Yankees preparing to offer Aaron Boone contract extension as manager

New York Yankees, Aaron Boone

Most New York Yankees fans would prefer to move on from Aaron Boone as the team’s field manager. While owner Hal Steinbrenner will ultimately make the decision on who will lead the team into the future, the expectation is that Boone will remain with the squad moving forward, despite most fans believing he is not the right option.

“He likes [Boone], and I don’t think he blames him for what happened,” one source told Buster Olney of ESPN.

There’s a lot of blame to go around for the disappointing 2021 season where the Yankees missed the playoffs in the Wild Card against the Boston Red Sox. Going on several lengthy losing streaks, the Yankees aren’t used to such inconsistency, especially when they’re spending upwards of $150 million on their team every year.

Bringing in a new pitching coach and several starting pitchers to help bolster the rotation, the Yankees still weren’t able to crack 100 wins. Considering they haven’t made the World Series in over a decade, Steinbrenner might be looking at some of the more respectable managers in the league and wondering what they do differently.

Boone comes across as a player’s manager, conforming to their desires and needs. He doesn’t offer many disciplines or brew excitement but rather has a bland approach to his style that has failed the Yankees in game specifically.

Decisions made this season were critically objectified, but Boone is only one year removed from carrying his team to the postseason with several minor-league players leading the way. Most remember the evolution of Luke Voit, Gio Urshela, and even Clint Frazier for a short while.

It is easy to forget the good that Boone has done since the team has been losing, and considering he can’t walk up to the plate and swing the bat for them, some of the blame must be put on their shoulders as well. While it’s expected that Boone will receive a contract extension, there are plenty of reasons as to why the team should move on from him and target a manager with better in-game decision-making and disciplinary values.

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