Yankees should call up super slugger tearing up Triple-A

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As the New York Yankees search for ways to bolster their roster and maintain a competitive edge, it’s time to turn the spotlight on Andres Chaparro, a talented infielder who’s more than ready for the big leagues. With his impressive performance in the minor leagues and his undeniable power in the batter’s box, there’s no doubt that Chaparro immediately has value as an offensive piece.

Chaparro’s Minor League Performance

Andres Chaparro, a Venezuelan native, has been turning heads in the Yankees’ farm system. At just 23 years old, Chaparro has steadily climbed the ranks, showcasing his prowess as both a hitter and a defender. Most recently, he’s been dominating Triple-A, posting impressive numbers that warrant serious consideration for a promotion to the Major League roster.

In 2022, Chaparro boasted a .289 batting average with a .369 OBP, smashing 19 home runs and 52 RBIs in just 62 games. His ability to get on base consistently and his power-hitting make him a dangerous threat in any lineup. Defensively, he’s been solid at first base, where his long-term projections lie. However, he could serve the Yankees well as their designated hitter and cleanup bat until Giancarlo Stanton returns.

To start the 2023 season, Chaparro is hitting just .217 with a .278 OBP, but his most recent statistics indicate he’s feeling more comfortable and beginning to see the ball much better. Over his last 14 games, Chaparro is hitting .327 with a .362 OBP and .800 SLG. In that timeframe, he’s launched eight home runs with 13 RBIs and three runs scored.

Clearly, Andres is beginning to see the ball for what it is, a potential home run. His unparalleled power makes him a prime candidate to be pulled up this year at some point, especially if the Yankees want to leverage his bat in the DH spot over a player like Willie Calhoun or Franchy Cordero.

Providing Rizzo with rest at first base

The Yankees’ current situation at first base is great since Anthony Rizzo has easily locked down the position. However, his chronic back issue with pop up and the Yankees will need to deliver rest. Chaparro can fill in if need be, giving Rizzo a few days off but not losing a step in the power department. Of course, the prospect is a righty, but he’s more than capable of launching homers into left field instead of leveraging the short right porch in Yankee Stadium.

The Future is Now

Promoting Andres Chaparro to the Major League roster is not just about addressing the team’s current needs; it’s also an investment in their future. As a young, talented player, Chaparro has the potential to grow into a long-term solution at 1B post-Rizzo. By promoting him now, the Yankees can ensure that he continues to develop under the guidance of their experienced coaching staff and alongside their talented roster.

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