Yankees’ manager impressed by one of the new deadline acquisitions: ‘He is a complete player’

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The New York Yankees are certainly enjoying their deadline acquisitions, most notably lefty sluggers Joey Gallo and Anthony Rizzo. Both have contributed to the recent surge and are considered everyday players by manager Aaron Boone, and rightfully so.

Gallo gave the Yankees a victory on Thursday with a three-run blast that he will remember for the rest of his life, but Boone has been amazed by his quality and all-around greatness. He calls his new left fielder a complete player.

Yes, Gallo strikes out, but he also takes walks, hits the ball really hard and often in the air, which leads to homers, and also plays fantastic, Gold-Glove caliber defense in the corner outfield positions and runs the bases well. He is athletic and energetic.

The Yankees got themselves a special player

“When everyone thinks of Joey Gallo, they think of the offense, the high on-base [percentage] and the massive power, but he is a complete player,” Yanks manager Aaron Boone told Bill Ladson of MLB.com. “He is a special defender. He was having an amazing year playing right field in Texas, and it’s gone over instantaneously [at Yankee Stadium].

“You see his athleticism playing in left field, especially in our left field, where it’s a premium to have a defender over there because it’s spacious. He is going to be really good over there for us. On the bases, he is fast. He is athletic. He plays really hard. So yeah, he is a complete package.”

So far, Gallo’s contact issues have been on display in his time with the Yankees, but so has his power, patience, defense, passion, and overall athleticism. He is not the perfect player, but he can be a very good one.


Before Saturday’s game, the Yankees’ slugger is hitting .217, but that comes with 26 homers, 58 RBI, a .372 OBP and a very good .853 OPS. He is the real deal, and his presence strengthens the lineup.

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