Charles Oakley continues to go at a New York Knicks legend for no reason

Bob Konarski
Apr 3, 2019; Brooklyn, NY, USA; NBA former player Charles Oakley court side at the Toronto Raptors and Brooklyn Nets basketball game at the Barclays Center. Mandatory Credit: Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

Charles Oakley continues to make the New York Knicks look bad.  He‘s still going at Patrick Ewing for absolutely no reason.

On Barstool radio, Oakley talked about the stats Ewing should’ve had since he was giving him the ball.  He continued to slander Ewing, trying to make something out of nothing. Listen Oak, you were a great Knick.  Now, you’re ruining everything you had with the Knicks organization.

Oakley is probably diverting all of his anger from the Dolan situation onto Ewing.  This is ridiculous and completely uncalled for.  The Knicks wouldn’t have been where they were to compete in the 90s if it wasn’t for Ewing.  Yes, Oakley played a giant roll, as an enforcer, which was great.  But these days he’s tarnishing everything he once stood for.

Oakley as all Knicks fans wishing that he would just ‘shut the (beep) up’.  Like seriously, the attention that he wants is sickening.  What does Oakley think he was going to do? Be the main guy scoring?  In his best season with the Knicks, 1989-90, he averaged 14.6 points per.  That ain’t cutting it to be the main guy.  He was the rebounder and enforcer.

Some may believe that Oakley might have a point and Ewing did need him.  However, Ewing was the driving force of the Knicks.  He’s a New York legend.  And Oakley had a great reputation with the team, key word had.  If Oakley thought he was more as a player then he should’ve stepped up at the time.  Why bring up your thoughts about the team 30 years after the fact? It’s to bring more attention to yourself.

Those 90s Knicks were the iconic and the most fun the organization has had in decades.  Oakley is trying to tarnish that legacy for his own personal gain.  However, in his mind, he may think he’s right but most of the New York Knicks fan base is sick of his antics.