Yankees’ Aaron Boone regrets low offensive output against O’s: ‘We’ve got to find ways to add on’

New York Yankees, Aaron Boone

The New York Yankees took the fiield on Thursday tied with the Boston Red Sox and the Toronto Blue Jays for the American League Wild Card. By losing a game that seemed on the pocket (they held a 2-0 advantage and ended up dropping it 3-2) against the lowly Baltimore Orioles, they now find themselves half a game behind their rivals.

The 82-65 Yankees will play the Cleveland Indians this weekend, and need to win consistently and relentlessly if they want to make it into October.

It’s baffling that a team like the Yankees couldn’t score more than two runs against the worst team in the league.

“We just weren’t able to add on today,” Boone said to MLB.com. “I thought we actually swung the bats well the first half of the game and didn’t have a lot to show for it — a lot of hard outs. … We’ve got to be able to add on and put teams away, and we weren’t able to do that today. We let them hang around, and they were able to get us.”

The Yankees’ below-average offense

Before Thursday’s contest, the Yankees were tenth in the American League in runs scored. The circuit has 15 organizations.

Yesterday’s starter Jordan Montgomery has been one of the pitchers who has felt the impact of the mediocre offense. Last night market the 22nd time in 27 starts that his batters fail to give him more than three runs of support.

In the fifth inning, a Joey Gallo fly out at the warning track had the look of a grand slam, but fell into the outfielder’s glove for the third out of the inning.


“We had a lot of good at-bats and didn’t have a lot to show for it,” Boone said. “It was a really good at-bat by Gallo there that was almost a grand slam. … [A] little bit of tough luck there early, but we’ve got to find ways to add on. We’ve got to find a way to put teams away when we have a chance.”

Yankees News, 9/11: Gary Sanchez awful gaffe helps doom Yanks, Aaron Boone details mistake

gary sanchez, yankees

The New York Yankees are currently on a six-game losing streak, falling to the New York Mets on Friday evening by a score of 3-10. Giving up double-digit runs to the Mets only confirms that the Yankees have hit rock bottom, and they will be looking to change their momentum on Saturday evening with Corey Kluber on the mound.

However, it could be too little too late, as the Yankees are only 0.5 games ahead of the Toronto Blue Jays in the Wild Card standings. Thankfully, Baltimore managed to take down Toronto on Friday, giving the Bombers a bit more life. The Boston Red Sox are only one game ahead of the Yankees in the WC, and with 21 games remaining in the regular season, it’s survival of the fittest moving forward.

However, the Yankees struggled considerably to get going against their crosstown rivals, and catcher Gary Sanchez had one unfortunate slip up during the game that aided the Mets’ offensive masterclass.

With Jonathan Villar sliding into home plate, Sanchez elevated his body too much, allowing him to sneak his feet in and cross safely. This allowed the Mets to tie the game in the first inning, which started a series of unfortunate events.

“Obviously, he’s going to be out easy,” Boone said. “It’s a great throw by Joey and I think (Sanchez) felt like (Villar), because he was so out, would pull up. Well, he got out of his crouch and athletic position. In that spot where you’ve got a guy dead to rights, you’ve got to just lower your body, maybe initiate the contact, but remain athletic in your legs.

Boone says it perfectly, the play should’ve resulted in an easy out, but Sanchez made the play far more difficult for himself. By staying low and going for his legs, Sanchez would’ve easily helped his team get out of the ending without incurring any damage.

“It’s a big play,” Boone said. “It’s an important play, but you’ve got to deal with that over the course of a season.”

This is the type of play the Yankees cannot continue to make if they want to be a postseason caliber team. Going on lengthy cold streaks significantly hurts their probability of reaching the playoffs, and at this point, unless they embark on a strong winning streak to finish the year, they will almost 100% be watching from their couches in a few weeks.

Yankees News, 9/10: Aaron Boone lashes out over losing streak, Nestor Cortes claims ‘we want to win games’

aaron judge, yankees

Another day and another loss for the New York Yankees, who are swept at home by the Toronto Blue Jays with the series ending on Thursday. By a score of 6-4, starting pitcher Nestor Cortes Jr. gave his best effort, lasting 6.0 innings, giving up just two earned runs during that time span. The Yankees relief pitching was inadequate, as they allowed four runs, including two in the ninth-inning from Andrew Heaney, who has elevated his ERA to 5.86.

Overall, the bullpen has been a liability as of late, and the offense has been nonexistent, despite the team picking up nine hits. Aaron Judge had himself a solid day, recording three hits and a run, but it wasn’t enough to push the Yankees over the edge, despite homers in the ninth inning courtesy of Luke Voit and Gary Sanchez.

“We just had a horrible homestand,” Yankees manager Aaron Boone said. “It’s not OK. … But we’ve been through this throughout the season. We’re up against it again. We look forward to going out and turning this around tomorrow. We know it can turn just as quick as it’s gone sideways here.”

The Yankees are only a week removed from being on a 13 game winning streak, one of the longest in franchise history. Turning things around is not out of the picture, but it must be sooner rather than later as they continue to lose ground in the Wild Card standings. Having lost their last six games, the Bombers are staring the Blue Jays right in the face, sitting just 0.5 games ahead in the WC.

The season is quickly winding to an end, with just 22 games remaining, including back-to-back-to-back series against AL East opponents in Boston, Toronto, and Tampa Bay.

“It’s not a secret to anybody,” Cortes said. “We’ve had a bad stretch for the past 10 games and we want to win just as much as everybody does. I think we know where we are in the standings, and we want to win games.”

With three games coming up against the Mets in Queens, the Yankees will be relying on Jordan Montgomery to get things started off. The Mets will feature Tylor Megill on the mound, who has a 4.20 ERA this season. The Yankees are more than capable of overcoming a struggling Mets squad, in fact, their season depends on it.

Yankees news, 9/5: Aaron Boone holds back anger after loss to Baltimore, Chapman implodes again

aroldis chapman, yankees

The New York Yankees failed to overcome the Baltimore Orioles on Saturday in a game they desperately needed to win, with Tampa Bay continuing to advance in the AL East.

Tampa blasted the Minnesota Twins 11-4 on Saturday, giving them a healthy 7.5 game lead over the Yankees. In the Wild Card, the Bombers have given up a ton of ground, sitting at 0.5 games above Boston and four games above the Seattle Mariners and Oakland Athletics. With the season quickly winding down to an end, the Yankees must walk away with wins against bad teams like Baltimore, which shows a serious kink get their armor.

However, the Bombers entered the ninth-inning tied 3-3 after Joey Gallo smashed a two-run homer in the eighth inning. Unfortunately, closer Aroldis Chapman blew another save, giving up one hit and one run over an inning. His ERA has elevated 3.72 on the season after starting off the year in phenomenal form. He has come crumbling down, and while skipper Aaron Boone is trying his best to remain positive, it was clear that the loss to Baltimore was frustrating.

“These games are super important and we’re trying to win them,” Boone said. “We got held down enough today, so that’s frustrating and unfortunate, but we have a big one tomorrow we have to grab.”

Chapman was able to corral the inconsistencies for a bit, but eventually, he allowed Pedro Severino to lash a sacrifice fly to left fielding driving in Ryan Mountcastle.

“When it started to get a little wobbly there, I felt like he was able to corral it,” Boone said. “And I think that’s important moving forward.”

Boone is grasping at straws here, as one of the best closers in the history of the game should be able to finish off poor teams like the Orioles routinely. However, ever since the MLB crackdown on substances to increase speed rate and velocity, Chapman has seen his numbers and efficiency plummet.

The Yankees have one more game against Baltimore on Sunday afternoon with Corey Kluber on the mound, giving them a solid opportunity to bounce back. Baltimore will have Keegan Akin featuring, and with a 6.90 ERA this season, the Yankees have a solid advantage.

New York Yankees: 5 Takeaways from the Yankees 4th consecutive loss

New York Yankees, Gary Sanchez

After losing three in a row, the New York Yankees hoped to right the ship last night at Angels Stadium. However, the Tampa Bay Rays keep winning, so the Yankees couldn’t afford to lose more games. In the effort, the Yankees sent Jameson Taillon to the mound to face the Angel’s Jaime Barria. The Yankees’ had won Taillon’s last eight starts. But, unfortunately, last night, the Yankees lost their 4th game 6-4.

Yankees returning to their old ways?

For New York Yankees fans, last night was not worth staying up for. It was like watching a game from May or June. The Yankees seemed sluggish and out of focus. At times it looked as if they were going through the motions. They scored just four runs with a satisfactory 10 hits. But, like earlier in the season, the Yankees only went 1 for 10 with runners in scoring position. Also, like the past, and even worse, the Yankees hit into five double plays, just one short of an all-time franchise record.

It brought us back to a time when fans and management alike scratched their heads, saying, what the hell is going on? But, as I said, the Yankees hit into an incredible 5 double plays failing to lift the ball. During the entire 13 game winning streak, the Yankees hit into only 4 double plays across the span.

A good example of this perplexing problem lies with Joey Gallo. On this road trip, the home run hitter hit into his first double play since 2018. Including then, he has hit into 3 double plays; that’s 3 in his last 12 plate appearances. Gallo has only 9 hits into double plays in his 2,288 plate appearances. Last night Gallo’s frustration shown through.

With the Yankee’s 4th consecutive loss, they have also lost their first series since they lost to the Red Sox back in July. If losing 4 games in a row isn’t bad enough, the Yankees are supposedly in a race to the postseason. However, while the Yankees are losing, the rival Tampa Bay Rays are winning. As a result, the Yankees have slipped back to 8 games behind the Rays, with only 29 games left to play in the season.

Is Jameson Taillon tiring?

Jameson Taillon came to the Yankees before the season in a trade with the Pittsburgh Pirates. The Yankees got him on a low-risk, possibly high reward bet. Taillon disappointed early on when he didn’t seem to return to the form the Yankees were hoping for. But soon after, he began to show why the Yankees went after him, to begin with. He started winning. The Yankees won all eight of his starts from mid-July until last night.

But in his last win on August 26th against Oakland, Taillon started to show cracks in the armor. He only lasted 3.2 innings giving up 5 earned runs. The Yankees picked him up and won that game. Last night he went 4.2 innings giving up 6 earned runs that the Yankees could not recover from. It could be that he is tiring out after not pitching for two years and 5 months into the season. Only time will tell if he can regain his form.

Yankee closer situation just got worse

It is well documented that the New York Yankees have big problems with their normal closer Aroldis Chapman. He has been undependable. Now the situation has worsened. Second, go to closer Zack Britton has elected to have bone chip surgery and will be out for the rest of the season. Manager Aaron Boone relies on Jonathan Loaisiga, Chad Green, Lucas Luetge, Wandy Peralta, and Albert Abreu. Boone has been afraid to use Chapman to close one-run games.

Boone made a puzzling move

I recently have been praising manager Aaron Boone for many of his moves and decisions that have led to winning games. But last night in the eighth inning, with two on and two outs, Rougie Odor was ready to hit, and Boone held him back, instead choosing pinch hitter Luke Voit. Voit struck out, ending the inning. I was somewhat shocked that with righty Petricka on the mound that Boone would choose Voit over the lefty Odor that has had some big hits for the Yankees.

Not all is bad news

Things are not looking all that good for the New York Yankees after losing 4 straight games, but there is some good news. Corey Kluber, who pitched a no-hitter early in the season, is back with the team. Although his first start wasn’t very good, he is expected to return to form.

Gary Sanchez has been playing better this season than in his last two but has been on a one mouth dought hitting home runs. Last night he hit his 18th home run of the season, signaling he may be back to hitting with power. Anthony Rizzo also hit a homer in the game, his first since August 4th.

This final item goes under the category of this it is good or bad. Friday Gleyber Torres is projected to return to the Yankees. Torres fans will say great; detractors will say, oh no. Torres will be replacing Andrew Velazquez, an excellent defender and has ignited the Yankees with his play. With the return of Voit and Torres, it, for the most part, removes the two sparks (Odor) that have energized the team as they both get less playing time. Are the Yankees returning to that lackluster team of the first half?


New York Yankees Analysis: Can the Yankees still overtake the Tampa Bay Rays?

new york yankees

The New York Yankees are going in the wrong direction on the west coast, causing them to drop in the standings on the east coast. Last night, the Yankees entered Angels Stadium hoping to right the ship after losing two straight games against the Oakland Athletics. Instead, they lost game one 8-7 against the Los Angeles Angels, dropping another notch in the AL East standings.

Roughly two weeks ago, the Yankees were 7 games back in the East standings, but they went on a winning tear that lasted 13 games and getting closer to their goal of winning the east. But there was one big problem called the Tampa Bay Rays, which they have no control over. As the Yankees were winning, so were the Rays. With the Yankees losing 3 consecutive games, they have slipped back to where they were two weeks ago. It seems that the winning streak was just a big tease for Yankee fans, raising their hopes that they could still overtake the Rays.

In the last ten days, the Tampa Bay Rays have lost only one game; the Yankees have lost 3, resulting in a 2 game slip in the standings. There are only 30 games left in the 2021 season. Even if the Yankees go on a 30 game winning streak, the Tampa Bay Rays must lose 8 games for the Yankees to come out on top. Neither is likely. The Rays have only lost 6 games during August. It is no longer reasonable to think the Yankees can win the East. The reality is they must start winning again, so they don’t lose out of the wild card slot that they now hold onto by just two games over the Boston Red Sox.

The question right now is, can the New York Yankees return to their winning ways and get another sustained winning streak and become the “Evil Empire” that Yankees fans love and opponents hate? But to make that come true, the Tampa Bay Rays will have to cooperate some by losing more games than the Yankees.

The Yankees, now that they are hitting again and scoring runs, have to figure out how to protect leads with a dependable closer, which they don’t have right now. If pitching coach Matt Blake working with Aroldis Chapman, can get his fastball control back, the problem will be solved. If not, manager Boone will have to continue mixing and matching closers to fit the situation and hope for the best.

Although improbable, the Yankees can still overtake the Tampa Bay Rays; the time to do that is quickly evaporating with only 30 games left in the regular season. To win the division, the Yankees have to win 8 more games than the Rays, 7 more to tie. As long as the Yankees can win each of their remaining series, they will hold on to their wild-card berth. So it will not be a surprise if the division comes down to the last three games of the season when the Rays meet the Yankees at Yankee Stadium.

Since the All-Star break, manager Aaron Boone has been doing some of his best managing while with the Yankees during the second half. He has been clicking all the right boxes and making great decisions. If he can continue to do that for the remainder of the season, he will likely be at the top of the heap in line for Manager of the Year. But, of course, this writer is totally biased and hopes he can bring the New York Yankees to their 28th World Championship.


Yankees’ Aaron Boone instills confidence in his team, ‘this team has heart’

New York Yankees, Aaron Judge

After a disappointing defeat to the Chicago White Sox in the Field of Dreams game, the New York Yankees bounced back in Chicago to steal a victory in extra innings. With Jamison Taillon on the mound, displaying another solid performance, pitching 5.0 innings and giving up three runs, the bullpen was left to finish off the contest.

The Yankees starting pitching rotation has been shredded with injuries and Covid situations. Taillon putting together a solid performance was exactly what they needed. However, a pesky Chicago team pushed them until the final moments, as Tim Anderson had an opportunity to steal another win in the 10th inning but fell short as he ground out to end the game.

“This team has heart,’’ Aaron Boone said after a gritty win over Chicago “It’s not been easy for us this season, at all. But they’re tough. They compete. We keep grinding away and throwing punches and we’ll continue to do that the rest of the way.”

Sluggers Aaron Judge and Joey Gallo combined for five hits and seven RBIs, which pushed the Yankees over the edge and secured the victory. Judge, recorded a double, home run, and single, having one of his best games of the season when the team needed him most. Gallo is finally looking like himself after a problematic start in pinstripes. He picked up a homer in the 1st and 10th innings, showcasing his lefty power.

The Bombers currently sit 6.5 games in the American League East and 2.5 games back in the Wild Card. Unfortunately, the Boston Red Sox pummeled the Baltimore Orioles 16-2 on Saturday, making it their second consecutive win. The Orioles are one of the worst teams in baseball this year, but Boston will take on the Yankees in a three-game series starting on Tuesday, giving New York an opportunity to overtake them for a playoff spot.

New York Yankees Analysis: A new insight to what may be wrong with the Yankees

hal steinbrenner, brian cashman

The big question across all of baseball is what’s wrong with the New York Yankees. The question arises because, at the beginning of the season, most baseball insiders said that the New York Yankees were to team to beat in the 2021 season. It was named a championship-caliber baseball team. Yet, almost two-thirds of the way through the season, the fact is that the Yankees cannot consistently win games and are not the championship team that was advertised.

Even manager Aaron Boone has stopped calling his Yankees a championship team at this point in the season. Instead, he at times hedges that by saying that it is a champion-caliber team that is underperforming. There is no question that that is true, but it remains that the Yankees won’t win the AL East and is fighting for its life to get a chance at a wild card slot. So, getting back to the big question as to why the Yankees stink, the question remains unresolved.

The New York Yankees have had their share of injuries this year. But the bulk of their starting lineup has remained healthy up until the Covid outbreak. For the most part, stars DJ LeMahieu, Aaron Judge, and Giancarlo Stanton have been able to stay on the field. However, the poster boy for injuries has been Luke Voit, who has missed much of the season with multiple injuries. The Yankees have also had some bad luck with starters. For example, Corey Kluber, after a no-hitter, developed a shoulder problem and pitched his last game on May 25th. But in the end, you can’t say that the Yankees have had more significant injuries than other teams.

The most obvious problem the Yankees have had is not being able to hit the baseball. Only slugger Aaron Judge has been performing as he should. Giancarlo Stanton gets an honorable mention, but beyond that, the hitting has been inconsistent at best, causing the Yankees to lose game after game and deny a good pitching staff any run support.

Yankee fans and industry sources have been wondering all season long as to why this is happening. Why have the Yankees left so many runners on base? Why do the Yankees hit into so many double plays? Why is last year’s batting champion hitting 100 points below his average last year? People just scratch their heads in disillusion bewilderment.

In the past few weeks, a possible answer may be emerging. Yankee fans often sight the dependence that the Yankees have on analytics. That is not a bonified complaint. The teams they can’t beat use analytics as well, if not even more than the Yankees. But it is emerging that it may be the New York Yankees Analytics department, how they interpret facts, and how they use them.

Many Yankees fans feel that the Yankees should throw out analytics and go with managing on the field. However, the fact is that a proportioned mix of what analytics say and what is actually happening on the field has to be taken into account.

First of all, let’s look at what analytics actually is for the sake of those that may not understand it. For the past twenty years, MLB and industry sources have gathered facts from every game and every situation and have created a data bank that stores those facts and predicts an outcome. Like in the insurance industry, they have actuaries that predict how likely you will get into an accident and how long you will live.  Plain and simple analytics work. But how you employ them is more important.

The New York Yankees’ analytics department might be full of the wrong people. Many think this team is worse at understanding the analytics, how to adapt them and communicate them than other teams that lead them.

Michael Fishman is assistant GM and head of analytics in the Yankees front office. He and his team are most responsible for interpreting the data given by analytics and conveying what that data means to the manager. Make no mistake; a computer does not put out the Yankees lineup. There are real people involved that make decisions as to how to apply what they know all the way. People make mistakes, and all too often, too many of them. The biggest mistake the Yankees make is denying what they are seeing on the field at the moment. Analytics is based over time, not what the present trend is. If a player is having the week of his life at the plate, you don’t take him out because analytics say so.

The examples are far too many to mention. Going back to earlier in the season, the Yankees kept Aaron Hicks in the third slot in the lineup even though he couldn’t hit. It’s a case of going by the analytics and paying no attention to what was actually happening. A similar mistake was hitting Brett Gardner second in the lineup. Forget the analytics; if you have to use players that can’t hit, put them late in the lineup.

Analytics does not explain why the Yankee players are not consistently hitting, but it may affect decisions that cost the Yankees to lose games. But remember, the teams the Yankees can’t beat are using the same analytics, but it appears they are using them differently than the Yankees.


New York Yankees Analysis: Hal Steinbrenner blames the players, I blame management too

hal steinbrenner, brian cashman

New York Yankees general managing partner Hal Steinbrenner came out of hiding and finally made a statement on the Yankees’ poor performance and put the blame on the Yankees players. Although there may be some truth to that, for the most part, it’s bull crap. If you own a business and your employees are not performing as they should, you can blame them, but the better course would be to look in the mirror, boss, you’re not leading.

You can pick at all the little problems, but the underlying major problem is that this team has no fire in their blood, no urgency. I have said it during many games that the opposition seems to be playing like they are in the seventh game of the world series, and the Yankees appear lifeless.

Look at the Boston Red Sox series when the Sox steamrolled the Yankees in all three games. The contrasts between the teams were stunning. The Red Sox outscored the Yankees 18-7. The Red Sox took advantage at every turn the Yankees didn’t. The Red Sox used baserunning to capitalize; the Yankees lost those opportunities. It’s tough to know where to start in determining what’s wrong with the Yankees.

The bottom line is that there is plenty of blame to be spread around. Yes, the players are the ones on the field, the coaches, Boone, Cashman, and Steinbrenner, can’t pitch or hit the ball for them, but they must find a way to inspire, and that they have obviously not done.

Let’s not talk about what the late George Steinbrenner would do, that was then, and this is now, and it’s a different time. The “boss” would have already fired hitting coach Marcus Thames and most likely Aaron Boone; he wouldn’t stand for this play that is the worst since 1972. They score only 3.7 runs a game on the season average and are 27th among major league teams. Hal is a different person, the same businessman, but his approach is entirely different; you won’t see him at every game, you won’t see him down in the clubhouse, ranting and raving.  Maybe he should.

Let’s look at the different areas of concern. The New York Yankee pitching has been mostly satisfactory up until recently. The same goes for the bullpen until recently. With the collapse of starting ace Gerrit Cole and closer Aroldis Chapman, the Yankees are in big trouble, regardless of the reasons for those deficiencies.

The hitting has been the biggest concern all season long. Other than slugger Aaron Judge and Giancarlo Stanton, the rest of the team has been locked on their heels. However, recently Gary Sanchez has woke up and is again contributing. Gio Urshela has been one of the most dependable players, but perennial favorite Brett Gardner and Gleyber Torres have been horrible, combining for only 6 home runs and 16 extra-base hits. LeMahieu and Torres combined in 2019 for 64 home runs, this year just 10. This is a team that basically can’t/doesn’t play small ball, they are built on the home run, and they are not hitting them at a pace to bring them to the postseason.

To give the New York Yankees some reprieve, the deadened ball this year probably hurts the home run hitting teams more than other teams. Although it probably doesn’t have a big effect on Aaron Judge and Giancarlo Stanton, who hit 450′ home runs, others like LeMahieu, Torres, Urshela, Gardner, Andujar, and Voit, many of their attempts are only reaching the warning track. I don’t know the answers, but here are a few suggestions that could help.

  • Carlos Mendoza et al. have got to work with players on the basics. They can’t make blunders, baserunning, and other basic baseball that you don’t even see in Little League.
  • Marcus Thames must work harder to help players lift the ball and stop getting so many ground ball outs and hitting into so many double-plays.
  • The Yankees have to find an adequate left-hitting centerfielder to man the position every day.
  • Andujar in left field just isn’t cutting it. Frazier is the better outfielder but can’t hit. So if they can get a centerfielder, move Gardner, who is great in left, and platoon him with Stanton, it’s time.
  • Please find a way to get Chris Gittens into more games; I believe he can be great. Then, with Stanton in left, you can insert Voit as DH.
  • Aaron Boone has failed to get to the World Series in consecutive 100 game winning seasons, and with basically the same lineup, he needs to find a way to inspire this team and put some fire in them. But, he also needs to know when to throw the analytics out the window and manage from the gut and what’s happening at the moment.
  • Hal Steinbrenner needs to take a more active interest in the day-by-day games. But, with the highest revenue team in baseball, he also can acquire what the team needs to succeed.





Yankees News, 7/1: Aaron Boone on the hot seat, Stanton lashes back after 9th inning implosion

New York Yankees, Aaron Boone

Yankees ace Gerrit Cole might be regretting signing a nine-year contract with the team in the hopes of winning a championship in New York. The Bombers are imploding, having lost five of their last six games, including a 9th inning implosion on Wednesday evening. After a lengthy rain delay, all the Yankees had to do was finish off an easy victory after plastering the Angels with seven runs in the first inning. In fact, they were up 8-4 in the 8th before closer Aroldis Chapman gave up a Grand Slam to Jared Walsh.

Chapman has been a liability lately, seeing his ERA elevate to 3.77. Over his last two games, he has allowed six earned runs, barely sneaking away with a triple play to get himself out of trouble against the Oakland Athletics several games ago. The reality is, the Yankees are in way over their head, despite having the league’s highest payroll. General manager Brian Cashman has already absolved the coaching staff of any liability, so who’s to blame?

After the defeat, slugger Giancarlo Stanton lashed out, expressing the frustration in the club and the desire just string together a few wins:

“We’re all frustrated. We’ve got to pick this shit up. That’s it.”

Skipper Aaron Boone delivered a similar message, indicating that actions speak louder than words:

“Talk is cheap right now. We need to go out and play full games and start hammering some people.”

Unfortunately for Boone, Yankee fans rained down “fire Boone” chants after blowing a late four-run lead.

At this point, it should be a consideration for the Yankees that Boone simply might not be the right coach for this team. He doesn’t seem to have that inspirational spark you want with a star-studded lineup — being considered a non-playoff contending team is simply embarrassing. If you look at any other sport, coaching is ultimately the catalyst behind extracting the most value out of extremely talented players. The Yankees have one of the best batting orders in baseball, and while all the blame can’t be designated to Boone, the coaching staff much take some responsibility for their faults.

The team is preparing to take on the Angels in the final game of the four-game series, and it is a contest they must win. They are now 8.5 games back in the AL East standings, and if they don’t win the majority of their games moving forward, the Yankees will be watching from their couches as the postseason unravels in September.