New York Giants: Kicker Aldrick Rosas Charged With Three Misdemeanors

The New York Giants haven’t had a great time this offseason when it comes to what their players get into off the field, and the second big legal case of the year for the team has moved forward a little bit.

It’s looked increasingly like the Giants are going to part ways with kicker Aldrick Rosas, and Rosas recently being charged with three misdemeanors for the hit and run incident that jeopardized his future in the first place only increases the team’s chances of getting rid of him.

What charges did the county file against Rosas?

The Butte County district attorney’s office decided to level three charges at Rosas – reckless driving on the high way, hit and run property damage, and driving with a license suspended for DUI. While NFL players have certainly picked up larger charges in other incidents, it’s no small matter for Rosas to end up with these charges.

His next hearing is set for September 4th, which is about a week after the Giants are scheduled to begin their training camp.

It’s not hard to see the writing on the wall. Sometimes, players remain on the roster after an incident like this because they’re viewed as bringing a high value to the team. But Rosas is a kicker, a position that’s often overlooked. The Giants can replace Rosas and likely get similar results on the field. And the replacement player wouldn’t have to miss time in training camp handling legal problems.

Rosas had a dropoff from his Pro Bowl season, finishing with only 70% of his field goal attempts made. He’s already coming into the offseason with a reputation as not being the most reliable player.

Based on all these factors, the Giants might just get better performance out of the 36 year old Stephen Gostkowski.

Regardless of if they sign Gostkowski or not, though, it looks increasingly clear – Aldrick Rosas probably cost himself his Giants career with last month’s hit and run incident.

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