New York Mets: You Are Still on the Beltran Strikeout?

New York Mets to interview Carlos Beltran.

Imagine your production at work was based off one mistake you made out of your whole successful career. Unfortunately we have more than a small minority of Mets fans who do the same thing to Carlos Beltran.

We all know the story at this point. Game 7, 2006 NLCS and Beltran was up with the bases loaded and down by two Adam Wainwright. Down 0-2, Wainwright snaps of the nasty curveball he’s had his whole career, to strikeout Beltran and send the Cardinals to the World Series.

Layoff the Man

Now don’t get me wrong here, Beltran should have attempted to put the ball in play, but he was frozen. Beltran ended up taking unfair amounts of criticism and ended up being used as a scape goat for the Mets inability to make the playoffs for the next couple of seasons.

Beltran put together some of the best seasons any Met ever had. During his career with the Mets, he hit .280 with 149 home runs and 100 stolen bases. He was a five time All-Star, won three gold gloves and two silver sluggers.


Instead of pointing the blame at the horrible bullpens and lack of depth, Beltran is held responsible for the Mets failing to reach their potential during his tenure as a Mets. They seem to forget the collapses of 2007 and 2008, in which Beltran had nothing to do with.

During Sept 2007: .282/.328/.555 8 HR 27 RBI 5 SB 0 CS

During Sept 2008: .344/.440/.645 6 HR 19 RBI 6 SB 0 CS

2009-11 were seasons marked with injuries and the roster on the decline. A smear campaign from the Wilpons in 2011, whom which the fans claim to loathe, also plays into the destructive Beltran rhetoric. Lets not forget, he brought us Zack Wheeler.

This all leads to Beltran’s hiring as manager. What he lacks in experience, he will make up in knowledge. Beltran and Callaway were both inexperienced when hired, but that is the only thing they have in common. Callaway was never the high caliber player Beltran was and never even sniffed an important game.

Beltran is regarded as one of the best postseason players of all time and rightly so. No matter where he has played, his teammates rave about him. His leadership qualities and respect are unmatched by any of the candidates the Mets interviewed, outside of Joe Girardi.

There is no guarantee Beltran is going to be the next Davey Johnson or Gil Hodges, but let’s give him the chance to grow or fail before we completely bury him again. Most fans reading this understand the greatness of Beltran, but some need to be enlightened before they make another ill-informed comment about him.

New York Mets: Carlos Beltran is the New Manager

New York Mets to interview Carlos Beltran.

After weeks of searching and speculation, the New York Mets have named Carlos Beltran as the 22nd manager in the team’s history. He beat out Eduardo Perez in the final stages, who seemed to have the job all but locked up. There are many aspects involved in this hiring and lets take a dive into it now.

At first, Carlos Beltran was not even interested in a managing gig. As his name continued to be floated around, his interested slowly grew. It grew to the point where he only was interested in taking the Mets job. Beltran had a hall of fame caliber career and it included many great years as a Met. The only unfair rain cloud over his head is looking at a called strike three from Adam Wainwright in game 7 of the 2006 NLCS.

Respect is Key

Beltran garners respect from players throughout baseball, especially veterans like Robinson Cano and Jacob deGrom. He is the top manager on my list managers without any experience at any level. There is no doubt his knowledge and demeanor is suited for the job. He was set to be a manager at one point down the road, but is he ready now?

Outside of the lack of experience, it is hard to find a reason why Beltran cannot do a terrific job leading the Mets. He is highly respected, knows the game in and out, was a leader as a player and knows how to handle the New York media. Beltran would also prefer to hire Terry Collins as his bench coach, who would be a great person to have in the dugout.

What Role Does the Front Office Play?

A major topic of discussion will always revolve the role of the front office during the games. When Mickey Callaway was the manager, there were constant reports of him being told what moves to make.

This makes Beltran’s hiring is interesting for a couple reasons.

Beltran is a potential hall of famer, who is doing this job because he wants to, not out of necessity. This should mean he will be in full control and will take input from upstairs when he wants it. Should he be unhappy with the way he is being treated, he can easily change things because of the support from his players.

The other aspect is a scary one. Beltran could be here just as publicity, while Van Wagenen and co. continue to run the organization into the ground with their in game decisions. This could be why handling the press was a key part of the interview process. Someone has to take the blame when moves from upstairs do not pan out. Beltran would make the simple moves, but could just be here for the paycheck.

Understanding who Beltran is, the scary aspect is very unlikely. Beltran simply get what it means to be a winner. While most of us still prefer Joe Girardi, Beltran still would qualify as top three in the list of candidates the Mets hired. Despite the dysfunction in the front office, Beltran is the one who can stabilize the franchise.

New York Mets: The Four Managerial Candidates

New York Mets to interview Carlos Beltran.

The New York Mets have gone through an extensive list of candidates to fill their manager position. After a couple weeks of intense vetting the final four names left are Tim Bogar, Eduardo Perez, Carlos Beltran and Joe Girardi.

Tim Bogar is currently the Nationals first base coach and is a name that has flown under the radar. His experience is no joke though, which has given him to opportunity to make the final four. Bogar is a former Met who spent nine years in the big leagues and has won manager of the year in three different minor leagues.

He spent time coaching in multiple roles during his MLB coaching career. Bogar has coached under Joe Maddon, Terry Francona, Bobby Valentine and Ron Washington. His only managing experience came in 2014 when he replaced Washington and led the Rangers to a 14-8 record to end the season.

From the Booth to the Bench?

Eduardo Perez has a very interesting background compared to the rest of the candidates. He has experience coaching in the bigs, tv experience and comes from a baseball family. Perez is the son of hall of famer Tony Perez and Eduardo was a 13-year veteran who bounced around from team to team.

He has managed in winter ball leagues in Puerto Rico and has experience as a bench and hitting coach for the Astros and Marlins, respectively. Perez is a very likable figure throughout baseball which helped him earn another interview.

Will a Beltran Hire Be Another Strikeout?

Carlos Beltran had a very successful career which included seven good years with the Mets. He was known for his ability to be a strong clubhouse leader, but did have front office conflicts with the Wilpons. Originally, Beltran wanted nothing to do with job but quickly had a change of heart which is paying off for him.

Beltran lacks the managerial experience at any level, unlike the other three candidates. What makes Beltran’s story interesting is he only wants the Mets job. He can definitely add the hitters and base stealing perspective the team lacked with Mickey Callaway as manager.

Will the Wilpons Accept Girardi?

Joe Girardi is hands down the best candidate of the four, which is why the Phillies see him as their top candidate. He is a World Series champion, former manager of the year and has 988 wins over 11 years of managing experience. Girardi also owns the best challenge record in baseball history.

The one red flag, for only Fred/Jeff Wilpon, and Brodie Van Wagenen, is that Girardi would expect to have full control of the day-to-day and game decisions. This had a lot to do with why Brian Cashman decided to move on to Aaron Boone to manage the Yankees. Cashman wanted more control of the team and it has not seemed to work very well.

The Direction of the Franchise

If the Mets bring in Beltran or Perez, expect the same old stuff that happened under Callaway. The one variable here is that Beltran has way too much to lose by become a puppet to the front office. Beltran is a borderline hall of fame and can find a better job somewhere else if he is not happy with what the Mets offer.

Girardi or Bogar should receive full control when they get the job. This situation is very black or white. Unfortunately, the Mets tendencies forces us to assume they will make the mistake by hiring another puppet.

Prediction: Carlos Beltran lands the job

New York Mets: Carlos Beltran, Mets or Bust

New York Mets to interview Carlos Beltran.

Carlos Beltran only wants to manager for one team in 2020 and it is the New York Mets. The former Mets All-Star has turned down interview requests from the Padres and the Cubs, two of baseballs best locations this offseason.

Beltran spent 10 years of his career in New York as a Met and Yankee. He says he is ready to live in New York and all of the turmoil with the front office from his playing days has fully settled. Beltran could not comment too much on his future due to his role in the Yankees front office and the Mets preference to keep everything under wraps for now.

Beltran May Feel Ready, But is he Experienced?

He knows he has enough on field and clubhouse experience to be a successful manager, but still lacks the game managing experience. He thinks he can learn as the season goes on, but that should scare fans a little bit. On one hand, the last thing the Mets need is another clueless manager like Mickey Callaway. There were multiple game costing decisions that fell on Callaway because he did not have the experience or due to the front office forcing the move upon him.

On the other hand, first year managers like Aaron Boone and Rocco Baldelli had plenty of success during their first year. Due to his extensive career in the big leagues, he would seem to be closer to Baldelli/Boone than he would be to Callaway on the managing spectrum.

Will he Need to Make Big Decisions?

Managers across baseball are making less decisions now because the front office wants their hands in managing the game. This throws in a new variable, which put into question if all of Callaway’s decisions were his own. Beltran may come into the job willing to learn which will allow the front office to run the show. This would play right into Jeff Wilpon’s hand.

Despite that, Beltran’s baseball instincts will likely be better than Callaway’s, along with the group of coaches he will bring with him. If Beltran was interested, he could keep hitting coach Chili Davis and pitching coach Phil Regan around. It would certainly create some familiarity with the team.

Beltran would be a fan favorite to have back around and could create the connection that was even stronger than what Callaway had. If the Mets want to continue the trend of hiring young managers, Beltran would be the poster child for the movement.

New York Mets: Jeff Wilpon’s Power Struggle

New York Mets, Jeff Wilpon

Stop me if you have heard this one before…Jeff Wilpon wants full control over the New York Mets decisions. The COO of the organization looks to hire a manager who falls in line. Instead their aim should be a manager who will do things their own way.

This does not rule out the possible hiring of Joe Girardi or Buck Showalter, which is why they are still receiving interviews. Both managers are guys who want to run the team their own way and leave the front office out of their decision making. This was part of the reason why the Yankees let Girardi go because they wanted someone who would know their place in the organization.

First Year Managers Only?

It is hard to think any veteran manager will simply fall in line with what Wilpon/Brodie Van Wagenen want. Much like Mickey Callaway they will take a chance on a manager without any experience who will follow what he is told. If this is the case, expect another year(s) of futility from the Mets.

This has been the issue since the Wilpons took control of the Mets. Everything has to be done their way and no World Series championships in the last 33 years should show that this is not working. Jeff and Fred Wilpon never worked in baseball outside of owning the team and their baseball opinions are just as good as someone you find on the street. They are single handedly killing their own franchise and their idea that they know best will continue to hold back the franchise.

As the list of candidates settle, the manager who will not be a “yes man” deserves the job. Girardi/Showalter and a potential future hall of famer in Carlos Beltran do not fit that mold. The selected manager will be very telling of what the future of the team will be.

New York Mets: Carlos Beltran to Interview for Manager

New York Mets to interview Carlos Beltran.

The former Mets All-Star had a sudden change of heart as Carlos Beltran will meet with the organization in person. Just last week it seemed that Beltran did not want anything to do with the managerial job, but the outcry of fans in favor of Beltran might have helped push him into the interview.

Beltran is certainly an interesting move if the Mets opt to go in that direction. He did not have the best relationship with Jeff Wilpon when he played for the Mets. Wilpon thought he was an overpaid player and wanted him off the team towards the end of his Mets contract.

Another First Year Manager?

He spent time in the Yankees front office after he interviewed for the Yankees manager job. Much like Mickey Callaway he would be a brand new manager, but he would bring knowledge and big game confidence that Callaway never had. Beltran could be more controllable than a Buck Showalter or Joe Girardi which could be enticing to Brodie Van Wagenen.

Unfortunately, Mets fans bring up his strikeout against Adam Wainwright way more than they should. Beltran came to work an played hard every game for the Mets and helped bring the organization back to legitimacy. He had a dominant Mets career and was one of the reasons why the 2006 were a game away from the World Series. His Mets career ended in the trade which brought Zack Wheeler to the Mets. The fans want him back, but at the end of the day the decision falls on the Wilpons.

The Mets would be better served to trust Girardi or Showalter with the job, but you never know with the Mets. Beltran certainly has the knowledge to manage, but he has no where near the pedigree of other candidates. No matter who it is, the new manager will come in with very high expectations on their shoulders.