Yankees’ silly mock trade sends top infielder for Mariners bullpen arm

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New York Yankees infielder Gleyber Torres has frequently made the headlines, especially concerning potential trades. Conversations have bubbled about Torres potentially heading to the Miami Marlins. Yet, while the Yankees have entertained these discussions, they’ve always been keen on getting the best value for Torres, not settling for any less.

Last trade deadline, there was talk of Torres being exchanged for starting pitcher Pablo Lopez, who later joined the Minnesota Twins. Looking at Lopez’s impressive stats this season, some might argue that the Yankees’ General Manager, Brian Cashman, missed out on a beneficial deal. However, Torres showcased his worth by playing 158 games, batting .273, and racking up 25 homers with 68 RBIs. These stats cement his place as one of the Yankees’ most consistent offensive players.

Torres’ Value to the Yankees

Apart from Aaron Judge, Torres has arguably been the Yankees’ best offensive asset. This brings up the question: Why would they consider trading such a valuable player? Joel Sherman of the New York Post proposed a swap of Torres for a reliever, specifically Matt Brash from the Seattle Mariners. While Brash is a promising young talent, this suggestion seems out of place, especially considering the Yankees’ already formidable bullpen. The team is also preparing for the return of Scott Effross, who’s recovering from Tommy John surgery. We can consider him a fresh addition to the bullpen next year.

The emphasis on acquiring hitters who deliver when it counts should be at the forefront of the Yankees’ strategy. Torres demonstrated his capability in high-pressure situations, outperforming many in the Yankees’ lineup.

The only wrinkle? Torres is approaching the last year of his arbitration, with a projected salary hike of over 50%. Given his significant contributions and the fact that he’s just 26, the Yankees might look at a long-term extension.

The Bigger Picture for the Yankees

Trading a top-tier player like Torres doesn’t seem to align with the Yankees’ goals. The team should be focusing on refreshing its lineup with young, dynamic talent.

Shedding Torres from their roster would be a step backward. Instead, they could pool resources for a significant signing next off-season, like Juan Soto. Moreover, with many prospects nearing eligibility for the Rule 5 draft, the Yankees might consider leveraging this for seasoned MLB talent. An intriguing option could be Dylan Carlson of the St. Louis Cardinals.

All said, the Yankees should prioritize retaining their best offensive assets and not be tempted to trade them off for bullpen additions.

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