New York Mets: Carlos Beltran, Mets or Bust

New York Mets to interview Carlos Beltran.

Carlos Beltran only wants to manager for one team in 2020 and it is the New York Mets. The former Mets All-Star has turned down interview requests from the Padres and the Cubs, two of baseballs best locations this offseason.

Beltran spent 10 years of his career in New York as a Met and Yankee. He says he is ready to live in New York and all of the turmoil with the front office from his playing days has fully settled. Beltran could not comment too much on his future due to his role in the Yankees front office and the Mets preference to keep everything under wraps for now.

Beltran May Feel Ready, But is he Experienced?

He knows he has enough on field and clubhouse experience to be a successful manager, but still lacks the game managing experience. He thinks he can learn as the season goes on, but that should scare fans a little bit. On one hand, the last thing the Mets need is another clueless manager like Mickey Callaway. There were multiple game costing decisions that fell on Callaway because he did not have the experience or due to the front office forcing the move upon him.

On the other hand, first year managers like Aaron Boone and Rocco Baldelli had plenty of success during their first year. Due to his extensive career in the big leagues, he would seem to be closer to Baldelli/Boone than he would be to Callaway on the managing spectrum.

Will he Need to Make Big Decisions?

Managers across baseball are making less decisions now because the front office wants their hands in managing the game. This throws in a new variable, which put into question if all of Callaway’s decisions were his own. Beltran may come into the job willing to learn which will allow the front office to run the show. This would play right into Jeff Wilpon’s hand.

Despite that, Beltran’s baseball instincts will likely be better than Callaway’s, along with the group of coaches he will bring with him. If Beltran was interested, he could keep hitting coach Chili Davis and pitching coach Phil Regan around. It would certainly create some familiarity with the team.

Beltran would be a fan favorite to have back around and could create the connection that was even stronger than what Callaway had. If the Mets want to continue the trend of hiring young managers, Beltran would be the poster child for the movement.

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