Yankees’ skipper Aaron Boone expresses confidence that 2020 season will happen

New York Yankees, Aaron Boone

New York Yankees’ skipper Aaron Boone speaks about the possibility of a season in 2020:

With rumors beginning to bubble to the surface that baseball could return in the coming weeks, excitement has started to brew. It has been seven weeks since the MLB shut down operations and prematurely ended Grapefruit League and Spring Training play. This significantly sets back teams and players looking to leave their mark and potentially make the active roster.

However, Yankees field manager Aaron Boone joined ESPN to speak about the potential of returning to baseball and if a season will, in fact, go on in 2020.

“Yeah, we are certainly hopeful that it seems like as more time goes off the clock and as we learn more every day, hopefully it’s bringing more information and more opportunity,” Boone said. “It does seem like maybe more plans are becoming feasible, so we’ll just have to see how the next days and weeks play out. Hopefully, we could have, as [you said] the best of those bad plans. I think a lot of us, and I know a lot of sports fans would love to see some way shape or form, us back and performing again.”

There have been rumors that the MLB could rearrange the divisions, where each division has 10 teams, and the season could begin in late June or early July. The hope is that teams will be able to play in their home park by the summer, but the reality is Arizona seems like the best fit at this point.

According to a source at MLB network, the season will go on; it is just a matter of when and how they will arrange each division so that a shortened season makes sense logistically.

New York state governor Andrew Cuomo stated that there is a possibility Yankee Stadium and Citi Field could be open this summer for games to go on. While fans might not be in attendance, the injection of entertainment into society at this moment would be extremely beneficial and heartwarming.