New York Giants: Aldrick Rosas released by Jags, Devonta Freeman picked up by Saints

New York Giants, Aldrick Rosas

As the New York Giants continue training camp, there’s some speculation on which players the team might bring in as late additions to bolster their ranks. They’ve already made a couple of signings like this so far, particularly on the offensive line. But as free agency speculation heats up around the league in general, what about the former Giants that are looking to make it onto a roster or stay on one?

Their situations vary – and in the case of former Giants kicker Aldrick Rosas and former Giants running back Devonta Freeman, their situations are polar opposites. Rosas was the starter in New York for three seasons before ending up with the Jacksonville Jaguars, but his bad run since getting into legal trouble in the 2020 offseason has continued.

Rosas only appeared in 6 games for the Jaguars last season compared to playing in every game for the Giants the season before that.

And, perhaps more importantly for his career, he was on and off the practice squad. Rosas did sign with the Jaguars again in March, which might have given him a bit of a sense of security, but any confidence in making it to the regular season with Jacksonville was ultimately misplaced.

The Jags moved on from the kicker on Friday, leaving him with a limited amount of time to find a new landing spot – if there even is one.

It’s safe to say things are going differently for former Giants running back Devonta Freeman. Unlike Rosas, Freeman was only with the team for one season and didn’t get much time on the field.

He only had 5 games played and during that span, 172 rushing yards for an average of 3.2 yards per attempt. He was waived in January, but didn’t earn a full contract with the Bills after finishing out the season on their practice squad.

Freeman might have a new home this year as he’s been picked up by the New Orleans Saints and will have a chance at making the roster.

It notably puts him on the same roster once again as former college QB Jameis Winston, which is potentially a connection to look out for if Winston ends up taking the starting job in the post-Brees era.

It remains to be seen whether or not Rosas and Freeman will be on a roster when the regular season starts. However, few around the Giants organization will likely feel bad about moving on from either player.

The Giants for the most part have upgraded at both positions, and it still looks like Rosas never really recovered on the field from the offseason legal trouble that got him cut from the Giants in the first place.

New York Giants: Dave Gettleman drops legendary line, more in press conference

General manager Dave Gettleman spoke with the media in a virtual press conference today to discuss his team, the New York Giants, or as he likes to call them, “The Fighting Joe Judges.” This is one of the highlight quotes from Gettleman’s press conference today.

The regular season kicks off in just under two weeks now. New York, along with the other NFL teams, has an important week of practices ahead of them as they trim down their rosters. Final rosters are due at the end of this week.

It has been a while since the media has met with Dave Gettleman, so they asked him questions on a variety of topics.

Dave Gettleman on Daniel Jones

Dave Gettleman’s defining draft pick of his career will be the sixth overall pick in the 2019 NFL Draft: Daniel Jones. Gettleman had never been tasked with finding a team’s franchise quarterback until last year’s offseason. So far, Gettleman is “confident” in the decision he made, selecting Daniel Jones out of Duke.

Dave Gettleman said “I’m comfortable and confident with him right now,” referring to Jones. Gettleman thinks Jones is “Gonna be a fine NFL QB,” and showed real excitement when discussing his regular season. The general manager did mention Daniel’s fumbling issues in his rookie season, but Gettleman thinks the fumbles are “overshadowing” a season where Daniel Jones “did things no other rookie quarterback has ever done.”

Dave Gettleman on Aldrick Rosas and DeAndre Baker

The Giants had two key players get into serious legal trouble this offseason. Starting kicker Aldrick Rosas and starting cornerback DeAndre Baker were both arrested for different incidents. Gettleman was asked about these players today.

“There was nothing in Aldrick’s background, nothing in DeAndre’s background that would suggest these things would happen. It’s disappointing.” – Dave Gettleman on Aldrick Rosas and DeAndre Baker

For Gettleman to say there was nothing to suggest that these things would happen is a bit controversial. Aldrick Rosas was arrested in the past for driving under the influence, which seems like a good indicator that he could have problems driving again in the future. Gettleman responded to that, saying he “didn’t know [about Rosas’s previous arres] because I wasn’t here.”

DeAndre Baker is now on the NFL’s commissioner’s exempt list. This means he is on the Giants’ roster but he is not allowed to join their team activities. Gettleman said the Giants are “still in conversations” about whether or not they will cut DeAndre Baker.

Dave Gettleman on the Offensive Line

Since Dave Gettleman joined the New York Giants in 2018, he has made it a priority to rebuild the offensive line. When asked about his progress on that, Dave sounded pretty hopeful for the line’s future. Gettleman said this is the “closest we’ve ever been” to obtaining the offensive line that he envisioned for this team.

Dave Gettleman is confident that the Giants have “the right guys” on the offensive line. Gettleman said “they just gotta learn to play together,” but he is confident in his new offensive line.

Dave Gettleman on Logan Ryan

The New York Giants made a splash this week signing free agent cornerback Logan Ryan to a one-year deal worth $7.5 million. Ryan is a huge addition to the Giants’ secondary and will step in as one of the best players on the team instantly. When asked about his role in the Giants’ defense, Gettleman said he expects Ryan to play “well above 75-80 percent” of the team’s defensive snaps.

Dave Gettleman on the Future of the New York Giants

The Giants have lost a lot of games since Dave Gettleman took over in 2018. New York is 9-23 over the last two seasons. But Gettleman is now hopeful for the future and the direction of this team. He thinks they are headed in the right direction, thanks to three years of roster development. Gettleman also cited the team’s quarterback, “a heck of an RB,” and some pieces on both the offensive and defensive lines as reasons for optimism.

We’re getting there. – Dave Gettleman on the state of the 2020 New York Giants

New York Giants Expected To Sign Kicker Graham Gano

New York Giants, Graham Gano

The New York Giants‘ special teams unit is receiving an overhaul in 2020. Long-time long snapper Zak Deoisse has retired after an NFL career that saw him win two Super Bowls in Big Blue. Along with his departure, the Giants cut their kicker Aldrick Rosas after he found himself caught up in serious legal issues.

Overseeing all of this overturn in the unit is the Giants’ new head coach, Joe Judge. Judge is a former special teams coordinator with the Patriots and he emphasizes the importance of a good special teams unit. Today, the Giants made another roster move for the unit, this time an addition.

After cutting Aldrick Rosas, the Giants signed kicker Chandler Catanzaro. Now New York is expected to sign another kicker- Graham Gano. According to Art Stapleton, Graham Gano is expected to sign with the Giants and join the kicking competition with Chandler Catanzaro once he passes entry testing protocols.

Graham Gano Stats And Highlights

Giants fans may remember Graham Gano from the brutal Week 5 loss against the Panthers in 2018. Gano was the Panthers’ kicker at the time. The Giants lost that game 31-33 after Graham Gano made a 63-yard game-winning field goal as time expired. That field goal was one of the longest in NFL history.

That was a few years ago, though, and Gano has not made many kicks since then. Gano did not play a game in 2019 as he was placed on injured reserve with a fractured femur before the season started. Gano also missed the last four games of the 2018 season dealing with an injury.

Prior to his injury in 2018, Gano was having a great season. He made 14 of his 16 field-goal attempts and 30 of 33 extra-point attempts. Gano has been in the NFL since 2009 and has had a long career filled with success. His career-average field goal percentage is 82.1% and his extra-point percentage is 95.3%. In 2017, Gano led the NFL with a 96.7% field goal percentage, hitting 29 of 30 attempts.

Graham Gano is expected to compete with Chandler Catanzaro in training camp. But if Gano is fully healthy and returns to form, the job should be his.

New York Giants: Top Players/Positions To Monitor In Training Camp 2020

New York Giants, Darius Slayton

Football is back! The New York Giants officially reported to training camp on Tuesday, marking the beginning of the 2020 NFL season. Veterans reported to training camp today as the team does its first wave of COVID-19 testing. This will be a crucial season for the Giants as they enter the year with a brand new coaching staff and a revamped roster.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, there will be no preseason this year, making training camp that much more important. Many of those players who standout in the preseason to earn their roster spots will not be afforded such an opportunity this year. Instead, the Giants’ new coaching staff will have to gauge their players’ talents in training camp alone.

With that being the case, who are the top players, or what are the top positions to watch during training camp in 2020?

You can check out the video version of this article below, or continue scrolling for the written version:

New York Giants to release kicker Aldrick Rosas after hit-and-run incident

New York Giants, Aldrick Rosas

The New York Giants have been unable to escape legal troubles this summer, as DeAndre Baker is still dealing with an alleged armed robbery, and Aldrick Rosas was involved in a hit-and-run incident.

On Sunday morning, the Giants officially released Rosas, who was found bloodied and bruised after T-boning a truck at over 100 mph on a Monday morning. While all of the information is still under wraps, the 25-year-old already had a DUI on his record before he entered the NFL in 2016.

Rosas signed a $3.26 million deal as a restricted free agent this past April, and the Giants will now be looking for a replacement soon. One alternative that makes a lot of sense is Stephen Gostkowski, who has a ton of experience with new head coach Joe Judge.

While Judge was the special-teams coordinator for the Patriots, Gostkowski was his kicker for many years. He is extremely productive and has a history of efficiency, despite suffering a season-ending injury in 2019. He was inevitably cut by New England after many years of production, and reports have indicated he is ready to return to the NFL.

Other kickers the Giants could consider are Nick Folk and Ryan Succop. Folk is a former Patriot as well, spending seven games with the team in 2019. He made eight of his first 11 kicks and hit all eight of his final attempts. He’s a veteran with exceptional experience, and the Giants could easily land him on the money they will save from Rosas deal.

Succop, who spent the last six seasons with the Tennessee Titans, had played in every game until 2019 what he missed six. His 16.7% feel cool rate was a problem, as he made just one of his first six attempts.

The Giants don’t have a choice but to find a new kicker, as they currently don’t have one on the roster after the release of Rosas

New York Giants: DeAndre Baker and Aldrick Rosas To Report To Training Camp

The New York Giants have had two key players on their roster dealing with legal trouble this offseason. The first of the two, cornerback DeAndre Baker, was arrested earlier this offseason after being accused of committing armed robbery. The case has had numerous developments arise since it began in May but Baker has not yet been found guilty or innocent.

Kicker Aldrick Rosas also found himself in legal trouble after a hit-and-run car accident in California last month. Rosas was charged with three misdemeanors – reckless driving on the highway, hit and run property damage, and driving with a license suspended for DUI. Contradictory to earliest reports, Rosas was not tested for driving under the influence.

Upon hearing the news of Baker’s accusations, the Giants asked him to distance himself from the team’s virtual meetings. Baker has been training on his own since then and has not been given permission to join virtual meetings for the entirety of the offseason.

Rosas And Baker To Report To Camp

According to a new report by the New York Post, Rosas and Baker’s time away from the team is about to end. Paul Schwartz and Ryan Dunleavy report that the Giants have not told DeAndre Baker or Aldrick Rosas to stay away from training camp, so they are both planning on attending. Training camp begins on Tuesday for the Giants.

Neither DeAndre Baker nor Aldrick Rosas has had their legal situations resolved yet. Baker’s attorney Patrick Patel is “hopeful of a dismissal soon” and stated that the case is “pending.” The NY Post also reports that Rosas “has an arraignment hearing Sept. 4 that does not require an in-person appearance” which allows him to be with the team at training camp until the case is resolved.

In the United States of America, you are innocent until proven guilty. The Giants are doing the right thing by allowing their players to participate in training camp, despite their pending legal situations.

Both players struggled in the 2019 regular season. With no preseason in 2020, this summer’s training camp could be crucial for each player’s future in the league. Luckily for Baker and Rosas, they are officially receiving the opportunity to prove themselves on the field, starting next week.

New York Giants: Kicker Aldrick Rosas Charged With Three Misdemeanors

The New York Giants haven’t had a great time this offseason when it comes to what their players get into off the field, and the second big legal case of the year for the team has moved forward a little bit.

It’s looked increasingly like the Giants are going to part ways with kicker Aldrick Rosas, and Rosas recently being charged with three misdemeanors for the hit and run incident that jeopardized his future in the first place only increases the team’s chances of getting rid of him.

What charges did the county file against Rosas?

The Butte County district attorney’s office decided to level three charges at Rosas – reckless driving on the high way, hit and run property damage, and driving with a license suspended for DUI. While NFL players have certainly picked up larger charges in other incidents, it’s no small matter for Rosas to end up with these charges.

His next hearing is set for September 4th, which is about a week after the Giants are scheduled to begin their training camp.

It’s not hard to see the writing on the wall. Sometimes, players remain on the roster after an incident like this because they’re viewed as bringing a high value to the team. But Rosas is a kicker, a position that’s often overlooked. The Giants can replace Rosas and likely get similar results on the field. And the replacement player wouldn’t have to miss time in training camp handling legal problems.

Rosas had a dropoff from his Pro Bowl season, finishing with only 70% of his field goal attempts made. He’s already coming into the offseason with a reputation as not being the most reliable player.

Based on all these factors, the Giants might just get better performance out of the 36 year old Stephen Gostkowski.

Regardless of if they sign Gostkowski or not, though, it looks increasingly clear – Aldrick Rosas probably cost himself his Giants career with last month’s hit and run incident.

New York Giants will add competition at kicker after latest Aldrick Rosas news

New York Giants, Aldrick Rosas

“His hands, legs and bare feet … covered in blood.” Those were the words reported when New York Giants kicker Aldrick Rosas was found walking on the side of the highway after reportedly hitting a Ford pickup truck at over 100 mph in California.

Rosas is just one of the many issues tantalizing the NFC East, and according to Pat Leonard of the New York Daily News, the Giants’ kicker is scheduled to appear before the court on September 4.

The Giants want nothing to do with players dealing with legal issues, and that includes former first-round pick DeAndre Baker. Rosas, who is only 25 years old, has put his entire career in jeopardy, supposedly. If he is found guilty of these charges, it will be difficult for him to find a place in the NFL.

However, being arraigned on three misdemeanors is a bit interesting, especially if he was the one behind the wheel of the black Chevrolet that was swerving outside of the double yellow lines on a highway. Avoiding DUI charges could tell a different story, as License Plate Guy on Twitter has recently preached.

Nonetheless, the Giants will have to consider other options with training camp just around the bend.

Here are three kickers the New York Giants should consider in the meantime:

1.) Stephen Gostkowski

The former New England Patriot has ample experience with new head coach Joe Judge. He spent 14 seasons with the Pats, but his tenure ended last year.

Season-ending hip surgery was the final straw for New England, as he played in just four games. Despite his surgery, Gostkowski is one of the most efficient placekickers in the NFL. Giving him an opportunity on a minimum deal should be a no-brainer for the Giants.

2.) Nick Folk

Another NFL veteran, Nick Folk, could supplement the absence of Rosas as well. Folk is also a former Patriot, and he did spend seven games with the team in 2019. He made eight of his first 11 kicks but finished his time with the Pats hitting his final eight attempts.

He is a solid player with veteran experience, and I imagine the Giants could land him on an affordable deal.

3.) Ryan Succop

Succop spent the last six years of the Tennessee Titans, playing in every single game until last year where he played in just six. His disappointing 16.7% field goal rate was problematic, as he made just one of his first six attempts. He has been far more effective in past years, so inefficiency is certainly an outlier.

Giving him an opportunity to compete is not a bad idea and would likely cost the Giants next to nothing.

New York Giants are preparing to make decision on Aldrick Rosas’ future

New York Giants, Aldrick Rosas

The New York Giants are still waiting on Aldrick Rosas’ arraignment:

The New York Giants have dealt with multiple legal issues regarding players this off-season, including DeAndre baker and now Aldrick Rosas. This was not the positive start new head coach Joe Judge anticipated with his new team, but the reality of a virtual relationship can often be tumultuous. Not having an in-person influence and disciplinary set of rules hurts, but I imagine the Giants will become harsher with their in-house punishments after the latest developments.

Baker is still awaiting the results of his legal processing, who his lawyer claims his innocent and exonerated from the armed robbery he was supposedly involved in. Witnesses have since recanted their comments, and the case against Baker seems to be dwindling.

As for Rosas, the Giants are still awaiting more information, but his wrongdoings are quite clear. Rosas was driving under the influence early in the morning on Monday last week when he struck a vehicle going 100 MPH through a red light.

Rosas was found near the accident bloodied and bruised, and according to, “the Giants have been in contact with the authorities about Rosas’ alleged incident and are gathering all available information before making any decision.”

At 25 years old, Rosas reportedly had a DUI already on his record, which came before the start of his NFL career in 2016.

Rosas signed a $3.26 million deal as a restricted free agent in April; the Giants will now be scouring the free-agent market for a possible replacement.

One alternative could be Stephen Gostkowski, who has experience with head coach Joe Judge when they were with the New England Patriots. Gostkowski has been one of the more productive kickers in the NFL the past decade, and while he struggled due to injury in 2019, kickers across the league have seen inconsistent production and efficiency. An established veteran with experience would fit the bill perfectly for the Giants if Rosas succumbs to serious charges.

New York Giants: Stephen Gostkowski could be perfect fit if Aldrick Rosas is released

New York Giants, Stephen Gostkowski

The New York Giants simply can’t get out of their own way this off-season, with the latest development being kicker Aldrick Rosas and his drunk driving accident. Rosas ran a red light going 100 mph, according to TMZ, hitting a car and fleeing the scene on foot.

Police picked up Rosas near the scene of the accident, as he was bloodied and bruised. They took him to the hospital to be evaluated before arresting him and putting him in county jail. The evidence seems quite stacked against Rosas, who was oddly drunk driving at 8:25 AM in the morning on Monday.

Ultimately, this now forces us to explore alternative options at the kicker position. One option that stands out is Stephen Gostkowski.

Why should the New York Giants target Stephen Gostkowski?

Gostkowski is the most experienced option currently available on the free-agent market, and his connection with Joe Judge makes him an excellent alternative to Rosas. Bringing in familiar faces with experience in a winning culture is essential, and Rosas being willing to put his professional job in the NFL in jeopardy gives another player an opportunity. Of course, it is fair to let the situation play out before making cemented judgments, but the evidence is quite clear of his wrongdoing. The Giants will likely begin scouring the free-agent market as a precaution anyway, and Gostkowski fits the bill nicely.

Gostkowski finished his 2019 campaign with a season-ending hip injury. Despite this development, Judge and Gostkowski had spent time together from 2015 to 2019. Judge was the Patriots’ special-teams coordinator during that time-span. However, the current free agent spent 14 seasons with the Pats as one of the best kickers in the NFL.

Stephen went 7 for 8 on field-goal attempts last season but only hit on 11 of 15 attempts from the extra point spot. This was the worst completion percentage of his career at 73.3, but it could be an outlier based on his statistical past.

Bringing in an established veteran should be a serious consideration for the Giants, and one that has a connection with their current head coach is obvious. However, I imagine the team will let things play out with the process before rushing to any judgment and making a premature signing. We will update you with any more information on the matter.