Breaking down ONE on TNT 1

Last night, ONE Championship made their US primetime debut on TNT. There was a ton of hype behind this event and because of it, the Singapore-based promotion put their two biggest American stars on the card.

The two-fight card kicked off at 10 PM ET in the US and it started out with the former UFC lightweight champion, Eddie Alvarez (30-8, 1 NC). Alvarez was set to take on the rising contender, Iuri Lapicus (14-1).

Early in the first round, the former UFC champion was able to get the fight to the ground. The two men were along the fence and Alvarez started doing damage. The referee warned Alvarez about using shots to the back of the head.

Alvarez fired with several shots that he believed to be on the ear, but the referee stopped the action. The referee deemed the shots to be to the back of the head and Iuri Lapicus was rewarded the DQ win at ONE on TNT 1.

ONE Championship’s Tough Night

Definitely not the start that ONE Championship was looking for in their first US primetime fight. Alvarez was beside himself and extremely emotional after the fight was ruled a disqualification.

After that fight was over, the attention shifted to Demetrious “Mighty Mouse” Johnson (30-4-1). Johnson was looking to become the ONE flyweight champion by taking out the current champion, Adriano Moraes (18-3).

Mighty Mouse is considered by many to be one of the greatest to ever do it. He reigned of the UFC’s flyweight division for years before being dethroned by Henry Cejudo. After that fight, Johnson was traded in a historic transaction to ONE Championship.

Mighty Mouse had gone 3-0 to start his career in ONE Championship which earned him the title shot. However, Moraes was going to be a tough opponent. In the first round, Moraes was able to get top position on the ground and really did a good job of controlling the former UFC champion.

In the second round, Moraes was able to catch Johnson coming in with a beautiful uppercut that hurt Mighty Mouse. A flush knee followed and Moraes got the TKO victory to retain his flyweight championship.

With these two results, it was not the night that ONE Championship was looking for. On one hand, it does give a lot of visibility to Adriano Moraes, but the promotion had to be hoping for a big night from their American stars and they got everything but.

ONE on TNT 1 Preview: Demetrious Johnson – Adriano Moraes

Tonight, ONE Championship will officially make their debut on TNT. They have put their best foot forward with former UFC lightweight champion Eddie Alvarez and former UFC flyweight champion, Demetrious Johnson (30-3-1) on the card.

Johnson will be competing in the main event where he will try to capture the ONE flyweight championship. Standing in Mighty Mouse’s way tonight is the Brazilian champion, Adriano Moraes (18-3).

Moraes has been with ONE since 2013 and he’s gone 9-3 during that stretch. However, it’s worth noting that Moraes has already avenged two of those losses. The only loss he hasn’t was a split decision loss in his debut.

The ONE flyweight champion is very well rounded, but he’s known most for his grappling. He has nine submission victories to his name, but it will be his size that could be the biggest factor tonight.

Moraes is much bigger than Mighty Mouse and we’ve seen Demetrious Johnson struggle with taller fighters. It will be interesting to see how Mighty Mouse deals with Moraes at ONE on TNT 1.

Demetrious Johnson is one of of the best to ever do it. He reigned over the UFC’s flyweight division for six years before Henry Cejudo dethroned him. After that, Johnson was traded to ONE championship for Ben Askren and he’s gone 3-0 since.

ONE on TNT 1 Prediction

When it comes to ONE on TNT 1, there are a couple of things I’m watching out for tonight. The first thing is going to be the speed difference. Mighty Mouse is incredibly fast.

Moraes might be bigger, but if Johnson can use his speed to get in and out while mixing his striking with takedowns, he might be too much. On the flip side, I’m interested to see how Moraes uses his size advantage.

Will he be able to use his reach effectively? Is Moraes going to have an advantage on the ground? These are all questions that I’m looking forward to having answered at ONE on TNT 1.

Ultimately, I just think that Demetrious Johnson is the better fighter here. I love his speed and his technique and I think he can win this fight wherever it goes. I believe it’ll go the distance, but I like Mighty Mouse to pickup the ONE flyweight championship tonight.

Prediction: Demetrious Johnson by Unanimous Decision

Demetrious Johnson is going to retire with One Championship

Last week it was announced that Demetrious “Mighty Mouse” Johnson (30-3-1) would be returning in February for One Championship. Johnson will be challenging Adriano Moraes (18-3) for the One Championship flyweight title.

It’s worth noting that the flyweight division with One Championship fights at 135 pounds and not 125 pounds. Traditionally, flyweight is 125 as it is with the UFC and other top promotions. However, the bantamweight division here is the flyweight division with One Championship.

Mighty Mouse has fought three times with One Championship since essentially being traded by the UFC in 2018. He won all three of his fights and won the One Championship flyweight tournament. Now, he gets his chance at undisputed gold.

Yesterday, Mighty Mouse had an interview with ESPN’s Ariel Helwani. He dropped some interesting pieces of news like the fact that he will never compete at 125 pounds again. He said he just doesn’t need to cut weight anymore and it’s not healthy.

This is significant because Johnson is the greatest traditional flyweight of all time. I completely understand him not wanting to do it anymore, but the greatest ever at 125 pounds will never compete there again.

Helwani also talked to Johnson about his career with One Championship. When asked about how many fights he has left on his deal, Johnson replied saying, “I got a lot. I’m going to retire with One Championship. This will be my last stop.”

Mighty Mouse finishing with One Championship

The 34 year old former UFC champion is never going to return to a US based promotion. His career will finish with One Championship and I think that gives Johnson a very interesting opportunity.

Johnson is competing in his second major promotion and he will get the chance to retire having dominated two major promotions. If Mighty Mouse is able to capture the One Championship flyweight title and reign for years, it’ll be hard to question is GOAT status.

The biggest problem for Mighty Mouse was his domination and the questioning on the talent pool in the UFC flyweight division. Johnson displayed incredible technique but was so superior to his competition that he never got the credit he deserved.

Frankly, the competition is one of the reasons you might not be able to say Johnson is the true GOAT. However, after his career with One Championship closes, you’ll have to admit that he’s one of the greatest to ever do it. Especially if he has a long title reign.

One Championship announces Demetrious Johnson – Adriano Moraes

One of the greatest of all time will get his chance to capture his second world title in February. One Championship announced today that Demetrious “Mighty Mouse” Johnson (30-3-1) will be taking on flyweight champion, Adriano Moraes (18-3) on February 24th.

It will be the first time since October of 2019 that Johnson has fought in One Championship. Mighty Mouse was the long-reigning flyweight champion of the UFC. He was so dominant that many lost interest in the division.

The UFC was considering closing down the division and didn’t really want to pay Johnson his championship wages. Back in 2018, after six years as champion, Johnson lost to Henry Cejudo.

After the fight was over, the UFC didn’t move to book a rematch. Instead, they worked out a historic trade deal with One Championship. In the first of it’s kind, the deal sent Johnson over to one and the UFC received Ben Askren in return.

Askren was an undefeated welterweight at the time who many considered to be one of the best. The deal gave Mighty Mouse a chance to get a fresh start in One Championship.

He made his debut with One Championship back in March of 2019. He competed in the flyweight tournament and won the tournament against Danny Kingad in October. Now, he’ll get the chance to capture the One Championship flyweight belt.

One Championship – February 24th

Standing in the way of Mighty Mouse will be the champion, Adriano Moraes. Moraes has been with One Championship since 2013. In his career, he’s only lost three times and all three of those losses were by split decision.

He’s already avenged two of those three losses in One Championship. While good everywhere, Moraes is especially good on the ground and he can give Mighty Mouse some problems when the two of them face off.

He’s tall and long for the division and will enjoy a five inch height advantage when the two square off in February. This is a fantastic matchup for One Championship in February.

While he never got the recognition he earned in the UFC, Mighty Mouse is still one of the best to ever do it. His dominance created a lack of parody which created limited interest. However, you still have to recognize how good he is. I can’t wait to sit down for this one in February.