Max Griffin edges Carlos Condit at UFC 264

The Natural Born Killer returned tonight in the featured prelim of UFC 264. The former interim welterweight champion Carlos Condit (32-13) returned to the octagon to take on Max Griffin (17-8).

This fight was very big opportunity for Max Griffin. Griffin was making his 12th appearance with the UFC. He made his debut with the promotion back in 2016 when he took on another former interim welterweight champion in Colby Covington.

In his previous 11 trips into the octagon, Griffin has gone 5-6. While that’s certainly not the most impressive UFC record, he has been doing well as of late. Coming into tonight, Griffin had won two straight.

Back in October, Condit made his way to the UFC’s Fight Island having lost five in a row. He took on former Ultimate Fighter winner Court McGee. If Condit would have lost, his UFC career would have likely been over.

However, Condit picked up a decision win and got back on track. From there, he defeated Matt Brown in January and now he’s won two-fights in a row. Suddenly, the narrative has changed for Condit who was looking for another big win at UFC 264.

UFC 264 Recap

Round 1

The UFC 264 featured prelim kicked off with no touch of the gloves. Max Griffin pushes forward with two massive kicks that connect on Condit. Condit pushes forward with his own combination, but Griffin counters with two massive low kicks.

Body kick lands for Carlos Condit. Another low kick for Griffin. Sweeping low kick for Griffin as Condit appears to be trying to time an uppercut. Another big kick for Griffin. Griffin goes up top, but Condit blocks. Confident look from the former interim UFC champion.

Back-to-back big leg kicks for Griffin. Griffin is looking great, but Condit doesn’t appear to be concerned. Another kick for Griffin lands. Condit steps forward with a combination and he lands his own leg kick.

Griffin circles on the outside as Condit lands a body kick. Another good low kick for Griffin and Condit counters with a blitz and a body kick. Condit’s legs are beat up and Griffin drops Condit with a big combination. Huge follow ups, but Condit survives.

Huge opening frame for Max Griffin who is putting it on Carlos Condit. Condit gets up and goes for a flying knee, but nothing lands. Condit pushes forward as the round ends. 1-0 for Max Griffin here at UFC 264.

Round 2

The former interim UFC champion needs to get things going entering the second round. Condit opens the striking in the second round with a head kick. Griffin responds with another brutal leg kick.

Condit moves forward and tries for a lead hook but nothing lands. Good right straight for Carlos Condit. Looping right hook for Griffin who looks more measured in this round. Brutal leg kick lands for Max Griffin.

Condit checks a leg kick and counters with a right hook. Griffin circles and he’s popped by a 1-2 from Condit. Condit is picking up the pace as Griffin is slowing down. Right straight lands for Condit. Lots of pressure from Carlos Condit.

Left hook lands for Max Griffin. Condit pushes forward with another combination. Big right hand lands for Condit. Both men exchange left hooks. Griffin steps forward with a combination. Uppercut for Carlos Condit and the striking numbers are dead even in the second.

The former interim UFC champion has definitely found his rhythm. Big body kick lands for Condit. Nice jab from Condit and Griffin pushes back with a left of his own. The bell sounds and I have it 1-1 at UFC 264.

Round 3

Heading into the final round at UFC 264, I think it’s anyone’s fight. Griffin opens the striking with a 1-2. Condit starts back with pressure, but is immediately backed up by Griffin who appears to want the center here in the final frame.

More pressure and urgency from Griffin. Big combination lands for Max Griffin and Condit is backing away. Another big combination lands for Max Griffin. Low kick for Max Griffin and a lead hook lands behind it.

Both men exchange big shots and now Condit has the center. Lead hook for Griffin and Condit lands his own off the break. Huge combination with Griffin, but Condit just eats it. Massive hook to the body lands for Condit who is pushing forward now.

Right straight for Condit and now it’s Griffin going backwards. Jab for Carlos Condit. Another huge body hook lands for Condit and now Griffin circles to the center. Condit goes for a takedown, but Griffin defends and were back to striking.

Massive right straight from Griffin hurts Condit and Griffin gets his own takedown. Less than a minute left and Griffin is on top. Condit gets back to his feet, but Griffin goes right back to the takedown. The round ends and Max Griffin should take this one at UFC 264.

Max Griffin def. Carlos Condit by Unanimous Decision (29-28, 29-28, 30-27)

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