Yankees’ trade bust is another example of mismanagement

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It is no secret that the New York Yankees are currently in a troubling phase, desperately striving to redirect their course. Regrettably, they must endure the remainder of a lackluster 2023 season, epitomized by a 9th-inning blown save against the Miami Marlins on Sunday afternoon.

Factors Contributing to the Demise of World Series Hopes

The unfortunate truth lies in the poor roster construction, injuries, and inconsistency from the Yankees’ high-priced veterans, all of which have crushed any dreams of a World Series triumph.

Mismanagement of Finances and Trades

With General Manager Brian Cashman squandering hundreds of millions of dollars annually and making poorly-judged trades, a likely shift in strategy is looming. Over the past few seasons, the Yankees have leaned on analytics for support, something Cashman uses to shield himself.

Managerial Dilemma

Manager Aaron Boone may be singled out as the season’s fall guy, but the Yankees are compelled to make wiser decisions and capitalize on significant acquisitions. Though Cashman has been skillful in scouting lowkey bullpen arms, he has fumbled acquisitions like Josh Donaldson, Frankie Montas, and Carlos Rodon, leading to dissatisfaction within the ownership.

Focus on Montas and His Impact on the Yankees

Focusing on Montas, who will likely miss the 2023 season due to shoulder surgery, we find a case of medical oversight. Acquiring Montas despite his ongoing injury culminated in a season-long absence. Cashman’s interest in Luis Castillo and Cody Bellinger reveals a pattern of failure akin to playing Russian roulette.

Montas’ trade may be marked as one of Cashman’s gravest mistakes, evidenced by his alarming statistics after moving from the Oakland Athletics. Increased walks and home runs with the Yankees seem to be the continuation of the team’s bad luck.

Cashman leveraged one of his top pitching prospects, Ken Waldichuk, in exchange for Montas with one year left of control. With the perception of the Yankees’ farm system, it’s safe to say Waldichuk could’ve been used more efficiently for an offensive piece.

Financial Risks and Their Consequences

Cashman may argue that misfortunes like Andrew Benintendi’s downfall and Montas’s injury post-acquisition were mere bad luck. However, consuming $50 million from Josh Donaldson’s contract at age 35 was a massive gamble. Sound teams avoid such pricey risks, and the Yankees will be burdened with paying Donaldson beyond the 2023 season.

The Road to Recovery: Investing in Young Prospects

A possible escape from this predicament commences with exploring the potential of the Yankees’ younger prospects.

The Yankees have mishandled their prospects, such as Estevan Florial, Oswald Peraza, and Deivi Garcia, who was picked up by the Chicago White Sox. Mismanagement extends to trading Ezequiel Duran for Joey Gallo, although Clayton Beeter’s acquisition is a positive note. Duran’s performance with the Texas Rangers exemplifies what the Yankees missed out on.

The Need for Youthful Energy and Smart Investments

A colossal effort is required to guide the Yankees back to success. The intelligent move would be to rejuvenate the current roster with youth, utilizing minor-league prospects — the team MUST see what the future holds.

The Yankees cannot remedy every problem with financial muscle, especially as other teams are now adept at finding value through smart decisions and player evaluations.

Lessons from Competitors: Tampa Bay Rays

Examining the Tampa Bay Rays reveals an elite team constructed on just a fraction of the Yankees’ budget. Steinbrenner must be contemplating how to achieve more with less, a notion that is entirely feasible but unlikely under Cashman’s administration.

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