Rangers buyout defenseman Anthony DeAngelo (Report)

Anthony deangelo

The New York Rangers to buy out the contract of defenseman Anthony DeAngelo.

The worse kept secret is about to become reality as the New York Rangers are beginning the process to buy out the contract of defenseman Anthony DeAngelo.

Frank Seravalli Tweeted the the club would be behind the process to buyout DeAngelo by placing him on waivers.

He played his final game for the Blueshirts on Jan.30 in a 5-4 overtime loss to the Pittsburgh Penguins.

There were several incidents throughout the early part of the season that had DeAngelo in the crosshairs of the organization.  The Sewell, NJ native was benched for two games by former head coach David Quinn after he incurred an unsportsmanlike-conduct penalty for slamming the penalty box door and yelling at referees late in an opening-night loss to the Islanders.

He was warned by then-GM Jeff Gorton that if there were further issues, “the time is going to come where we’re going to put you on waivers and move on.”

DeAngelo was acquired in a trade with the Arizona Coyotes along with a first-round pick for Antti Ranta and Derek Stepan.

Rangers D Anthony DeAngelo’s talent being wasted as he sits in Blueshirt jail

It has been almost two weeks since the New York Rangers removed defenseman Anthony DeAngelo from the team’s roster. A physical altercation with goaltender Alexandar Georgiev was the finals straw in a turbulent career in New York for Tony D.

DeAngelo has been in and out of the team’s dog house since his arrival in 2017. Despite his ongoing feuds on social media, which much of the time were more related to his political view than his play on the ice, he has shown he can be a valued asset to this team.

Last season DeAngelo had a career year. He was ranked fourth in defenseman in scoring, recording 15 goals, 38 assists for 53 points while appearing in 68 games.

What Went Wrong

How things turned so incredibly bad can not be answered in one simple statement. It looked like for every one step forward the defenseman took, he then took two steps backward. It appeared that the Rangers were happy with how things were going with their relationship with DeAngelo when the team signed him to a two-year, $9.6 million contract in October 2020.

During the offseason, DeAngelo started a lot of dialogue on his Twitter account which led to a lot of banter between him and his fans. A Donald Trump supporter, DeAngelo never held back what he felt, which tended to get him into some trouble.

The organization wanted him to back down a little bit with regards to what he had to say on Twitter, but holding back an opinion was not DeAngelo’s style.

He spoke to Larry Brooks of the New York Post about his time on Twitter and views of the MAGA stance saying,

“I’m definitely misportrayed in my opinion,People have different opinions and I respect everyone’s opinion. I never attack anyone for their opinion. I have mine that obviously I shared, but I never thought that I crossed the line with anything. I understand people not liking it, the way things went, but I’m definitely not an extremist, that I can tell you. I thought I gave my opinion, I respect other people’s opinions, and that’s all I thought I was doing.”

More cause for concern was the unproven and false story that DeAngelo took the first goal puck of rookie defenseman K’Andre Miller.

DeAngelo was the center of another drama prior to the Georgiev altercation that incorrectly stated he would not return the puck to Miller.

Miller’s agent Ian Pulver told the Post,

“K’Andre Miller was never part of any part of the Tony DeAngelo story at all, there were no issues between them of any kind. There is no reason he should be part of this.“As far as the first-goal puck being an issue, K’Andre never even knew it to be an issue. It was always his understanding that the puck was with the training staff. It’s not right that he has become part of this story.”

The altercation with Georgiev was all general manager Jeff Gorton was willing to take. DeAngelo was placed and cleared waivers days later.

Is Isolating Tony D The Right Move?

In the five games DeAngelo has missed, the club has a record of 2-2-1. They have been shutout in two out of their last three games and have managed to score just nine goals in the five-game span.

The power-play has been invisible during this stretch. In the last 5 games, the Blueshirts have had 18 man-advantage opportunities but have managed just one power-play goal. The club is currently ranked 28th in the league with the man-advantage this season (11.5%).

Last season the club finished the abbreviated shorten season ranked seventh in the NHL at 22.9% effective. DeAngelo had 19 power-play points last season (3G, 16A).

After two weeks of isolation, with the teams struggling to find goal scoring and wins, suffering game after game of one-goal losses the question must be asked, are the Rangers causing their own demise by not re-activating Tony D back into the lineup?


The team has been unable to trade him currently which was no surprise. Though there has been a little chatter about a potential trade, nothing has panned out so far. Rumors and unsubstantial reports have circulated that the team will sit the 25-year-old until the end of the season where they will then -lace him on the unprotected expansion draft list, then buy him out if he is not claimed.

That’s is a huge waste of salary cap and talent to prove a point. DeAngelo is scheduled to make $4.8 million this season to sit at home and wait.

Pride Needs To Be Placed Aside

Let’s forget about his political views and his antics on and off the ice. The kid can play hockey when he is focused.

The Blueshirts were not a strong team defensively prior to the start of the season, and now due to injuries to Brendan Smith and Jack Johnson are relying on Libor Hajek and Anthony Bitetto.

DeAngelo may not appear to be the savior the club is missing, but he is an offensive threat when he is on the ice, something the team has been lacking with the struggles are Mika Zibanejad and Ryan Strome among the many on this team.

At the end of the day, it is all bout getting wins which this team has done only four times this season (4-6-3).

A distraction or a needed addition is what the organization needs to answer. Two weeks is a long time to take a look at what the pros and cons would be for bringing DeAngelo back to the team.

What the team can ill afford to do is let him sit at his home in New Jersey and watch the team struggle to find a way to win one-goal contests.

New York Rangers waive D Anthony DeAngelo

Anthony deangelo

The New York Rangers made a surprising move as they placed defenseman Anthony DeAngelo on waivers on  Sunday afternoon.

The 25 y-year old registered one assist in six games with the Blueshirts this season. He has played in 206 NHL games for both the Rangers and the Arizona Coyotes. In his five seasons, DeAngelo has recorded 24 goals with 82 assists for 106 points.

The Rangers acquired the defenseman on June 23, 2017, along with Arizona’s first-round pick in the 2017 NHL Draft for Antti Raanta and Derek Stepan.

DeAngelo had a turbulent time in New York, never living up to the expectations the Rangers had for him. He had a rocky relationship with head coach David Quinn resulting in watching several games as a healthy scratch during his time in New York.

His offseason antics and political statements on social media platforms like Twitter have made his relationship with the organization stressful. Over the summer, DeAngelo deleted his Twitter account after several confrontations with fans and other media outlets.

The announcement adds more fuel to the fire that the team may be looking to acquire St. Luis Blues defenseman Vice Dunn.

Dunn, 24-years old, will be an RFA at the end of this season. His contract this year has a cap hit of $1.875 million.

Hearing dates set for the 4 Rangers players who filed for salary arbitration

The next step for the New York Rangers battle against the salary cap was announced on Tuesday with the announcement of dates for salary arbitration hearings.

With four Blueshirts filing for arbitration, Anthony DeAngelo, Alexandar Georgiev, Ryan Strome, and Brendan Lemieux, Jeff Gorton will look to sign all of these players before the hearings are conducted.

Salary arbitration hearings will be held from Oct. 20 through Nov. 8. A player can sign a contract with his current team any time before an arbitrator’s ruling. More times than not a player and the respected team will settle on a  new deal prior to the hearings. Last year, 40 players filled for arbitration with only six going to an arbitration hearing.

The Ranger’s biggest contract concern has to be Strome’s impending deal. Strome just completed a two-year deal with the Edmonton Oilers that netted him $6.2 million.  He is looking for at least a four or five-year deal probably in the neighborhood of $5- million per year. At the conclusion of his next contract signed, Strome will be an unrestricted Free Agent, so a one year deal would not be optimal for Gorton and the club.

The Rangers are in a tight salary cap situation because of two reasons. The club has to pay out approximately $13 million in buyout money this season.  Dan Girardi ($1.1 million), Ryan Spooner ($300,000), Kevin Shattenkirk ($6.083 million), and Henrik Lundqvist ($5.5 million) will all have their buyout payments held against the salary cap.

 Signing bonuses

The second factor to understand is signing bonuses. NHL teams are allowed a 7.5 % “performance bonus cushion” that is not held against the team’s salary cap.


Any bonuses that exceed the cushion are held against the team’s cap. The Rangers added to that factor on Monday when they agreed to terms with Alexis Lafreniere.   The Blueshirts now have a projected cap space of $18,804,367 which includes a $2.85 million performance bonus.

As things stand after that announcement, Gorton’s club will have a $3.95 million penalty added to their cap hit. This would leave almost $19 million in projected cap space before the team has signed any of their four RFA’s.

Arbitration dates announced

The NHLPA announced its arbitration dates for each player on Tuesday evening. Gorton and John Davidson are now on the clock to get these players signed before each player’s hearing.

DeAngelo – Oct. 20
Georgiev – Oct. 31
Strome – Nov. 5
Lemieux – Nov. 6

For the most part, the Rangers and their players who have filed for arbitration have been able to avoid going to an actual hearing with both sides agreeing on deals. The most recent time any Blueshirts went through with the hearing process was Sean Avery and Nikolai Zherdev in 2007.

A player cannot walk away from an arbitrated decision, but the Rangers can can walk away from any award of more than $4.538 million should they decide not to accept the arbitration award. The player would become an unrestricted free agent immediately.

The salary cap crunch the Rangers find themselves in right now, along with many teams in the NHL, could see them going through the hearing process this year.

I cannot see the team letting a player just leave, so an unwarranted decision against the team could leverage the club to make a trade to help resolve their cap problems.

Rangers’ Anthony DeAngelo defends fellow teammate

Anthony deangelo

New York Rangers defenseman Anthony DeAngelo enjoys going back and forth with hockey fans on his Twitter account. Whether it is about politics, his favorite sports teams or just to get fans talking about what’s going on in the world, he never seems to keep his opinion to himself.

Wednesday the 24-year-old defenseman did what he does best.  He defended his teammate, Brett Howden.  Howden has been a target of many in the Rangers Twitter world.  During this time when the team is out of the playoffs, bloggers and anti-Howden fans have been ripping the forwards last season and suggesting the club trade him.

DeAngelo decided to use his platform to defend Howden with a tweet that grabbed everyone’s attention.

DeAngelo confidently stated why people have focused their criticism towards the second-year player.

“He’s become the focus of criticism because people have zero idea what they are talking about. He’s a young, talented hardworking player that is liked by everyone in the organization. Plays hard, both ends of [the] ice and is SO young still. Take Brett Howden every day of the week!”

So powerful words which should come as no surprise to anyone who follows DeAngelo or listens to his podcast “Watch Your Tone”

In a time of pointing fingers and laying blame in our society, its refreshing to see one player stand up for another with fear of backlash or further negative comments.

Regardless if DeAngelo is on the ice or typing on his phone, the defenseman always protects his Blueshirt teammates.

New York Rangers defenseman Anthony DeAngelo holds offseason advantage

Anthony deangelo

With the New York Rangers season now over, the club has some difficult personnel decisions to make. Defenseman Anthony DeAngelo is one of those decisions that the Rangers will have to take a hard look at.

The 24 -year-old defenseman had a career year with the Blueshirts this season finding the back of the net 15 times while recording 53 points in 68 games. A principal player on the team’s power-play, DeAngelo had 19 points (16 helpers) when the team had the man advantage.

He has now played in 200 career NHL games for both the Rangers and the Arizona Coyotes (his first season in the NHL).

A Contract Mess

Last season the defenseman was a restricted free agent with no arbitration rights. The Rangers hierarchy played hardball and refused to sign him to a long term contract. The two sides finally agreed to a one year, $925,000 contract. The Rangers weren’t sold on his past performance and stood firm with their one year offer.

Now the tide has changed with DeAngelo holding arbitration rights this offseason as he is coming off a career year. DeAngelo averaged 19:17 minutes per game which was second on the team for a defenseman (Jacob Trouba 22:34). He is due for a big raise, but will the Rangers be willing to give him his payday?

The Rangers are very tight against the salary cap. Next season has some very big numbers salary-wise that will prevent the Blueshirts from improving the club. Jacob Trouba- $8 million, Marc Staal- $5.7 million, and Brendan Smith-$4.35 million have the highest cap hit for a defenseman.  Superstar Artemi Panarin’s cap hit of $11.642 million and Henrik Lundqvist’s $8 million shows how dire the Rangers cap situation really is.

The team will have to figure out what direction they want things to go before a decision can be made on DeAngelo. Lundqvist’s situation is one that has been spoken about all season. Many believe that he and his salary will be off the books either by a buyout,  trade or retirement.

The team will have to consider other options such as another buyout for either Marc Staal or Brendan Smith.


Should the Rangers and DeAngelo be unable to agree on a new contract, the two sides would have to go to the dreaded Arbitration process. Here the Rangers would try to downplay the value of the young defenseman, but the ultimate decision on a salary amount and length of the contract would be determined by the arbitrator. This is a huge risk for the Rangers as a big contract determination could derail the improvement of the club.

The Rangers have worked hard to develop DeAngelo since his acquisition three years ago. Finding a suitable deal is in the best interests of both sides to keep the hope of getting back to the playoffs next season.