New York Giants: Why Dion Lewis is an upgrade over Wayne Gallman

New York Giants, Dion Lewis

The New York Giants’ front office made big moves this offseason to improve both the offense and defense. During free agency, the Giants’ signed veteran running back, Dion Lewis to a one year deal which is worth 1.5 million. The Giants needed a running back who is reliable and can give Saquon Barkley well-deserved rest. Luckily, the Giants found the perfect guy, no disrespect to Wayne Gallman, but he is just not the answer.

Wayne Gallman’s 2019 stats

In 2019, Wayne Gallman started in two games after Saquon went down with a high ankle sprain. Throughout the season, there was not much to cheer about, Gallman had 110 rushing yard and only two touchdowns. Even when Barkley was healthy, Gallman would only average 11 rushing yards a game. As you can see, Gallman was never a go-to option like Saquon is, Daniel Jones had to rely on throwing the ball often. This was no easy task for Jones, Saquon was out for three weeks after his first start and Gallman never was. Overall, Gallman had one standout game in the absence of Barkley. In my mind, Gallman is a backup NFL running back. He’s better off on another team that needs a backup because Dion Lewis is going to take all his touches.

Dion Lewis’ 2019 stats

Dion Lewis played a much smaller role in 2019, he was backing up star running back, Derrick Henry in Tennessee. In 2019, Dion lewis only started in one game and ran the ball 54 times for 209 yards. This is not the Dion Lewis most people are used to seeing, but he still is an upgrade over Wayne Gallman for multiple reasons.

Effective in the passing game

Back in New England, Dion Lewis was used in the short passing game. A lot of screen passes were used along with some out routes that fit lewis’ playstyle well. I can see Dion Lewis helping the Giants with his versatility, I see Jason Garrett calling a lot of screen passes, and bubble screens. With an upgraded offensive line, the Giants offense will have more time to set up screen passes and routes designed for Lewis. This signing of Lewis was huge, the Giants haven’t had a solid running back duo since Jacobs and Bradshaw.

Will give Barkley well needed rest

All Giants’ fans know that Saquon is the star running back, but it will be nice having Lewis as a backup. A guy who is effective in both ground and passing game will allow Saquon to be at his best late in games. Last season, Barkley played on every offensive down basically. If the Giants want him to last seven-plus years, they need to start protecting him. Finally, Dion Lewis will be a huge factor for the Giants in 2020.

New York Giants: How Lorenzo Carter can improve in 2020

New York Giants, Lorenzo Carter

The New York Giants’ defense needs the best version of Lorenzo Carter in 2020. Over the past two seasons, Carter has been nothing more than an average player. The Giants will need him to start at OLB if Markus Golden goes elsewhere. Through his first two seasons, the Giants have not seen the full potential of Carter, but a new defensive scheme could benefit him, and the new additions to the defense could play a big factor as well.

Lorenzo’s 2019 season stats may seem very average, but there are several areas he needs to improve. In 2019, Carter played in 15 games and started in 12. Also, had one forced fumble, 13 quarterback hits, and 25 solo tackles. I think the solo tackle number needs to be a lot higher. In the NFL, an OLB is responsible for containing the edge and not letting running backs bounce outside the tackles.

Needs to improve his pass coverage

The Giants’ defense has struggled in the passing game over the past three seasons. Especially linebackers in general, Lorenzo Carter, was not used a lot in pass defense, but when targeted, he struggled. In 2019, Carter was targeted five times and allowed three completions for 35 yards. Now, I know it may not seem like a lot, but this is a 60% completion percentage allowed when targeted. Overall, Carter did improve from 2018, but he needs to be better if Markus Golden is no longer a Giant.

An improved secondary

This offseason, the Giants made it a focal point to fix the secondary. With the additions of Xavier McKinney, James Bradberry, and Darnay Holmes, I see the Giants having a top-20 defense in the NFL. There is a lot of young talent on defense; this is a significant factor when it comes to the development of chemistry and coalition. These three guys will be huge in the secondary for Lorenzo Carter, they will allow Carter to focus on rushing the passer and making tackles in the backfield. There will be times where Carter gets stuck in coverage, but the secondary will be behind him to bail him out if anything goes wrong. This year’s secondary is a lot more promising than 2019’s; a healthy Jabrill Peppers looking to shock the world, and McKinney, who is going to put on a show.

Increase snap count

At the end of the day, the only way Lorenzo will get better is by being on the field more. Last season, Carter played in 723 defensive snaps (65%). I want to see Carter on the field for 85% of defensive snaps. Not only will the reps help improve his game, but this will also build his confidence. I think that’s the biggest problem, Carter being confident in the defensive scheme. Hopefully, the new defensive scheme with coach Graham will fit Carter’s playstyle better. Joe Judge is all about making players’ skill set match what his plans are.

New York Giants: Why Daniel Jones will be a top-10 quarterback to draft in fantasy this year

New York Giants, Daniel Jones

New York Giants quarterback Daniel Jones has all the weapons around him this season to be a top ten quarterback drafted in fantasy. The second-year quarterback will have all his receivers healthy and his star running back Saquon Barkley at full strength. In 2019, there were multiple games where Daniel Jones put up monster numbers in fantasy football. Not to forget, but Daniel Jones never had all his weapons on the field at the same time. If the New York Giants’ offense can stay healthy in 2020, it will be a monster year for Daniel Jones.

In his first career start, Daniel jones put up 34.24 fantasy points. These are numbers that you see from Aaron Rodgers or Russel Wilson. The week three game was madness, Daniel Jones completed 23 passes for 336 yards and threw two touchdowns. This was an electric game to watch for Giants’ fans. Especially when Saquon went down with a high ankle sprain and missed the rest of the game. I was proud of the young kid; he stepped up and earned respect from the Giants. Once Saquon went down, I expected the Giants’ offense to fall apart.

A healthy offense

It’s a huge factor that the Giants’ offense is healthy in 2020. This will lead to success for Jones because he has so many weapons to choose from; the possibilities are endless. If Sterling Shepard and Evan Engram can stay on the field, defenses will be in trouble. The Giants’ offense has five solid options, four at receiver and Saquon out of the backfield. I can see Daniel Jones averaging 20 fantasy points a week; call me crazy if you want, but if all these guys stay healthy, watch out.

An upgraded offensive line

The receiving core is not the only thing that will make Jones great in 2020. The offensive line for the Giants needs to step up. If they don’t, the Giants are in trouble. With the addition of Andrew Thomas, I think the Giants’ offensive line is completely upgraded. It’s still a mystery for fans to see who ends up where on the offensive line, but this year’s offensive line already looks better. Also, Daniel Jones took a beating last year; there were numerous occasions where Jones would throw the ball and be on his back a second later. If the Giants offensive line improves in 2020, Jones will go off. Giving him more time will be a nightmare for a defense, especially with all those weapons. He is a smart kid; Jones will be able to pick apart defenses in 2020 with the help of Jason Garrett. The Giants’ offense could be a top-five offense in the NFL next year, don’t sleep on it.

A whole new offense

There has been a lot of talk about how Jones will struggle to learn a new offensive system, I don’ think so. The Coronavirus has made it hard for players and coaches to meet up and discuss the new offensive system. I believe this year’s offense is going to be a lot better than 2019, Jason Garrett is going to be a hero in New York. I think the new system will fit Jones and Barkley well, a good mixture of play-action passes and some ground and pound offense.

In 2020, CBS Sports is projecting a big fantasy year for Daniel Jones. They have Jones going off against some of the best defenses in the league. For the San Fransico game, they have Jones dropping 18 fantasy points, and against the Steelers, they have Jones dropping 15 points. I would be very happy with these fantasy numbers. I drafted Daniel Jones last year in the tenth round; my friends thought I was crazy. Eventually, Daniel Jones was a clutch backup for me,  Russell Wilson started to struggle, and I needed the kid to step up. He was the reason I made the playoffs.


New York Giants: Why Nate Solder will improve in 2020

New York Giants, Nate Solder

The New York Giants’ offensive line struggled in 2019, Nate Solder was a big part of it. As of right now, it’s still a mystery if Nate Solder will start this year. The New York Giants made some reinforcements to the offensive line this offseason, the new additions could push Solder out of the starting lineup.

In 2019, Nate Solder allowed 11 sacks, the third-most in the NFL. To go along with the sacks, Solder allowed 57 pressures and was responsible for five penalties. It seemed like every game Daniel Jones was getting sacked, sometimes it was hard to watch as a fan. He would get such a late jump on snaps, defenders would blow by him with ease. Also, Nate Solder was responsible for protecting the Jones’ blindside. There needs to be a change, the Giants can’t trust him at left tackle anymore. I think Solder can make the change to right tackle, there will be less pressure of him there and he won’t have to worry about going up against the best defenders anymore.

If played right, I think Nate Solder will have a big year in 2020. I’m not saying he will be a pro-bowl offensive tackle, but he will make solid improvement and help the Giants’ offensive line grow.

New offensive line coach

Marc Colombo, a former standout NFL lineman, is in his first season as the New York Giants’ offensive line coach. I think this is a blessing in disguise for the offensive line. Not only has he played the position, but he was also with the Dallas Cowboys for five seasons. All Giants’ fans know how good their offensive line has been, its a dream of mine for the Giants to get an offensive line like Dallas. I think Colombo will be a motivator for Nate Solder and a great mentor. With Colombo in charge, he will breakdown Solder’s game and find out what’s wrong. He will also run a scheme that fits the offensive line best, Joe Judge wants to make a system that fits all players skill set.

Making a move to right tackle

In 2020, I think Nate Solder should make the move to right tackle. The Giants can’t trust him with protecting Jones’ blindside. Also, the Giants just drafted his replacement, Andrew Thomas. It’s best if Thomas starts week one at left tackle, there is no reason for the Giants to start him at right tackle then move him back to left. Moving Nate Solder to the right tackle will take a lot of pressure off his shoulders. At the end of the day, Nate Solder is a reliable offensive lineman who can still play ball. In 2019, he played all 16 games and 95% of offensive snaps.

Improvement of the Offensive line

The biggest key to success for Nate Solder in 2020 will be the pieces around him. With the addition of Andrew Thomas, the offensive line looks good. Will Hernandez and Kevin Zeitler will be solid guards for the next two to three years, I can see a combination of Solder at right tackle and Zeitler at guard. Those two will work well together, both of them have years of experience in the NFL. As a unit, these big boys can cause some damage. If the offensive line underperforms, Nate Solder will do the same. Hopefully, with Colombo in charge, he will make improvements to the line that best fits every player.

Max Kellerman picks Saquon Barkley as dark horse MVP candidate

New York Giants, Saquon Barkley

During a First Take segment on Wednesday, co-host Max Kellerman picked New York Giants running back Saquon Barkley as his dark-horse MVP candidate for the upcoming season. Other names such as Dak Prescott, Patrick Mahomes, and Matt Ryan were also mentioned in the conversation, but Barkley was the name that stood out. Is Saquon actually capable of an MVP caliber season? The answer is: Absolutely.

Let’s actually consider it for a second — the last running back to be named MVP was Adrian Peterson in 2012, logging 2,314 yards from scrimmage along with 13 total touchdowns for the Vikings. Since then, the following seven MVP’s have all been quarterbacks. Needless to say, the NFL is due for a skill player to earn the award, and Barkley is the perfect candidate.

During his Offensive Rookie of the Year campaign in 2018, Barkley racked up 2,028 yards from scrimmage and 15 total touchdowns, all behind a putrid offensive line and an end of the road Eli Manning under center. While the Giants ultimately fell short of the high expectations with a tantalizing offensive combination of superstar receiver Odell Beckham Jr. and Barkley, the season was just a peek into Saquon’s potential.

Despite missing three games in the following season, Barkley still managed to log 1,441 yards from scrimmage and eight total touchdowns. Looking ahead to 2020, there is no reason why he shouldn’t succeed. Here’s why:

Revamped offensive line:

With the selection of Georgia OT Andrew Thomas fourth overall in the NFL Draft, the Giants have their franchise right tackle who can and should eventually take over for Nate Solder at Left tackle. Also, selecting UCONN OT Matt Peart in the third round, the Giants should have their franchise tackles for the foreseeable future, not only to help protect Daniel Jones but open up holes and maximize opportunities for Saquon Barkley.

Young, promising quarterback:

Nothing but respect to Eli Manning, but there is little to no debate on his decline in his last two seasons. Daniel Jones has created optimism, and hope for an otherwise recently depleted fan base. He is mobile, has a strong arm, and can distribute the ball effectively. The Giants have something to look forward to with the tandem of Jones and Barkley. The better Jones plays will only benefit Barkley.

New coaching staff:

Joe Judge so far has said all of the right things, instilling a culture change in the locker room and has garnered the respect and faith of multiple players as well as fans. The hiring of long time Cowboys head coach Jason Garrett for the offensive coordinator position received mixed reviews, but according to Judge they will be running the offense that Garrett ran in Dallas. Not too shabby considering the Cowboys ranked first in the league in total yards last season under Garrett. In Garrett’s offense, Ezekiel Elliott led the NFL in rushing yards two of the four years he has been in the league. The talent gap between Saquon and Elliott is not very big at all; hopefully, the scheme translates smoothly and produces similar success for Barkley.

Saquon Barkley is a generational player, and one of the most talented players the New York Giants have had in franchise history. The running back position’s value has been diminished as the game moves more towards a passing league, but hybrid backs that can both run and catch passes such as Barkley and Christian McCaffrey are the new blueprint. Even from the most neutral, unbiased standpoint, anyone who has paid even moderate attention to professional football could tell you: Saquon Barkley is MORE than capable of winning an MVP.


Giants Predicted to Win Between 5-9 Games in 2020

New York Giants, Daniel Jones, Saquon Barkley

The New York Giants have only won 12 games over the past three seasons, and although they’ve gone through a metamorphic change under general manager Dave Gettleman over that stretch, oddsmakers in Las Vegas aren’t ready to roll the dice that they are back on the winning track.

As per the recent release by of each NFL team’s predicted exact win total for the upcoming season, the Giants are seen as making little – if any – headway out of the depths of the NFC East standings.

New York Giants – Exact Win Total

5-9 ……1/2
0-4 ……11/4
10-14 …..13/4

The odds on them winning 5-9 games in 2020 are underwater but the good part is that the dire 0-4 win range isn’t the top choice this year.

The Giants have never won 15 or more games in a season in their 95-year history. The most wins the Giants have ever amassed in a single season is 14 in 1986, the year they won their first Super Bowl.

The most wins the Giants have had since the 1970 merger have been in 1990 (13, their second Super Bowl season) and 12 wins in each of the 2008, 2000 and 1989 season.

The fewest wins in a single season since the merger was two and that happened in the back-to-back miserable seasons of 1973 and 1974.

The Giants have been upgrading their roster since Gettleman took over in December of 2017. Last season, they made the switch at quarterback from Eli Manning to Daniel Jones and after they won two straight with Jones under center, lost nine in a row en route to a 4-12 finish.

Jones came in and dazzled at times but his turnovers usually proved to be fatal. He was also never afforded the full compliment of his weapons as wide receiver Golden Tate was suspended for the first four games and running back Saquon Barkley, tight end Evan Engram and wideout Sterling Shepard all missed time with injuries.

Jones himself missed several games with and able injury and was replaced by Manning, who got his opportunity to say goodbye to the fans in a classy farewell performance.