Yankees news, rumors: CC Sabathia joins front office, Aaron Boone responds to Astros punishment

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The New York Yankees enjoyed the punishments laid down on the Houston Astros on Monday afternoon, especially slugger Aaron Judge, who deleted an Instagram post congratulating Jose Altuve for winning the 2017 MVP award. Call it pettiness or a just action, but Judge is right to expunge the cheating Astros from his page and conscious. Altuve’s sign-stealing could have helped him win the MVP, and winning the World Series undoubtedly helped his chances at receiving the award.

Manager Aaron Boone’s feelings were in sync with Judge’s, as he felt vindicated, according to YES Network analyst, Buck Showalter.

“I know that (Boone) feels a little vindicated about some of his suspicions,” Showalter said Monday night on Yankees Hot Stove.

The reality is, Houston broke the ethical code of the game on a grand scale, using methods to reach the pinnacle of baseball and steal an accomplishment that other teams worked hard to gain. All sides have their ways of decoding signs and gaining an edge, but going against the rule book in a blatant monitor in the dugout way is inexcusable.

Asked to detail his talk with Boone, Showalter added, “Oh, it was just a one-way street. It was just a text. I don’t want to get into any of that, but I did mention it because I know during that time he was pretty vocal about some of it and was kind of ridiculed by some of the Astros people.

“So I think looking back on it, I know that the Yankees fans so to speak … I know it bothers me. Think of all the people that it touched, people that lost their jobs. I’ve heard from a lot of them who are quite upset about it.”

CC Sabathia expands his role with the New York Yankees:

“I want to be a part of the Yankees still, front office, whatever, however we can work that out,” Sabathia told The Post last May.

Sabathia will join the Yankees’ staff as a special advisor to GM Brian Cashman, which was expected upon his retirement following the team’s exit from the 2019 ALCS. Sabathia should provide ample value in the front office, as his relationships with players and knowledge of the game are unparalleled.