Yankees News: Watch Joey Gallo enjoy batting practice with former Yankee, Freddie Freeman on the horizon?

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The New York Yankees may be in limbo, but their players continue to work hard in preparation for the 2022 season. Last year, the Bombers failed to make the postseason, losing to the Boston Red Sox in the Wild Card round due to a poor performance by ace Gerrit Cole and lackluster offensive production.

After trading for Texas slugger Joey Gallo, the Yankees expected the middle of their lineup to improve considerably. However, Gallo struggled after putting on the pinstripes, hitting a measly .160 with 13 homers over 188 at-bats and 58 games. He recorded a .223 average with the Rangers over the first 95 games of the season, still earning an All-Star appearance for his contributions.

Nonetheless, the Yankees need a better version of Gallo in 2022 – one who isn’t going to strike out on 38.6% of his at-bats. That is simply an unsustainable number the Yankees cannot continue to roll with.

Former Yankee Tyler Wade posted a video with Gallo, as the two enjoyed a session of batting practice.

After a successful tenure in the Yankees’ minor-league system, the Yankees recently elevated Dillon Lawson to the top hitting coach spot. His impact on young prospect Anthony Volpe has been apparent as the shortstop accepted his philosophies.

The philosophy essentially revolves around hitting strikes hard and being patient for the right opportunity. It clearly aligns with the Yankees’ home run centric mentality, which is likely why they preferred Lawson to other alternatives.

Is Freddie Freeman on the horizon for the Yankees?

During free agency 2.0, Cashman is going to have to find a solution at first base, whether that be Anthony Rizzo or an acquisition.

One name that has bubbled to the surface is Freddie Freeman, who is coming off a World Series with the Atlanta Braves.

At 32 years old, Freeman hit .300 this past season, with Atlanta over 159 games. He hosted a 15.4% strikeout rate, 12.2% walk rate, 31 homers, and 83 RBIs. Most would say he is the best offensive first baseman in baseball, if not one of the best offensive players, period.

If Atlanta is unwilling to give him a deal longer than five years, he could be available for another team to steal him, which is where the Yankees would come into play. His defense is solid enough to hold them over, but injecting a player with a low strikeout rate and incredible lefty bat in Yankee Stadium would give them home run abilities beyond their wildest dreams.

A lineup consisting of Giancarlo Stanton, Aaron Judge, Joey Gallo, and Freeman would propel them to potentially historic heights regarding home runs. With that being said, the Braves aren’t going to let Freeman walk without a fight, so the Yankees are going to have to outbid them by a significant margin.

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