After a quick win at UFC Vegas 25, what’s next for Giga Chikadze?

This past Saturday at UFC Vegas 25, Giga Chikadze (13-2) competed in the co-main event against Cub Swanson (27-12). It was a huge opportunity for Chikadze who was looking to take that next step in his UFC career.

Chikadze stepped into the cage on Saturday night riding a seven-fight win streak. In addition, he was a perfect 5-0 inside the octagon. Having started out that well, a win over Cub Swanson would vault Chikadze in the UFC‘s featherweight division.

Immediately when the fight started, we saw why there’s a ton of hype surrounding Chikadze. He came forward with vicious kicks and his striking looked incredibly fast. You got the feeling that Cub Swanson could be in some trouble at UFC Vegas 25.

Then, just about a minute into the first round, Chikadze landed a massive body kick that crumbled Swanson. Chikadze looked hesitant to attack because he could tell that the fight was over. However, he went in for the kill.

Chikadze followed up with a few shots and the ref called a stop to the action. This win improved Chikadze to 6-0 in the UFC and he just netted the biggest win of his career.

What’s next after UFC Vegas 25?

Given his frame and his style of striking, Chikadze can be a huge problem in the UFC’s featherweight division. After the fight was over, Chikadze said that it would be a dream to fight Max Holloway, but he would settle for Calvin Kattar next if possible.

Calvin Kattar could be an option, but I think the UFC goes in a different direction. One possibility could be paring Chikadze up with Arnold Allen (17-1). Allen had competed a few weeks earlier and won a decision over the talented Sodiq Yusuff.

Like Chikadze, Allen is also unbeaten inside the octagon. Allen has gone 8-0 since making his debut in the UFC and he’s currently ranked seventh in the division. If the UFC wants to see which prospect is ready for the top five, they can pair those two up.

Another option would be the winner of the UFC 262 matchup between Shane Burgos (13-2) and Edson Barboza (21-9). Whoever wins that matchup next weekend would be another great option for Chikadze next.

I don’t know about you, but Chikadze against any of those options makes for a sensational fight. I’m a huge fan of Chikadze and I think he’s going to be a major player in the UFC’s featherweight division for years to come.

After his win at UFC Vegas 23, what’s next for Arnold Allen?

This past Saturday at UFC Vegas 23, Arnold Allen (17-1) took on Sodiq Yusuff (11-2) in the co-main event. Both of these featherweights are looked at as two of the top prospects in the division and came in ranked 10th and 11th.

Arnold Allen made his UFC Debut back in 2015 and he was a perfect 7-0 entering the octagon on Saturday night. Like Allen, Yusuff was also perfect inside the octagon leading up to UFC Vegas 23.

Whoever won this matchup was going to be in a good position to make the leap to the next tier of competition. The fight on Saturday night was very close between the two top featherweights.

When you look at the striking numbers overall, you can see that. However, there were two moments in the first two rounds at UFC Vegas 23 that secured the fight for England’s Arnold Allen.

Allen was able to drop and hurt Yusuff in the first and the second round at UFC Vegas 23. Despite Yusuff having an edge in some of the striking numbers, those two moments secured Allen’s eighth straight win inside the octagon by unanimous decision.

What’s next after UFC Vegas 23?

After winning his eighth fight in a row, it’s time for the UFC to give Allen a bump up in his competition. With that said, who should the promotion look at in terms of the next opponent.

After the fight was over, Allen said he wanted to fight the winner of the Chan Sung Jung – Dan Ige fight. However, I don’t believe the UFC will go in that direction. I believe whoever wins that matchup will be a little too high in the division.

Yesterday, I wrote a piece about what the UFC should do with Yusuff next. I thought a good matchup would be the loser of the upcoming Edson Barboza – Shane Burgos matchup. 

With that in mind, I think the UFC should potentially look at booking the winner of that matchup against Allen. Both Burgos and Barboza have name recognition and would provide a stiff test for Arnold Allen. I know it’s not the biggest jump for him, but this would be a logical next matchup.

After suffering his first UFC loss, what’s next for Sodiq Yusuff?

This past Saturday at UFC Vegas 23, Sodiq Yusuff (11-2) and Arnold Allen (17-1) went head-to-head in the co-main event. This featherweight matchup paired up two of the division’s most exciting prospects.

Both of these contenders entered the octagon on Saturday unbeaten in the UFC. They were ranked 10th and 11th in the division. Whoever won was poised to take a step up in competition against some of the best in the featherweight division.

The fight at UFC Vegas 23 was extremely competitive. Both men had their moments and Yusuff did some solid work in the fight. However, there were two big moments in the first couple of rounds that swung the fight.

In the first and second rounds, Arnold Allen was able to land big shots that dropped Yusuff. While the striking numbers were extremely close overall and actually favored Yusuff, these two moments swung those two rounds.

Had Yusuff not been dropped, there is a strong chance he could have won a decision at UFC Vegas 23. He won the third round on all three scorecards, but all three judges gave Allen the first two rounds. Allen remained unbeaten inside the octagon while Yusuff suffered his first UFC loss.

What’s next after UFC Vegas 23?

This was a tough loss for Yusuff because it was such a close fight. However, with the way he lost at UFC Vegas 23, it’s not going to set him back a ton. In my opinion, the loss was more of a speed bump opposed to completely throwing him off course.

With that in mind, what’s next after UFC Vegas 23? For “Super” Sodiq’s next matchup, my attention turns to a featherweight contest that takes place in May. At UFC 262, Edson Barboza (21-9) and Shane Burgos (13-2) will battle it out.

Both of these contenders rank just below Yusuff in the UFC rankings as of today. I think the perfect next fight for Yusuff would be taking on the loser of that matchup. I don’t think the loser of that fight loses much ground just like Yusuff didn’t lose much ground.

Given the styles of all parties involved, I believe either man against Yusuff would be a fight that fans would be excited for. Time will tell what the UFC decides to do, but I would be shocked to see Yusuff get paired with the loser of that matchup.

Arnold Allen defeats Sodiq Yusuff at UFC Vegas 23

In the co-main event of UFC Vegas 23, we saw a pivotal matchup in the featherweight division. Top eleven ranked contenders went head-to-head as Arnold “Almighty” Allen (16-1) took on “Super” Sodiq Yusuff (11-1).

Both of these top contenders were in a very similar position. Both are young, entering their prime and they’re both ready to make that next jump into the UFC‘s premier names at 145 pounds.

For Arnold Allen, this is just his eighth UFC appearance despite making his debut back in 2015. While Allen hasn’t been the most active, he’s definitely been effective. In his UFC career thus far, Allen is a perfect 7-0.

Sodiq Yusuff also held a perfect UFC record coming into today. Yusuff earned himself a contract on Dana White’s Contender Series and he hasn’t looked back. “Super” Sadiq has gone 4-0 and his last win came against the tough Andre Fili.

UFC Vegas 23 Recap

Round 1

The UFC Vegas 23 co-main event kicked off with no touch of the gloves. Yusuff took the center while Allen was bouncing on the outside. Nasty leg kick from Yusuff starts the striking. A lot of pressure from Yusuff early.

Yusuff tries for a body kick, but Allen catches it and lands a takedown. However, they were against the fence and Yusuff started using the fence to get up. Yusuff uses a guillotine choke attempt to reverse the position and a scramble has them standing again.

More pressure from Yusuff, but Allen lands a big shot that slows the pressure. Allen lands another clean shot, but Yusuff lands a good shot of his own. A big shot from Arnold Allen sits Yusuff down. Allen pushes forward but Yusuff recovers quickly.

Yusuff backs away and Arnold Allen lands a takedown. However, Yusuff again used the fence to get back up. Allen was heavy on the pressure as the two were clinched along the fence. The bell sounds and it’s 1-0 Arnold Allen at UFC Vegas 23.

Round 2

Entering the second round at UFC Vegas 23, it looks like Arnold Allen has the respect of Sodiq Yusuff. Yusuff goes right back on the pressure to start the second round. Allen was light on his feet and was sliding out of the way of the big shots from Yusuff.

A nice straight left hand lands for Allen and he follows it with an uppercut. A couple of clean straight right hands land for Yusuff. Yusuff is not swinging nearly as wild here in the second and he’s starting to touch Allen more.

Solid low kick lands for Yusuff. A big headkick lands for Arnold Allen and Yusuff is wobbled badly. Allen follows up and Yusuff goes down briefly. However, Yusuff recovered quickly and the two ended up in a clinch.

After a couple of knees from Yusuff, the two separate. More pressure from Yusuff and he lands a good leg kick. He forced a clinch after, but Allen immediately reversed the position and pushed Yusuff against the fence.

Allen was extremely heavy with the shoulder and head pressure in the clinch. The two break just as the round comes to a close. It’s 2-0 Arnold Allen here at UFC Vegas 23.

Round 3

Entering the final round here at UFC Vegas 23 and Sodiq Yusuff is going to need a finish in this one. Yusuff immediately moves forward and forces a clinch to start the third round. However, Allen immediately reversed the position.

Yusuff forces the break, but Allen immediately shoots in for another takedown. However, Yusuff defended well. Allen got up and forced a clinch against the fence. Yusuff then reverses the position on Allen and tries for his own takedown but couldn’t land it.

The two break and go back to striking. Yusuff was really loading up on his shots and landed a couple, but Allen was able to get a body lock and forced a clinch. “Super” Sodiq reverses the position, but there wasn’t a lot of urgency from him here in the third.

Allen reverses the position with 40 seconds left in the round. It just doesn’t appear that Yusuff has the energy to do anything to get the finish. The round comes to a close and I give Yusuff the round, but Allen the fight 29-28 at UFC Vegas 23.

Arnold Allen def. Sodiq Yusuff by Unanimous Decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)

UFC Vegas 23 Preview: Arnold Allen – Sodiq Yusuff

In the co-main event at UFC Vegas 23, we will see a very important fight in the featherweight division. Two top prospects will go head-to-head as England’s Arnold “Almighty” Allen (16-1) takes on “Super” Sodiq Yusuff (11-1).

Entering tomorrow’s co-main event, Yusuff is 11th and Allen is 10th in the UFC‘s featherweight rankings. Whoever wins this matchup is poised to move up the ladder and get a shot at a premier top ten name at featherweight.

Arnold Allen made his UFC debut back in June of 2015. However, since his debut, he hasn’t been the most active fighter. In almost six years, this is just the eighth time that Allen has made the walk to the octagon.

Despite the lack of fights, it hasn’t held him back from being impressive. In his seven fights in the UFC, Allen is a perfect 7-0. His last fight was in January of 2020 and he scored a decision win over Nik Lentz. He also has a decision win over former Strikeforce champion Gilbert Melendez inside the octagon.

With the wave of African UFC stars, another name to watch is Sodiq Yusuff. Yusuff hails from Nigeria just like UFC champions Israel Adesanya and Kamaru Usman. “Super” Sodiq looks like he can be the next great African star in the octagon.

Yusuff earned himself a UFC contract on Dana White’s Contender Series back in 2018. Since then, he’s competed four times inside the octagon going 4-0 and he stepped up competition along the way. His last fight was at UFC 246 in January of 2020 where he defeated the very tough Andre Fili by decision.

UFC Vegas 23 Prediction

I’m very excited for this matchup at UFC Vegas 23. As I mentioned, whoever wins this matchup is going to take that next step in their careers towards the premier names in the featherweight division.

For Arnold Allen to be successful tomorrow night, he has to keep this fight close. He needs to mix his strikes with his grappling. Allen needs to land takedowns in order to win this fight.

While his striking is not bad by any stretch, I don’t like him in a distance striking matchup with Yusuff. On the flip side, Yusuff needs to keep this fight at range. He’s going to have the speed and the power advantage at UFC Vegas 23.

If Yusuff can keep this fight at range, he’s going to get the better of the exchanges. Someone is getting their first loss in the UFC tomorrow night and I could see it being either man. I really like the diverse attack that Arnold Allen can bring to the table tomorrow.

Allen’s kicks and his grappling ability might give Yusuff some issues. However, as much as I like Allen’s game, I believe Yusuff is going to win tomorrow. I think he’s going to land the more impactful shots and ultimately take home a relatively close decision win at UFC Vegas 23.

Prediction: Sodiq Yusuff by Unanimous Decision

UFC books Sodiq Yusuff – Arnold Allen

The UFC is in the process of finalizing a big time matchup in their featherweight division. MMA Junkie was the first to report today that the promotion is booking a matchup between top ten contenders, Sodiq Yusuff (11-1) and Arnold Allen (16-1).

The matchup is set to take place at a UFC Fight Night on April 10th. This will be the first time either man will have stepped into the cage in over a year. The last time we saw Yusuff was at UFC 246 in January of 2020.

That night, Yusuff took on the tough Andre Fili. While File was able to push Yusuff, Yusuff still picked up the unanimous decision victory. The win was his fourth straight since earning a UFC contract on Dana White’s Contender Series.

Yusuff has a ton of hype behind him and there is a great amount of interest in this featherweight contender. He will make the walk on April 20th as the tenth ranked contender in the division. For the first time, he’s going to be facing a fighter ranked above him.

UFC Top Ten Featherweight Showdown

Just like with Yusuff, the last time we saw Allen in the UFC was in January of 2020. That night, Allen was able to pick up a decision win over Nik Lentz. Allen joined the UFC back in 2015 and has fought seven times for the promotion.

While he’s been fairly inactive, Allen has had a great start to his career with the promotion going a perfect 7-0. The English born featherweight will have a massive opportunity on April 10th.

Allen will make the walk as the ninth ranked featherweight in the UFC. Should he be able to pickup a win over Yusuff, it is very likely that he could get a top five opponent in his next matchup. There’s going to be a lot on the line in this one in April.

UFC books Jeremy Stephens – Arnold Allen

Jeremy Stephens

The UFC is finalizing a tremendous featherweight contest for their card on November 7th. First reported by MMA Junkie, the promotion is planning on booking Jeremy Stephens (28-18, 1 NC) against Arnold Allen (16-1).

For Jeremy Stephens, this is a make or break type of fight for the long time contender. Stephens will be entering the octagon on November 7th after going 0-4, 1 NC in his last five contests. Stephens was finished in two of those contests.

While they have all come against top competition, it’s still not a great look to the UFC when you’re riding a losing streak like this. This is the first time since 2018, that Stephens is not going to be facing a top contender in his next fight.

However, Lil Heathen is going to have his hands full. Arnold Allen is quite the exciting prospect in the UFC‘s featherweight division. Allen will walk into the cage on November 7th as the eighth ranked featherweight in the UFC. One spot ahead of the veteran, Stephens.

Big UFC test for Allen

For Allen, this is going to be the biggest test of his UFC career. The 26 year old fighter from England made his UFC debut back in 2015. Since then, Allen has gone 7-0 with the promotion with most of his fights going the distance.

Allen has been in there with some recognizable names. Most notably, Allen has had wins over former Strikeforce champion, Gilbert Melendez, and Nik Lentz. We haven’t seen Allen since January when he was able to defeat Lentz by unanimous decision.

The November 7th card is being headlined by the light heavyweight title eliminator between Thiago Santos and Glover Teixiera. This fight is another great addition to the growing card which is turning out to be a must watch for UFC fans.