Yankees provide injury update on slugger Matt Carpenter

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The New York Yankees seem to be mustering the Rohirrim as the postseason is right around the corner. Today, Aaron Boone released updates on numerous players on the IL, including Matt Carpenter.

According to reporter Brandon Kuty, Carpenter is now out of the boot and will receive another X-ray in the next 10 days. If Carpenter can get back to this team before the postseason rolls around, that’ll add one of the biggest weapons on the team back in the middle of the lineup.

It’ll be interesting to monitor the progression of his foot over the next week or so, and hopefully, the next set of X-rays are even more encouraging and conclusive. Carpenter was undoubtedly one of the crucial pieces of this team, and his lefty bat was arguably the most dominant amongst lefties in baseball.

The Yankees saw a different version of Matt Carpenter:

Over 154 PA’s, Marp was able to OPS 1.138, with a 217 wRC+ and 15 HR to boot. It was a renaissance year, and the peak of his journey back to the bigs, and his arrival could spell defeat for numerous teams in October. Carpenter also was able to slot into RF and play it somewhat adequately, with time spent at LF as well.

With the arrival of Bader back off the IL, it seems like the postseason roster crunch is going to come down to the wire — and who is healthy of the bunch.

Matt Carpenter is one of the better players since 2010, and this season has been one of the most remarkable comebacks I’ve been able to witness.

If he can find a way back to full health and finding a spot on the postseason roster, the Mustache Magic will wreak havoc on opposition pitching.

With only a few weeks left in the season, and the ALDS kicking off the second week of October, Marp may be battling the clock in his road to recovery. Hopefully, the next week or so show encouraging progress and that the squad can get a healthy Carpenter for their push for 28.

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