Alex Rodriguez takes shot at Brian Cashman for meddling in game 2 plan

New York Yankees, Yankees, Brian Cashman

Since the New York Yankees plowed through the Tampa Bay Rays in game one, they’ve lost two consecutive matchups in the ALDS.

Pitching remains the Yankees’ biggest weakness and most prevalent liability. Their inability to hold down teams has been apparent for the regular season, and that same streak has followed them into the postseason. In game 2, the Yankees took an odd approach that resulted in a devastating loss that completely shattered their positive momentum.

Former Yankee Alex Rodriguez had strong words for Brian Cashman, who clearly meddled in their game plan.

“I’m still scratching my head,” Rodriguez said. “You’re the New York Yankees. You’re the biggest, most successful franchise maybe in sports. You’re number one in payroll with $240 million. You have to play your game. You’ve done it for over 120 years. You have 27 championships. You’ve done it as an alpha. You’ve done it the old-fashioned way.

“You get to Game 1, you do it the old-fashioned way,” A-Rod went on. “Great starting pitching and you get nine outs from the bullpen. And then to Game 2, the front office wants to get involved and then you start getting gimmicky. To me, the Yankee roster has to bail out Brian Cashman and the front office. And they’ve done some wonderful things. Game 2 was a mistake, and it was a mistake for about 20 different reasons.

“The players start saying, ‘What are we doing?’ You start spending so much time trying to figure out how to outsmart the Ivy Leaguers over there. That’s not your game. Don’t play Jeopardy!, play baseball. Players win championships.”

Out of all of Rodriguez‘s takes, this is a decent one. The Yankees tried to take a strange analytical approach that backfired significantly. Instead of taking the old fashion route that relied on their starting pitching, they injected young arm, Deivi Garcia, into a must-win game. His one run in the first inning gave the Rays momentum that allowed them to crush JA Happ immediately after.

“I’m sorry for ranting here, but we used to say, ‘If a manager can stay out of the game, that’ll be great.’ Now we have to say, ‘Front offices have to stay out of the game.’ Frustrating,” he said. “That last thing I’ll say is it’s unfortunate that Aaron Boone has to sit there and explain to the media what he’s doing.

“I would love the smart Ivy Leaguers to come down – the front office – and explain to us why that was a smart move for the New York Yankees and that fan base.”

While people will blame Aaron Boone for this mishap, this goes much deeper into the front office. The Yankees need to rely on their guns and listen to the people they evidently pay to make these decisions.

Cashman needs to stick to his job and begin looking at free agents to bolster the starting pitching rotation. With the Yankees down 1-2 in the series, game 4 is essential, and they are banking on Jordan Montgomery to bring his A-game.

New York Yankees Top 10’s: A history of great 3rd baseman, who were your favorites?

New York Yankees, Alex Rodriguez

The New York Yankees, in their glorious history, have many of the best players ever to play at their positions in the history of MLB.  In this installment of Yankee top 10’s, I give my picks for the best Yankee 3rd baseman throughout the Yankees years.  In the very near future, this list may change, as Yankee third baseman Gio Urshela is making his mark at the hot corner with his Gold Glove-like play.

10. Aaron Boone

Aaron Boone was an average player and didn’t play but part of one season with the New York Yankees.  His claim to fame includes playing injury-free for two years of his career while racking up 322 games within the two years, but they weren’t with the Yankees.  The only reason he makes this list at all is that as a 3rd baseman for the Yankees, he had one of the most iconic moments in baseball history.  In 2003 his home run to left field at Fenway Park brought the Yankees to the 2003 World Series.  The walk-off home run in the eleventh inning is generally considered the ninth-best home run in baseball history by Baseball Tonight.

9. Joe Sewell

Sewell played 3rd base for the Yankees from 1931 to 1933.  He would likely be placed higher on the list if he had played longer with the Yankees.  Coming from the Cleveland Indians after the 1930 season, Sewell played excellent defense at third and hit .282 over the span.  The other factor is that the Hall of Famer played most of his career with the Indians at shortstop. He played his Yankee career at third and was an MVP candidate in 1932.

8. Frank “Homerun” Baker

Baker was a well known Yankee getting his nickname from his timely home runs as Phillie.  He got 96 home runs in his career, which is not a lot by today’s standards, but in his period of play from 1908 on, it was a lot.  More specifically, his home runs won a lot of games, including postseason games.  With the Yankees, he was an excellent .942 defender of the hot corner.  He also had a .288 average with the Yankees.

7. Clete Boyer

Clete Boyer as a Yankee fan-favorite between 1959-1966.  Boyer would have been a national star at third except that he played at the same time as Brooks Robinson on of MLB’s greatest third baseman.  He wasn’t as good a hitter as Boggs or Brosius, but his defense was second only to Robinson. He had 25 home runs as a Yankee and batted .243

6. Gil McDougald

Gil would be rated considerably higher in this list if it wasn’t for manager Casey Stengel penchant for platooning players.  McDougald played much of his time at second base while with the Yankees and is in the top 10 in that position as well.  He won an All-Star nod in 1952 at third.  The reason he places lower than Scott Brosius is because of his World Series stats.  McDougald hit .237 in World Series play, and Brosius hit .314.

5. Scott Brosius

Scott Brosius was another New York Yankee fan favorite.  He played during the dynasty years from 1998 to 2001. During his four years with the Yankees, he hit 65 home runs and batted .267.  The Yankees reached the World Series all four years during his stint with the Yankees.  He was stellar at third, but his claim to fame is his postseason stats.  In the 1998 ALDS and ALCS, he hit .350.  But in the World Series that year, he hit .417 and was named most valuable player.  All tolled in postseason play, he hit eight home runs and drove in 30.

4. Red Rolfe

Red Rolfe was a product of the Ivy League Dartmouth College.  He was an All-Star four of his ten years with the New York Yankees. In 1939 he had 213 hits, 46 doubles while scoring 139 runs.  1939 was his best year with the Yankees when he batted .329, one of four seasons above .300.  He ended his career, all ten of which with the Yankees.  His career batting average was .289, with almost 1,000 runs scored.

3. Wade Boggs

Boggs might be at the top of this list, but he is known mostly as a Boston Red Sox.  He played only five of his 18 seasons with the Yankees.  Those five years were impactful not only for his defense at 3rd but for a .313 batting average as a Yankee. In his first four years with the Yankees, he hit over .300 and was an All-Star each of those years.  He also won two Gold Glove awards while he was a Yankee.

In most of his years with the Yankees, he led off due to his hitting and walking abilities. Like the present DJ LeMahieu, he found a way to get on base. To set the stage for the 1996 World Series, the Yankees had lost the first two games at Yankee Stadium, then won three in a row in Atlanta. Back at Yankee Stadium, the Yankee had two chances to win the World Series. They didn’t need it as they won game six against the Braves. Boggs walked in the three-run third inning, and that was all the Yankees needed. During the Championship celebration, Boggs left the dogpile in one of the most iconic moments in Yankee history, jumped on the back of one of the police horses, and rounded the warning track in celebration of the victory.

2. Graig Nettles

Graig Nettles won of the finest defenders at the hot corner. He won two Gold Gloves at the position but was another player overshadowed by Brooks Robinson, often considered the best 3rd baseman in all of baseball history.  Graig played an incredible 22 years, 11 with the New York Yankees.  Although not the best hitter on the club, he did hit 250 home runs as a Yankee.  Nettles’ Game Three defensive performance in the 1978 World Series was as good a post-season game as any fielder ever had.

Nettles sizzled in the 1981 American League Championship Series, going 6-for-12 with 9 RBI in just three games and being named MVP.  His defensive and offensive leadership brought the Yankees two world championships, two more A.L. championships, and a fifth division title from 1976 to 1981.  He is a frequent participant in the Yankee Old Timers Day celebrations.

My number one pick for the best New York Yankee 3rd baseman will be somewhat controversial, but I can deal with that.  Many would exclude Alex Rodriguez as the top player or even exclude him from the list due to his involvement in performance-enhancing drugs.  I am not considering that and only looking at his performance at the hot corner while with the Yankees.

1. Alex Rodriguez

This writer had no trouble having Alex Rodriguez top the list of the best Yankees third baseman.  He is one of the top 20 baseball players to ever play the game of baseball and is number one or two as the best shortstop to play the game.  Rodriguez came from the Texas Rangers, where he had his best three years stat-wise.  They are also the years that he was accused of doping.  In this writer’s opinion, if he had not doped, he still would have had superstar status throughout his career.

Graig Nettles had far more appearances at 3rd than Rodriguez, but he had over 1000 games on 3rd and was by far more productive.  After being an eight-year All-Star at short for the Mariners, and the Rangers, A-Rod came to the Yankees and accepted a switch to 3rd base, as the Yankees already had a star shortstop in Derek Jeter.  To show what a universal talent Alex was, he then became a seven-year All-Star at 3rd while becoming a Yankee MVP twice and a Silver Slugger three times. At the close of his career, he was four runs short of 700 home runs 4th all-time behind Barry Bonds (762), Hank Aaron (755), and Babe Ruth (714).

Many think that the Yankees got back at A-Rod for his suspension and somewhat bad relations by not letting him finish his 2016 season allowing him to reach 700 home runs.  The other punishment he will endure, probably for the rest of his life, is that his involvement in enhancing drugs will prevent one of the best players ever, from having a place in the Baseball Hall of Fame.

Nearing the end of his 22-year career and after his suspension in 2014, he came back to the Yankees and made every effort to regain his reputation by becoming a mentor to younger players and being a leader in the clubhouse.  He finished his career with the Yankees with a .283 batting average and 351 home runs.

During the recent coronavirus, Rodriguez has been giving online baseball classes for children via his Instagram account.  He and Jennifer Lopez has partnered with their new meal-delivery company, Tiller & Hatch, and have donated an entire year’s food to the students of Jacksboro Elementary school and to stock their food pantry.

In selecting my top ten, I valued time with the club, performance as per  Peak career performance and performance in postseason play was also a factor. Cheating by both A-Rod and Nettles was weighed.  Special situations like changing career positions were also a consideration.’s Columnist William Parlee is a member of the Society for American Baseball. Follow me on Twitter @parleewilliam



New York Mets: Repole-Lopez-Rodriguez group is very much alive in race to buy the team

New York Yankees, Alex Rodriguez

Over the weekend, it was reported that Alex Rodriguez, Jennifer Lopez and Mike Repole may be out of the bidding for the New York Mets. According to Charles Gasparino of Fox Business Network, the group allegedly didn’t have enough money to compete for the team and the process would be down to Steve Cohen and the Josh Harris – David Blitzer pair. However, Ken Rosenthal reported quite the opposite on Monday.

Repole dismissed the notion that the group can’t hang around with Cohen and Harris Blitzer, and stated that “one hundred percent, we can be competitive. The entire group has more than enough money.”

The New York Mets’ sale process is being overseen by Allen & Company, and is currently ongoing. The Wilpons are hoping to sell the team by October, so a resolution isn’t too far off.

The best for the Mets, they say

Repole also went on to elaborate why he thinks his group will be the best option for the Mets and the baseball industry, in general.

“This is the best ownership group, not only for the Mets but for New York and definitely for baseball,” Repole said. “I pride myself on being a marketer. Baseball needs a little bit of a marketing wake-up call, a marketing shot in the arm. Obviously with Alex and Jennifer and what I’ve done with brands all my life, if I’m among the 29 other baseball owners and I’m Manfred, this is the team I want to own, the New York Mets in the New York market.”

Several sports stars reportedly joined the Repole – Rodriguez – Lopez group, including former NFL stars Brian Urlacher, Joe Thomas and DeMarco Murray, current player Travis Kelce, and NBA players Mason Plumlee and Bradley Beal.

The Mets, meanwhile, got swept in a two-game exhibition series against the Yankees over the weekend, and will start their 2020 season this week. The team is expected to contend for a spot in the playoffs.

The Drama of the New York Mets Sale Continues

New York Yankees, Alex Rodriguez

As most New York baseball fans know, anything with Alex Rodriguez comes loaded with drama and endless media coverage. The hopeful future owner of the New York Mets decided to take to the media in an attempt to steal the team away from Steve Cohen.

Rodriguez never has received a “no” for something he wanted, no matter what dirty tricks he has used to pursuit it. From his record-setting contract with the Texas Rangers, then trade to a contender, to playing through and fighting a well-deserved suspension, Rodriguez is a master of using the media to get his way and is attempting to do so once again. This time it is backfiring big time at him.

No Money, No Team

It became apparent that the A-Rod/J-Lo group lacked funds when they enlisted the help of athletes across sports to help their cause. A-Rod used the media game to vouch for a salary cap to put teams on an even playing field. Once again, the highest-earning baseball player of all-time is demanding a salary cap. Since he knows he does not have the money to spend like a New York team should, Rodriguez is attempting to find a way to level the playing field.

One of A-Rod’s former teammates, Brandon McCarthy, took to Twitter to voice his displeasure with his former teammate’s comments.

Union rep Tony Clark also voiced his opinion saying, “Alex benefited as much as anybody from the battles this union fought against owners’ repeated attempts to get a salary cap.” This was not the only trick the Rodriguez team had up their sleeve.

The Race Card

One of the athletes involved with A-Rod is Bradley Beal. Whether Rodriguez had anything to do with it is still a question, but Beal put out a tweet involving race issues and Cohen’s “shady” past.

It seems ironic that an A-Rod led group is talking about shady decisions. Rodriguez could qualify for the same category as Barry Bonds and Pete Rose when it comes to off the field issues that are keeping them out of the hall of fame.

Plain and simple, if anyone had the money to compete with Cohen’s wallet, a salary cap or race issue would not be a question. Baseball only has one minority principal owner and it is Artie Moreno of the Los Angeles Angles. The MLB, more than any sport, can better their diversity and has issues with it within the sport, but this ownership issue is not one of race.

The Guggenheim Baseball Management group, with Magic Johnson as their face, bought the Los Angeles Dodgers in 2012 as well. Johnson has a 2.3% stake in the Dodgers ownership, but his star power had a factor in making the group popular with fans. Should his side win, Beal will likely get the same percentage.

You ask yourself this question, $1.7 billion with a net worth lower than that or $4 billion with $13.6 billion net worth? They are both enormous amounts, but the Wilpons love money more than baseball, and the MLB wants an owner who can support a winner in their biggest market. The biggest factor for this entire sale is whether the Wilpons want to keep SNY (agree to A-Rod’s deal) or hand over any power with the Mets (agree to Cohen’s deal).

Is Cohen the cleanest businessman who ever lived? No. It is hard to find someone with that much money who is completely innocent. Also, there are plenty of owners in the four major sports who are worst people; you can find a couple of them scattered in the New York sports scene.

If the A-Rod group could sniff the amount of money Cohen has, then the race card could certainly have weight to it. The extreme gap in funds, the timing of the statement, and A-Rod’s unpopularity from players throughout baseball are precisely why he is turning to plan B.

Also, think about this, Rodriguez can grab football and basketball players to join his bid, but why haven’t any former baseball players joined his quest to buy Flushing’s franchise?

New York Mets: Sports stars join “J-Rod” bid to buy the team

New York Knicks, Marcus Morris

The race to buy the New York Mets from the Wilpons is on. Former baseball star Alex Rodriguez and his fiancée, successful singer, actress and entrepreneur Jennifer Lopez, are leading a group of investors that just got bigger.

The famous pair has managed to recruit a star-studded cast of investors in their bid to acquire the Mets. It looks like this, according to Vaughn McClure of ESPN:

  • Former NFL linebacker Brian Urlacher
  • Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce
  • Three-time Pro Bowl running back DeMarco Murray
  • Former NFL offensive lineman Joe Thomas
  • Current Washington Wizards shooting guard Bradley Beal
  • Current Denver Nuggets center Mason Plumlee

The day set by the managing firm for interested parties to submit their bids was July 9. A-Rod and J-Lo’s group made an initial bid of close to $2 billion, significantly more than the $1.7 billion that was initially reported.

Reports indicate that “J-Rod’s” bid is very competitive and close to what billionaire hedge funder Steve Cohen offered this time around.

Cohen still interested in buying the Mets

It is important to remember that Cohen was very close to acquiring the New York Mets before the transaction fell through back in February. Back then, the franchise was valued at $2.6 billion.

Indications are that the Wilpon family would prefer to sell to Rodriguez and Lopez’s group if the bids are close enough.

“Being a former athlete and having a chance to be a part of a group trying to purchase a professional team, it’s pretty cool,” Urlacher said on Monday. “It’s especially cool to be involved with Alex. Alex is the man. You’ve got Kelce, Joe Thomas, DeMarco Murray. It’s great to be in a group with them.”

For now, the Mets are currently preparing their season while hosting training camp at Citi Field. They will play against eastern foes, meaning that they will face the New York Yankees, Tampa Bay Rays, Baltimore Orioles, Boston Red Sox and Toronto Blue Jays in addition to their regular rivals: Atlanta Braves, Miami Marlins, Philadelphia Phillies and Washington Nationals.

New York Mets: “J-Rod” bid to buy the team reportedly rivals Cohen’s

New York Yankees, Alex Rodriguez

Last week, Allen & Company set July 9 as the deadline for interested parties in buying the New York Mets from the Wilpons to submit their bids. The team has been up for sale for quite a few months now.

Allen & Company is the firm in charge of managing the sale of the Mets. Before talks broke down in February, billionaire hedge funder Steve Cohen was on the verge of completing the transaction. Now, there are several investment groups looking to secure the deal.

According to what J.P. Morgan told Charles Gasparino of Fox Business, the bid from the group led by Mike Repole, Alex Rodriguez, and Jennifer Lopez is closer to $2 billion and not the previously reported $1.7 billion that was floating around.

That is indeed a competitive offer, close to what Cohen bid this time around. Additionally, Gasparino is saying that a source close to Josh Harris and David Blitzer said that the pair is “feeling pretty good” about their chances of getting the team after their bid, although it is not known how much they offered.

Several parties are interested in buying the Mets

Besides “J-Rod” (and Repole) Cohen, and the Harris – Blitzer pair, there are at least four other interested parties in buying the New York Mets.

For now, the Mets are hosting its training camp in Citi Field, in New York, in preparation for the MLB season that will start on July 23.

According to general manager Brodie van Wagenen, he is focused on winning rather than what happens with ownership.

“You’d be surprised. We aren’t talking about it as a baseball operations group,” Van Wagenen said. “Our focus is … to win, and it’s to try to win going forward. There are no distractions. And I would say that’s true for me, it would be true for [COO] Jeff [Wilpon], it would be true for the rest of our baseball operations leadership, and I know it’s true for our players and our coaches. It’s just not a conversation we’re having internally because we’re keeping our eye on the prize and we’re having a lot of fun doing it,” he said to

New York Mets: Mike Repole reportedly joins Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez bid to buy

Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez have been linked with the New York Mets for a few weeks now. They reportedly want to acquire the team from the Wilpons, who are looking to sell, but the former MLB star and the actress, singer and entrepreneur, his fiancée, struggled to find another deep pocket to finance the deal.

According to Darren Rovell of Action Network HQ, they may have found who they were looking for in billionaire Mike Repole. He has, per Rovell, joined the Alex Rodriguez/Jennifer Lopez group in hopes of buying the Mets.

Repole has found success as a businessman, being specifically involved with Vitaminwater and BODYARMOR Super Drink. He is also a thoroughbred owner.

A New York Mets fan

The cherry on top would be that Repole was born in Queens and is a New York Mets fan, so there is the emotional component, as well, just as it would have happened with Steve Cohen, who was very close to acquiring the team not so long ago.

Rodriguez and Lopez, therefore, could have found the person they needed to get a deal done and buy the Mets. Repole has been mentioned as a potential bidder for the Mets for almost a decade, and this could be the best time to capitalize.

Repole is no stranger to the sports world. He went to St. John’s University and graduated with a degree in Sports Administration, so that would be a positive for Mets fans.

It remains to be seen if the group can complete the purchase on their own or if they will need to look for other investors to fund the deal.

Cohen, a famous hedge funder, was going to pay $2.6 billion for a majority share of the team before the deal fell through near the end line. However, it is highly unlikely that the price is that high at this point.

New York Mets: Things Heat Up With Potential Sellers

New York Mets, Jeff Wilpon

As the 2020 season seems to die in front of our eyes slowly, the potential sale of the New York Mets is heating up. Former buyers and new clients are lining up to purchase one of MLB’s most valuable franchises.

The Steve Cohen saga to purchase the Mets has no end in sight. He originally backed out from the 2.6 billion dollar deal, which included the Wilpons partial ownership for the following five seasons. Cohen said the Wilpons were negotiating in “bad faith” but does not rule out entering another bid. He is waiting on the season’s resumption and will also ask for more control of SNY with his future offer.

J-Rod Ownership?

The group led by Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez are active in their pursuit of the Mets. They connected with an unnamed backer who could bring up to $250,000 to add to the group’s funds. Rumors say two investors through Galatiota Sports Partners will bring in a combined 250 million dollars.

Galatiota helped Josh Harris acquire the Philadelphia 76ers in 2011. Harris is also interested in purchasing the Mets. Based on his work with the 76ers and New Jersey Devils, he would be a terrific replacement to the Wilpons.

Wilpons Scramble

The longer baseball goes without a season, the lower the value of franchises become. The Wilpons, known for the lack of funds to run a franchise, hope to extend a 250 million dollar loan, which expires after July. They hope the loan extension is for a year, which gives time for all of the turmoil in baseball and the world to settle. They want to avoid an auction, which would make it easy for the Harris/Blitzer group to swoop in and buy.

If the Mets are not sold by 2021, they will partake in their version of Moneyball. Any high priced talent will either get kicked to the curb or never receive an offer. For most owners of a sports franchise, it becomes a business-first mentality, but it seems the Wilpon’s have forgotten about the sports side of it and just want to break even when they through with the franchise.

New York Yankees: All-Time Starting Lineup/Bench

New York Yankees, Babe Ruth

Most of these players contributed to the 27 World Series rings that the New York Yankees franchise has won. From World Series MVPs to record-breaking statistics, these players have done it all in the sport of baseball.

All-Time Starting Lineup/Bench

1. SS Derek Jeter

Jeter played all 20 seasons of his career for the Yankees and was one of 15 captains in New York Yankees history. He deserved to be the second unanimous hall of fame player but fell one vote short.

He had 650 1st-pitch hits, indicating he was aggressive at the plate, which makes a perfect leadoff hitter for this team.

2. LF Joe DiMaggio

A 56-game hitting streak is Dimaggio’s most popular call to fame, however, he did make the all-star team all 13 years of his career.

He hit over .300 in 11 out of 13 years at the highest stage, which is almost never seen in today’s baseball.

To top it all off, he served his country in WWII for three years.

3. RF Babe Ruth

“The Bambino” was the greatest display of power in the early 20th century and no one will forget when he “called his shot.”

His 714 home runs have kept him among the top three home run hitters for almost a century. He has the best slugging percentage, OPS, and OPS+ of all-time as well.

He is arguably the best all-around hitter ever and needs to be in the middle of this lineup.

4. 1B Lou Gehrig

He and Ruth were the best one-two punch of their era, if Ruth did not drive in the runs one game, Gehrig would put the “cleanup” in “cleanup hitter” and drive in the runs himself.

In 1931, Gehrig drove in 185 runs, which is the second-most for a single season in history, behind Hack Wilson, who drove in 191 runs a year prior.

Gehrig also won the triple crown in 1934, meaning he led the American League in home runs, RBIs, and batting average, a feat that only a few players have achieved in their careers.

5. CF Mickey Mantle

Following in DiMaggio’s footsteps, Mantle, led the New York Yankees to seven World Series titles. He won the triple crown in 1956, paving the way for his first MVP award.

Mantle was arguably one of the first five-tool players in baseball, as he led the American League in many batting categories, in a single season, at some point in his career and even won a gold glove award.

Behind Babe Ruth, Mantle is second on the all-time Yankees home run list.

6. 3B Alex Rodriguez

Although his best years were for the Texas Rangers, A-Rod won two MVPs as the Yankees’ third baseman.

Yes, he did admit to using steroids, but he was still one of the most feared hitters in baseball for almost two decades.

7. C Yogi Berra

Berra, won three MVPs, 10 World Series rings, meaning he has one for each finger, not even Tom Brady has reached that level of success.

Between his “Yogisms” and serving in WWII, he did all you can ask for of a man and a baseball player. He is the textbook definition of a legend in the game of baseball.

8. 2B Tony Lazzeri

There is an argument to have Robinson Cano in this lineup, however, Lazzeri’s Yankees tenure was longer and was inducted into the Hall of Fame. He also helped the historic teams of the 1920s and 30s win five World Series titles.

9. P Whitey Ford

This is just to fill a hole in the lineup without a DH, if there had to be a DH, a case could be made for Don Mattingly, Graig Nettles, or Dave Winfield, cannot go wrong with any of these players.

Ford was arguably the best pitcher in Yankees history and would be the opening day starter for this team.


C Bill Dickey

He was Yogi Berra’s predecessor and helped the Yankees win seven World Series rings. An 11-time all-star and a hall of fame inductee earn his spot on this team.

1B/OF Don Mattingly

His best season was 1986 when he hit 53 doubles. Mattingly is a great pinch-hit option off the bench.

2B Robinson Cano

Cano got the assist on the final out of 2009 World Series game 6, which one the Yankees first World Series since 2000. He played all but one game that season and became a big part of the New York Yankees team in the early 2010s.

He is the only active player on this team, but his spot is well deserved.

3B Graig Nettles

Nettles led the American League in home runs in 1976, with 32. He is a fan favorite of the ’70s Yankees teams and needs to be on this team.

OF Dave Winfield

Last, but not least, Winfield had one of the best arms of any right-fielder ever. He would rack up double-digit outfield assist seasons a bunch of times in his career.

He also had middle-of-the-lineup production at the plate during his career, making him the perfect player to round out this team.

New York Mets: J-Lo and A-Rod Making a Second Run at Buying The Mets

New York Yankees, Alex Rodriguez

Just a short while ago, the partnership of Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez backed out of purchasing the New York Mets. After their initial proposal fell out, their partnership with JPMorgan Chase have put together a new bid in the hope of becoming the new owners of the franchise.

The couple is putting together “hundreds of millions” of their own money in an attempt to get rid of the Wilpon regime. The COVID-19 pandemic and current minor league conflicts show the family is more than ready to rid the financial burden of owning the Mets finally.

New Changes to the Plan

The original plan of only owning the franchise fell out in part of the negative revenues from solely owning the Mets. SNY’s revenues allow Wilpons to continue operating the franchise without losing money. The new plan includes SNY in the deal, new partners (no longer Wayne Rothbaum, and a long-term plan for successful ownership.

The Wilpons are not ones to prevent themselves from making an extra dime. They still want a part of SNY’s ownership in the deal but are willing to hand over majority ownership now. As rich as the J-Rod combination is, they need help to pull off a deal, especially with SNY involved.

The partnership with JP Morgan Chase guarantees large amounts of money are coming for the big. Rumors put the bid around $2 billion, and it has a much higher chance of happening than their first attempt at ownership.

Another crucial part of this deal is the joint ownership where both Rodriguez and Lopez would be front and center of the franchise. They will be active owners and attempt to undo some of the messes the Wilpon family will leave behind.

New Blood in Queens

Another aspect is creating a different environment for fans and players. They have spoken with the Kraft family, who are not interested in owning a team but in what they can do for Citi Field and the neighborhood around it. The goal is to make going to the ballgame a whole day experience, not just a game experience.

The Kraft family developed the area around Gilette Stadium to become a complex where you spend the weekend. Their interest is in developing the area around Citi Field the same way. Space is there in Queens, but fans know it is not the safest or welcoming area to hang out around after a ball game. Some of the auto shops and buildings have cleared out over the last decade-plus, but there is still a lot more work to be done there. This is why the 2013 All-Star game parade was on 42nd street in Manhattan.

The aim is to combine aspects of Wrigley Field and Madison Square Garden. The Wrigley element creates a “baseball town” for fans. The Mets fan base is as passionate as any in baseball, and they would embrace that culture. McFadden’s at Citi Field is a huge hit, so expanding that culture will fill the ballpark more often.

The Madison Square Garden aspect brings the star power to Citi Field. Just like the Knicks, the Mets have plenty of big-name celebrities from Jerry Seinfeld to Donovan Mitchell, who are avid fans. The Garden has “celebrity row” and putting together the same concept works to the Mets advantage. The stadium is next to a beautiful view, and Citi Field’s design is aging like fine wine.

There are still plenty of hoops to jump through. Other bids and negotiations are the biggest obstacles in the J-Rod ownership. But the improvement of their plans has to make fans optimistic, even as we are clueless on when baseball will return.