Yankees News: AL East Rival tried to snag Matt Carpenter, Miguel Andujar trade update

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The New York Yankees scouting team has done a phenomenal job finding cookie-cutter pieces for the squad this season, supplementing injuries and fatigue. One of their bigger acquisitions was Matt Carpenter, who’s been phenomenal as of late in the batter’s box. On Sunday, Carp launched two homers for 7 RBIs in an 18-4 win over the Chicago Cubs, showcasing how much value he’s bringing to the team as a veteran.

“I’ve played the game long enough to know what it feels like and looks like when I’m right,” Carpenter  after Sunday’s masterclass. “This is certainly that.”

Since joining the Yankees, Carpenter is hitting .333 with a 46.7% on-base rate and 1.125 SLG. He’s smacked six homers with 13 RBIs, hosting a 23.3% strikeout rate and 16.7% walk rate over 30 plate appearances.

The Yankees didn’t miss the opportunity to add a lethal lefty to the squad:

It is fair to say that Carpenter has provided life to the Yankees’ offense, even when it didn’t need it. However, one AL East rival was looking to acquire his services before the Yankees swooped in and offered him a chance at World Series aspirations.

According to Jon Heyman of the NY Post, the Yankees had competition from multiple teams for Matt Carpenter’s signature:

Matt Carpenter has been a revelation. The Red Sox and Braves were among others to reach out, but Carpenter says he’s thrilled to be a Yankee.

Luckily, Carpenter made the right decision, and it is panning out. He had spent 21 games with Texas’s Triple-A affiliate, hitting six homers with 19 RBIs over 95 plate appearances. Clearly, he was hitting quite well, and the Yankees didn’t hesitate to add his lefty power to their home-run friendly stadium.

Miguel Andujar trade update:

While Giancarlo Stanton was on the injured list with an ankle injury, the Yankees asked Miguel Andujar to feature as their clean-up hitter and supplement in the outfield. Over 12 games, Andujar was hitting .268 with a 28% on-base rate and three RBIs. By most accounts, he looked solid offensively and showed much more consistency as a defender.

However, the Yankees promptly sent Andujar down once they received news that Stanton was on his way back. Andujar was upset about the decision, asking the front office for a trade to help him maximize his service time at the Major League level.

Heyman also indicated that the Yankees have been trying to trade Miguel Andujar upon his request. Unfortunately, the offerings simply haven’t been good enough.

Andujar doesn’t have a ton of value since he’s still an underwhelming defender. He only has a few years of experience in the outfield and doesn’t have any standout attributes. At the very least, he can make routine catches, but expecting him to understand intricate angles and display elite athleticism in left field would be optimistic.

Offensively, Andujar is a solid player. He’s headed toward arbitration in 2023 and will be a free agent in 2025. The best the Yankees can hope for is utilizing Andujar as a kicker in a bigger trade package.

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