Rangers’ Anthony DeAngelo defends fellow teammate

Frank Curto
Anthony deangelo

New York Rangers defenseman Anthony DeAngelo enjoys going back and forth with hockey fans on his Twitter account. Whether it is about politics, his favorite sports teams or just to get fans talking about what’s going on in the world, he never seems to keep his opinion to himself.

Wednesday the 24-year-old defenseman did what he does best.  He defended his teammate, Brett Howden.  Howden has been a target of many in the Rangers Twitter world.  During this time when the team is out of the playoffs, bloggers and anti-Howden fans have been ripping the forwards last season and suggesting the club trade him.

DeAngelo decided to use his platform to defend Howden with a tweet that grabbed everyone’s attention.


DeAngelo confidently stated why people have focused their criticism towards the second-year player.

“He’s become the focus of criticism because people have zero idea what they are talking about. He’s a young, talented hardworking player that is liked by everyone in the organization. Plays hard, both ends of [the] ice and is SO young still. Take Brett Howden every day of the week!”

So powerful words which should come as no surprise to anyone who follows DeAngelo or listens to his podcast “Watch Your Tone”

In a time of pointing fingers and laying blame in our society, its refreshing to see one player stand up for another with fear of backlash or further negative comments.

Regardless if DeAngelo is on the ice or typing on his phone, the defenseman always protects his Blueshirt teammates.