Yankees should stay far away from suspended Cy-Young award-winning pitcher

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Despite former Major League Cy Young award-winning pitcher Trevor Bauer expressing a desire to return to the highest level of baseball, the New York Yankees should certainly look in any other direction.

Bauer’s past suspension for violating the league’s domestic abuse policy, coupled with the controversies surrounding him, makes him a less-than-ideal candidate for a team like the Yankees, especially considering the intense media scrutiny in the New York market.

Bauer’s Congratulatory Message and Implications

The 32-year-old pitcher recently congratulated Gerrit Cole via social media for winning the 2023 AL Cy Young Award, acknowledging Cole’s impressive performance with the Yankees.

Cole’s consistency and dominance, highlighted by a 2.63 ERA and 9.56 strikeouts per nine across 209 innings, contrast sharply with Bauer’s tumultuous recent history. Despite Bauer’s Cy Young win in 2020 with the Cincinnati Reds, where he boasted a 1.73 ERA and an impressive strikeout rate, the baggage he brings, particularly in a high-pressure market like New York, is a significant concern.

Yankees’ Current Focus

The Yankees are currently focused on pursuing international pitcher Yoshinobu Yamamoto and considering Jordan Montgomery as a fallback option.

Bauer’s stint last season with Yokohama in the JPCL, despite a respectable 2.76 ERA over 130.2 innings, does not overshadow the potential media frenzy and controversy his presence could bring to the Yankees. The New York media environment, known for its intensity, could prove particularly challenging for Bauer, making his acquisition a risky proposition for a team with World Series aspirations.

In conclusion, while Bauer may seek a return to MLB, the Yankees should maintain their current course, focusing on less controversial and more stable pitching options to bolster their rotation.

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