New York Mets: Terry Collins Not a Bench Coach Candidate

New York Mets, Terry Collins
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Unfortunately the only reunion the New York Mets will get is with their manager. Terry Collins will not return to the dugout as the bench coach under new manager Carlos Beltran.

Collins last managed in 2017 and has been very happy with his role as a special assistant. Even if he wanted to return to the dugout, the Mets will not give him an opportunity as a candidate for the job. Collins will still provide Beltran with any support he needs throughout the season as they have a tight relationship.

Narron to Get the Job?

Earlier last week a zoomed in photo revealed Jerry Narron as a potential candidate for the job. While the fans have a preference for Collins, Narron is a very qualified man for the job. He has experience as a manager along holding various roles as a coach throughout the big leagues.

It will be very interesting to see how the Mets fill out the rest of Beltran’s coaching staff. Beltran likely has his own crew of guys he wants to bring in, but the organization may way to retain Chili Davis and Phil Regan. Both provided a big impact on the 2019 team and carry a lot of key knowledge on the hitters and pitchers. Should Beltran get more of a say in his coaches, we may see some more former Mets back in uniform for the 2020 season.