Yankees’ Luke Voit warns ‘I’m not going down’ as he helps propels team past Boston

New York Yankees, Luke Voit

The Yankees acquired Luke Voit from the Cardinals back in 2018. He instantly made an impact and quickly turned into a fan favorite. That hasn’t stopped. Ever since wearing the Yankee uniform, Voit has done nothing but produce. The only problem Voit’s faced has been staying on the field.

In 2019, he missed 44 games. In 2020, he only missed four games and led the league in home runs. However, so far in 2021, Voit has only appeared in 39 games. He missed the first few months and then went back to the IL shortly after returning. It’s been frustrating for both Voit and the Yankees. Considering the Yankees weren’t playing good baseball, Brian Cashman decided to make some big moves at the deadline. 

Cashman went out and acquired two big lefty bats. One of them being the first baseman Anthony Rizzo. Rizzo is a silver slugger and platinum glove that provides balance to a majority right-handed lineup. He was clearly going to be the starter going forward. He made an instant impact and seemed to be what the Yankees needed. However, just as he was getting comfortable, he contracted COVID-19 and was shut down for two weeks. 

Luke Voit was rehabbing for a return at the time and was able to step up right away. Since his return, he’s playing very well and has provided some big hits for the Yankees. With Stanton getting time in the outfield, Voit could take over the DH spot when Rizzo returns. 

After the win yesterday, Voit shared his thoughts on his situation with the team. Voit said that he’s been a “great player for the organization for the last three years.” Saying he was “top ten” in MVP voting last year and that he “deserves” to play. Voit finished saying that he understands it’s going to be “tougher with Rizzo” but that he is “not going down like that.” 

Fans were going crazy after these quotes from Voit. Personally, I love it. Voit obviously has nothing against Rizzo, he just simply wants to play. To me, that’s exactly what you want in the clubhouse. You want players willing to compete for time, not players giving up once their spot is taken. Voit playing with something to prove will help this team down the stretch. This situation is nothing more than players wanting to win.

Anthony Rizzo might return to the Yankees tonight. Whether it’s Rizzo at DH or at first base, it’s a huge boost for this team. It’ll be interesting to see how Boone constructs the lineup with both Voit and Rizzo ready to play.

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