Yankees’ trade acquisition making early impact as run merchant

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On May 19, the New York Yankees welcomed back a familiar face, outfielder Greg Allen, in a trade with their long-time rivals, the Boston Red Sox.

The deal involved the Yankees giving up pitcher Diego Hernandez and cash considerations. A part of their motivation was the necessity for outfield depth, but they also recognized the potential advantage of Allen’s speed.

The 30-year-old outfielder had an impressive start to the season with Boston’s Triple-A team, posting a .250/.407/.388 batting line, with two home runs, 15 RBIs, and a remarkable 23 stolen bases in just 37 games.

Allen’s previous tenure with the Yankees in 2021 was brief but successful, as he achieved a .417 OBP and a 141 wRC+ over 48 plate appearances, along with five stolen bases.

Although not typically known for his power-hitting, Allen brings a multifaceted contribution to a Yankees team that has grappled with numerous outfield depth issues in 2023.

This year, his wRC+ has been outstanding at 159, proving to be a valuable asset in late-game scenarios as a runner. Over eight appearances, Allen has scored four runs, averaging a run every two games. It is evident that the Yankees are utilizing him strategically, and this approach is yielding results.

The Yankees consider Allen to be a valuable asset on the basepaths

In fact, he has delivered crucial runs this year (like his performance last Saturday against the San Diego Padres in extra innings) and has demonstrated his signature speed.

Each quality team tends to have a player capable of leveraging his speed to take control of games in the later stages, and Allen has the potential to fulfill this role for the Yankees, at least until some of their injured players are ready to return.

With Giancarlo Stanton nearing readiness and Jake Bauers and Willie Calhoun vying for a place on the roster, Allen will need to impress significantly to secure a long-term position. However, he can provide valuable support in the interim.

Despite not being ideally suited to take a significant number of at-bats for a competitive team, Allen still brings considerable value to the team both on the basepaths and as a defensive substitute.

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