Terry Collins praises New York Mets’ manager Luis Rojas: “He slows the game down for himself”

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The New York Mets got themselves a new manager after the Carlos Beltran fiasco: Luis Rojas, who has been with the organization for well over a decade, will take the reigns and try to make the playoffs with a talented roster. That’s if there is a season to play, of course, given that MLB and the union are still negotiating important details.

Rojas has quite the fanbase around the Mets organization. A former manager of the franchise, Terry Collins, is the latest to show his respect for the newly-appointed skipper.

Rojas is what you would call a baseball lifer, as SNY puts it. He grew up in a baseball field, his brother and father were players/managers, and he went up through the minor league ladder to find this opportunity with the New York Mets.

Collins thinks that Rojas not only has the necessary knowledge of the game to be a successful on-field leader, but also, he believes Rojas is calm and has the needed serenity to take the best decision when the time is due.

“It means a lot because you are looking down the road at guys that are going to be called up, [Rojas] is going to know those guys, he is going to know their personalities,” Collins told Mike Puma of the New York Post. “But the other thing it does, when you bring a player in and he doesn’t know you very well, because he hasn’t been around you, a veteran guy, they are going to ask the young guys, ‘Tell me about this manager.’ They are going to draw their own conclusions, but you have people in there who say, ‘Hey, look, he is good to play for.'”

From one Mets manager to another

Collins knows what he is talking about, as he was the Mets’ manager for seven years, including in 2015, when they made a run into the World Series. He even got to see Rojas from up close during spring training, before action was halted.

“I think he’s got very good knowledge of the game, but he’s calm,” Collins told The Post. “I watched him run his teams and run games in the minor leagues and he had control of his players, but he had control of himself. He just slows the game down for himself, he doesn’t make rash decisions and today’s game in the minor leagues is tough, because your lineups are dictated today, but his players all liked him and they all played hard for him.

“I saw him take guys out of games when they didn’t hustle and they didn’t make a big deal about it. I think his demeanor will be good for the guys in New York because he’s got basically a little bit of a veteran club and the one thing those veteran guys don’t want, they don’t want somebody who is so intense and so in on every move. You have got to let those guys play a little bit and I think Louie is a good example of that.”

New York Mets: Five Possible Replacements for Carlos Beltran

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Over the last 48 hours, controversy and rumors of Carlos Beltran stepping down from his manager position have been surrounding the New York Mets. Should Beltran leave his job, who are the best candidates to jump in and take the reigns with less than a month until Spring Training starts?

Terry Collins

His name either brings back memories of happiness or causes other Mets fans to begin to gag. Collins would be a solid choice in a one-year role while the Mets try to figure out their manager for the following season. He has a good relationship with a majority of the roster and was a key figure of bringing the Mets out of their chaos from the early part of the last decade. Collins is the latest manager to bring the Mets to the World Series and already has direct experience with the job as Mets manager.

Hensley Meulens

Meulens is currently the bench coach for the Mets and has been involved in baseball since 1985 as a player. His experience and knowledge certainly qualifies him to become the manager. Meulens has managed the Netherlands multiple times in the Summer Olympics and World Baseball Classic. Since 2010, he spent time as the hitting coach and then bench coach under Bruce Bochy in the San Francisco Giants organization. Meulens has respect from players throughout the league and speaks five different languages.

Eduardo Perez

Perez was originally one of the few remaining candidates who lost out on the Mets job. He has experience managing in Puerto Rico along with various coaching roles in the earlier part of the 2010s. As much as Perez would like the opportunity to manage, it would be hard to see him jumping out of a multi-year deal he signed to remain as an analyst on ESPN. Despite the lack of time he would have to prepare, the talent the Mets have on their roster may be too much to pass on.

Buck Showalter

Much like Collins, Showalter would be with the Mets as a short term option. His resume speaks for itself and is the most polished out of anyones on the list. Showalter’s last job with the Orioles did not end as smoothly as he wanted, and his older style of managing could be what the Mets need to get eyes focused on the product on the field, not off it. The seven names surrounding Showalter on the all-time wins list are all in the hall of fame, so he is not a wrong choice to settle on.

David Wright

The chance of Wright taking the job has to be less than one percent, but you have to make the call to ask. With all the negativity surrounding the Mets, Wright is the joyful and hopeful face fans, and the organization can rally around. Wright represents the opposite approach the Mets could take when compared to Showalter. He knows the media, the clubhouse knows and respects him. Much like Beltran, Wright is a former player with a brilliant baseball mine and exceptional leadership qualities. With all the analytics and Brodie Van Wagenen involved, how much managing would he even need to do?

New York Mets: Terry Collins Not a Bench Coach Candidate

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Unfortunately the only reunion the New York Mets will get is with their manager. Terry Collins will not return to the dugout as the bench coach under new manager Carlos Beltran.

Collins last managed in 2017 and has been very happy with his role as a special assistant. Even if he wanted to return to the dugout, the Mets will not give him an opportunity as a candidate for the job. Collins will still provide Beltran with any support he needs throughout the season as they have a tight relationship.

Narron to Get the Job?

Earlier last week a zoomed in photo revealed Jerry Narron as a potential candidate for the job. While the fans have a preference for Collins, Narron is a very qualified man for the job. He has experience as a manager along holding various roles as a coach throughout the big leagues.

It will be very interesting to see how the Mets fill out the rest of Beltran’s coaching staff. Beltran likely has his own crew of guys he wants to bring in, but the organization may way to retain Chili Davis and Phil Regan. Both provided a big impact on the 2019 team and carry a lot of key knowledge on the hitters and pitchers. Should Beltran get more of a say in his coaches, we may see some more former Mets back in uniform for the 2020 season.

New York Mets: The “Bombshell Candidate”

Drama and the New York Mets go together like peanut butter and jelly. As the Mets narrowed down their managerial search down to four, a source connected to the organization said a “bombshell candidate” could be in play should the Mets feel none of the final four are worth hiring.

This leaves a realm of possibilities for who this mystery candidate is. The first name that comes to mind is Jessica Mendoza. She spent the 2019 season working in the organization and it would be no surprise to see Brodie Van Wagenen make a move like this. Mendoza would also have the least control out of all the candidates and cause a real stir around the baseball world.

Terry Collins Busy?

Terry Collins is another person who spend the last year working with the Mets. Two years removed from managing the Mets, he was the last manager to bring the Mets to the World Series. With the Mets moving towards an analytic driven decision maker, it will push Collins away from managing again.

A-Rod in Mets Pinstripes?

This might be the biggest longshot out everyone. Though he grew up a Mets fan, he would be forced to give up his luxurious life to spend long hours managing. He knows the game inside and out, but he will come at a very expensive price. Plus, Rodriguez would be nearly impossible to control.

The last person on my list of mystery candidates is the general manager himself. Van Wagenen seemed to control a majority of Mickey Callaway’s moves, so why not step into the dugout himself. He would have to face the fire instead of using some else as a human shield for his boneheaded decisions.

Purely Speculation

All of these names are hypotheticals. These are the best guesses I could make based on the extremely limited information we all have. It would be in the best interests of the Mets to hire one of the four candidates they brought in. Preferably, Joe Girardi.