the team 30 years after the fact? It’s to bring more attention to yourself.

Those 90s Knicks were the iconic and the most fun the organization has had in decades.  Oakley is trying to tarnish that legacy for his own personal gain.  However, in his mind, he may think he’s right but most of the New York Knicks fan base is sick of his antics.

Patrick Ewing downplays former Knicks teammate Charles Oakley’s comments

New York Knicks, Patrick Ewing

New York Knicks legend Patrick Ewing may have retired in 2002, but his playing days have been in the news quite a bit in the past few weeks. Michael Jordan’s Last Dance documentary has sparked conversations about both Jordan’s Bulls and the teams he had to face in the 90s, including the Knicks.

Ewing’s former teammate Charles Oakley had some harsh words about Ewing. Oakley told Marc Berman of the New York Post,

“Patrick, at the end of the game, he’d get double-teamed, He’d shoot fadeaways on double-teams and that hurt us as a team… “We didn’t make shots and played into their hands. With defense, they played a zone and built a wall. They knew Patrick wasn’t going to pass out of the double team. Phil watched a lot of film. We watched a lot of film, but we were playing checkers and they were playing chess.”

When asked to comment, Ewing said, “I have nothing to say about what Charles has to say,” Ewing said. “He’s one of my best teammates. We went into a lot of wars and a lot of wars against the Bulls. So everyone is entitled to their own opinion.”

Former Knicks head coach and assistant on Pat Riley’s staff Jeff Van Gundy chimed in and said,

“I think we have amnesia, sometimes, as Knick people, just to how good Ewing was and how well he played. If you’re going to be compared to Jordan, then everybody’s going to come up short. But if you’re compared to a level of greatness?”

Oakley’s comments about his former teammate have rubbed many the wrong way. Ewing and the Knicks got close, but never delivered a championship. With that said, Ewing’s heart and passion shouldn’t be questioned, and he was the reason the Knicks ever got that close. Oakley chose to make cheap comments, Ewing chose to take the high road.

Former New York Knick Charles Oakley rips former teammates, including Patrick Ewing

New York Knicks’ legend Charles Oakley may have retired over 15 years ago, but he’s frequently found himself in the news in the last few years. Oakley and Knicks’ owner James Dolan had a widely publicized feud that originated on February 8th, 2017 when Dolan kicked Oakley out of Madison Square Garden for disorderly behavior, eventually leading to Oakley’s arrest. The two have been involved in an ongoing legal battle since. Now, it appears as though Oakley could be picking a fight with his former teammates.

Oakley has already made it clear he wasn’t fond of his former teammates Larry Johnson, Latrell Sprewell and Bernard King hanging out with Dolan just a few days after his arrest. On a radio interview with CBS, Oakley made some more comments about his old Knicks teammates:

“I just don’t want to be around these guys…A lot of guys I played with, I just lost respect for them because I went to war for them. I protected them, from Patrick (Ewing) on down.”

Oakley had more comments about Ewing in particular. Oakley said,

“He was a high maintenance player… As a team, we’re supposed to be close and together. It wasn’t that. We had to make sure he was happy. He didn’t care if we was happy or not. That’s a sad situation, and I see why the Knicks won’t give him a job. He treated them bad – inside out… He never put us on his back like he should have because every adversity he ducked away from.”

Those are harsh words to put on a Hall of Fame player like Ewing, who gave the New York Knicks some of the best seasons they’ve ever had. These comments surely won’t sit well with Knicks fans and former players.

Charles Oakley is taking shots at New York Knicks great Patrick Ewing

New York Knicks, Charles Oakley

Former New York Knicks forward Charles Oakley is back in the news. T his time he’s taking shots at his former teammate, Patrick Ewing.

Oakley went on the DA show talking ‘90s Knicks and their play.  Oakley bashed Ewing’s leadership style saying, “He never put us on his back like he should have because every adversity he ducked away from.”

He continued to take shots calling Ewing ‘high maintenance’ and that players had to be ‘special’ to play with Ewing.  He brought former Knicks Anthony Mason and Chris Childs into the mix as well. Ewing would treat Childs poorly and Mason would cursed and yell at Ewing.

Oakley said the ‘90s Knicks were ‘held back’ cause of Ewing.  And this team got the same answers from Ewing when the times were tough that they would ‘get ‘em next time’.

Oakley needs to just stop all of this now.  He’s in the media limelight again after his feud with the Knicks owner.

If there was no, alleged, leadership from Ewing then why continue he step up?  He was also one of the leaders and forces for the team so where was his leadership?

Oakley continues to bring negative attention to the Knicks organization when they’re trying to rebuild the team and their image.  It’s not necessary and draws more negative criticism to himself.

Ewing may not have brought a championship to New York but he did elevate the players around him, no matter what Oakley says.  Those were the glory days for the New York Knicks and Oakley is trying to ruin it.

New York Knicks owner and Charles Oakley hopefully work out dispute

New York Knicks, Charles Oakley

Former New York Knicks forward, Charles Oakley, and the teams owner have been ordered to work things out.  The two are to have their dispute mediated by the federal court of appeals.

They will have their mediation over the phone, due to COVID-19.  It will be presided over by former Supreme Court justice Charles Ramos.

The former Knicks player was escorted out of the Garden in February of 2017 after a dispute with the owner.  During the dispute, Oakley hit a security guard in his face, shoved another guard before being dragged away from the game and handcuffed.

There were speculation that Oakley had no comments towards the Knicks owner, despite reports, and was confronted for no reason then things escalated.  Oakley was banned from the Garden shortly after but the ban was later lifted in 6 days later.  In September 2017, Oakley then filed a civil lawsuit over the incident.

Whatever people may believe or want to believe about that incident, this is a good thing.  It’s time to resolve this conflict which was uncalled for from beginning.  It wasn’t a good look for the Knicks organization and continues to linger over their heads.

All these negative incident or reports within the Knicks organization need to be taken care of.  The Knicks are trying to rebuild, rebrand, and turn around the organization.  These types of interactions brings a negative stigma towards the franchise.  It could be why some free agents didn’t choose the Knicks in the past and recently.

This is step in the right direction for the organization to change the opinions some may have about them.  The New York Knicks need this conflict to be resolved so they can turn their attention to cleaning up other incidents.  When this is resolved, next up, the Spike Lee incident.