Yankees lose Aaron Judge to injured list after tough diagnosis

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The last thing the New York Yankees needed was another injury for their superstar slugger, Aaron Judge, who recently came off an injury list stint following a right hip issue he acquired while diving into third base.

With this latest injury marking Judge’s second of the year, the Yankees find themselves navigating a series of formidable challenges without their primary player.

Indeed, during Tuesday night’s game against the Chicago White Sox, they failed to register a single hit over six innings and managed only two runs, due to an outfield error and a last-ditch effort by Josh Donaldson.

The Yankees are losing an MVP-caliber player in Aaron Judge:

At 31, Judge is in the midst of another MVP-worthy season. Over 49 games, he’s posting a .291 batting average with a .404 OBP, inclusive of 19 home runs and 40 RBIs. His 16.4% walk rate is his highest since 2017, and he boasts a 188 wRC+ along with a 2.8 WAR.

Regrettably, both injuries were unforeseen incidents, both of his own making. The first was a poorly executed slide into third base, and the most recent was a toe jam sustained after making a spectacular catch in right field against the Los Angeles Dodgers.

In Judge’s absence, the Yankees adjusted their batting order in their first game of a three-game series against the White Sox.

Despite a commendable effort from Clarke Schmidt and the bullpen, allowing only three earned runs, Giancarlo Stanton batted second after Gleyber Torres, a curious strategy indeed. Stanton struck out twice in four at-bats, reflecting the meager contribution of the entire Yankees batting lineup.

Postgame, Manager Aaron Boone expressed hopes that Judge, who suffered a ligament contusion and sprain in his right big toe after colliding with the concrete slab beneath the outfield fence, would be sidelined for days rather than weeks. This incident implies that the Dodgers might consider adding some padding.

Indeed, the Dodgers announced plans to install some cushioning below the concrete, but for Judge, who has already sustained an injury, this move comes a tad too late.

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