Yankees: New details about Domingo German’s domestic abuse case will shock you

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Apr 28, 2019; San Francisco, CA, USA; New York Yankees starting pitcher Domingo German (55) throws a pitch during the first inning against the San Francisco Giants at Oracle Park. Mandatory Credit: Sergio Estrada-USA TODAY Sports

New information has recently come to light if you are unfamiliar with New York Yankees pitcher Domingo German’s suspension due to a domestic abuse case in 2019. German missed the end of the 2019 campaign and the entire 2020 season due to this predicament, but management has welcomed him back despite the horrific actions he displayed.

Skipper Aaron Boone stated that he spoke with German during his first press conference of the year. They decided to bring him back and give him a second chance. With the new information presenting a more serious issue, players and fans may demand his release.

Lindsey Adler of “The Athletic” got to the bottom of the story, discovering new details that indicate something even more serious than before:

In September 2019, Germán and his girlfriend attended a charity gala held by then-teammate CC Sabathia. Many of Germán’s 2019 teammates were also there with their families. Germán slapped his girlfriend at the event, sources said, but the MLB investigation focused primarily on what happened at his home later that night.

According to multiple league sources, including a person with knowledge of the MLB investigation, Germán was intoxicated and became physically violent toward his girlfriend until she hid in a locked room. The victim is said to have contacted the wife of another Yankees player, and the couple drove to Germán’s home late at night. The victim remained with the teammate’s wife, while the player attempted to calm down Germán, who is said to have been angry and belligerent.

It is truly a shame that German fell ill to this unacceptable scenario. During the 2019 season, German displayed raw talent that the Yankees were ecstatic about moving forward. He finished with a 4.03 ERA over 143 innings, but none of that matters now after missing more than a year of baseball and bigger mental issues coming to light.

Justifying his return after a simple domestic abuse case was already a tough sell, but the new details make this entirely different, as he may display some sort of anger moving forward.

Since the suspension started, German has posted plenty of cryptic messages via Instagram and social media, eventually deleting them and causing confusion within the fanbase and upper management. While they do feel he can be a focal point for them this season, sometimes you have to take the high road, and the Yankees have an image they need to uphold.

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