Yankees News: Should Aaron Boone be on the hot seat?

New York Yankees, Aaron Boone
Oct 2, 2019; New York, NY, USA; New York Yankees manager Aaron Boone in the field during a workout day before game 1 of the ALDS at Yankees Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Some indict New York Yankees skipper Aaron Boone as a catalyst in the team’s demise this season. Having lost eight of their last 10 games, the Yankees are currently struggling to find their potential, which we know they have buried under their inadequacies on offense. After being swept by the Tampa Bay Rays and losing their last five games, scoring no more than four runs in any of the contests, the Yankees are fighting to return to normal.

Boone has offered generic reasons for their struggles, and whether it be a lack of motivation or strategic differences, the team needs to find a way to put their best foot forward before they fall so far behind that the playoffs begin to dwindle. While I believe the Yankees will make a comeback and be just fine, they can’t afford to show such a weakness, especially with the team considered to be a World Series caliber squad.

Per the Yankees PR:

Yankees have dropped at least 10 of their first 15 games of a season for the eighth time in franchise history and first since 1997 (also 5-10) … have finished with a winning record in each of the last three such seasons (96-66 in 1997; 79-76 in 1972 and 93-69 in 1970).

The starting pitching has been inconsistent the past few weeks, but when your opposition is only scoring four or five runs, the Yankees should 100% be in the mix at all times. Even behind two, the Yankees never seem to have the offensive firepower to make a comeback.
On the season, some of their more efficient players have been struggling considerably, including Aaron Hicks, who’s hitting .160, Giancarlo Stanton at .176, and Gleyber Torres, who’s hitting .196.
These three players have been especially disappointing, and adding in starting left fielder Clint Frazier and his 35% strikeout rate doesn’t help.
The question is, what can Aaron Boone really do to change the course of this team? As it seems they lack confidence at every phase.
Watching a Yankee player sulk after recording another measly out is not exactly what we are used to, but eventually, they will break out of this funk and show their true colors.
Luckily, the MLB is composed of 162 games this year and not 60, so the Yankees don’t need to be too concerned at this point in the season. However, Tampa Bay does represent their kryptonite.
They are preparing to take on the Atlanta Braves at home, who have won three of their last four, representing an adequate opponent. The next few series are easily winnable, and Boone needs to prove his team can turn this thing around before the fans and analysts begin to completely turn on him.