Yankees legend believes they should give injury-prone pitcher one more chance

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The New York Yankees find themselves in an enviable position this upcoming off-season, with over $50 million in spending power due to contracts expiring. While bolstering the pitching rotation is a top priority for general manager Brian Cashman, he can’t afford to ignore adding firepower to the batting lineup either. With ample financial flexibility, the Yankees are well-positioned to explore free-agent signings and trade possibilities.

Cost-Efficient Returns: Luis Severino and Frankie Montas

Interestingly, the Yankees could find value among their own players entering free agency, especially those coming off inconsistent or injury-plagued seasons. The combined 2023 salary for Luis Severino and Frankie Montas was $22.5 million. Resigning one of them to an economical, one-year contract might turn out to be a savvy move.

CC Sabathia’s Take: Severino Deserves Another Shot

Yankees legend CC Sabathia has openly endorsed the idea of bringing Severino back into the fold (via NJ.com), despite his recent struggles. “I would love to see Sevy come back,” Sabathia said. “Obviously he got hurt, but he was turning it around before he got hurt and I just think he hasn’t pitched a full season in a long time. Giving him another year to come back and maybe get comfortable and be in this rotation with [Cole and Rodón], I think could help.”

Severino’s Rollercoaster Performance: Room for a Comeback

Severino’s 2023 campaign was far from stellar. After a promising 2022 season where he pitched 102 innings with a 3.18 ERA, Severino’s performance deteriorated this year, finishing with a discouraging 6.65 ERA over 89.1 innings. Key metrics like strikeouts also took a hit. However, at just 29 and with a history of significant injuries, Severino could very well bounce back.

Sabathia on Overcoming Adversity: It’s All in the Game

“It’s baseball,” Sabathia said. “You have bad stretches and this won’t be the last bad stretch that he has. He’ll have more. It’s how you overcome, how you are as a teammate when you’re going through these things. And I think he’s been great. He’s in front of his locker answering questions, trying to figure out as much as he can, just like everybody else.”

Analyzing Severino’s Recent Performances: Signs of Recovery?

Interestingly, Severino did manage to post decent velocity this season, even marking a slight uptick compared to 2022. Much of his struggle seemed to stem from mental blocks rather than physical limitations. Before sustaining another injury, he had allowed just six earned runs across 21.2 innings in his last four outings.

The Potential Win-Win Scenario: Financial Viability for the Yankees

If Severino were to agree to a deal under $10 million per season, it could create a mutually beneficial situation. The Yankees would acquire a potentially solid rotation arm at a reasonable cost, while Severino would gain an opportunity to elevate his performance and perhaps leverage it into a long-term extension, either with the Yankees or another team.

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