Former Interim UFC champion Carlos Condit Retires

Carlos Condit

One of the more entertaining fighters in UFC history is calling it a career. Tonight, The Natural Born Killer’s manager confirmed with MMA Fighting that Carlos Condit (32-14) has decided to call it a career.

The last time we saw Condit was back in July when he lost to Max Griffin at UFC 264. That loss snapped a two-fight win streak for Condit which had him thinking about another run up the welterweight ladder.

However, Condit has decided that he’s reached the end at 37 years old. Last year was a monumental year for Condit. Condit had fallen on really rough times in the UFC between 2016 and 2020.

The former interim UFC champion lost five fights in a row and many within the promotion were wondering if Condit would get cut. However, the promotion gave him a shot on Fight Island and he picked up a win over Court McGee.

After that win, he fought Matt Brown on the UFC‘s first card on ABC and picked up another victory. However, he couldn’t string things together against Griffin and that was the final blow to his career.

Condit’s UFC legacy

Condit rose to popularity when he became the welterweight champion of the WEC. However, it wasn’t until his UFC run where things really took off for NBK. After losing a split decision in his UFC debut, Condit went on an incredible run.

He would win five straight fights culminating with a decision win over Nick Diaz to capture the UFC interim welterweight title. While Condit ultimately fell short in his attempt to become undisputed champion, nobody can take away his interim title.

The greatest fight of Condit’s career took place at UFC 195 in 2016. He went to war with Robbie Lawler for the undisputed UFC welterweight title. While most believe that Condit won the fight, Lawler’s hand was raised that night.

Throughout his career, Condit provided nothing but excellent fights and fun moments. One of the real ones hung up the gloves for good today.

Max Griffin edges Carlos Condit at UFC 264

The Natural Born Killer returned tonight in the featured prelim of UFC 264. The former interim welterweight champion Carlos Condit (32-13) returned to the octagon to take on Max Griffin (17-8).

This fight was very big opportunity for Max Griffin. Griffin was making his 12th appearance with the UFC. He made his debut with the promotion back in 2016 when he took on another former interim welterweight champion in Colby Covington.

In his previous 11 trips into the octagon, Griffin has gone 5-6. While that’s certainly not the most impressive UFC record, he has been doing well as of late. Coming into tonight, Griffin had won two straight.

Back in October, Condit made his way to the UFC’s Fight Island having lost five in a row. He took on former Ultimate Fighter winner Court McGee. If Condit would have lost, his UFC career would have likely been over.

However, Condit picked up a decision win and got back on track. From there, he defeated Matt Brown in January and now he’s won two-fights in a row. Suddenly, the narrative has changed for Condit who was looking for another big win at UFC 264.

UFC 264 Recap

Round 1

The UFC 264 featured prelim kicked off with no touch of the gloves. Max Griffin pushes forward with two massive kicks that connect on Condit. Condit pushes forward with his own combination, but Griffin counters with two massive low kicks.

Body kick lands for Carlos Condit. Another low kick for Griffin. Sweeping low kick for Griffin as Condit appears to be trying to time an uppercut. Another big kick for Griffin. Griffin goes up top, but Condit blocks. Confident look from the former interim UFC champion.

Back-to-back big leg kicks for Griffin. Griffin is looking great, but Condit doesn’t appear to be concerned. Another kick for Griffin lands. Condit steps forward with a combination and he lands his own leg kick.

Griffin circles on the outside as Condit lands a body kick. Another good low kick for Griffin and Condit counters with a blitz and a body kick. Condit’s legs are beat up and Griffin drops Condit with a big combination. Huge follow ups, but Condit survives.

Huge opening frame for Max Griffin who is putting it on Carlos Condit. Condit gets up and goes for a flying knee, but nothing lands. Condit pushes forward as the round ends. 1-0 for Max Griffin here at UFC 264.

Round 2

The former interim UFC champion needs to get things going entering the second round. Condit opens the striking in the second round with a head kick. Griffin responds with another brutal leg kick.

Condit moves forward and tries for a lead hook but nothing lands. Good right straight for Carlos Condit. Looping right hook for Griffin who looks more measured in this round. Brutal leg kick lands for Max Griffin.

Condit checks a leg kick and counters with a right hook. Griffin circles and he’s popped by a 1-2 from Condit. Condit is picking up the pace as Griffin is slowing down. Right straight lands for Condit. Lots of pressure from Carlos Condit.

Left hook lands for Max Griffin. Condit pushes forward with another combination. Big right hand lands for Condit. Both men exchange left hooks. Griffin steps forward with a combination. Uppercut for Carlos Condit and the striking numbers are dead even in the second.

The former interim UFC champion has definitely found his rhythm. Big body kick lands for Condit. Nice jab from Condit and Griffin pushes back with a left of his own. The bell sounds and I have it 1-1 at UFC 264.

Round 3

Heading into the final round at UFC 264, I think it’s anyone’s fight. Griffin opens the striking with a 1-2. Condit starts back with pressure, but is immediately backed up by Griffin who appears to want the center here in the final frame.

More pressure and urgency from Griffin. Big combination lands for Max Griffin and Condit is backing away. Another big combination lands for Max Griffin. Low kick for Max Griffin and a lead hook lands behind it.

Both men exchange big shots and now Condit has the center. Lead hook for Griffin and Condit lands his own off the break. Huge combination with Griffin, but Condit just eats it. Massive hook to the body lands for Condit who is pushing forward now.

Right straight for Condit and now it’s Griffin going backwards. Jab for Carlos Condit. Another huge body hook lands for Condit and now Griffin circles to the center. Condit goes for a takedown, but Griffin defends and were back to striking.

Massive right straight from Griffin hurts Condit and Griffin gets his own takedown. Less than a minute left and Griffin is on top. Condit gets back to his feet, but Griffin goes right back to the takedown. The round ends and Max Griffin should take this one at UFC 264.

Max Griffin def. Carlos Condit by Unanimous Decision (29-28, 29-28, 30-27)

UFC books Carlos Condit – Max Griffin

Carlos Condit

The UFC‘s Natural Born Killer is back. MMA Junkie was the first to report today that former interim welterweight champion Carlos Condit (32-13) will be returning to the octagon in July. Condit will be taking on Max Griffin (17-8) at UFC 264 on July 10th.

This fight is a very big opportunity for Max Griffin. Griffin will be making his 12th appearance with the UFC. He made his debut with the promotion back in 2016 when he took on another former interim welterweight champion in Colby Covington.

In his previous 11 trips into the octagon, Griffin has gone 5-6. While that’s certainly not the most impressive UFC record, he has been doing well as of late. Entering his July fight opposite of Carlos Condit, Griffin will be riding a two-fight win streak.

This is the first winning streak Griffin has had in the UFC. Up until this winning streak, the most impressive thing Griffin has done was score a victory over Mike Perry and that came back in 2018. Griffin last fought in March when he scored a first round knockout over Kenan Song.

Another UFC run for Condit?

In 2020, the UFC future looked pretty bleak for the former interim welterweight champion. Carlos Condit had dealt with injuries and entered the year having lost five fights in a row. The losing streak started when he lost a razor close title fight against Robbie Lawler at UFC 195.

The majority of people believe Condit should have became the undisputed champion that night. However, two judges gave the fight to Condit and that loss started the worst stretch of his professional career.

Back in October, Condit made his way to the UFC’s Fight Island. He took on former Ultimate Fighter winner Court McGee. If Condit would have lost, his UFC career would have likely been over.

However, Condit picked up a decision win and got back on track. From there, he defeated Matt Brown in January and now he’s won two-fights in a row. Suddenly, the narrative has changed with the UFC’s NBK. This fight against Max Griffin will tell us a lot. Both men have won two in a row and both men desperately want their winning streak to continue. Should be a fun one on July 10th.

What’s next for Matt Brown after UFC Fight Island 7?

This past weekend at UFC Fight Island 7, we finally got to see a fight we’ve waited years for. Fight fans finally got to watch Matt Brown (22-18) and Carlos Condit (32-13) go to war after years of the fight always falling through.

The fight went a little differently than I thought it would. Matt Brown went with a wrestling-heavy attack after some of the early exchanges. He had success in the first round with being able to get Condit down and holding him there was his control.

The second round was virtually all Condit, however, the third round saw Brown have some additional success. In my opinion, the fight was decently close, but it was clear that Carlos Condit won at UFC Fight Island 7.

However, the scores didn’t reflect a close fight. All three judges gave every round to Condit which I don’t agree with. The fight was much closer than those numbers would suggest and Matt Brown was not happy about it.

However, at the end of the day, it doesn’t matter whether the scoring was right or not. The right guy won the fight on Saturday. That said, what’s next for Matt Brown after taking the loss at UFC Fight Island 7?

What’s next after UFC Fight Island 7?

Matt Brown is a veteran of the game and he just turned 40. He’s now lost two fights in a row, but I don’t believe the UFC veteran is ready to hang up the gloves just yet. I also don’t believe that the promotion will force him out the door.

That said, what is next? I think the promotion has a few options. One guy the UFC could pair with Matt Brown is Mickey Gall (6-3). Gall has spent virtually his entire professional career with the promotion, however, he’s never really made that jump to the next level.

He’s a good fighter, but the progression to great just hasn’t come. Gall is a winnable fight for Brown, but it could also be entertaining for fans and a good fight for Gall. Another option is the loser of the Alex Oliveira (22-9-1, 1 NC) and Randy Brown (12-4) fight.

Whoever loses that fight will be in a very similar position as Matt Brown. They would have lost their last two fights inside the octagon. The UFC has a couple of options and I’m curious to see what they do with Brown moving forward.

After winning at UFC Fight Island 7, what’s next for Carlos Condit?

Carlos Condit

At UFC Fight Island 7, fight fans finally got to see a welterweight showdown that we’ve waited years for. The Natural Born Killer, Carlos Condit (32-13), took on Matt “The Immortal” Brown (22-18) in the co-main event of the evening.

The fight went a little differently than I thought it would, however, it was still very entertaining. Both men battled for fifteen minutes and in the end, the judges gave the decision to the former interim UFC champion, Carlos Condit.

Condit definitely won the fight, although, I was a little surprised by the scores. All three judges gave Condit every round. I personally thought Matt Brown should have won the first round with his top control, but it was close.

I was surprised that not one judge gave it to him. Nevertheless, Condit walked away with his second straight UFC victory. After Condit had lost five in a row, he’s bounced back for two wins over the last few months.

This was a very important fight for Condit. Not only was he looking to win his second straight, but the fight was the final one on his UFC contract. There were a lot of question marks about what would be next if he lost.

What’s next after UFC Fight Island 7?

Dana White said in the post-fight press conference that he loves Carlos Condit. Factoring in the UFC‘s relationship with Condit and the fact that he’s on a winning streak and I don’t believe he’s going to be going anywhere.

I fully expect the promotion to resign Condit and I don’t think Condit wants to go anywhere. Counting his WEC days, Condit has fought under Zuffa since 2007 and he didn’t sound like a fighter who was interested in testing the waters.

Having won two in a row, I’m curious to see what the UFC does with Condit next. I don’t think he will get a ranked opponent in his next fight, but someone on the broadcast did have a really good suggestion.

Someone mentioned James Krause (28-8) as a possibility and I love that fight. It would be an entertaining scrap between the two and Krause is 7-1 since 2015. If Condit could pickup another win over someone like Krause, then you could start to talk about a ranked opponent.

Carlos Condit beats Matt Brown by decision at UFC Fight Island 7

Carlos Condit

In the co-main event of UFC Fight Island 7, we had a matchup that fans have been waiting years for. Veteran welterweights Carlos Condit (31-13) and Matt Brown (22-17) finally met inside the octagon.

Carlos Condit was able to snap a five-fight losing streak during the UFC‘s last trip to Fight Island. He was looking to pickup his second consecutive win today. This would be the first winning streak for Condit since 2012 if he was to win.

There was also a lot riding on this fight given Condit’s contract situation. Condit announced this week that UFC Fight Island 7 was the final fight on his current deal with the promotion. He needed a win to ride high into negotiations.

On the other side of the octagon you had Matt Brown. The gritty veteran saw his two-fight win streak snapped last May when he was knocked out by Miguel Baeza. The 40 year old welterweight was aiming to prove that he can still put on a show.

UFC Fight Island 7 Recap

Round 1

The UFC Fight Island 7 co-main event of the evening started and both men immediately started training. Brown was looking to pressure Condit early while Condit was looking to work his low kicks.

Condit was working his kicks on all three levels in the first minute of the fight. Brown was able to catch Condit on an entry and he landed a takedown. Matt Brown wasn’t throwing much on the ground instead just using it for control.

Condit was able to work back to the guard, but Brown was able to push him against the fence. After a minute on top, Brown started throwing some shots. With two minutes left in the round Condit started trying to work his way up, but Brown was holding control well.

With a minute left in the round, Condit started working for submissions off his back. Condit worked his way up to his feet and hit a switch to end up on top of Matt Brown before the round ended. Very tough round to score considering Brown didn’t do much on top, but I’ll still give him the round.

Round 2

The second round of the UFC Fight Island 7 co-main event started with Condit pushing forward. Condit was throwing kicks and combinations, however, Matt Brown caught Condit flush with a big elbow that buckled Condit’s legs.

Matt Brown wasn’t able to capitalize on a hurt Condit. Condit recovered well and went back to working his combinations. Brown tried to land a couple of takedowns, but Condit was doing a good job of defending in the second round.

Halfway through the round and Condit really started opening up. Then out of no where, Condit landed a spectacular takedown of his own. Once on top, Condit started working his elbows looking to hurt Matt Brown.

Matt Brown was really starting to look tired on the bottom. Condit was doing a good job of constantly touching Matt Brown and holding him down in the second round. The second round comes to a close and it was a dominant round overall for Condit.

Round 3

The former interim UFC welterweight champion looked like he had all the momentum entering the final round. Both men touched gloves to get things underway but the action immediately paused with an accidental low kick from Condit.

When the action resumed, Condit went right back to attacking with his kicks. Thirty seconds into the round and Brown shot for a takedown, but Condit defended well. Matt Brown was able to push Condit against the fence and land a solid right hand.

He chained that into a takedown attempt, but Condit was able to reverse and get the back of Matt Brown. Brown was able to work his way back up, but then Condit took him right back down and landed in side control.

Matt Brown was looking exhausted in the final round. Condit was able to get the back once again, but he slipped and Brown used that to get back to his feet. Condit slipped and Brown ended up on top with 90 seconds left in the round.

Brown was on top, but he wasn’t doing much with it. Condit was attacking submissions off his back and throwing shots. With 50 seconds left, Condit got back to his feet. Once there, Condit went for a takedown, but Brown reversed and got his own takedown.

The fight comes to a close and it was razor close. Given the activity, I give the third round and the fight to Carlos Condit 29-28.

Carlos Condit def. Matt Brown by Unanimous Decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)

UFC Fight Island 7 Preview: Matt Brown – Carlos Condit

Tomorrow at UFC Fight Island 7, fight fans are getting to see a fight that we’ve waited years for. After years of this fight being discussed, we will finally get to see Matt Brown (22-17) and Carlos Condit (31-13) go to war.

Matt Brown is looking to bounce back from his knockout loss that happened back in May at the hands of Miguel Baeza. That loss snapped a two-fight winning streak for Brown where he had knocked out Ben Saunders and Diego Sanchez.

It’s been a very interesting ride for Matt Brown in the UFC. Brown had always been considered kind of a journeyman fighter early on. A fighter who was extremely entertaining, however, he could never get to the top.

Then we hit 2012. Staring in 2012, Matt Brown went on a seven-fight winning streak which included a win over Stephen “Wonderboy” Thompson. That winning streak put him in a title eliminator against Robbie Lawler where he ultimately fell short.

While he’s had some entertaining fights since, he’s not been able to get back to that level in some time. Carlos Condit has been going through the same thing. Condit snapped a five-fight losing streak back in October on Fight Island.

The former interim UFC welterweight champion has struggled a lot since 2016. Like Brown, Condit lost a crucial fight to Robbie Lawler which seemed to really turn his career downhill. He’s looking to win his second straight tomorrow in what’s his final fight on his UFC contract. 

UFC Fight Island 7 Prediction

In reality, this is just a really fun matchup. These two are legends to the die-hards and even if they are far pass their primes, it’s just going to be fun to see these two mix it up at UFC Fight Island 7.

When it comes to the prediction, to me it’s going to come down to how Condit fights. For Carlos Condit to win, he needs to stay away from wild exchanges. I believe he’s got the technical advantage.

Matt Brown has the raw power advantage and for him to win, he needs it to be a brawl. If Condit is drawn into a brawl with Matt Brown, he might run the risk of getting knocked out or losing a decision.

Given the gravity of the situation for Condit, I expect him to fight smart. Don’t get me wrong, we are going to see some big exchanges, but I think Condit is going to work from the outside and edge this one out. I actually see this one going the distance.

Prediction: Carlos Condit by Unanimous Decision

Carlos Condit’s contract expires after UFC Fight Island 7

Carlos Condit

The Natural Born Killer has a lot on the line at UFC Fight Island 7. Former interim welterweight champion, Carlos Condit (31-13), will be fighting his final fight on his current deal with the UFC on Saturday night.

Condit is taking on Matt Brown (22-17) in a fight that fight fans have been waiting years for. The two gritty veterans are expected to put on a show and nobody is expecting this fight to go the distance.

It’s been a rough few years inside the UFC for Carlos Condit. Back in April of 2009, Condit made his debut with the promotion and lost a split decision to Martin Kampmann. After that, he went on an incredible run.

Condit won four straight fights which earned him a shot at Nick Diaz. The two headlined UFC 143 for the interim welterweight title and a chance to fight Georges St. Pierre for the undisputed title.

Condit won the fight and the interim title by unanimous decision. The Natural Born Killer went on to lose to GSP when they fought later in that same year. However, he did have his moments including dropping GSP with a headkick.

Rough UFC run over the last seven years

Entering 2013, Condit was looking to get back in the rhythm after losing to GSP. He started the year off by fighting Johny Hendricks and he lost by decision. After that fight, he was able to stop Martin Kampmann to avenge his earlier loss.

Tyron Woodley would be next up and he stopped Condit by a leg kick which ended up tearing the ACL of Condit. After that, Condit ended up taking a year off from the UFC to rehab his knee. He returned successfully against Thiago Alves in 2015.

That’s when Condit got his second title shot. He took on Robbie Lawler at UFC 195 and put on a clinic. Most people, including myself, felt that Condit should have won the decision and walked out with the title. However, the judges gave the fight to Lawler.

After that fight, Condit would lose four straight fights through the end of 2018. Condit made his UFC return back in October against Court McGee. Having lost five in a row, it was do or die for Condit. Condit ended up pulling out a big decision win.

Now, he will make the walk looking to win his second straight fight. Condit hasn’t won multiple fights in a row since 2012. Considering the UFC’s current state and this being the last fight on his deal, Condit needs to win on Saturday night and he needs to do it with style.

UFC booking Carlos Condit – Matt Brown

Carlos Condit

The UFC is close to finalizing a fun welterweight contest for fans in 2021. Per MMA Fighting, the promotion is close to finalizing a contest between former interim champion, Carlos Condit (31-13), and Matt Brown (22-17).

This is the third time that the UFC has attempted to book these guys against each other. However, injuries derailed both of the previous matchups. This is an incredibly fun matchup for fans and a fight that makes sense for both fighters.

Carlos Condit fought for the first time in almost two years back in October. That night, Condit was able to snap his five fight losing streak and get a much needed win over Court McGee. Condit looked good that night even breaking the nose of McGee.

The 36 year old former UFC champion made it clear that night that he wasn’t done. It seemed that after the fight, Condit was rejuvenated by the much needed win. While a title run might not be in the cards, he’s still got gas in the tank.

UFC’s January 30th Card

The proposed welterweight contest is going to take place on the UFC‘s January 30th card. For Matt Brown, he’s going to be attempting to bounce back from his knockout loss to Miguel Baeza which occurred back in May.

Prior to that knockout loss, Brown had won back-to-back fights by knockout. Brown has long been known as one of the more entertaining and game fighters that the UFC has on their roster.

To me, this fight isn’t really about moving forward towards the top of the division. This is a fight between two guys who still have fight left in them and they are looking to put on a show for UFC fans.

It’s going to be a fantastic matchup. If both men show up at their best on January 30th, it’ll be interesting to see how it plays out. I’m expecting a fun striking war when these two stand across from each other next year.

UFC: Is Carlos Condit – Nick Diaz 2 the fight to make?

Carlos Condit

This past weekend at UFC Fight Island 4, former interim champion, Carlos Condit (31-13), got back in the win column after a five fight losing streak. The former champion hadn’t won since 2015, and his back was against the wall.

However, Condit came out with a dominant performance over former Ultimate Fighter winning, Court McGee (19-10). Condit dropped McGee in the first round and cruised to a decision. A massive UFC victory for the Natural Born Killer.

Earlier in the week, Condit expressed interest in fighting Nick Diaz (26-9, 2 NC) if he were to win on Saturday night. The two men have some history that dates back to UFC 143 which was almost nine years ago.

That night, Diaz and Condit fought to a decision for the UFC interim welterweight title. The decision was razor close, and a lot of people felt that Diaz won the fight. In the end, Condit walked away with the decision and the interim title.

Diaz recently announced that he was training and getting ready for a UFC comeback. There has not been any progressive talks between him and the UFC on who he would face upon his return in 2021. However, Condit is ready to throw his name into the mix.

Should the UFC book it?

When Diaz’s team announced that he would be returning, they said he had his eyes on some of the top fights in the division. One of those fights did not include what happened Saturday night between Condit and Court McGee.

Diaz looked to be more interested in the guys at the top of the division. However, a fight with Condit could be a good way for the UFC to reintroduce Diaz to competition. It’s a winnable fight for Diaz, and there is some name recognition there.

Not too mention the fact that Diaz could get his revenge in that matchup. We already know that Condit is down for the rematch. I’m not sure that Diaz would sign up for this, but if I’m the UFC, it’s worth offering out to both parties.

If Condit doesn’t get the fight against Diaz, I think the next reasonable fight to look at is the Robbie Lawler – Mike Perry fight taking place in November. Condit had a Fight of the Year with Lawler so that would make for an excellent rematch. A fight against Matt Brown could also be a possibility.