Yankees pitcher asks for release to play in Japan

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As the New York Yankees are diligently preparing for their upcoming two-game series against the New York Mets on Tuesday evening, a notable event has taken place within their ranks. Michael Feliz, one of their reserve bullpen components, has made the significant decision to ask for his release.

Feliz’s Stellar Performance in AAA and Decision to Move to Japan

Michael Feliz, 30, has exhibited a commendable performance in AAA with Scranton, pitching 13.1 innings and boasting a 3.38 ERA. Now, he’s making the noteworthy move to extend his career in Japan, having joined the Chunichi Dragons team.

Reflection on Feliz’s Career with the Yankees and His Potential Opportunities

The Yankees’ choice not to rely on Feliz, despite the presence of some injuries and shortcomings in their bullpen, suggests that the pitcher might not have been provided an opportunity this season.

Throughout his career, Feliz has pitched a total of 250 MLB innings and holds a 5.29 ERA, inclusive of a 2.70 ERA he achieved last season with the Boston Red Sox over a brief 3.1 inning sample size.

Feliz’s Transition from the Mexican League to Yankees and His Future Prospects

Feliz entered the Yankees’ roster in May through a minor-league deal, having transitioned from the Mexican league. As he embarks on his new journey overseas, the Yankees bid him a heartfelt farewell. This move could be a strategic step for Feliz to maximize his earnings as he approaches the later stage of his prime.

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